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Federal Direct Tax Services

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Very fast service and easy to understand their answers on what asked to them. I will recommend this company to those who have a business tax service. Federal Direct is 105%.
This is a company that will support you every step of the way and then go the second mile with you . They are my tax partners for life. Professional , knowledgeable ,courteous are some of the adjectives that define this company!!
I'm very satisfied with assistance, I received from every one that I work with
very good opportunity to grow up your business
I have been with Federal Direct for over Five Years...I have moved from a small location to a bigger location and expanding. Federal Direct has been with me every step of the way. I recommend them to everyone. Enjoy every tax season with a peace of mind. Let Federal Direct be your support system.
I am still in the start up phase, but so far service has been excellent. Every time I call I get a live person answering and I usually get my questions answered on the spot. The roll out and training has been excellent and the software seems very easy to use. I would recommend them to anyone.
Any time I called for any Issues, They were pleasant and very help in resolving the problem or questions I had. I highly recomend them anytime someone looking for a great company to work with and become successful.
I have been in partnership since 2011 they are very efficient and the owners/staff are the best!!!!
complete business startup
We have enjoyed our working relationship with Federal Direct and rely on this partnership to take us smoothly through the tax season. During this time period we do not have time to work extra problems, we just know we are covered.
You guys are awesome, always there when we need you
the whole staff is really 100% business professional and caring. If this is a person first or many years of experience in the tax field they give good sound information and have the most up-to-date technology and information. I would rate them really an exceptional company based business for now and many years to come.
I have used Federal DirectTax Services for the last two tax seasons and I have been very satisfied with the total business package that is available to beginning tax preparers. The Tech support is fantastic, the educational programs are tops, and there is always a live voice on the end of their phone. And John just loves for me to call about help on a K-1 or a depreciation schedule for a prize pig that I am stumpted on. I would reccommed them highly.
Great experience working with the management team, they are friendly and helpful in all aspects of getting a business set up
Federal Direct is one of the most outstanding companies to work with.Their knowlegde in the field of tax prep is quite impressive and can answer any question at any time.Not to mention being honest and straight forward at all times They are the best in the field of tax preparation.
Federal Direct has been an great resource for me in so many ways. They are always quick to respond to glitches or technical issues to help me keep things running smooth. They are great with advanced tax planning and filing as well. Any issues I've ever had have been related to the tax software ( very minor) but Federal Direct has always been quick to help me that.
The company is well organised and helpful, new in this business but Richard the instructor has got lot of patience and gives good help., on the technical side regard Tony and his boss a big help too. Still long way to go and learn the new software to help clients.
I was hesitant in becoming a Federal Direct partner. After speaking with Adam, I felt more at ease and it made me become a partner. Since becoming a partner I have experienced nothing but the best support from everyone at Federal Direct.
Being in business myself, I judge another business based on customer support and no matter when I call, even with the simplest question Federal Direct answers promptly and efficiently. The training materials and webinars are A+ and after doing extensive research on other companies nobody can compare to them, they (other companies) just want you to purchase their software and then leave you, Federal Direct is a full-service partnership and goes beyond the others hands-down.
Federal Direct is an awesome company to be partnered with. They stand behind you 100% while allowing you to be your own boss and company owner. They will never try to push you into doing things their way. I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to start their own tax business.
The best support for your tax office and great bunch of employees. Always helpful and friendly
Been very helpful throughout my initial contact with the company, getting me set up and getting ready for my first tax season. Looking forward to a long and profitable relationship.
About 11 years ago I was preparing taxes out of my home for a few friends and family members. After realizing the money making potential, I decided that I wanted to start and grow my own tax business. I had NO idea how to start. Through researching, I stumbled upon Federal Direct Tax Services and the rest is history. Eleven years later, I am still partnered with them. They walked me through everything that I needed to get started and they've always been there for me when I've needed them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to start or expand their tax business.
great service and product. I can always count on the when I am in a pinch. I would never go to another tax software company.
Tina helped me understand the system completely, she is funny and gave some really good ideas on administrating my business..
They are willing to help people with getting stared out
Excellent to do business with. They are an IRS approved training center and their tech support is good. Have good marketing tools available as well.
Federal Direct Tax Service is the best way to start your own business!
Federal Direct Tax Services is a great company to help you start a Professional Tax business, We choice them and they have been there helping every step from begin to now.. you call and will always get someone on the phone, no leave a message and everyone is friendly wanting to see and help make sure your business is successful.. Thank you, Federal Direct Tax Service
awesome! awesome! awesome!
I have been with this company since 2004. I would highly recommend Federal Direct Tax Service to everyone. Excellent service, Awesome staff. Ricky B's Fast Cash 401 W Gaines LawrenceburgTn
Great company they have helped me establish my business every step of the way. They have the best customer service, they make you feel important. I came to Federal Direct with very minimal tax experience they have been patient and they take time to train you. I am so blessed to have found them and the staff is amazing.
I would recommend partnership with Federal Direct Tax Service. They are helpful and knowledgeable.
I have been with Federal Direct Tax Services since 2009. They have helped me make owning my own business a reality. Not only this I am now opening two new chains this year. John, Joe and their staff are awesome. I can depend on them to fix or answer any problems I am having. They make me feel like family. This is a top notch tax service and I feel like I owe them a lot. I recommend them to anyone.
Federal Direct provides full service support. They provide everything needed to start a tax preparation business from training and technical support to marketing and office setup. Every detail of the business is covered. Telephone support is great.
They are very professional. They have a lot of one on one time with clients and they were very patient. Being a new business, I was nervous and worried about whom I was entrusting my company and my life with. I am so glad we are a part of their team. I would recommend Federal Direct Tax Service to everyone I know!!!
Excellent - We are looking forward to years of working together.
Since the first day, federal direct has been there for me, answering any/all my questions/concerns. I also give them two thumbs up in customer service!
The team at Federal Direct are excellent in assisting me with software, hardware, and all around issues that arise within my Tax Office. They are very knowledgeable ..:) amazing at tax time. I am glad I chose this team of Tax Professionals to work with.
I am happy to find a company that can help an individual start a business with all the help they would need. While looking for information to add to my business ventures I found the best guidance through Federal Direct Tax Services. Every thing that is needed to start my office off and running is what this company offered. Voice is everything when that is the only form of communication one has, and each and every voice is pleasant, knowledgeable and most of all respectable to their clients.
Three years and counting. I absolutely love working with Federal Direct. The people are number one in my book when it comes to taxes. There is not a question asked that they cannot answer.
My experience with Federal Direct for the last two years have been great! They have given me the tools to serve my clients easier and clearer and the Classes I have taken from them have helped me tremendously Whenever I call for technical problems or any other thing they have always attended me Pleasantly and Professionally Thank you for your help and trust!
I started in December 2015 and they were right there, giving me the necessary tools and guidance to run a tax business.
It is a wonderful opportunity to work and team up with Federal Direct. Everyone is awesome, unconditionally cooperative. John Roger, Josh L, Josh S, Cecelia, Tina, Darrick and all other team member. Wish all the best today and many more years to come.
I have enjoyed partnering with Federal Direct Tax Services as I launched my own company with a tax preparation segment. Working with Federal Direct was easy and without stress. They provide all necessary learning and training materials necessary to certified in the field. They also are true partners in helping someone such as myself grow my business.
I am so glad I chose Federal Direct to partner with in my endeavor to open my own business. They have been great since day one. They are always there to help and I even feel that I know some of the them on a personal note; friends for sure.
All promised is delivered. Professional and knowledgeable staff.
I decided to start a business as a tax preparer and found Federal Direct while searching for start up options and tax software for my business. They have been so helpful in the process of starting my own tax service and I will hope to work with them for a long time!
Awesome service and product.
These guys go the extra mile to share their knowledge and expertise. I would trust their judgement in all tax matters as they clearly know their stuff.
I have found the whole team at Federal Direct to always be helpful and friendly. I love working with this team!!!
doing business with federal direct is like doing business with an old friend there's not one thing they won't do to assist you, so you know they are there to help you succeed
They are wonderful it and tech support on complex tax issues and system assistance. I am so glad I took the leap 4 years ago.
I bought into federal direct with no tax experience and I feel like I was set up for failure as I had no building and was peer pressured into buying the service with little to no training. However after talking it over John has given me a refund on the software and all I can say to that is thank you John that really helped out. All I could say is if you are going to do taxes, be prepared to succeed study taxes from a few years back if you have to, get a building, put the software to use and their team will help you Im sure of it.
I have been working with Federal Direct Tax Services for 5 tax seasons, since 2010. I appreciate the attention and assistance that they give me at ALL times. Any issues I have with my clients' returns, they are willing and capable of assisting me with a resolution. I like the fact that everything I need is under one "roof". Continuing education, Tax Updates, Forms, Consultants and especially the tech-support. I have confidently recommend them to individuals that desired to start their own tax business. Thank you for Federal Direct Staff for being there for me.
They have been a holding hands to our buisness and all of them are defently a true team
Before I went to Federal Direct, I talked to other agencies. For two months I was trying to make up my mind since there were all other options out there. But after John R. answered all my questions and I felt very confident to go with Federal Direct. I have been with them for 1 year now and I feel very happy so far. They have a great team of people working hard and long hours during tax season, and they are always available to help regardless of the question or scenario. Tina is wonderful, she is very nice and always willing to help and she speak Spanish wish is a plus to my Spanish speaking clients. Also I found out today that they have a new member "Richard'' who assisted me today and I was amazed with his knowledge. As the rest of their team, he was very professional. I strongly recommend Federal Direct. I want to mentioned that I am very thankful to Federal Direct.