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I had went on Fastcashloadusa and put in for a load. About 3 weeks later, I was given a call from someone at Fastcashloadusa. I was told that I was Approved for a load of 3000 dollars but first I must go and buy a Green Dot card and place 300 dollars on it which I did. Just I was informed to call Fastcashloadusa back and give the card number, I was promised that the money that I place on the card would not be touched; it was just for verification purpose only. I was told that the 3000 dollars would be in my account in 30 min. I waited about 2 hours before I check my account, the 3000 dollars was not transferred into my account.

So I call Fastcashloadusa back and inform the young that the money wasn't in my account. She then said I had to place 300 dollars more in order for me to get the 3000 dollars. She said the reason for that money is for taxes on the 3000 dollars. So I put the 300 dollars on the Green Dot card. After I did that she said the money would be in my account in 20 min. So I waited again for 1 hour. The money was still not placed in my account. I call her back letting her know that I was no longer interested in borrowing the 3000 dollars and that I would like to get my money back that she took off of the Green Dot card that had said would not be touched. She then hung the phone up in my face.

This went on happening for about a month. During that month I must had the phone hung up in my face over 40 times from Fastcashloadusa. I still have not received my money back. Is it anyone out there that might be able to help get my money back from this scam? I don't understand why the government allowed this to go on. I will contact the FBI and Google facts.

The company called me stating that my loan was approved. They get all my personal information. They put 675 in my account - said they put it in my to make sure the account was opened that I need to send them $510 back. I think they rip me off. Now I owed the bank $1575.00. I can pay the money back.

I received an email from Fast Cash lending officer Ricky ** who said I was approved for a loan. Long story short I sent a moneygram for $225 and promised a loan of $3000 and I never received my loan. They of course asked for more money for different reasons and then somehow money was withdrew from my bank account and my bank can't figure out how they did it. BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS!

Fast Cash continuously calls me at my place of employment; yelling at me and releasing personal information to my co-workers. I have told them numerous times that I am no longer willing to make payment based on harassment, and that they can file a suit in court. Can anyone help me in ensuring the harassing calls discontinue? I am not willing to pay this debt. In the event that they continue to call, I will do whatever I can to ensure that they are reprimanded for harassing phone calls and release of information to my place of employment (co-workers).

On Friday Nov. 30th, I was called by a James **. These people told me that if I send them a $100 by Green Dot money card, I was going to get it back. After 30 minutes, they called me and asked me to pay another $100 for credit check, another $100 for FTC report and then $50 for application fee and all these money would be deposited into my bank card. These people stole $350 from my son's Christmas gifts. Now, I have been desperate to borrow and give my son a birthday party and Christmas gifts. I wish I could see these people. They don't have a heart for doing this to people who work hard for their money. I need legal help and sue these people for all their money. They don't deserve to be doing fraud business. Help! I want to sue them. Any lawyer please help. I'm desperate.

We received an email from Fast Cash Loans U.S.A. telling us we had been approved for $3,000 insecure loan. Well we almost went forward with acquiring a Green Dot PAC were we would have put $220 dollar on it to show we could afford said loan. Well a few months ago we had received a phone call asking to speak with my wife. Well my wife is Deaf/Mute. So I told the person that. He agreed to talk to me, he told me that she had been approved a $3,000 unsecured loan. I would have to a vanilla reload card & put $180 on it. Which we did, only to be told to put an additional $250 on it to cover transfer fee. Then came another statement tell me that we had to pay another $185 for taxes from state to state fee.

I call my local tax person from the state & asked if there was such a tax. I was told no. I then call back the person I had talked to & advice HIM that I was told that my state doesn't' take money from personal loans. He basically said that I was lying & this gentleman from the state didn't know what he talking about. I then ask for a refund of $460+ dollars & was told that there was a charge for that too. Well needless to say I hung up on him & blocked their number, so they could not harass us anymore. But yes we are out $460+ dollar, don't have the money for a lawyer.

I had applied for an online loan in 12/15/09 and was denied. In Jan.2010, 2 different online loan companies withdrew money out of my checking account for membership fees, that I never agreed to. Went to my bank and a bank representative spoke with someone from the company and explained they have committed fraud, the company did return the funds, we closed our account.

Then on 2/25/10, I received threatening phone calls from this man saying he was with the U.S. Criminal Investigation in Seattle WA. He said, I was being charged with fraud, theft by deception, fraud by check deception and another charge, said I had received money $4,500.00 and never paid. My bank can back me up that amount was never put into my account. I called the local police dept., a local attorney, Attorney General and filed a complaint and I called this man back and told him who I have contacted. He still wanted me to settle out of court. I repeated who I have contacted and I wanted him to fax me the paperwork he had and he said he couldn't and hung up on me and would not answer any more of my calls. I have witnesses of how he threatened me on the phone.

I took out a payday loan (first time ever). I used US Fast Cash. Not only are there fees and policies ridiculous but I became a victim of identity theft. I received a call from a guy with a heavy Indian accent who had all of my personal information. I know this came from US Fast Cash as he mentioned the two individuals I used as references. I had never before or since used these two individuals as references. So now some guys in India have all (including SS#) of my personal information. They have been calling demanding money and indicating I am going to be arrested and have even mentioned US Fast Cash.

In addition to the harassment, I will be spending time and money changing banking accounts and hiring a company to monitor my credit with the credit agencies for fraudulent activity. This is a monthly fee that I will probably be paying for several years. Apparently, US Fast Cash does not have the proper safety measures in place and are not securing confidential information. After talking with the US Dept. of Homeland Security and the Secret Service, I found out that this has been happening with US Fast Cash customers. Don's use US Fast Cash. It's not worth it!

I needed some fast cash, my grandmother was dying and I needed money to get home to her. So I borrowed $1600.00 against my title. This title loan has already turned into $5000.00 and I have not even started paying on my loan, this is just interest alone. So a $1600.00 loan that I borrowed, before I pay this off to get my title back, I will have paid almost $8,000.00. Can you guys help me? Predatory lending is a big No No here in Florida, and I didn't know what I signed up for here and this is ridiculous. My car isn't even worth this much!

I've been yelled at by these people wanting more money from me and I have had my power, water, & phones cut off due to this because of paying them on interest. I was even told by one of their reps. that I was getting robbed blind and her bosses were crooks, and it was in my best interest to pay this off quickly even though I have paid $2000 more dollars that I didn't even borrow. I have paid almost $5000 on a $1600 loan.

I received a call today from Fast Cash. I was transferred to Shawn ** (310) 868-9184. Both men had a very thick Asian Indian accents. It went from me being approved for a $2000 loan with monthly payments of $150 for 15 months (with a profit of only $250.00 for them) to a $5000 loan with monthly payments for $175.00 for 32 months (with a profit of only $600.00 for them). This is absolutely too good to be true (especially here in the United States) and that's when you know it's a scam and to beware!!! He asked how I could show my good faith that I would pay back the money. I said, "By giving my word and you making the correct monthly deductions as agreed." He then stated that I need to go to the nearest CVS, Walgreens, or 7 Eleven to purchase a Vanilla Reload Network card and load a total of $205.00 to the card.

After, that is done, scratch off and reveal the pin# off the back of the card. I was to call him back and give that number to him so he could put it on my loan application and they would verify that the funds are there. He also assured that they will not touch the funds and I would have access to it after they verify it's there. Do I look like Boo Boo, the ** fool????? He also stated he would stay on the phone with me and wire the funds right away to my bank account and I would see it in minutes!!!! Wow, unbelievable!!!! I told him I would do it tomorrow. I called and talked to a rep at Vanilla Reloaded Network and the rep confirmed that they have been getting numerous amount of calls regarding this and it was very wise that I did because many people did not call until afterwards and Fast Cash had already taken their money leaving or placing no loan dollar amount in the person's account.

Vanilla Reload Network stated that they are not affiliated with Fast Cash regarding this involvement at all! I am calling this number back, blocked right now as I am typing and it goes straight to a voice mail with his voice stating his name. Why would it go straight to a voice mail when he said his extension was **???? Please, do not fall for any of this crap!!! I was already skeptical, that's why I did not do it!!! Think about it... Why would they ask you to show them money when you are trying to get money??? This is not a loan for a home or car where you may have to put down payment down. So beware and run!!!!!!! Glad, I sure in the ** did!!! So, sorry for every one that experienced hardship from this company. Hopefully, the FBI will catch up with them and all will be ceased.

Say they're from LAW ENFORCEMENT - that's BS. They're a scam artist out of Texas. They tried to call my bank and put in a claim so I could send it to them to show faith. Call Chase Loss Prevention if you ever had them call you.

I was told I was being sued by state of CA for loan that I didn't receive. I had most of my information. A guy I spoke with thick Indian accent and said attorney was Lawrence ***. I never received any certified documents or anything nor did I correct the information.

I have been receiving these phone calls from this Indian speaking man saying I owe $300 for a loan that I took out in Dec 2011 which I have not took any loans out from Fast Cash since 2008. I have paid this loan off and receive a paid in full letter from Fast Cash saying it have been paid. Now, here comes the calls in 2012. One day he says it was for $300 back in Dec2011 and the next day he tells me $450 for the month of Nov. 2011. Okay, which one is it? Then the Indian speaking man asked me to send all of my credit card information to him through fax. Really.

Got a loan for a weekend get away in May. $300 dollars. Notices that everytime I got paid which is every 2 weeks they debt my checking accout. I emailed and asked after 3 monthes of paying anywhere from $90 up to $145 why was I still paying and I was emailed back that the first 4 payment were set up fees. So I paid $360 (90*4) on a loan for just $300 and had not paid on the laon itself just setup fees and finance charges.

Now I am up to $460 paid and still have a balance of $260 on a $300 loan?? This is so unfair and I really wish someone would do something about this company I have debt of 115 planned for 29/Aug/2008 which will bring my total to $575. So i'm going to just pay if off if they let. Please let anyone that you know not to deal with this company.Never will I deal with them again!!!

Several year's ago i took out a payday loan with us fast cash. i had several withdrawls from my bank account that overdrew my account and the bank suggested closing the account to stop it. Over the last 4 year's I have received numerous call's at home and at work from this company(i use that term lightly). I requested on more than one occasion for them to mail me something with the detail's of the account so i could pull my old record's from that account to check on this information. They refuse to mail me anything. They also keep changing the amount that is owed. I have told them more than once as my boss did as well to not call me at work as i work in a prison and personal phone call's for such issue's is not allowed. I have recently started keepinga journal of the date and time and the name of ther person calling(they only will give 1st name. The last woman to call this afternoon became very rude when i told her to mail me the info that i would not do anything over the phone or the computer again. I told her as i have for the last 4 or so year's that if they mail me something and i find it to be legit i would mail a money order but would NEVER give my bank information to them again. Please help with any advice i have cancer which i have told them more than once and do not need the added stress they are causing me.

I was unable to pay back my loan on time. I received a very nasty call at work from Margaret. When I told her that I wasn't allowed to take these calls at work and I would give her my cell number, she told me that she would call me where ever she wanted. She also told me that she would have papers served to my office. Two days later, she called on my cell phone and told me that I am a liar and that she didn't want to hear that my husband's benefits had been incorrectly routed. She threatened to embarrass me at work and wouldn't allow me to make any payment arrangements. I told her that there is Fair Debt Collection and that she is not following those rules, her reply, Get the name right! I can do whatever I want. I did a background check on you! She had me in tears but, more importantly, I plan to fight back... but, don't know how!

I was also scammed by Fast Cash and fell for it. I also reported him to IC3 Internet scams. I went to Walgreens and Mr. ** took $170 from me. His telephone number is 321-400-8743. If any one wants to HELP me please catch this man before he continues to do this to others and get rich.

This company contacted my fiance and told him he was approved for a loan. He chose $7,000 to help pay off our wedding (which is in three weeks) and catch us up on bills. He was told he had to prove he had ten percent. He filled out one of those forms and gave them the pin #. They took all $700 right away. Then they told us this other company one click cash had a hold on his social security number and we had to pay another $398 to release it because he had a loan with them that he never paid. Which was completely false! I called both companies only to be yelled at and called names. They had the same phones ringing in the back ground and had a Middle Eastern accent. There were males talking in the background in another language. We got scammed!! Now we can't pay our rent and we are further behind than before. Beware!! Tell everyone to stay away from these people!!!

I took out an advance loan with Fast Cash years ago. Unfortunately, I became unemployed and advised them of this. I then received several phone calls to my ex-employer's, home, and cell number with nothing but threats and ignorance. It got to the point when they will call my ex-employer and tell my co-workers my personal business in reference to the loans. They will leave messages and threats with my children and then leave me harassing, disrespectful and unnecessary message. At that point, I changed my numbers and told them to only contact me via mail. I did at one point try to make arrangements and was told pretty much all or nothing upon telling them I was unable to do that. I continued to get the calls. Now, they are trying to take me to court for almost four times the amount of my actual loan and charges.

margerat from fastcashloans legal deparment keeps calling me telling me that shes going to call my landlady and fax my job to sue or garness my wages. she is very rude. i took a loan out and i cant pay it back right now and when she calls it feels like a threat. it is really embarrassing when she calls my work and i get really sick to my stomach when she leaves meesages on my cell phone. i dont no my legal rights are. if i had the money i would pay it off. she makes me feel little just by the way she talks

I applied for a $350 loan which I received. I have been charged $105 every 2 weeks for which I tried calling to find out what my balance was. They told me that I would owe $590 at that time to pay it off. When I asked about the $420 that they had already taken, they said that was pure interest and that none applied to my account. They then attempted to debit my account for 2 $105 payments which made my account go into the negative. They then kept trying to collect this which caused my account to keep being charged until I was negative $1200. I again tried to get an answer from them as to why this was so much for 1 month.

They would not respond, only to say that they would close the account for another $590 that would total over $1100 in a months time. I then contacted the website saying that they needed to stop debiting my account and that I would stop payment which I tried to do. They then debited my account for 2 payment of $295 each so that the bank would not pick up on the stop payment. They also added another $30 to each. I have stopped payment on these, but the bank says the only way I can stop them is to close the account. What can I do to stop the constant debiting of my account which they keep sending into the negative? They refuse to answer any questions that I ask and have never sent me anything with their address.

I borrowed $400.00, the man told me I could pay off the loan in 4 payments and the fee would be $125.00. I have paid 3 payments of $120.00. When I called to confirm payment in full, they told me the payments of $120.00 was interest and I owe the $400.00. This is fraud, they lied to me. I am very angry!

I got a threatening phone call stating that I owed this company $350 and that if I did not pay today they would send an officer to my home to arrest me. I asked what was the name of the company because when I take a loan online I write down all of the info and this is not a company that I have ever used. I told him that I would see them in court and he said if you f** want it that way. I said yes. He hung up.

My best friend received a call from a Ben from Fast Cash investigation dept. I called this number back, not knowing what it was about. I called cool and collected, then the guy told me that I was being investigated for fraud for a payday loan. I was like, what payday loan? I don't have one. He said, "oh my God! You don't remember?". I said, "No, I have only had one payday loan and it's been paid." I said, "Can you please send me proof of this?" He said he was not allowed to send me anything and asked me if I had a fax or could I email him promptly. I said no, I don't live in town. He said, "You call me back tomorrow morning and if I don't hear from you, we will contact the attorney general." This is fraud, you must pay! I'm not after doing this search. I know I don't owe this place the money. I'm calling my attorney! It's a scam! Beware everyone!

For the past three months, has been taking money out of my account, but I do not know who they are, nor ever contacted them for any services. I called the bank, and because there was a phone number, the bank said the company was legitimate. Finally contacted the fraud department and had to close my account. You can never reach them by phone. The customer support number is a fraud, and the email address is fraudulent (email came back as "email address does not exist". I mailed them a letter to order them to desist and cease taking money from my account. The letter came back "return to sender... address does not exist". Please beware. This is a scam. It seems that $30.00 is this company's magic number. No more money from me, especially since they were getting it free when no loan was ever requested.

I received a phone call from my son's cell today telling me that he was Officer James **, Criminal investigator, and I am being brought up on Check Fraud charges and other criminal charges. He was a foreign-speaking male. He had my social security number and told me he was investigating for fast cash.

I asked him what fast cash was, and he got really ignorant and told me he didn't exactly know who was fast cash dealing with, as they are in connection with over 45 different companies. And he was not permitted to give me the number. When I told him I would not pay a dime until I knew who it was for, he told me nastily that he would see me in court. And he hoped I like prison and a large fine and hung up. I believe it was a fraudulent call, and they have my social.

I do not know how this place got my information, but, they have been harassing me since AUGUST OF 2014...They call my phone 4 to 6 times a day. No matter what you say to them, they keep calling back, and from several different numbers. I have threatened to turn this over to my Lawyer if they keep going, and they just don't give a ** . To top it off.....It is always some Foreigner you can't and don't want to understand. There has to be something I can do to make the calls stop without costing me anything....It's just wrong...

After reading some of these mishaps it's just starting to lose it again. First they said I had to do $115.00 to be able to get my request approval. Had to do this because of my low credit score. I was told my funds are being held by a federal government agency and need to send 105.00 to free them. Should have seen something was wrong then! Called them back and asked what's up? It should have been $105.39. I told them forget it and refund my money and was told they can't do that.Then I did lose it naming them everything you could think of. I was asked why I was so upset? I'll probably never will see my money. If you know of any case where they did get their funds back let me know. Like everybody that requested some help needs the money for some reason. Their # is 312-912-9575. And as you probably know every time you talk to them it's hard to understand them. They don't like to answer a simple question and turn everything around. Ask them again, same thing.

I was contacted by a James **. He said I was approved for 5000.00 dollar loan. He told me I needed I could prove I could afford to pay monthly payment by going to cvs or walgreen store to purchase green dot card for 200.00 dollars. I have been scammed before so went to complaint site and thank god I checked. He was an India person with deep male voice. Thanks to all for sharing your information. It helped me. I would also tell everyone to also beware of temple lending company. Check complaint page.

An individual, Mr. **, called my job and stated that a warrant was issued for my arrest and that the authorities would be coming at my job to arrest me. I informed him that I do not know what he was referring to since I had no documentation of any check fraud allegations against me. The person then called my job back and spoke to supervisors in the office instead of calling me directly and informed them that I would be arrested for check fraud. Therefore, I am pursuing legal matters as I have not been to trial and this was a violation of my right to be innocent until proven guilty. Also, I have an e-mail from one of the contacts who verified that the case worker did do this.

I kept getting an anonymous call and when he left the voicemail, he told me that he was representing Fast Cash and I needed to get a lawyer or they will appoint one to me. He also stated to me directly that I needed to be in California by 6-19 and bring my references that were listed on the application with me. He also stated that if I didn't show up to the court in California that I would have a red flag on my credit report, I would lose my license, they would come to my job and serve my boss and I would be fired as a result. He stated that I would have a warrant for my arrest and that they would fax the warrant to my hometown and have the police pick me up for fraud, money laundering and a few more charges.

He stated that the only way I could resolve this out of court is if I paid 50% of $1140.50 no later than in the morning (even though I only owed $400; he said that's for finance charges, late fees and attorney fees) and I had to write an apology letter to the federal legislation of unsecured loans. The number that I have for him is a Washington number but he gave me a California fax number to send a notarized apology letter to him and I only had an hour to do so. He stated that if I didn't do as told, I would have more charges added. He was so rude even after knowing that I had been in and out the hospital. It didn't matter to him at all knowing I just got home from the hospital. He just continued to make threats. I ended up having a tremendous headache.

I have $150.00 loan now it’s $410.00. They took out $45.00 a month as agreed; amount to be paid back was $195.00 as agreed, pay started loan in April 2010 5x $45.00 payments and $50.00 more. They tell me I didn’t call them to tell how much to take out for payment from my bank account so those 45.00 payments was just to extend the loan and I still owe $135.00. Why is Montel ** endorsing such predators who take money unjustly! I have to close my bank account to stop these predators!

I took one of these loans, paid it back in full and then the company started taking even more money out of my bank account. My bank considered it fraud and refunded the money because they had no right to it. Now, it is three years later and they are harassing me by phone claiming they are going to garnish my bank account for thousands of dollars, threatening to arrest me. Today, they called and told my wife they needed to serve me with a summons for a lawsuit and were coming to repose our truck. They did not leave a name or number to call back. When they call, they curse and yell at me that I need to pay the bill. But the bill was already paid, as they are a big scam. I am ready to call the police because they are threatening and know where I live.

There were no consequences except them calling me a **. An agency named Fast Cash advertised on the internet as a loan company, but they needed money to supply your loan. Well duh, if I had money I would not borrow it. This company called me multiple times a day and began to speak harshly when I did not bite at the non-existent loan. If there is a legitimate Fast Cash, get rid of the rip off artist using your name.

I can't believe how completely stupid I feel for having fallen for this scam. I kept getting all these emails, almost daily telling me how my investment of $250.00 had made me thousands; all I needed was to login into my account and just like magic, the money would be there for me. NOT SO soon as I wanted my money back, my remaining $225.00 disappeared. I couldn't even login after that. Stay away from these people, they are liars, cheats who prey on those to pay their way! I had googled to see if there were any complaints against them...I found none. Really folks, this really is a scam that will take cash from you and afford you zero back.

I got a call said I was approve for a loan from John and David for 3000.00 dollars. They got my info of the internet, I was applying for a loan. I needed to put 220.00 in Bank of America account the name of the account was Betty **. I did, then they called and said I need 349.00 more. I said no, they hung up. Here the phone number **. My name is Brian.

They tried to charge me 600 dollars for giving me 300 dollars.

They called me saying I was approved for a loan for 1000 dollars. They told me to get a vanilla reload network card for 150 dollars. I did. I talked with account manager Jack **. He said give him 15 to 20 minutes. He called back telling me that it was a hold on my deposit from Easy Cash and that I had to pay 248 dollars. I called Easy Cash and they told me I had a pay day loan in default. I never had a pay day loan so I did some research and none of the companies exist. I'm mad as hell.

This scam company took money from my bank account. I have no idea how they got my bank name or my name, but they took $30 from my account by electronic debit. I reported the theft to my bank. I will get the money back but it will take 6 weeks.

I never got a loan. They are threatening to send me to prison.

I have received a phone call from this company stating that they were with the Financial Crime Investigation and I was being charges with 3 federal charges; federal banking fraud, check fraud and a 3rd one I could not understand. I spoke with 3 different people and they all had accents and you could hear the background noise on all 3 calls. They referred to themselves as officers and when I asked for back up documentation because I was unaware of the debt, they would not give me the information. They asked me to fax them a letter stating that I would pay this debt and give them my bank card number, the code on the back the amount of $725.00 and my signature notarized. Then, they stated that I needed to send a photo copy of my driver’s license.

Well, this all seemed a little suspicious to me especially when I am creating a form and sending a photo id. They gave me a call back number. I was unaware of this company so I looked it up on the internet and found all of these complaints. Can someone please tell me if this really is a scam and if so, what do I need to do on my part to take care of it? They have my SSN and my address, work number and now cell phone number. If this really is a debt that I owe, not aware of, I will pay it, but if it is not, it is scary that they have all of my information.

They stole my money from me to secure a pay day loan. The money is gone forever.

I received over six or seven calls today from Fast Cash loan's "law firm". I called them back and they never informed me of this case. He said he was putting his supervisor on but never did. He acted like he was a supervisor and told me that they were filing a lawsuit comprised of three charges: check fraud, theft, and another fraud. They told me that I needed to have an attorney to be at the court tomorrow by 11 am. I had told him that I never received a loan from them and they had never contacted me about this case. He stated that I was notified by email. He also said I needed to have a letter of resignation from my employer as well.

I almost fell into this trap. He told me that I could settle it out of court but I had to make my first payment of $745.75 today by 7 pm my time, 5pm theirs, which gave me a two-hour window. I told him that I had not had access to my email because I had spine surgery two months ago and this was only my second day back. He would not tell me how much the loan was. Only that they were going to be charging me almost $9,000.00. He said it was paid to me by EFT.

I contacted my bank and they had no record of any payments received by them. He would not let me talk to his supervisor when I called back to get these details. He said he was going to contact my employer and tell them what type of employee I was, as well as contacting my co-workers and family. He kept hanging up with me and gave me two names of the same supervisor but told me that his supervisor did not have the kind of time my dad did and if I wanted to know which court to be at, to have my dad look it up. I had told him that my dad worked for a judge and had told me that everything they were doing was illegal and/or false. I instructed him that it was not my dad's job to do his, and that he needed to tell me the details if he wanted me to take care of it.

On Monday, 12/02/13, I had applied for a loan online at On Tuesday 12/03/13 they had called me and told me that I qualified for a loan of up to 5,000 dollars and went over the details and discussed the procedures with me. They told me that I had to purchase a Money Pak card and load it with $145.00 and to give them the pin so they can charge it and that l will receive my loan after that. After they charged me, she transferred me to the "legal legislator", Hugh **; he told me that because of my credit I had to pay $300.00 more to qualify and take my name of the debt list and assured me I would receive my loan after that. So I reloaded a second Money Pak for $300 and provided him with the pin number. Then he said that my loan was going to be sent via Western Union but then stated that The sender doesn't have enough to pay for the sending fee and said that I had to pay another $246.00 so they can send the loan.

I found this fishy so I called Western Union myself to verify how it works. I explained to the Western Union representative what was going on and it was then that she informed me that it is a scam and that it is the sender's responsibility to pay the sending fee. She told me not to pay them any more money and to report this to the authorities and to the Money Pak Company. I then called the loan company back and demanded my money back. I told them I didn't care about the loan and that I just wanted my $445.00 back. They refused and said it has already been charged.

I flipped out on them and hung up the phone on them. Today 12/04/13 while I was at work at around 6:00 pm I receive a phone call at my JOB and the guy (same Indian voice) threatened me stating that I am being committed of fraud and being charged for some charge (I can't quite remember the exact charge) and that the local authorities were going to arrest me at my job and/or home and he stated my address, for a loan that I never paid back and that they were going to contact my Employers to tell them what is going on. It was then that I contacted local police department and Reported this whole incident. I advise anyone who is thinking about it, don't do it. It is a scam!

I was contacted by Americas Fast Cash back in Dec, at first I ignored the calls. But then yesterday I was contacted by them stating that I was approved for a high dollar loan though skeptical, I paid their initial fees on a Green Dot Money card. About a 1/2 hour later I received another call stating that I was on some sort of defaulter list and that I needed to purchase another card with an additional fee so that they could deposit that money into my account within 20 min so I did. Again I waited for about 30 min and then I received another phone call and stated that their server went down and that they were going to do a money wire through western union and that I had to pay the fees of 220 to send the total money.

I then inform them that I had no more money to give them and that for them to please cancel my loan application and to please return my money.They then stated that I needed to come up with that money through any means necessary so that I can receive that loan and that was the last time they were going to contact me. I informed them that I was not able to do that and that I needed to refund the money that I had initially given them. They then informed me that they were not able to cancel my application and refund me my money, they then stated that I was to never to try and contact them again.

The following notice has been sent twice now, with no reply, and they will not stop. They have been asked 5 times.

You are hereby ordered (for the last time) to cease and desist from calling my home, and/or using this or any other email address you may have obtained illegally! You have now entered an area of criminal harassment, and I have ordered legal action against you. Your services have never been asked for or implied by anyone in this household. To continue calling my home every day starting at 8am in the morning or, at any other time, including Saturdays, is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated. You have now been asked 5 times prior to stop, and still you continue!

The telephone number you are calling is non-published and unlisted. There is also a person who is very sick here, and does not want your phone calls at any time. The following agencies have now been notified, and are tracking your inbound calls by date and time, per my request: Verizon, Inc. Land Line Service (Criminal Harassment Division), East Norriton Police Department - Detective Division (Fraud and Harassment), Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office - Harrisburg, PA, Better Business Bureau of Pennsylvania - Phone Harassment, FCC Washington, Interstate Harassment by Phone (Criminal & Civil Divisions), Howard N. Sobel, Esq. Civil Attorney and National Do Not Call complaint center.

As the above email states, and is true, I am very sick and have never done any business with this sham company. Both emails have told them to stop, and I have told them personally by phone to stop 5 times. They are now affecting my health and well-being, and sleep problems. If they do not stop by Monday, I am going to our local Police, both me, and my wife.

I received a threatening phone call from US Fast Cash saying that I had taken out a payday loan with them in 2008. I have not taken a pay day loan with them. I did take out some pay day loans last year but paid them all off. They said it was federal banking check fraud. They said I took a loan for 300.00 and now with fees they said I owe them 546.00. They said I solicited funds. They accused me of federal banking check fraud. They kept asking for my banking information. I wouldnt give it to them. I kept saying that I need to see where I took out the loan before I give you my debit card. They kept threatening me with legal action. They were all foreigners and were very abusive on the phone. They kept transferring me to another person. I was transferred 4 times. They instructed me to fax them a letter saying I would settle this outside of court. They told me they would give me the information regarding this case after I paid off the loan not before. They have my social security number and my previous address. I did not give them any information.

I received a call from Cash Now USA, or Fast Cash USA. They said I was approved. I gave them the information they needed. A few minutes later, I received a call from my Bank phone number. The person said the money was wired, but I had to pay half of the fees for the wire, because of the laws changing. Believing the phone number and my information verified from my bank. I went to Walgreens, bought a Green Dot card, and sent the $175.00 to them. Ricky stayed on the phone the whole time, and told me that the fraud unit was holding up my loan. I owed taxes from 2009, and I'm a student. I get Pell grants. I told him I wanted my money back. He cussed me out then told me he bought hash, marijuana, cocaine, and drugs with it. He had already given me a bogus Western Union number, and I went there to pick it up and it was a fake.

I have called them repeatedly since this happened last Friday. I knew better than to do it, but they made my bank phone number show up on my caller ID and I thought it was real. I called today, and finally spoke to a guy named Sebastian at the number I was contacted, 619-704-8270, and he claims they were hacked, but the same lady that answers their phone is the one that transfers me to the guy who took my money. I reported this to everyone I can find. I know that the company is out of Plassaco California near San Diego. The email they sent me was from Bendigo Personal Loans, and that too had a different email address. Was registered to Cash Now.

He told me that I committed fraud and wanted me to pay money. I then told him that I was turning the matter over to the FBI and told him I was going to post his number on the internet and he backed off. Now this is after calling me 10-30 times a day and calling my job as well.

I too was getting these calls regularly and felt threatened. So I called US Fast Cash at their 1-800 number. She immediately asked, "Are you getting calls from people with a strong accent? Please don't give these people money and don't fear. They can't do anything, just harass you." Regarding all of the complaints about an officer so and so calling you, do not give them money. They are a company located in India routing calls through the US. I hope this helps someone.

I took out a payday loan of $250 over the internet with US Fast Cash in December 2009. After doing so, I discovered that this company was not licensed to lend in my state and that the "extension fees" they charge are not allowed by my state law. My state law indicates that any lender, internet or storefront, needs to be licensed in Michigan to lend in Michigan, even if they are located in another state or country. I paid one 'extension' fee of $75, but put a stop on their ACH withdrawals from my account after that because I wanted to settle my loan for the principal amount only since they were lending illegally. I was contacted by "Scott" after they attempted to debit my account a second time (and a third, a day later) to get another extension fee. They demanded that I pay in full ($430!) before 3 pm that day to prevent "further collection activity".

I advised Scott that I knew my state law did not allow them to lend in my state because they were not licensed here and the fees they were charging were not allowed by my state law. He insisted that they "were not breaking state laws." I asked which state he was referring to. He said, "We're located in Oklahoma." I responded, "Yes, I know that, but what state law are you referring to?” He would not answer, saying he was not an attorney and would not debate the law with me. I told him I wasn't an attorney either, but I could read and my state law says they are lending illegally in Michigan. He then offered to settle my loan for $344, down from the $430 he was demanding earlier (plus the $75 I'd already paid). I counter-offered to pay the $250 principal only, but he said he couldn't accept that. I told him I'd contact my state's Attorney General's office and see what they had to say about it. He said that was fine, and he welcomed me to call him back. I should have known something was up--he was too calm.

I called my state's Attorney General, who advised me to file a complaint with them and to get in touch with the Oklahoma State Banking Authority. I called them, and they referred me to the Oklahoma Consumer Credit Protection Agency. So I called that agency. And guess what? I found out precisely why Scott was so calm on the phone.

This company is not regulated by US or state law. They are located on Indian Tribal lands. That means they are untouchable and not governed by state law--Oklahoma or Michigan. So they can lend into any state they want, charge any fees or interest rate they want (no matter how exorbitant) and they don't fear the consequences. Seeing that I really had no choice, I called Scott back, gave him a rather large piece of my mind, and paid off my loan in full for the settlement amount he offered. I told him I hoped he could sleep at night, knowing what kind of company he was working for. I had to pay over $425 to settle a $250 payday loan. Never again. I don't care how bad things get. Someone needs to run these people out of business.

Got a call from a guy name Ryan ** from fast cash loans saying I was approved for a 3000 dollar loan. All I had to do was get a money pak card and load 135 dollars on it to show good faith so I did. Then came excuse after excuse that I had to pay more money, this went on for a month. Well I fell for it every time. Needless to say they got me for over 1500 dollars. It makes me sick to my stomach that these people can continue to do this. They are very good at what they do. The numbers they called from are 904-473-8361, 713-510-4971, 510-439-2677.

I received a voice mail on my cell phone on 2-20-10. The message stated, “this is Mike **, a police officer from the fraud unit please call me back.” So I did a recording came on with no info just leave a message so I did. When I heard fraud unit, I was scared because I have never been in trouble.

Today, I finally got through and this gentleman answered and tried to intimidate me to settle out of court. He would not answer any of my questions and he was very rude and scary. He stated that money was a wire transferred into my bank account. I contacted my bank and my account was closed in September 09 and there was absolutely no record of any money wire transferred into my account.

Somebody used my info to get a loan from US Fast Cash. I didn't realize that there was $300 credited to my account and that they were taking money out twice a month. I found out when I started receiving overdraft charges. I contacted the bank and they told me that I had to handle it through the company and not the bank. Since then, they have taken $100,000 out of my account. I am going to file for identity fraud. Please help.

I had looked up payday loans online and never got one because you have to have direct deposit. Well, a man with a strong Indian accent from New York City calls my job and keeps leaving me messages on my cell that I'm going to jail for not returning the money. What money?

I have been receiving phone calls from an Indian man saying that I owe Fast Cash some money. I don't remember doing this loan. But the problem is that they are calling to scare me, saying that my payment will be garnish, I will go to jail or they will issue a levy. I don't know what to do right now. I want them to stop calling me.

took out payday loan six years ago..willing to repay loan..will not give banking info to them! they say that they can,t send bill in the mail! why is this?have had problems with them taking money out of my bank acct. before!!!!what should i do?

I received a call from someone stating they were with the Fraud Investigation Unit and I was being charged with check fraud, theft, and a third that I didn't quite understand due to an outstanding loan with Fast Cash. The man speaking said he was a police officer. He stated I needed to fax him my bank information, copy of my license and have all of this notarized at the bank. He had my SSN, bank information, and address. He called me around 9:45 am at work and stated I had until 11:30 to get the payment "on his desk" or I was going to be prosecuted in court.

I contacted Fast Cash who told me they had no history of my taking out a loan with them and that this was a scam. They gave me the number of the Homeland Security Office, whom I contacted and was told that they were investigating a fraud based in India. I am supposed to get a call back from the agent investigating this.

This individual was very rude, didn't let me speak, and had a heavy Indian accent. There was a lot of background noise, too. He told me they weren't a scam. If they were, they would just take the money and not call me. What should I do? This just happened today, so now I have to take a day out of work and get this straightened out. I don't know if I should contact a lawyer.

Approved for loan. Told me to prove I was able to pay it back that I had to give them 300 hundred dollars. Told them don't have that much, only 130. Said fine, go to CVS and get a Vanilla Network tap card or Green Dot card. After that, I ask how. I know this isn't a scam so he went on about it's not. I ask him why I need get a card, why he can't just check my info. Said against law to into my account. Anyway, I like a dummy did it, got Green Dot card. Called Frank ** back and gave him the numbers off back. Told me to hold on, don't use card. Was on hold about 45 mins. During that duration, he kept coming back say almost finish, don't use card.

About six something close to 7pm, he came back to call and said my funds was ready to go into my acct. Wait about 10mins. The amount going onto my card is $5125 so I waited. Call bank and no deposit. Tried him back but operator kept coming on saying there was an error. So around about 10am this morning, he called me and ask did I get my money. Told him no. Told him that they ran a scam on me and I wanted my $125 back. He in returns said that he didn't and told me to hold on again. About 5 mins later, he comes back and says that another put a hold on my funds and gave me this 948-266-2107 to call and I did. Told me to tell the man to remove the hold on my funds.

Anyway, I talked to the man. He in returns tell me he can't remove the hold because I owe them $243. So said for what, talking about I have an outstanding loan and I can't get money until I pay it. I told him I'm not giving another dime and I want my money back and they're a bunch of con artist, should be ashamed of theirselves and hung up. Called Frank ** back and told him what happen. He talking we're out of 5000 dollars and I'm talking about my money, so I said, "Oh we'll hope that 125 make you happy."

This company had me suckered in for a loan. I got one gift card for $100 and had to get another in the same amount tomorrow. Thank God I checked the website and found the comments by others who have been duped out of much more than I was. I was suspicious and it appears with good reason. I am lucky Walgreens will refund the $ on my credit card. I can only hope that others don't fall prey to this racket. They now go by "Dollars On Call" PHONE # 210-529-7557.

I had a pay day loan with them. I set up to pay my loan off on 11/10/08 on line for it to be taken out of my account on 11/21/2008. When the day came for it to be taken out, they took 90.00 out and not the full amount of 390.00. That morning I called the company they told me that they never recieved my request. I then advised them that I want them to take out the 300.00. I was told I going to charge another 90.00. When I advised that I call the same day that 390.00 should have been taken the lady on the phone became very rude.

Fast Cash, Inc. is a payday loan company. I initially borrowed $300 and then another $300, for a total of $690 (including interest charges of $90).

I have received 2 letters demanding payment or they will file criminal charges against me (citing the NSF laws of South Carolina).

This is prohibited in South Carolina under the FTC and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which state that Fast Cash may not threaten or intimidate me by threatning to file criminal charges. They may only file civil actions under South Carolin Law.

Fast Cash's actions have resulted in tremendous mental stress upon myself and especially my wife, who is already recovering from emotional problems resultant from a stroke and seizure, which she is being treated for by her doctor.

My mother received a new cell phone in July. Starting the second week of August she is receiving over 30 calls per day from various payday loan solicitors for someone with another name. When politely telling the callers that the phone number is on the Restricted Do Not Call Listing, she was advised that the Registry did not apply since someone with an unknown name applied for a payday loan. When advising that there is no one with the name they are asking for at this number and asking to have the number removed for their list, most callers simply hang up and a day later there are calls from the same numbers.

Some simply hang up immediately when told there is no one with the name they are asking for at this number, yet you get calls from the same number at least once per day the following day. If you do not answer, they either leave a voice mail, sometimes a prerecorded message about quickcash2day, fastpaydayloans or some other name. If anyone can identify the source of this harassment, I would like a name and contact address to file formal complaints with the FCC and FTC.

I borrowed $400.00 from these people because I was desperate for money at that time to pay for rent. I borrowed the money in September 2010. They took four $120.00 out of my account, not towards my loans but a service fee. Talk about ** ripoff! After that, they took $80.00 plus $50.00 to go towards the loan. I asked her why we did not get a phone call to let me know. Her statement, "We are an internet-based company. We have thousands and thousands of customers". Now I know why they ripped off the American people. Whatever you do, try to borrow money somewhere else. Don't ever borrow from these ** people. I hate them with every bones in my body.

Got scammed by Crown Kia in St. Petersburg, FL. I bought a car from them after supposedly being approved for a car. I gave them $1000 cash down payment. They give me the car only to take it away from me 2 months later and charge me for miles on the car. When I called the dealer they would hang up on me. No one wanted to talk to me or give me answers. They scammed me out of my money and when I did finally get an answer they were rude and didn't pay attention. I would not recommend this dealer to anyone.

I got a call at work from some guy named Keith **, who had a very thick accent, saying I had been approved for a $1,000 loan. All I would have to pay back would be $1,120 and my payments would be $112 a month for 10 months. It sounded too good to be true, and I needed a loan badly. For some strange reason, he had all my information, which kinda bugged me because I never applied for a loan with that company. But I did apply for a loan from another company who I found out to be in partnership with them. Then he said he had all the documents ready and was sending them through email. I told him I wasn't interested and then kept getting these harassing phone calls. He and I end up getting into a shouting match because I called him a fraud. But the scary thing was he had all my information, including my social security number.

I got a call saying I had got approved for a loan through the Personal Money Services online and I was approved for $3000 at $145 a month for 24 months. They had me drive to Malden, Missouri 30 minutes from where I live and go to the Walgreens there and they would transfer my funds. But when I got to Walgreens I called them back, phone number 1-845- 260-9143 and the manager is James **. He said, "Go inside and buy a Green Dot MoneyPak for $160 and that was to pay for the insurance through the FDIC," so if I didn't pay my loan back then it was insured, they wouldn't lose a dollar.

So when I didn't do that the guy got mad at me because I ask why do I have to pay to get a loan when I would already be paying enough in interest charges? And he said I wouldn't be paying anything but yet I had to put the $160 on the Greendot MoneyPak card and give him the number so he could supposedly see proof that I had enough money to pay back the loan. I just told him I was reporting him to the Better Business Bureau and not to ever call me again and hung up.... So watch out for these kinds of people. If you have to pay to get a loan it is a scam. Do not waste your time or money.... Thanks.

I am glad I research everything. I got to the bank info part and thought no way I'm entering this before I know if I can even get it. The research of them lead me here! Scam!!! Always look places up before you do anything with them!

I received a call moments ago, stating that I had been approved for a loan of $1,000-$7,000. In order to receive the money, I had to purchase a card from any 7-11 store. I noticed the amount you have to send them is approximately 10% of the amount of the loan. Of course I refused, telling him that if I needed money why would I send him money. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul to kill Jill. Beware!!! This should be against the law!

I received an email from Sr Manager David ** from Fast Cash telling me I was approved for a loan. This is the email:

"This is David **, the Senior Account Manager with Fast Cash. We have received your loan application and it has been approved up to $7000. As you are looking for a loan amount of $4000 the Interest would be the 10% of the loan amount, so the total amount which you would be returning us back would be $4400. As you need this loan for 24 months your monthly installments would be around $183.33. There will be a small verification done on the account and once the verification would be completed the funds of $4000 would be there in your checking account in 30 minutes through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). For the verification, As you are looking for $4000 you need to show 10% of your loan amount as a personal savings with you.

It is just for the verification of the company that you are affordable of making your monthly installment on time and you would not be missing on it. So you need to show the balance of $400 on a Vanilla Reload Network and once the verification is done you can use this amount for your personal expenses. You just need to maintain this balance on the Vanilla Reload Network for 10 minutes. This is legally approved by the FTC Department (Federal Trade Commission). So you can be assured that your funds are safe. Also, You have to start making your first installment back to the company before 30 days. Can you please provide me the date on which you going to start your first payment? I would request you to reply us back with the confirmation."

I replied I was not interested. This was the next email I received: "than ** off shack my dat." Really these are scams! So sad!

They illegally put money into my account. I paid the $300 back and they continue to harass me at work. I tried to contact them, but no one contacts me back.

I went online to see which loan I can be able to get help. I did fill out the application and I thought they said that I will pay back on payday. I received $250.00 from Fast Cash and the finish pay off is $300.00. Hydra fund II is the same company. Fast Cash owns Hydra Fund II. I received $150.00 and the finish pay off is $195.00. They overdrew more than what the finish pay off was supposed to be.

I was contacted by Alex ** saying I was approved for $5000 installment loan. I was then transferred to Michael ** who asked for my monthly income and was then able to increase my loan amount to $7500. We discussed the repayment details, and I was pleased at the monthly payments of around $340 for 24 mo. Then the conversation became "iffy" when I was asked to show that I am capable of repaying the the loan/being trustworthy by placing 10% of the loan ($750) on a Green Dot MoneyPak card and calling him back with the card info so Fast Cash can verify the funds and then they will deposit the $7500 in my bank account within 1 hour. I really do need the loan, but the 10% verification part concerns me. Has anyone else dealt with this company? Did the whole 10% verification and everything went as planned? I was told that they wouldn't take my money, but I want to be sure before I proceed further. The number they have been calling me from is (509) 592-9455, Pullman, WA.

Fast Cash USA just ripped off my friend. She purchased a Green Dot card and put her last penny on the card hoping for a loan. Long story short, they took her money and now they continue to call her asking for more money. For tax purposes etc. I told her to call the Green Dot Company to report Fast Cash. She was first told that they would reimburse her the money. She followed up with Green Dot the next day and they said they could not refund her. She finally spoke to a supervisor and the supervisor told her that this company was on their list. The company was not on their list. So her money will be refunded.

Fast cash blocked her account so that she couldn't get the money. Green Dot unblocked the company and is mailing her money back within 7 days. Please call the card company because it's possible that you can get your money back. What Fast Cash does is block the card and it looks as if your money has already been withdrawn. Keep the number that they are calling you from and report them to the local FBI. If enough people report them maybe something will be done.

I applied for a loan online through Fast Cash USA. They called me back approximately 3 days later and said I was approved from $1000.00-5,000. I admit I was suspicious, but since I was a fairly good income at that time I felt it was legitimate. I needed the loan desperately and quick due to my job was only prn and my hours were decreasing due to summer ending and employees not taking any more vacation. The # I called was 1-818-925-0175 and spoke with a account manager named Andy or Andrew. I could barely understand the people who originally answered. He told me to purchase a Vanilla Reload Network card for $300.00 to verify I had the money (huge red flag) due to the purchase does not require verification of yourself.

Desperate for money to pay outstanding bills and car repairs as well as lunch money for my children, I did it praying all along this company was legitimate. I took the last $300.00 I had and bought the stupid card, then proceeded to call him back and give him the 10 digit authorization code on the back. He told me he would call me back in 15 min. I waited 20 and called him. He proceeded to tell me that my Social Security # had a hold on it... wtf and gave me another Ca # to call to get the hold lifted. When I called them they said I would have to pay another $395.00 to get the hold lifted!!!!!

I knew at this time my money was gone, my children would not be able to have lunch, my electricity would be cut off. I am devastated and embarrassed. When I call Andy the thief back, he just stuck to his guns and said he could not give my money back. And I proceeded to tell him he is a scam artist and a thief. He hung up of course. Now I will have to close my account with my credit union. These individuals spoke with an Mid East accent… both numbers that I called. Wish they were located in Texas because I know exactly how I would take care of them.

Wow, do I feel Fast Cash is a fast con. $1,200.00 later and was promised a loan of $10,000.00. Yeah right, Mr. Jack ** is a con and the other company name is US Fast Cash. Mr. Mike ** must be brothers. They tell you your credit isn't good enough! So they won’t even email you about your loan? Please take note and watch out for this con and scam.

Hello Consumer Affairs: Yesterday, a loved one of mine attempted to secure an online loan with Fast Cash. The online link that was used was Zippy Loans. My relative clicked on to that link. He was told that his loan was approved for $5000. He was then told to call the following number -- **. A person named Eric answered. Eric proceeded to ask questions about how much income my relative made along with other assorted questions. Eric then stated that he had to have at least $250 in cash to buy iTunes cards for processing fees. Eric claimed that those fees would be reimbursed back and the approved loan amount. Eric said those funds would be deposited into his checking account. The relative gave Eric his checking account number. He was then put on hold for an inordinate amount of time on his smartphone, which happened repeatedly during the course of the scam.

Eric eventually got back on the phone and claimed that he could not deposit the so-called funds into the checking account. This was the beginning of the real runaround and games. My relative was THEN told that the approved funds could be forwarded to him through Western Union. Eric transferred him to another person named William. William said an additional $350 in iTunes cards was needed for the Western Union transfer take place. Each iTunes card purchased had to be photographed and sent through my relative's smartphone with the scratch off parts removed showing each cards' PIN numbers. The games continue. My relative was then given a series of numbers. Supposedly over $3,000 was approved on two separate sets of numbers in those series. This person then had the gall to request an additional amount of fee money! It was $300-- $150/$3000 for the Western Union fees for each approved set of numbers.

At this point my relative grew very angry. He argued that this "company" already got $600 worth of fee money out of him. He demanded to know what was going on. William insisted that if the additional $300 was paid my relative would positively get the $5000 loan that originally promised from the very beginning. My relative refused. A heated argument ensued in which my relative stated he would be contacting the proper authorities to report this as a scam. He then terminated the call. My relative received NO FUNDS PROMISED TO HIM. He lost $600, just like that.

Readers, AVOID AVOID AVOID doing any online business like this! PLEASE do your research, and read reviews about anyone you choose to do business with online. Don't give out personal financial information unless you're positive the company in question is reputable. Never purchase any gift cards to pay these so called online fees. If you see this, it's a tip-off to a SCAM. A MAJOR lesson was learned by this experience. Readers, please learn from this mistake and protect your hard earned cash! If I could have voted ZERO stars or in the negative, I would have!

Fast Cash payday is still in business when I borrowed $500 and arranged for the money to be taken out of my checking account on my payday - the company chosse to take it out 2 weeks later. There was insufficient funds in the account at that time. I agreed to pay them the $500. However, they told me that I now owed them an excess of $800. There is no address for this lender and the only way you can pay is to send it my monet-gram. I've in dispute with this lender for the past 7 months.

I was yet another desperate person ripped off by this company. Over a few days they took me for over $600.00. They asked me for another $223.00 and I only then started to investigate. It took me that long to get the info out of them that I needed. My story is the same as the others... lots of fees and promises. It has absolutely ruined my life. I have a son in college and I was thrown out on the street because I couldn't pay my rent. I owe everyone money that I borrowed and all they did when I questioned them... was to hang up on me. Please. Please don't use this company or fall for their tricks... No matter HOW desperate you are!!! They will ruin your life!! You already don't have money. Don't owe even more to the friends and family you borrow from. I hope someone catches them. If you can offer any help... Please contact me. Still drowning.

I was offered a loan for $3,000 from Fastcashloansusa, from a Mr. Henry ** at:"512-394-8766 ext **". He told me I could get this loan within 30/40 minutes after I went and got a: "Green Dot Money Pak" and put the required $220 on it, that Mr. ** told me. I went back and called him back and gave him the information he asked for, with the promise as soon as this $3,000 was in my bank account, I would get this $220 immediately back. Approximately 1 hour later, someone called me from "Fastcash" stating that I had to pay $325 towards the taxes, because my credit was low. I told him that I was not giving anymore money and wanted my $220 back. Again I was told I could only get it back by paying another $325, for the taxes, and when the loan went into my bank account the full refund of $220 plus this $325 would be refunded back automatically to me. Mr. ** called me late in the next day March 28th demanding this same request. So, as of now I am out $220.00.

In 2009 I was looking for at least $1500 overnight and saw their ad which sounded like it would work. They contacted me and said the best they could do was like $300 with some incredible interest rate which I told them I was not interested. Then, I received an email to go to this link to approve it, which I never did and next thing I knew, they had wired the money in my account. I emailed them back (they never answer their phone) and explained the mistake where they said they would reverse it but never did. Next they took money out of my account which I stopped, and I tried to contact them saying I would pay back the extra they gave me in error, but I would not pay their finance charge on something I did not pay (of course by email as they don’t answer their phone nor supply an address).

They then sent me a letter, of course with no return address or number, demanding I authorize my bank to give them over twice what they put in my account that I did not authorize. I then contacted BBB and the CA state attorney general, neither of which could reach them. So, I am sure many other people just paid that collection agency so that it would go away. Maybe 6 months later I got a call from another collection agency who I sent the documents showing I paid, then 6 months later another, now another. It’s like Fast Cash stays in business by doing things that most would consider illegal, then they submit the same thing to many collection agencies, one after another, hoping you shall pay it more than once so that they get a 1000 percent return on the money you did not authorize them to wire to you in the first place.

I was trying to get a loan with Fast Cash and they never gave me the loan. I went got money pak for 159 dollars for insurance and they said I qualify for 2000 dollars. They said I owed the three hundred to another service in which I borrowed. I paid that though money pak. So how do I get them brought to justice.

Margaret at Fast Cash Loans refused to give me her last name. Neither woudl she make payment arrangements to repay the loan. She threatened to call my boss and advise them that I wasn't paying my bills. She stated that if I didn't get off work early to come into their office, she would file a lawsuit against me.

I was made to feel that I am some type of criminal. She was very threatening to me. The stress is taking it's toll on my health.

I was looking for a small payday loan and came across FastCash. I spoke to Mark @ (302)683-1352 and he stated to me that with my low credit score he would need me to go get these cards and when my loan was deposited into my account these monies would be returned to me. 4 hours later, with no call from FastCash, I called and was sent to Chris ** @ (408 905-1946). He told that they could not deposit the monies due to an error, but they could Western Union the monies to me if I would go get another card for $200.00.

Fast Cash would never tell me what the error was either. At this point I was not happy and asked for my money back and was told NO. So I am out $525.00 and very pissed off. I went to Wells Fargo and was told there was no attempts to make deposits into my account from the branch manager. Fast Cash would not confirm the account and/or routing number either and threatened me in front of my banker at Wells Fargo. This company is misrepresenting your services and scamming people utilizing Moneypak.

These people have been calling me all day as well as another company called EZ loans. They asked for my info. I gave them it not thinking. I feel so stupid. They have my bank account information my SSN, EVERYTHING!!!! They also told me about putting 165 dollars on a Green Dot to prove that I wasn't broke and to go to Walgreens and put the money on there to receive my 2000 dollar loan. This sent off a red flag for me and I am so grateful that I decided to do some research. Hopefully, this saves someone else. I just wish I didn't give them my info, smh.

Do not go to this company. They rip you off. Please everybody check companies before you use them on the internet. They took my last 150. I was hoping to pay my rent. I have kids and now I am going to lose my apartment. Please if anyone know who and where to get help email me or call.

I received a phone call from Micheal. He told me that I am qualified up to $10,000 loan. I needed a loan to pay my car loan off, and I proceeded to talk to him. He took all my information and placed me on hold for two minutes. When he got back, he told me that my credit is too low and I need to show the company a proof that I can be able to pay them back. He told me to go to CVS and buy a MyVanilla network card and call him back to give him the number. I have a feeling this could be a scam. I ignored it and I did not do it. The next day, they called me three to four times. I went online. That is when I found all the complaints about this company. I called them back and asked them to remove my name in the database. If anybody receives this phone call, they are scam. I think something needs to be done with all unethical behavior.

I have been receiving emails over the past month as stated by other reviews. Same situation that I owe them $900.00 dollars from a loan that I took out from 2013 in the amount of $300.00. They are threatening to take me to court and freeze my income and tell my employer!! I NEVER received this $$ I checked my bank statement and nothing was ever deposited in the amount they are stating!! I asked several times for proof and have gotten no response!! I'm so glad that I found this website to read other reviews that this is happening to other people!! I didn't give any of my banking information to them (Thank God). I hope someone can put a stop to this MADNESS!!! As another reviewer said, "You would know if you got this $$ or were making payments because this would be automatically deducted from your checking account."

Through a hearing aid institution, I applied for a 30-second loan application through Wells Fargo in Indiana and was denied. The specialist said sometimes people secure loans through less reputable sources of lending and may feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of calls. I agreed because he said I guess it depends how bad do you want it. I did not realize how extreme the callers would be especially ** who refused to take me off his list after profuse calling and instead wanted to talk about the nasty things his manager was doing whom I asked to speak.

Assuming all types of offers like the bladder and any surgery type rewards, and grants for me that is possible, a prankster making all these calls and maybe some conspiracy with his contractor buddies, as I remember much drama concerning these type of workers from a previous court settlement dispute of mine. Lately I am being asked to secure $254 on a non-associated type of card for the lender First American Loans for the changing amount of $10,000 to $8,000 for 3-yr payments from a $3.95 paper voucher for a vanilla reload network through lending officer Shawn ** after talking to Henry giving me an approval number that seems unimportant in later communications. Henry already had my address information and wanted me to verify it and further asked silly questions like what is my final destination instead of collateral concerns.

They provided reasoning and affiliations through Federal Trade Commission for involving me and then it would put in me in the world banking system as they were FDIC approved as equal opportunity lender. I cannot find internet support where they are affiliated to these companies supporting the lending or the re-loadable card. But do see where there is a lawsuit filed in Illinois from student lending which appears to be the same company name, making this questionable and quite purposeful for investigation.

A few months ago, I had a need for a short term cash loan for emergency medical expenses, so I applied. Never heard anything back until today, when this company called MY PLACE OF WORK .. and said I had been approved. I kindly said, thank you, but I do not need the advance anymore. So he proceeded to say, so you wish to withdraw your application?

I confirmed. Then he told me there was a fee to do this. I said.. wait, what did you just say? He repeated it. My reply to that .. well, lets just say it wasn't nice and I hung up. He called back 4 times - I answered the phone and hung up. And on the fourth time, I told him that he was calling a place of business, and if he called back again, it would be considered harassment.

I was contacted and told I'd been approved for a loan I'd applied for online and that I'd need fax over the appropriate information and to pay an upfront fee because it was from a private lender being that I do have problem credit. I was told to wire transfer the fee to another individual that was my private lender using Money Gram. After the money was wired, and the weekend passed with no word from anyone, I was told the private lender ran my credit again and decided I was a risk and needed to send the other portion of the upfront fee. I told her I would not be sending any more money and was told that I'd be contacted when the private lender decided how they would be refunding me. I have rec'd no call and have called several times, leaving messages, with no response.

I paid $536 and rec'd nothing for it as agreed upon. My bills have been unpaid because I applied for loans to get caught up on some bills that had fallen behind. Now those bills are even more behind and bills that were up-to-date are no longer that way.