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EZPayDayCash.com Online Loan Reviews

I applied for a loan (big mistake). It was funded and I received an email saying they would send loan papers in a separate email. It never happened. The next day, my account had been cleaned out. I was forced to close my account and immediately tried to contact them by written letters and emails, too numerous to count. Nobody ever responded. Now I am in collections with no response from them at all. I am on disability and have medication I need. My bank account was in the negative and I had no money for medication. I explained this to them and still, no response. I will never give any banking information to anyone ever again, and I certainly will not take out a payday loan. This company is not reputable at all.

This company is robbing me blind and has sent me an email on the 29th saying my loan was paid off, but then they told me it was a mistake. Every time I called them, they give me a different balance that I owe (even said $750 at one point and $600 on another call, when I only borrowed $550 in April). I have paid them over $1,000 to date and they are now taking money out of my account randomly, and Chase won't do anything about it. These payments are not authorized, and they called me today saying that I renewed my loan and a payment is due soon! Please help me. Chase keeps taking out $34 from my checking account every time they unexpectedly withdraw money from my account.

I have been a customer with EZPayDayCash.com for many years and have made timely payments with no issues. Due to several unfortunate events, I had difficulty making payments as of August 2011. My account was referred to collections after several returned payments. I made payment arrangements with Customer Service Rep, Frankie where I would make 5 payments of $248.00 every two weeks starting on 10/14/11. I spoke to Frankie prior to October 14, 2011 and explained that I would not be able to make a payment on the schedule date of 10/14/11. An agreement was made to begin the payments on 10/28/11. I made the first payment as agreed.

On 11/8/11, I called to speak with Frankie and was told he was not available. I explained that I would be unable to make the payment scheduled for 11/11/11. The female customer service representative indicated that Frankie was unavailable. I explained to her my financial situation. She indicated that she would email Frankie so the payment would be extended to 1/6/12. The customer service representative assured me that if there was a problem, I would be contacted by Frankie. I received no phone calls or emails from Frankie so I assumed there was no issues.

On 11/15/11, I reviewed my checking account and my account was debited for $248.00 by United Consumer Financial Services, causing my checking account to be overdrawn, charged $105.00 in over draft fees and my payments to two other companies returned.

On 11/15/11, at approximately 9:30am (EST), I contacted Customer Service to speak with Frankie. I was told that he would not be in for another two hours as the company is on PST, however I could leave a message on his voice mail. I left a detailed message explaining the situation and requested a call back.

At approximately 5:00pm (EST), I received no phone call or message from Frankie, so I called to speak with him. I was told he was out to lunch and I should call back in an 1/2 hour. I called back at approximately 5:45pm (EST) and spoke to Frankie. I explained the aforementioned situation and asked why wasn't my call returned. He asked several times when I left a message as he did not get it. He pulled up my account and indicated that he spoke to me back in October regarding my account and the agreement made. I explained that since I did not receive a return courtesy call from him or email I would like my banking information removed from the system and in the future, I would call to make payments directly.

Frankie told me he could not remove my banking information as it was part of the payment arrangement and if I removed my checking account information, I basically had no intentions to pay. I explained to him that I have every intention to pay the account, however, I have rights and wanted my checking account information removed. He again indicated that my checking account information could not be removed. At that point, I explained that I have rights, would file a complaint and I ended the call.

Subsequently, I checked the account status on their web site and it indicates that my balance is in fact $499.00 which is lower than the amount quoted to me. I was told by Frankie my balance as of October 2011 was 1240.00. Two payments were made of 248.00, so the balance would be $744.00. However on their web site, it indicates my balance is 499.00. I contacted my bank and placed stop payments on any future debits and the unauthorized debit from my account which posted on 11/14/11.