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For a funding company that says that they are to help Your business this is not true I had to Modified my loan and extend it 10 days still paying as agreed because of all the weather and Hurricane our business suffered little. At first I thought this was very nice of them to modified the amount we paid for a short period of time we never missed a payment tried to renew the loan and they because I modified the loan for 10 days we are not eligible to get another loan also very hard to know where you are at with your loan no tracking the You would think that a company would understand that we can not control the weather and not punish me for making sure that they were a priority to pay back
amazing, fast, efficient, All lenders should learn from Everest!
company did not disclose all charges properly
I am a businessman from NYC. I was in a trouble in December 2013 when my company ran short of funds. I was in a bad need of fast business funding and I was looking for alternative business funding option. Though I has applied for it to many companies but I got the positive reply from everestbusinessfunding.com and quite surprisingly, proceedings were complete within next few days. I am thankful to Everest Business Funding for supporting me and my business.
To whom it may concern, My experience with Everest is ALWAYS Excellent. I speak to many reps and Lender's. But i must say it is such a pleasure to speak with Cathy and her staff. The expedition on the files is tremendous and very helpful in this type of industry and pricing and terms are always GREAT!!!! so I guess in a nut shell. I AM VERY HAPPY working with Cathy.Kozer and Everest.
As a lender them selves they are great
I thought they ultimately did a very good job, offering me financing. I do think they could update their systems a bit - DocuSign would be a big help, and the necessity to give out bank passwords and security questions really ought to be eliminated at this point.
Very straightforward in their delivery of what they offer. Our firm provided the documents they asked for and the turnaround was very fast. We were funded within a couple days and that meant that we were able to execute on the opportunities that had recently presented itself. Well done Everest
very good deals and service
great service - prompt response !