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They really came through when I needed them. They also let me change my payment date each month if I need to. Can't beat that!
Quick online service, single monthly payments and half the interest of other places. They say up to three days for deposit, but I have always had my money the following morning. If you cant make a payment on the selected day you can change your due date easily online. Ive always been able to solve issues online and have never had to talk to a customer service rep. so I cant rate that portion.
So easy to work with. Paying back loans are a breeze and so much cheaper than any other loans or payday loans
You are a great company like doing business with you
they word with me and made it easy i'm going to see about another one
I highly recommend them
Excellent company - Willing to work with you I have gotten two loans and paid them off and they are willing to work with you - Great Company - Keep up the great work
Thanks for everything that you do. I would recommend you to my family and friends.
It was a totally great experience
Excellent loan when you need money in a hurry. Awesome repayment plans.
Easy transaction to receive loan!!
Awesome company! They gave me the opportunity to raise my credit score. Love them!
Very easy to apply and communicate with. Easy payment plans and can change dates easily if needed
Great place to get your lone with !!
Im very satisfied with fig loans ty
I needed money to pay a bill and I knew where to go for a loan that isn't going to take me to the bank. Fig loan is a God sent loan for working people who need a loan that if supper fair.
Very easy process! Thank you for helping at a time of need.
Excellent service... I just wish the interest wasn’t that high.
Amazing company! Good rates for rebuilding credit - easy terms, very flexible! Everyone should try it!
Low rates and very flexible
Loan was easy to apply for, customer service is great
Fig Loans came at a time when I really needed some financial assistance. I currently assist my grandkids with many things, including financial assistance. Trying to accommodate and juggle my expenses and their expenses was and is taking a tremendous toll on my financial status. Fig Loans gave me that extra cushion I needed and their flexibility to pay back is a God-send. I would highly recommend Fig Loans's services to family and friends. Thank you Fig Loans for helping me and giving me that chance to prove my worthiness.
Excellent Expirence
Fast response, professional and respectful.
Fig Loans gave me a chance when no one else would. The process was super fast and easy.
I would recommend Fig Loans to anyone. I got behind because of my job and they have worked with me so I could get it payed off.
i would like to recommend this company to anyone
My experience with fig loans has been a great experience.. Theses have got to be the sweetest people on the planet, they are very professional, very helpful, knowledgeable as well as courteous.. They go above and beyond the call of duty to be helpful.. I would personally recommend them to anybody that might need their services, they simply can't be beat
The most affordable loan I ever got. No ridiculous interest fees. I love this company
The most ethical type of online lender I have found, not trying to make a fortune from you, easy to work with, easy terms. I would definitely recommend.
I have yet to even make my first payment. Due to my circumstances I needed to move the payment date. It was so extremely easy. Just logged in and picked a new date. I love that the payments are only once a month rather than every payday. The interest rate is better than other companies. I had such a pleasant experience with the application process and the customer service reps. The payments are a reasonable amount that I can actually afford as well. So far I am very happy with this company.
I have already referred a friend! Fig loans helped me when I needed help catching up. Plus if you have issues paying you can reschedule your payment which was a huge plus for me as well. Thank you fig loans you are awesome!
I really like Fig Loans cause they helped me out and worked with me anytime if I needed help in any kind of way. Thanks Fig Loan.
Fig loans has been a great help to me in times of need they have worked around the payments that I need and very flexible and not high interest on interest everyone can work with
Its a good company if you have bad credit .
Great for building credit!
Service has been ok but interest rates are very high.
A very excellent company I will referred them to everybody I know. They take time to talk with you and work things out for you they have a very easy payment plan. Their customer service is excellent.
Prompt service a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommend figloans
Exceklent low payback comes in handy i recommend figloans to anyone 5star company. Thanks
My experience has been great. They are friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone
I have used Fig loans twice and it has been a very good experience both times. They work with you if you can't make your payment by the due date.
Quick and easy as 1 2 3.
I was experiencing an unexpected emergency and FigLoans came through for me without having me pay back hundreds of dollars. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a loan. They gave me a chance when nobody else would.
I really liked my experience as it was very easy to use. I will definitely use them again.
They was there when I needed a hand up. And it improves my credit report.
Outstanding- extremely flexible! I would definitely refer them to anyone who’s in need or even to one who’s focused on rebuilding their credit! Their monthly payments are affordable!
Fig Loans is a great organization, and they are very easy to do business with. I would recommend them to anyone needing last minute funds. Check them out before getting a Payday loan
Great an easy
Didn’t give it 5 because it is high interest but the process is quick and easy as well as convinient when u need money urgently
I love fig loans because they make getting a loan easy and doesn't cost any where near as much as other companies. The only thing I wish they would do is possibly allow a second loan even if you have one loan already. Especially if you have paid one loan off already and have a good track record with them. Because sometimes everyone needs a little extra cash a second time when life throws you a curve ball.
Love doing business with them
I have recommended this loan company to many people very helpful in time of need. Also very convenient quick deposits to account and can reschedule a payment very easy with no problems. Great company
I love the loan you all are great
Excellent experience, great customer service, and very user friendly website. I highly recommend.
They are great and always work with me if I need an extension. Rates are great and better than most places and they are easy to deal with.
Easy loan process, quick response, fast deposit of funds. The repayment terms were easy to understand and much better than dealing with a Payday loan group.
Great service and great rates. Better than any payday loan company out there.
They provide fast service and the best part of it is that it will help build your credit.
Customer service is great. They always get back to me very quickly and always nice.
Excellent !!! I had no problems what so ever with getting this loan and I’m greatly appreciative ..
Very reasonable priced and excellent customer service.
Always there when we have been a little tight , quick easy responds .. Thank you
Fig loans didn't hesitate to help my credit score.
The journey with figloans has been completely professional and efficient. I have not looked at my credit report but I like the fact that my payments will help. Thanks.
never approve me when i am in need like they claim false advertising with "Fig helps you through financial emergencies and build credit towards a better future" slogan but where is my help
Needed money for a light bill. I had gotten a email about Fig and took a chance and filled it out for my Mom at midnight. The next morning at 822am..was approved and the next morning at 715 was there in her bank! BS process! Paid the light bill and then some. Thanks!
Way better than payday loans
This is a company that truely cares for the client. Their loans aren’t structured to put someone in a deep hole (like payday or installment loans), but to help you with an affordable short term loan.
No matter what your situation is, Fig Loans, will work with you and try to help you and at a very reasonable rate. They are the number one online lender! I could not find anyone else that would work with me but Fig Loans has come through for me time and time again, without taking advantage of my situation. They truly do everything they can to help their borrowers!
They where very helpful to me and my fiance
Quick approval, Fast service