EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair Reviews

EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair
EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair

EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair Online Loan Reviews

They are a very good company i would recommend anyone too use there service..because i will again in the future.
My experience with this company was excellent. I started out with credit scores in the low to mid 500 range. Manny was very, very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me re-establish my credit. He explained everything in detail to me regarding my credit which I had no idea of. I am a very satisfied customer. I have referred many of my friends and family to them, and everyone was completely satisfied.
As someone that has been selling real estate for almost 30 years I know this is the best company to work with. Everyone at EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair is very knowledgeable and friendly. My clients always have a great experience when working with the highly trained specialists that solve credit issues quickly. I highly recommend you call them for any credit repair issues.
This company held their word and repaired my credit. The staff was very cordial and patient. I would recommend them to any one looking to fix their credit
Been using the service for about 1 year, I realize these reports takes time to produce. However, when you have a paying client it would be a value add to start off with know the number of accounts they will focus on. Then on a monthly basis email the results of where they are at. For example we have 5 accounts when we started and we are now down to 3. Thank you
We had challenges getting a descent rate for our re-fill, after talking to Manny, and following instructions, our reports were cleared of the negative marks, that boasted our scores into the high 700's. I was pleased that they did not try to break the bank, or take advantage of our challenge, they are the real deal credit repair services, I would recommend them to anyone looking to use this type of service, they are the best...
I would recommend them to friends.
I working with EZ-Choice Financial in less than 2 months I've seen my credit score rise by about 30 points. My credits finally over 600! Can't wait to see where I'll be in 3 more months!
Several times over the past 10 years I have enlisted the services of EzChoice Financial and I have always been pleased with the results. In fact the first time I used them they removed a lot of erroneous information off of my credit reports and raised my credit score from a 560 fico to a 675 score in a few months. I would use them again in the future and recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues.
I love Manny and his team! They will go above and beyond to assure our clients are well taken care of.
I had a good feeling about this company. Manny made me feel at ease during the consultation and his staff were awesome during the credit repair. I recommend this co.
I had few medical collections that were weighing down my credit and making hard for me to qualify for any credit. Thanks to Manny and his staff efforts my credit score is going back up and I just qualified to finance a car
They are great they helped me fix my credit and gave me great tips on how to keep it that way I would truly recommend them
I went to easy financial because somebody recommended them to me. At the time my credit score was a little above 500. Two years later my score is it 750. I highly recommend EZ Choice Financial to anyone who needs their credit repaired. They are miracle workers. Thank you EZ Choice Financial Solutions.
My Credit Rating was way under water. I had gone from a 780 to the low 400s and needed help. Within 6 months or so EZ had every ding removed from my file. My Bank just qualified us for a Million dollar Loan. Thanks EZ!
EZ Choice always inform you of any activity regarding your account and what you should and should not do, regarding your credit . They are very diligent in ensuring that they do their best in straightening your credit. I am a very happy customer because my credit score has increased tremendously
When I first joined, in a short period of time I started seeing results on my credit report. They continue to work on it and are always on top of time frame. I loved it so much, now my wife is a client. Thank you EZ Choice Financial!
Does what he says he can! So far so good! Stand up guy!
Manmy is the man ! Accept no substitutes and beware of imposters.
A good place to rebuild my credit score
See my yelp review!
Professional and expedient work, thank you
This company exceeded my expectations! In a matter of a few months I already have major improvement and bought my first home.
EZ Choice has been a delight to work with!!! A very gracious and caring group, since day one... Thanks, EZ Choice!!! Ron
EZ Choice has surprised me at every step of the process, they go above and beyond and really took the time and effort to make sure I saw great results! Glad I made the choice to work with them and am happy with the improvements to my credit! Thank you EZ Choice team!!!
EZ Choice Financial is a great company to work with. They are diligent, thorough, and customer friendly. I will highly recommend them to others.
I couldn't ask for better service.
I have worked with another credit repair company prior to EZ Choice and cancelled because i was seeing no results. Within few months stuff started falling off my credit reports. thank you EZ for your hard work
I was skeptical at first because credit repair in general has a bed rep. I started with EZ choice and my score was 590. I am at 701 right now and I already qualified to buy a home! You guys rock
They help me build my credit .
I love the staff at EZ choice. They stay on top of things and when i don't send them credit reports they call me and email me reminders. They are awesome and i couldn't be more satisfied
Thank you and god bless you for excellent job
They delivered past my expectation. I couldn't be more satisfied
I struggled for so long with my Credit. When I spoke with Manny the owner I never felt embarrassed only hopeful and optimistic. They're wonderful and my credit has boosted nearly 75 points. And once I lower a balance it will shoot even higher. I highly recommend and have already referred others to seek guidance. They are so knowledgeable .Thank you EZ Choice !!!!
Kudos to the staff who was always there to answer my questions and worked hard on cleaning my credit Many thanks
Custumer servers are rude!!
Could not be happier with my decision to use EZ Choice Financial for my credit repair. Thank you Manny, Samantha Amanda and the rest of the EZ Choice fFinancial Corp. Sincerely, Michael Baber
So happy to have been recommended to EZ Choice Financial. They made the credit repair process simple and helped me get my FICO score up in no time and I was able to quickly refinance my mortgage. Their team is courteous, always answered my questions and are true professionals! My credit score is now on it's way up towards 800! Thank you again!
I have found Manny and his team to be absolutely EXPERT in their field. As a mortgage professional for the past 33 years I have finally found a trustworthy company who delivers what they promise in credit repair. I have referred many clients to Manny and it has proven to be life changing in each of their financial lives. Sometimes people make bad decisions with their credit, or get bad financial advice or simply get caught in the web of debt. Manny and EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair give a second chance to those that face these issues with negative credit. This service gives what was once no hope to some, a life changing experience to heal and rebuild credit for making future sound financial decisions with an ability to act with healed credit. An absolute MUST in your arsenal for us mortgage professionals.
I don't really know where to begin when leaving a review for this company!! I will start by saying they go above and beyond to make miracles happen with your credit! Manny and and his team works diligently to make sure each process is done with excellence. They have a great work ethic, works well in timely matter. I have referred more than 5 people and counting to them, and everyone is very happy with the outcome. I had bad experiences previously with credit companies, they just took my money with no results. In addition to taking All my money up front, which is illegal , and I found that out from this company. I had no idea until I met Manny couple of years later. My reason for reaching out is because I wanted to purchase a house. In little to no time I was ready after a couple of months. Manny even assisted when I dealt with things with my lender as well, he earned my trust so, I felt comfortable asking him things while in the house buying process. Now I'm in escrow purchasing a brand new house built from ground up, thanks to manny and his team! He is a very patient guy. It was really hard trusting him because of how I was dealt with in past. However I'm very pleased, my scores all raised more than 150 points each, and still climbing. They continue to keep in contact with great communication, and work with you even after your last payment is paid. If you looking for a true and honest credit repair company I would say trust this team , they get the job done!
If you are looking for intergity in the Credit Repair Services, you owe it to yourself to give this company a chance to deliver proven results. The staff delivers exceptional customer service. Highly recommended.
I'd recommend EZ Choice financial to my friends.
I have had some deletions but my credit score has hardly come up at all. The first year I brought in my reports as soon as they came in but the past couple months I have been traveling and have been unable to. For this reason I was told I would not have as much success. It has also been hard to keep track of what has been deleted. The only way to do so apparently is if you keep all the email threads and if you ask for them it always seems it is such a burden to do so. Most recently I asked for summary of my deletions and I have yet to receive anything. It would be nice if there was a way to keep track of your deletions, say a login or shared document that the consumer could review at their convenience, instead of searching through old email threads. It would also be nice if some of the staff were not so condescending when you ask questions.
I have to give them 2 thumbs up , they are exactly as advertised, they are far and away an EZ choice as they accomplished just what they said they would and more !! My scores have increased over 100 plus points !! saving me thousands on interest . I would highly recommend Manni and his company !!
All the stuff that they do you can do it yourself
Manny and his staff are so professional and eager to help. I started with them over a year ago and had about 25 negative items on my credit report. They go all of them off and I am now back in the 700+ range. If you are looking for the best credit repair company out there, I highly recommend EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair. You will be pleased that you went with them. They also offer to keep working on your file even after your done paying the their service. They promise to keep disputing even after your done paying and they live up to it. Manny you and your staff are great. Thank you.
Professional, honest and they kept me informed and abreast of any issues pertaining to my situation.
I was referred to EZ Choice by a good friend who had great results with them. So far I have experienced great customer service from Manny and his staff. They are very knowledgeable and patient. They care about their clients. They have been able to delete 12 negative items off my credit reports and I am sure there is more to come.
Great job was done by the staff . Almost a year later, my credit score now is 720 and was 590 when i started. Thank you guys
Manny and his team helped my husband and I about 5 to 6 years ago, and til this day I still refer people to him. We were very pleased!
I have been a business partner of EZ Choice Financial for over 10 years now and Manny and his team have helped dozens of our clients go from not qualifying for a home loan to realizing the home ownership dream. It has been the hard work and dedication of EZ Choice that has helped them achieve that goal. Thank you for all of your hard work Manny and EZ Choice.
My husband and I have been a clients of EZ Choice going on 2 years, WE have had amazing results with their services. Manny and his team are excellent at what they do. I cannot believe the amount of work they have done on our credit in a short period of time. Our credit has never been higher and it's all thanks to EZ Choice Financial! We are getting ready to purchase a house soon thanks to the work they've done with our credit. Highly recommend their services!
Very good, nice and always remind of turning my papers in and always let me know thats thiers a change in my reports. I recommend them. Thanks again
OMG!!! My husband and I had a wonderful experience with the EZ Choice family. They was so helpful, always available, very polite, and answered all our questions regardless how they may sound. I just love the communication with them. They always provide us update regarding credit status and they cc our Lender as well. Just seeing several, I mean several items been deleted off our credit in the first 30 days.. Made us so excited.. We're so thankful.. Thank you Manny, Samantha, Amanda you guys ROCK!!!
I was a bit skeptical to try this out but I'm glad I did. Ez choice says it all this team is awesome they are on it. In a matter of 3 months from one day to another I saw my credit shoot up 90 points. As long as you do your part in taking your paperwork to them they do they're part in repairing your credit!
Delayed contact with consumer time after time. No results, wasted time & money.
Love this company the best credit repair company I know