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A while back I faced a sudden need for funds and that's when I realized what a mess I was in I had gone through bad phase at work and all those negative were reflecting in my credit reports. But you know it's a pity here I was now in a stable job and earning a steady income but the reports weren't reflecting my current financial status and I just wished that there was something I could do to rewrite my past but guess what my wish came true through and honestly I didn't know a service like this existed for a fee that can get rid of all the negative items on your credit report and they go about it in a systematic way. They prepare dispute letters by hand so that the computers can read them and than this forces real people at the credit bureaus to go through them and that increases your chance of being considered. In less than two months it was like I was a new person. All my credit baggage had been completely wiped clean of any kind of bad content and my credit score zoomed 765 on TransUnion 770 on Experian and 735 on Equifax and with in two weeks. I got approval for $4.5000 and loans and credit limits for cards and I just couldn't even believe tis sudden change of fortune and it's all due to the good work of
When my identity got stolen and I started receiving calls from the bank, I contacted deletion expert. I had know about them since a log time and that was the time to try them. Scott from the support group solved my problem real quick. My credit score that was impossibly low got increased. All negative items removed they send hand written dispute letters to federal trade commission and other bureaus and my identity was recovered and restored. I am still thankful to them and highly recommend them.
DeletionExpert is seriously amazing at what they do. They are NOT a scam artist company that takes your money and doesn't deliver like so many out there. I am a loan officer who met them at a seminar in Las Vegas and told them about my previous poor experience with a competitor and I gave them a try with a client. They raised this clients scores 145 points and he went from 645 and not being able to get a loan since it was a JUMBO to just closing 2 months ago at 3.875% with no closing costs down from 5.5% and saved over $1200 per month. You can imagine how happy I was and my client. I just closed last week another client that again couldn't refinance for the same reasons and she went up 92 points and went from 5.75% down to 3% on a 15yr and her payment dropped from what she was paying on her 30 yr. I have several clients in process right now and their communication is 2nd to none. I am amazed how well they communicate what is happening. DeletionExpert has taken 2 clients successfully that couldn't refinance into prime loans and saved them hundreds of thousands in interest. I am extremely grateful for their service and honesty.
I was feeling hopeless about my negative credit history, I tried many times to apply for loans from banks to expand my business but I was getting denied again and again. A friend of mine told me about deletion expert, and in just 3 to 4 weeks I was surprised that my bad credit history was removed. So, then I was able to branch out my business. The reason I gave them only four stars is because they need to improve their customer service a little bit, but I am glad to have them fix my problem and they did a great job.
It was just a game of weeks for Deletion Experts to remove my negative accounts and clear my credit report.I had huge amount of debt so I am very glad that I found them.I feel like I have much financial freedom now and need not to worry much about what will happen in the future.
I've had several family members including myself & a couple friends using DE for credit repair, and they did an incredible job. I was totally amazed at how many items they got removed that I for sure thought they couldn't. You need to be patient that's my biggest tip. You don't see results right away. It takes a couple of few weeks to start seeing the results, and that's really due to the creditors taking their time responding. Not Deletion Expert. Since it's all done through the mail , you have to wait for your creditors to respond via mail,too. My letters were sent out 3 days after I signed up. I know because I got the text alert when they sent them. I've been with them for almost 3.5 months & I just got response back from a couple different creditors letting me know they're removing a good chunk of my items. My sister's took right under a year, & she had A TON of negative items! They were able to remove almost all of them & my sister just bought her first car!. Also , They do send the letters out for you. I keep seeing posts saying they don't send the letters & you have to, but that is not true. I signed up & 4 days later got a text informing me my letters had been sent to my creditors. I LOVE being able to track my FICO credit score and watch it as it improves! I HIGHLY recommend Deletion Expert credit repair to anyone & everyone who has any type of credit issues whatsoever!
I came to Deletion Expert after applying for fund with their sister company Fast Unsecured. They assured me I could get my credit scores up with the help of Deletion Expert and they were right. By deleting all of the negative items I had in my credit reports, my scores went up significantly.
I had planned to invest in a business this year but was out of budget to do so. Loan was out of the question because of the negative accounts opened in my name. Then I heard about Deletion Experts, they helped me out in improving my credit report after deleting all 13 negative accounts. Thanks to deletion experts for helping me in my plans.
The deletion expert is the best online company that helps you restore your stolen identity by removing all negative items. Few months back I received a call from bank inquiring about the two credit cards issued by my name. That was no true because I did not apply for any credit card. I later realized that my identity was stolen and my credit card report was being corrupted because of it. I had heard about the deletion expert and I thought that it was now time to give them a try. I contacted the support team and talked to Steve who was very efficient and understanding. He explained the entire procedure to me and after I signed up for it within days all the negative items were removed from my credit report. I highly recommend them for this job.
Deletion expert is surely the best. My sister took their help when her identity got stolen and 2 credit cards were issued with her name. She contacted the deletion expert and all her problems were solved. I highly recommend them.
The deletion Experts has a staff composed of committed and hardworking individuals. With an effective team work, the company makes sure that the process of deletion is quick and convenient. Such a quick removal makes your credit stress free.
Negative accounts always shed a bad reputation on your credit report and also make you feel undesirable among your colleagues. If you want to make your report clean and reputable then you should contact Deletion Expert and get all the negative accounts deleted within no time.
This has not been a good experience for me. I'm well into my third week and just received one affidavit (there should be 3); and my file has not gone to the credit bureaus yet. I feel like I'm playing a game of cat and mouse with the deletion experts team who appears to be in the Philippines. Commitments are missed and I feel like I just through away my money. They promised I should see results in three weeks and my file is not even at the credit bureaus.
I was devastated when I got to know of my gf cheating on me and not just that, she had been using my credit cards for long time. A friend suggested me Deletion Experts.They helped me get over half of my sadness by at least recovering my credit profile by removing all the negative items,
After falling the victim to identity theft I hired Deletion Expert to remove 49 negative items from my credit report through the Fast Track Credit Sweep Program. With the help of the deletion expert team all of my negative items were removed off from my credit report in just 2 weeks and I was able to go out and get the SUV that I was looking for when I first found out about the identity theft.
I was saving money for my wedding but I could not as my credit score had gotten down to just 400 whereas it was in 700s before. I realized my identity had been stolen and many negative items were added to my report. A credit card that I never applied for and absolutely no payment to the bank was made. I contacted the Deletion Expert about which I was told by a friend. They helped me amazingly and helped me gain back my score and removed all the negative items from the report. They are truly the perfect people for this job.
Just recently I encountered an identity theft problem. There were many negative items added to my profile and my credit score was going down.I approached the deletion expert support team which was told to me about my father. They guided me and helped me eliminate all the negative items. They created hand written dispute letters and sent them to all the three credit bureaus. My credit score was increased and my profile was ever new again. I recommend them highly.
After I opened my account a few months back. My identity got stolen due to which I started losing credit score. This was a very stressing condition for me. My boss told me to try to deletion expert. I signed up for it and talked to the support group. They all were amazing people who helped me get back my score and also recovered my profile by removing all negative items.
Deleting negative accounts from someone’s credit accounts is such a complicated task but Deletion Experts performs this task in a sweep. They assist you in the most unexpected ways and provide you with the most committed online service. I am really glad that I hired them for my credit solutions.
Deleting negative accounts from someone's credit accounts is such a complicated task but Deletion Experts performed this task in a sweep.They assisted me in the most unexpected ways and provided the utmost committed online service.I am really glad to hire them for my credit solutions.I was victim of fraudulent accounts in my credit report that was a matter of concern for my report.I consulted Deletion Experts and their fast and quick process made it possible to remove all the negative accounts in a short time period.
The customer support staff is very well-trained and is there to assist you around the clock. You can even call them at midnight and they will happily and patiently resolve all your queries.
After exhausting all of my options with creditor and credit bureaus I decided to hire professional help. I found DeletionExperts on Linkedin and checked them out on Facebook shortly after. I must admit that I was highly skeptical in the beginning and was considering using an other company for a single 30 day late payment of $8.25 reported on my credit files which dropped my credit score from 747 to 664. I went with DeletionExpert because I needed a personalized attention and expedited service. I contacted Steve and got a prompt response with the list of items needed in order to initiate a dispute. Steve kept in touch and kept me in the loop and 10 days later received good news. I regret not contacting them sooner. Also Steve wanted to know if I have a particular charity in mind because they donate 10% of the proceeds from the payment I make. As a small business owner I can only admire them their efforts, makes me feel great to engage in business with a socially responsible organization, we need more of them! My credit score is now back on 744. I want to thank Steve and DeletionExpert for the job well done and keep up the good work, you guys are a big asset to our community. I would recommend this business to anyone.
I needed to expand my salon to some more accessible location but was short of funding and also had negative accounts because of identity theft. Deletion Experts helped me not only removing negative accounts but also helped me getting funding for my expansion.
With the hard struggles and efforts of Deletion Experts, the clients with a dirty credit report finally have a chance to cleanse their credit reports. The experts take care of the clients and help them obtain a better credit position to improve their chances of being approved by lenders.
A few months back my identity got stolen. I started receiving calls and notifications from the bank regarding my undue payment where as there was not any. There were several negative items added to my credit report and my credit score had gone down to 400. A friend of mine told me about the deletion expert and how they help in removing the negative items and in increasing your credit score. I searched it online and talked to Steve from the support team. He was very helpful and avid in helping me and explained the entire procedure. They helped me remove all the negative items and more over referred me to for getting my credit score increased. I am beyond impressed by their work.
Thanks to my credit scores increase from 578 to 725 on Experian after removing those negative items from my credit report in less than 30 days. Never thought this is possible but they did.
I was skeptical at first being referred here but the staff was convincing enough to make me continue working with them and trust their capabilities. They removed all 24 of my negative items and made me a lifetime client.
Delivered as promised, they surely helped med.
I was getting rejected for my car financing application from several windows. Someone recommended to first clear my credit report by the help of Deletion Experts then apply for car financing. And yes Deletion Experts helped me out in this matter and deleted all the negative items from my credit report and I got the car in 2 weeks.
My mother who recently witnessed her credit score going down from 750s to 400s got immensely worried when she realized that her identity had been stolen and she had been victimized of negative items as well. I told her about the Deletion Expert company who have earned hearts of many by their remarkable performance. She was too apprehensive on trying it before but I convinced her. Her perspective changed to great measure when she talked to Steve from the support department. He made sure that the process was well understood by my mother and answered all her queries. She got her credit score increased up to the level of 780 and also all the negative items were removed from the report. Deletion Expert is truly the best.
My sister opened a bank account but after a few months realized that on her name 2 credit cards were issued which she never really applied for. Also, her credit score was decreasing which was very distressing for us. My colleague told me about a similar situation that she went through and DeletionExpert helped her in removing negative items from her report so we decided to contact DeletionExpert. And yes they helped her erase all the negative items from her report by disputing them with all Bureaus. And within 3 weeks her credit score increased to a considerable rate and all the negative items were removed from her report. A very professional and helpful team, highly recommended.
I opened a bank account for my elderly grandmother to have some security money of her own. But someone decided to exploit this thing and stole her identity which resulted in massively low credit points and 3,4 negative items were added. My brother told me about Deletion Expert I did some research on it and decided to contact them. Steve from the support department conveniently guided me about the whole thing and helped me increase my credit score to sufficient levels within 3 to 4 weeks. They helped me eliminate all negative items from the report. I highly recommend this company for it promises complete satisfation to clients also it is completely hassle free.
I have been a victim of identity theft many times but never had my problem been solved like it did last year by Deletion Expert. This was the 4rth time that my identity got stolen and credit cards were issued with my name even though I had no idea where they came from. Anyhow, my boss suggested me to contact the Deletion Expert who help to increase your credit score and also eliminate all the negative items. Since I was victimized many times before I was scared this time as well but I decided to contact them. The support group was very helpful and informative. They helped me regain my lost credit points and removed all the negative items. I shall recommend this company to each and everyone.
I had my identity stolen while I was on vacation. Imagine, coming home from a fabulous 2 week vacation in Hawaii to find your credit cards charged to the max! I spent hours on the phone trying to get it fixed but no luck. Not only were my cards maxed out, but my credit score dropped 100 points! I own a business and need to keep my credit in good standing. I found online and decided to give them a try.I was amazed at how fast they went to work. They did a credit sweep and were able to get the credit bureaus to remove all of my negative items in less than 3 weeks! After that, I was so happy that I decided to use the services of their other company, to get additional credit for my business. With their help, I got approved for a total of $80,000 from 5 banks.
Deletion Expert helps consumers improve their credit profile by removing negative and erroneous information in their credit report. The company offers a money back guarantee, identity theft protection, identity theft recovery and credit monitoring too. Such services make them the best credit service providers in the market.
I always keep a check on my credit score but around 2 months back I noticed that an anonymous person had been using my identity and added many negative items to my name., also the money had never been returned to the bank which caused my credit score to drop immensely to a troublesome level. My husband advised me to do my research on Deletion Expert which we heard help eliminating the negative items and also help in increasing the credit score. I contacted the support department of Deletion Expert and talked to Mr. Yates who explained the entire procedure to me. Deletion Expert guided me throughout the process and helped me increase my credit score. All the negative items too were eliminated by them in no time.
The deletion experts fight your negative accounts to make sure they eliminate for good. They will struggle with the creditor, the credit bureaus, and even the FTC which makes a hard deletion matter seemingly effortless for the client, because the client has to just sit back and relax.