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eCommission Online Loan Reviews

Very quick turn-around time and helpful. Only unhappiness stems from very high rates taken from commission advance. Others out there are far less expensive.
It was a very fast and efficient process. Everyone was very friendly.
Would highly recommend e commissions for fast hassel free transaction.
I do recommend this to every Agent, sometimes it takes to long to get paid on commissions when your bills are due. We work so hard and sometimes we need assistance. e Commission does this with exceptional customer service and reasonable fees.
Fees seem high now that I have compared and used other companies.
ecommission was there for me when I needed them. Fee’s are a little high, but they did get me the money I needed quickly.
I was very pleased in the quick turn around time of receiving my advancement on my active listing...thank you eCommission!
ECommission has always been there for me when other sources were not an option. There are many companies out there but they are honest, trustworthy and fair. I would recommend them to any agent for times when you need your commission now.
Easy process and fast Money in my bank account....!!
Awesome service! So grateful I had this when I needed it! Thank you eCommission!
Very satisfactory. I am pleased.
Great experience! Very easy with No Problems!
I've been using ecommission for several years now and I rate their service excellent and now that they lowered their fees, I rate the overall experience 5 stars.
Quick, easy and seamless.
If your broker accepts it, it can help you through tough times.
I have used often and for the most part when I have had an issue it's been resolved fairly quickly
amazing customer service, honest staff and all around incredible financial tool.
Excellent company to work with! Her helpful!✋
Great experience, a quick and very streamlined way to get your money a lot earlier.
I have been getting excellent results and customer service from Ecommission for over 10 years. They have streamlined the process and deliver as promised. Simply the best in the industry!
Warm and a pleasure to work with, they truly make it an easy experience!
Company works quickly to make sure you have what you need ASAP! Strongly recommend this company.
Easy to use, great customer service. My only comment is that I would like to be able to go back to the site to review my "Agreement" once signed. Thought Ecommish does send it to me, it often gets lost in an array of email, or I get delete happy and lose it. Great service, non-judgemental, thanks!
Friendly people. Quickly move the advance process through.
I was in between closings and had an immediate need for cash. eCommission was a perfect , easy solution and they really helped me get through a tough spot.
I can't even begin to tell you how many times ecommission has saved me. I fill out the forms in the morning and the money is usually in my account by noon. If you are in a bind use them they have been a complete life saver for me
Tremendous service, flipped a pending commission into a marketing investment, bam! 3 new clients! There when you need it, fast processing!
When you are in need of an Advance E commission is there and quick and easy to work with.
The process was very smooth, easy and quick. I am very happy with the service.
I had the funds in my bank account fewer than 24 hours later.
There are times in our business when Closing just don't come together. They fall out or get push back for dozens of reasons. That doesn't mean that we still do not have to pay our bills. eCommission has help me keep going when I really needed them. They make the process quick and easy. There staff is extremely professional and always able to answer my questions.
Yes, of course there is a fee for borrowing against a future commission. But where else can you get money wired to your personal account within hours, with no credit check and no collateral for a loan? This is a fantastic, professional service by a company that understands the ups and downs of a real estate agent's income stream! It brings me a sense of peace that I can rely on eCommission when I need it.
eCommission offers fast, efficient and courteous service EVERY time; impeccable consistency!
This is great! The process is so easy and convenient.
Incredibly too expensive. Called the underwriter and was told she would call back. Never heard from her. Asked for a promo code or discount for frequency. None offered. Ecommisiins was eager to take my fee but not important to return my call. Fees are just too high.
Great service and very efficient, however fees are pricey...
Heaven sent, came in the time of need
Helpful when closings are farther apart. Good experience so far.
Super!!! Very Quick, easy transaction
Excellent Staff offers a very quick and friendly experience.
I give a excellent review. The documents were all correct, the money was out in my account fast. I think having e-comm. on my side is a great benefit. Jon Newman
Fast process; smooth! I had a cold weather emergency water/septic break of a couple grand totally unexpected and not in this month’s budget. With eCommission you can maintain a stable monthly budget.
Great communication, very smooth
Seamless help for the agent. I appreciate the discounts but it still hurts to borrow against earnings as the fees are quite high for me.
Easy approval in seconds! Had my advance in day
Easy to use and fast funding!
Fast and Friendly and they don’t gouge you! I will definitely use eCommission again if and when the need arises.
Great service, quick response, smooth process!
Excellent fees are high but runs like a machine
I have used eCommission several times in the past. They are great to work with. Everything is done quickly and efficiently. I am always surprised at how fast the money is added to my checking account. I will continue to use eCommission in the future.
They are extremely helpful and attentive.
I have had great experiences with eCommission. It has been easy to apply and you get your advance quickly.
I have used ECommission for years and have always had great service. Would highly recommend!
I needed advance in my commission, I saw ecommission advertising, now what I will tell you, it is very easy to apply and quick approval litterly within minutes, when I signed their contract I had the commission amount in my bank within 24 hours. Their service was great, the only thing I didn’t like about ecommission was that their fee was very expensive. Overal I think the speed of applying and getting an answer and funding was all fast and simple.
This is the most Professional Commission Advance Company I have ever dealt with. They Deliver what they Promise and are always Prompt with their commitments. You can rely on them and get more business done as a result !
Getting an commission advance from Ecommissions is nice, quick & easy, but very expensive. I’ve shopped around with some of your competitors and I’ve found rates that are much lower than your rates. I understand that you are one of the only commission advance companies that will work with broker-owners and as such, you must charge more for the added risk you take on those borrowers. I’m not a broker-owner and I’ve borrowed from you several times recently, so it would be nice if I got a break on the rates for making timely repayment and for being a good customer.
Very great program. Especially in the time of need.
It's a great service and the fees are fair. The terms of the promotions are not completely clear and have restrictions that make most of is ineligible.
always helpful and very quick
Very quick and responsive. Literally tried it out of curiosity and got paid the same day.
Everything is easy. Fees are high. But sometimes necessary for moving business forward.
I could not be happier with the customer service I get from eCommission. Everytime I request a loan advancement, it is processed and handled with dignity within just a few minutes. I have worked with Kendall Prewitt for a long time and she is such a delight to work with as well as the other ladies that have assisted me when Kendall wasn't available. I really appreciate being able to draw an early commission when I feel a financial crunch. Great idea! Thank you!
Ecommission is a helpful tool to access our money prior to closing, I wish the interest was less I feel it's too High especially when they will receive their monies within 30 days.
Super fast service, easy to manage and quick to pay. I would totally recommend it to any agent needing to fill the gap between commissions
A wonderful company that treats agents professionally and understands our industry.
My only concern are the higher fees than other companies. As for service I continue for now since I've never had an issue with that.
Very quick and smooth process. I wish it didn't cost so much to use it. I would use it more often if it was more reasonable. Thanks for being there when I need you.
As a full time Realtor and independent contractor; it is sometimes difficult to keep a steady flow of income streaming thru while waiting for properties to go to settlement so we can be paid. ECommission was recommended to me by a fellow agent five years ago and I could not believe my good fortune! They have helped me numerous times by providing a draw against an upcoming property settlement and in record time. The typical experience is to request the advance in the morning; and most always I have a deposit in my account by the end of business. The price for the advance is not bad and they almost always run promotions. Thank you ECommission and I love working with all of you there! Regards, Karen Realtor in Maryland
Excellent to work with,and very seemless, and a professional group of folks. It's nice to be able to advance commissions in this business of uncertainty and they make it pleasurable.
Fast and easy! Great customer service, very friendly!
They work great !
A little more expensive than other similar services, but they get the job done.
I have had the pleasure of working with eCommission on several occasions. Each time, I received professional assistance with my transactions. I am very pleased and will return in the future whenever the need may arise.
It's an amazing service. I would use the service more often...but the cost and fees are extremely high. But I would still recommend very limited use.
I love the service, just would like the cost to be more affordable.
Thank you for helping during a tough situation
eCommission charges WAY TO MUCH - there are so many other companies out there that charge about half as much as they do! WAY OVERPRICED!
Excellent service. Transaction was very smooth. Money was deposited in my account within 12 hours. Also they have excellent communication. Thank you for helping me when I needed the most.
Very smooth and easy transaction. Only thing is they should answer the phone a bit more! Hard to speak to someone unless I pressed ‘1’ for new customer. Otherwise, flawless.
Easy , quick and received a call to confirm all information. Good communication
Update: Yes, this was explained to me when I first inquired. Still did not help me though. Great company easy to get money quickly. The one problem is they do not give you a 1099 on the advances and that forever messed up my taxes. I did not get a 1099 from my brokerage nor the title company nor ecommission.
Have used them twice, always a great and friendly experience. Will use them again if the need presents itself.
Super easy and super fast! If you need an advance on your Commission this is definitely the way to go!!
Very fast response, very user friendly and professional support staff.
They did everything they said they would
Excellent customer service
Great service if you need it but rates are expensive
Great company..The process was smooth and easy.
A great resource when you need it.
Ecommission has help me keep up with my business expenses and marketing investment
Great tool that every realtor should have in his toolbox. Love Ecommisson and their whole staff.
super fast and very easy process.
Great experience. Very quick, just too expensive.
Thx for the quick response time, flexibility and quick response time.
Super responsive, lightning fast turnaround and friendly and helpful customer service
This is the best, easy way to get a loan on future commissions. All on line and on your phone, Just update your broker they will need to sign off and the closing agent as they will sign off also. Money is in your account within hours after the sign offs are complete. The ecommission check is cut with the others at closing and the remainder to your agency.
It was simple and easy.
Surprisingly smooth process, great customer service and speedy funding!
The Fees are EXTREME! The people at eCommission are great and very professional. I do think the fees that are charged are extremely high. The cost to use eCommission is very discouraging
Fast, accurate service!