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I wanted to work with Finova. I needed the loan at that time, and I did not realize that my payments were going to be so enormous. So, I decided that it would be better if I bought a new car and paid Finova off, that way my payments would be half of what they were telling me. The application process was extremely difficult. They made me do a lot of things, like take pictures of everything and send those to them, which are hard to do at my age. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my family. It was a long, tedious process and took two days to do it.

Then they told me that they wouldn't be taking the payment out of my account and that they were waiting for the check to come from the dealership. But I received an email that they were going to take a payment out of my account. When they do, it's not going to be there. My dealership has been trying to pay them off but they have to wait until the bank gives them the money to send. Then they're going to give me a check and I'm gonna have to do it through MoneyGram. It's baloney when a dealership is going to pay me off. I don't like the process that they have at all. Overall, it was made very difficult to get the loan and more difficult to pay them off.

My credit was terrible. Finova takes title loans on vehicles and I own one. I called around 5:00 in the afternoon and they told me they closed at nine. If I did it earlier, I would have gotten everything done earlier. I took pictures of the vehicle and downloaded it to them. They called me and let me know that they got the pictures and what the next steps were. It was a last-minute thing but it was good.

I liked Finova Financial and I appreciated what they did. They were the only company that could give me the amount of money, and the payback time was good. The loan processors awesome. They took care of everything and I couldn’t ask for a better company.

After doing an internet search, I called Finova to inquire. Overall, the application process and everything was very easy. So, I stayed with them. They're better than the other companies who contacted me because of their efficiency, being true to their word and trying to do what they can do as far as meet the customer's request. The young lady I initially dealt with put me in touch with someone else who I was dealing with which has kept me a little bit on the edge at the beginning. I never received my paperwork to show me the breakdown or the monthly payments. When I went online to try and obtain this information, it said I had to enter my phone number and then I'd be sent some sort of a text, so I can input a code. But for some reason or another, I was like never in the system. I could never get this code. So, I kept calling and finally, the lady sent me a copy via email but did not explain to me why I couldn't receive it online.

When I did a refinance, I dealt with another personnel in customer service. She was a young girl and she was very friendly and helpful. And she said, she had to speak to a supervisor and she got back to me in less than 30 minutes. And because I was a pre-existing customer, most of my information was already on file. There were no problems along the way. Everything was ABC funding done. Everything was handled very efficiently and when I renewed the loan, it happened very quickly. So, I was very pleased with that. My overall experience with Finova has been satisfying, helpful and beneficial. I would highly recommend them.

The rep that I spoke to was a great worker. She handled me and my wife superbly. The money was on time, and I paid it back. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend Finova Financial.

There's not any auto title loan company in the state of Kentucky. Then I just happened to think to give it a shot online with Finova. Applying to Finova Financial was easy and they contacted me really fast. Their loan processor was courteous and able to answer all of my questions. Everything as far as getting the loan was good.

I like Finova Financial. They’re very good people and I had an excellent experience with them. After I first contacted them, they reached back out to me in not more than five minutes. And I liked the way they talked and the way they acted. They were very helpful throughout the process and considerate. Every interaction was positive. The process took a little bit of time but they talked me through it and there were always there to help. I would tell others that these are the people they need to use. Finova Financial would be a good help.

I looked for somebody to buy back my title loan and Finova Financial was able to do that perfectly. I reached out to them and the customer service reps were very helpful. They kept up with me and they called me back when necessary. However, once I submitted all the information, they wanted me to send my title through FedEx. But I went to get back with them with the payment and I already submitted all my information. They have everything, plus my title. When it came time for the releasing of the funds, there was some hesitation there. The timeline was lengthy and I was told it could happen in about two hours but it took all day. They took a while but they got it done. So overall, it still was a good experience and the application process went well.

I tried first with another company but they didn't even call me back. So, I tried Finova Financial and they got back to me within a day. I chose to work with them over an auto title loan company because I could do everything on the phone. I didn't have to wait a day from my job going there and I really appreciate that. Their application process was really easy and fast. Their rep was very attendant. She called me back, told me everything I had to do so I did it really fast thanks to her. They put all their attention in my case which was really helpful. I'm very happy with them. In fact, just yesterday when I made the first payment, they helped me to fill the papers. However, I didn't like their payment method. I thought they accept credit card or any easier method than having to go to Walmart or somewhere that has MoneyGram. It's not that bad, but it could be better. Overall, I had a good experience with them.

I had seen Finova online and I thought it was a good place to file a loan inquiry. It was easier and convenient because it was done online while I was in my office, rather than having to drive all over the place. A representative contacted me within an hour or two after I made my initial loan inquiry. The woman that helped me was very explanatory. She helped me through any questions that I needed and let me know upfront exactly what was needed of me. It wasn't like my other experiences where I went through the whole process only for me to end up not even able to get the loan for a certain reason.

With Finova, I knew what I was getting right away and I had no surprises. Furthermore, their representative also helped me when I had a little bit of trouble with getting one of the sites up where I had to verify certain things. She re-sent the link to me on another phone so I was able to get it. My only concern was that I wasn't aware I had to pay an extra $7 fee to make my payment to them through MoneyGram.

I used Finova Financial last time and I had a good experience so I used them again. Finova is great and they helped resolve my problems at the time.

When I had seen Finova Financial online, I went with them and nobody else. It was very easy applying for a loan and the loan processor I worked with was great. Ms. ** was awesome! I didn’t have any trouble or difficulties at all. My experience has been great and I will highly recommend them.

I was broke and needed money to get back on the road and get to my job in another state. Finova Financial contacted me 20 minutes after the time of my loan inquiry. My title loan went very fast. Finova was consistent and they made getting the loan very easy for me. They were very caring about my situation and they were better than other loan companies that contacted me. I felt very comfortable with their loan processor, too. She was very helpful and understanding. She would call me back when she said she'd call me back and she acted more urgently than anyone else. She talked to her manager and got back to me very quickly. If it wasn't for Finova, I wouldn't be where I am today. I started my job and I'm doing great in Georgia. Finova will be there if you will need anything. They're great.

Your sales rep Tanya was helpful, informative, and on the ball. The options were explained thoroughly, and your rates of interest and terms were satisfactory. At a time of need Finova title loan was fairer than a competitor I had used previously, as they forced me to have their auto insurance along with my own which was a ripoff. Plus, their interest rate was higher. "Loan Sharks." Thanks.

I did the loan inquiry with Finova on my phone. My personal loan processor, Terry was nice. She said she can get the payment at the level of what I was paying or lower. I had doubts and didn't like the fact that it actually went up $100 from the payment I had before. Nevertheless, they were right on it after I filled out the loan inquiry and, since the loan would be paid off in 12 months, I closed on the deal. Once I closed on the deal however, I never heard again from Terry.

I was also disappointed about Finova's guarantee to send me a $50 gift certificate for going out to dinner after I send in my first pay on or before the due date. I bumped up the day to pay them and called them immediately after. Their representative said she'd call people to make sure I receive it but I still haven't gotten my certificate. Still, I think Finova is better than other companies and I would recommend them.

They're quick with communication and pretty friendly. They contacted me less than 24 hours after my inquiry. The application process was easy and the loan officer was very courteous. It's been a pretty good experience so far. If I was to recommend a company to go to I would recommend Finova.

It took just a day for Finova Financial to call from the time I made a loan inquiry. They're the only one that stayed calling me so I went with them. The one I mainly dealt with, her name was Brenda, was really good. However, I'm paying more than I pulled out. Other than that it's okay. It has been wonderful and I have recommended them to a friend.

Finova contacted me about eight hours from the time I called them. They have a better process and the person that I talked to was the main reason I chose to go with them. The application process was easy and I also had a very easy experience with their rep. Overall, it was a great experience.

I called Finova Financial directly and had them call me. The application process was easy. They emailed me what I needed to do, which was easy to do. I uploaded my picture, sent it to them, and they got it right away. They were wonderful, very helpful and answered all questions that I had. They're very courteous and will do whatever they can to help a person needing a loan.

I called a different company that had a title loan office in Nashville and I was routed to Finova Financial directly. They answered the phone and I talked with them on the spot. The application process was pretty challenging. I had to take several pictures of the car, my driver’s license and the title. They were physically in Clarksville, Tennessee. I'm in Nashville, Tennessee, and looking back on it, I should've used the local firm. But I was routed to them and I started talking with a lady, so I followed through with it. Then I had to go to FedEx and ship the title and lien form to them. They had me on the phone and they made me stay on the phone with them until I walked out of the building. They were afraid I was gonna hold on to the title, which seemed a little ridiculous to me.

The Finova Financial rep was very courteous. I had trouble getting through them a few times because they didn’t answer the phone. I left a message and they had to call me back, but she was definitely responsive. She said I could walk into any MoneyGram office in Tennessee and get my money, and I could walk into any MoneyGram office and pay it back. However, I couldn’t get my money from any MoneyGram office. There was one where the machine was broken, and another one could send money but couldn’t receive it. They had to give me a money order and cash it somewhere else.

I had the money for a week, and I paid $114 of fees and the interest for the use of the money for a week, which was insane. That included front-end fees like recording the title and filing a lien. Finova Financial are predatory lenders. $114 for the use of $700 for a week is outrageous. I don’t feel like all of the fees and expenses were clearly disclosed to me on the front-end. All those high interest title type loans are usury and only people that have no other option do business with them. I had to sign all the papers electronically, which was very cumbersome and obviously clearly designed to protect them. Of course, I didn’t take time to read all of the fine print and I didn’t understand completely that the fees on the front-end were gonna be as high as they were. I had one other experience with Advance Financial that was easier and more direct without a title loan.

I had a good experience with Finova Financial. When I inquired about the loan though, it went days before I was contacted by them. Other companies have contacted me too, but it was better with them. Miss Linda, the young lady who I spoke with, was very nice. She was also very knowledgeable and has good customer service skills. I sent in my information and title, and once they received everything including the extra stuff that I didn't have and had to send in, I was approved in a day. Overall, Finova is a good company. I'd tell people they should try them.

Someone referred me to Finova Financial because they dealt with them before. Finova reached out right away. The application process was easy and fast. At first, my loan processor was good, but she missed out details. She kept telling me everything is in my paperwork and then when I looked and read, I didn't find the stuff that she said was in there. She would come all over the place because some of the things weren’t in my paperwork.

Applying for a loan at Finova was very easy to do. They were prompt and quick with getting me the money. The reps were very pleasant and professional. But now I wish I didn't do it. I've been paying it forever and no money is going towards the principal. Other than that, it was very convenient because I needed it and I’m thankful that they were able to help me. I'm happy with them and I'd recommend them to a friend.

There were different loan companies who contacted me. Still, I chose to go with Finova Financial because they were the first one to call. Their representative told me an amount that was different from what Finova actually did. She originally gave me an amount and then somebody else called me and told me it would be a lesser amount. While they were courteous to me, I didn't deal with the same person throughout the whole process. Different people were calling and there was a lot of running around. Finova should tell the whole process upfront to see if you will be willing to do that. They were okay but I won't go with them again.

Finova Financial explained the process and application in a detailed manner and they gave me options based on my thoughts and what I wanted to do so I can choose what I can manage, which wasn’t a lot. It was easy for me because it's helpful and when I filed the application, they contacted me in a minute so they were fast and efficient. At first, when I tried, I was unsure if I was getting the loan or not. But they made me feel that trust in them and they gave me security. From all the loans that I applied to, Finova was the one that made me feel confident which was the major part of it all. I had to do all kinds of stuff to get the loan and although my car is salvaged, I still got it and it wasn’t that bad. They were patient with me and I would recommend them.

I usually don't take the time to write reviews, but I needed to take some time and give anyone who is debating on whether to business with Finova Financial a piece of advice... DON'T... The entire system is 1 big sham. Read the company's breakdown on what a $1000.00 loan will cost you, then call them and ask what the loan payments really will be. They don't factor in that you must have an addendum added to your loan which only doubles if not triples the amount of the loan.

So here is my story. I applied for a loan from this company using their online portal which states "just a few clicks away we will tell you what you qualify for". Meanwhile your giving every little detail about yourself and your vehicle, right then should have raised a flag. However I continued after all the information was filled out. They didn't even give me the quote that they said they would with a few mouse clicks away. After waiting for about 30 mins I get a call stating "we need more information about you and your vehicle..." Unbelievable. Why would you say I'm a few clicks away from receiving a quote and when I provided all the information that was requested only to tell me "we need more". This whole time while I was actually filling out an application and good luck trying to get them to delete it. It's there for life.

So after speaking with a man named Ricky he told me I qualified for a $2500 dollar loan. Meanwhile the car itself is worth 4x's that... Now I understand that's how this type of business works so it didn't shock me with that amount when knowing the car was worth more. So he asked how long I wanted the loan for and gave me the option of 12 months or 24 months. I chose 12 months. When he gave me my monthly payments I was blown away. For a 2500 dollar loan I would have to pay back close to $6000.00... Now mind you on their website they give an example of a $1000 loan that when paid back in full it would cost you $1320.00. So I ask Ricky how on GOD's green earth did he come to payback amount of $6000.00 for a $2500.00 loan. You're going to love this trick...

They advertise to you that the interest is low and will be anyone's price with their example, but what they don't mention is you must get this addendum added to your loan which is basically insurance on the car even though you have insurance on your car. So basically they give you peanuts for your car and then have you pay a whopping amount back for your car and then tell you that an addendum is required to cover the car in case you get into an accident which is already covered by your insurance company. WHAT?!! Can someone say sham, thieves, liars. However can someone also say sucker... That's me. I'm the sucker who even pointing this out to them still went with the loan although to my defense I was paying the loan back immediately so I wouldn't be into it that much.

So after the painstaking process of uploading 20 pictures or so they gave me 3 separate transactions for me to pick up the money which was a complete nightmare because they can only send 500 dollars at a time. So had to go to 3 different locations just to be put under scrutiny at each one. After 3 weeks or so I called Ricky back and told him I wanted to pay my loan off in full and where it needed to be sent because the contract doesn't state it so he tells me I have to wire the money back. OK. I haven't wired money before so I was thinking it can't be that much. Well guess what. It is that much $40.00 dollars for every $1000.00. So I had to basically pay $100.00 dollars to pay my bill with them which by the way was never ever mentioned and while I'm at it the loan that was sent to me I had to pay the wiring of that money too.

I was upset and so I called them and complained and was told by Greg the manager of all sites he apologizes for any misunderstanding, but will make it up to me by paying my first month payment if I ever decide to use them again. WOW. Thanks guy. That is so kind of you. Well as luck would have it I needed to take a loan out again but this time for 2 cars. And after the fiasco of the paperwork and all fun stuff of the money wiring my first payment was due and so I figured it was already taken care of. Well guess what. It wasn't. So I get the courtesy phone call and I explain to Ricky this is what was promised and he agreed and apologized and will take care of it... Nope. That didn't happen. Call after call after call after call "we want our payment..." They were relentless even after speaking with Rachel ** who claims she is a supervisor when she really isn't. And even Mary I got absolutely nowhere.

After numerous disagreements with what was due to me 2 more payments were missed and the time came when they repossessed the car. Which by the way carries with it an extra juicy $370.00. You can get a car transported from another state for less. So I call them up to get the payoff amount on both vehicles and after they tell the amounts I still ask about what was promised to me and get this Greg the guy who originally told me that he would give the credit said that I would receive the credit only if I carried out the extent of the loan for the full 12 months. So I would have to pay $5000.00 dollars more to receive a $348.00 credit. What a LIAR he is and will remain. If you have read this post and still do business with this sham of a company then you better hope you have some money left over for a jar of Vaseline.

The other companies responded in a timely manner. However, I wasn't necessarily happy with their customer service as they were trying to rush me instead of giving me the information I wanted. With Finova, on the other hand, I did not have to go into a location - everything was done via the internet and my cellphone. The application process was fairly easy and my personal loan processor was great. Customer service was excellent, and Sandy was very informative and didn't mind answering questions even if I asked her two or three times. It was pleasant, respectful, and an informative experience.

I needed the loan and Finova Financial was available for me that's why I used them. The application was easy and it's a very good experience. They contacted me on the same day and I got the money on time when I need it. The only inconvenience in it was the interest is a little bit higher. But for now, everything is good and I can recommend someone to them.

I attempted to go through the bank for a loan, but our bank worked for a very long time and they delayed me. My fiancé showed Finova Financial to me and it was very simple to apply for a loan. They always transferred me to the same person and the female loan officer who assisted me was friendly and well-informed. I had my money in less than 24 hours from the time I officially applied for it. So, I had a really good experience with Finova.

I hate paying a fee to pay a bill. You need a better payment option. Overall my experience has been great and Rachel is awesome. I would prefer to pay online using my debit card so I don't have to pay a fee.

The people at Finova Financial were very professional, friendly and very kind. When I approached them, they answered my inquiry right away, which was the first one that I got from all the companies that I contacted. Applying for the loan was also a very easy process and we were accepted right then and there. I had a really good experience with them. They're awesome and I will refer them to the world.

In Florida, it's hard to find an auto title loan company. It only took Finova a couple of minutes to contact us from the time of our loan inquiry. Their application process was very easy, direct to the point, and I know exactly what has to be done and what they needed. They made the process very convenient. I can do my thing from my house then just got to go to Fedex and Walmart, and going to those two places was the best part because I know that everything got approved.

I made a loan inquiry and Finova contacted me the same day. They agreed with me and I went with them. I mostly filled up the paperwork online and submit some photos. The process was very easy. The loan processor made sure I did the right stuff, went to the right locations and submit the right documents. The interest rate is a little too high but it was a good experience.

I was thinking about getting another loan because where I was at the interest rates were too high and I know I was never going to pay it off. So I had to go with another loan to pay that first loan off and then I'll stay with the second loan where they're better with the interest rates. Finova Financial was better than the other companies that contacted me. I had InstaLoan before I had Finova and they have better service. In the application process, they have less paperwork than InstaLoan, which I liked. Everything happened so smooth, fast and easier than other loan places. They explained the process and answered my questions all the way to the full extent.

We had tried other title loan companies whose rates were higher than Finova. But then we had received a letter from Finova through a loan shark and we didn't think we would be able to get the loan because of the problems we had with other loan companies. We didn't think we would be able to afford it, but it was affordable. Also, they gave clearer details of the loan and have better communication on what we have to do. It didn't take very long for them to contact me after I inquired about it.

The application process was difficult for us because we weren't computer savvy, but my daughter helped us. We weren't familiar with all the loading and the pictures, but the lady on the loan walked us through the process while we were on the computer to get it right. Everybody there was wonderful. They call us to let us know when they had a problem with our application and helped us to get it right. We make our payments on the 20th, but the only detail that they gave me on how to pay the bill was to go through MoneyGram. Other than that, overall, I had a great experience with them.

I had the most wonderful experience with Finova Financial. Applying for the loan was incredibly easy. I uploaded all the documents online and they approved my application really fast, I received the money the same day I applied. Linda processed my loan and Rachael helped me with the repayment process. They were both very helpful and super nice. They answered all my questions and made the process really easy. I would recommend Finova a 100%.

I checked the reviews of Finova Financial, and these were great so I decided to do it. The application process was great. The loan processor walked me through it right. I had to do something, and she said, "Just call me back." I called her back and she talked me through the process. I got a title loan. Everything was okay and I've got no complaints.

The people I dealt with at Finova Financial were very polite and professional, and they knew exactly what they were talking about. They laid everything out in black and white and made everything very clear. Finova said that they are in West Palm Beach and I do a lot of work there, so I went with them since I could go speak to somebody in person if the office said that I had to. The application process was very simple. It didn’t take long. Though I had to send them a few pieces of paper, it was fairly inexpensive and it was very quick.

My experience with Finova has been better than the other companies. In fact, I got scammed on a loan and I was really skeptical to go through another one. After sending somebody $200, I never saw my money back. Finova wanted me to send the title and everything so I was skeptical, but everything got taken care of and I received my loan. Everything went according to what they said was going to happen. The only thing is that the interest rate is a little high to start out, but I don’t have the greatest credit. So, it's a catch-22. You have some and you lose some. The payments are God-awful. I've never heard of people paying 10 times the amount for a loan. Other than that, I was very pleased.

The application process with Finova Financial was pretty easy. There's a little bit of work and I had to do a lot of things. And I don't like that I have to MoneyGram my payments in, instead of just paying through a debit card or over the phone. It's costing me an extra $7 a month. Other than that, it was a decent experience.

I talked to Finova and got on the ball on the same day that I filled out my loan inquiry with them. I did talk to other loan companies but no one could help me with my repossessed car. But Finova was able to help me get my car back and I appreciate that. The process took a while but I understood that it's due to the paperwork and the fact that we are not in the same town as them. Everything was taken care of nevertheless. They said they can work with me on my payments and that I can break it down into every two weeks, when I get paid. The other companies didn't do that, they had to have the whole thing.

My initial application process was okay until stuff started happening. I had court calls and was trying to get my nephew back. I was also missing work, so I wasn't getting enough hours. On top of that, I had to go to Ohio with my brother for a little while. I had $400 weekly to bring Finova but my payment was $428. They couldn't take it because it was $28 short. It was too much for me. Nevertheless, Finova has great people who get the job done quickly.

Finova wasn't very different from other companies that I've used. I thought their rates were going to be better from the advertisements but they were just as high as everybody else. It didn't take very long for them to respond to my inquiry and it was nice that they sent me a $50 gift card to use at a restaurant after I paid my first payment on time. But I had a little issue when I sold my car because I was waiting on the money from the sale and the buyer wouldn't give it to me because they were saying that they were waiting for Finova to release the title. That inconvenienced me because I wasn't able to get the money right away. I didn't like that part about it. When I asked Finova what happened, nobody could explain it to me. I wasn't satisfied with my experience because I had to pay a lot of money even though the car company actually paid the loan off. I had the loan only a few months and still ended up paying a lot more than what I borrowed from them.

When I called I'm only borrowing 1500.00. The people on the phone were nice until the next month, and I owe over 3600.00 for 1500.00 borrow. Not including you have to use Moneygram that charges you. So I'm paying close to 4000.00 for a 1500.00 borrow. I called them and asked them why so high, and she didn't explain it right to me. They beat around the bush. If I knew this I'll just get the 1500.00 from my grandparents. The interest is over 50 percent. Online it lies to you. I'll never go to this company again and I'll let all my friends and family not to trust this scam business. Also the people on the phone are so rude when you pay, and I asked mail a money order or come by and pay cash they said no. So it cost me more money for the moneygram. What ** business is this??? Also when I paid by moneygram I had nothing but problems. I called moneygram and they said they're having problems with this ** company with paying by them.

The Finova loan processor was great. They helped me, instructed me what to do and I got the $250 loan. It was nice to have that extra cash to pay some bills off and I was also able to purchase a few items for the small business, which was great. I was very happy with the loan. It was excellent.

Finova Financial contacted me right away and compared to other companies that reached out to me, my experience with Finova was better. The application process was very easy and it was great with my loan processor. Although the timing of the funds coming out of the account is the only issue I have, I had a good experience with Finova Financial and would recommend them to a friend.

I inquired a loan with Finova about a month ago and they contacted me on the same day. They were so much better than the other loan companies I contacted. They were able to give more for my car. The application process was quick and straightforward and their personal loan processor was very courteous, patient, professional and able to answer all of my questions. Everything was fantastic.

Finova doesn't offer cancellation fees for the loan if I want to pay earlier. The application process was pretty fast and everything was simple. Plus the reps were pretty great.

Finova was a little bit better at first. They contacted me hours after submitting a loan inquiry and the application process was easy. Their loan processor was courteous and able to answer my questions too. But, the only payment option is Western Union which charges $10 to $12 per payment, so it makes it worse compared to other loan companies.

I borrowed $2,500 on May 13, 2017! I did not understand that I was being charged a fee of $3,637.47 for insurance that Finova pays to cover the automobile that I put a lien on to obtain the $2,500. I had also given them proof of my USAA car insurance when I submitted the application. They never said anything about a car insurance policy had to be paid up in full when I took out the loan. When I downloaded the paperwork (one week later to find out how to make my payments and where) it said I had to pay back $7,500 for a $2,500 loan! When I read that I thought I was going to lose it right then and there! I was very upset!

I went to my credit union and they also called Finova. We were told that even though Finova had my loan out with my vehicle as collateral and Midflorida Credit Union is paying off the loan within a three week period, we would have to pay the extra $3637.47 for the paid up insurance for the car they are holding the title on! The credit union paid off Finova Financial the total loan on June 1, 2017 including the paid up insurance and we were told that I could not get the insurance amount back! Finova no longer holds the lien on my car! I can understand Finova having the insurance for the length of the loan. I do understand that! But I paid the loan off within a three week period and Finova had to be paid over $6455.56 for a $2,500 loan… I paid the loan off within a three week period and they never even got my first payment because the loan was paid in full!

I took the loan out because I needed the money and now I am in a more financial bind than I was when I took the loan out! I sent a letter to them asking for the return of the insurance that they said was non refundable. I sent it. Return receipt requested and they signed for it. It has been a month and I have not gotten any kind of response from them. When the credit union paid the loan off and we asked for insurance to be refunded they said I had signed for it and it was binding. I thought that insurance was payable as you went along. I already had my own car insurance that is an automatic withdrawal every month for full coverage. I never heard of an upfront insurance plan that had to be prepaid for the loan with the car as collateral. When I downloaded the paperwork and saw that they wanted $7500 paid to them for a $2500 loan! I was flabbergasted!

I then went to my credit union to see if we could pay the loan off and therefore stop the insurance fee. I didn't understand that it was a paid up plan. Even the people at the credit union had never heard of this! I borrowed the money May 13, 2017 from Finova Financial and paid it off three weeks later on June 1, 2017. I truly thought they would return the insurance money to me because I didn't believe this was a legitimate fee! So far I have had no response from them and I am in such a state that I can't sleep at night and I am just devastated! Please, please help me! I thank you for your help and understanding in advance! I sent the letter to claim notice, Finova Financial LLV4521, P. G. A. Blvd Suite 226, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 and referenced my loan number: **.

The application process was fairly easy but it got a little bit confusing when Finova was asking for the different pictures and stuff. It wasn't really clear but once I understood what they wanted, then it was fine. The person I worked with was very courteous.

My friend used Finova Financial and when I contacted them, they got in touch with me within the day. The rep was helpful and the application was a little bit complicated but it wasn’t too hard. I went over to FedEx and shipped over the title. If someone asks me about them, I would them to use Finova.

Finova Financial reached out to me a day or two after my inquiry. I also received emails from other loan companies but Finova was better because of the digital aspect of the process. I was able to go online and see the documents I needed, upload the pictures, etc which was easier than having to pick up the phone every time. It was a good experience. Their reps guided me all along and it was also easy to upload stuff.

I worked with Finova back then since it was needed but the company was worse than other loan companies. The interest rate that they all charge and the payback on it was very high for what we got. Although, the personal loan processor I interacted with was fine.

I put in a title loan and several companies contacted me. We randomly signed up with the companies through Gmail and it took less than an hour for Finova Financial to contact me. It was a very good response time and they were very helpful. I kept having trouble with my phone and the lady just wanted me to finish the questionnaire. She was patient with me and she was nice. She understood that the phone cuts out and where I live in the country, I get dropped calls every now and then due to service. Also, they used Walmart’s MoneyGram instead of Western Union where you have to write codes down so it’s convenient. You can just go find a Walmart and we got one in St. Cloud so we worked with them.

At first, it was as routine as it could be but it wasn’t until I explained to them that the car I bought for my wife was in her name. So, I went through the whole explaining and they said, “Well, wait a minute, if it’s registered in your wife’s name, we need to talk to your wife.” And I said, “Okie dokie.” And then I got off the phone and handed it to my wife and she went through the experience. I mentioned it once that I was using her vehicle because it was newer than mine but they work with certain availability on automobiles. They said my taxes would be done in eight to twenty-eight days because of E-file so I took the loan out on a 30-day loan based on that scenario and they’re working with me. They said, "work until tomorrow." I’m trying to check every day if my funds are available. As soon as they’re available, I will be able to pay my loan off in full. I want to pay it off as quick as possible to get my wife’s title back so she won’t stress over it.

If they continue to work with me, I would appreciate it. They worked with me and they’re still working with me until tomorrow. The email I got said that they would wait until the 28th. They’re expecting the payment at 323. I’m trying to jump through nine hoops and waiting on my tax returns. As soon as it comes in, I can cover all the debt. So far it has been great. They’re showing compassion. They’re not just a computer-run drone, they’re somebody that I can talk to and they understand what life’s about.

Finova Financial contacted me two days later from the time of my loan inquiry. I had a lot of companies contact me too but they were better and they treated me better. My experience with them was good. And, their application process was easy.

They do not explain the loan and the true cost of the loan. They don't tell you if you don't have full coverage insurance, they will add it to your loan. I borrowed $800, paying $1600.00 back. Seems to me it should be illegal to charge that much. But if you're poor you have no choice.

I was contacted by Finova the next day after my loan inquiry. The application process went quite well. I spoke to a couple of different ladies. It was pretty cut and dry. They explained everything to me quite well, and what I needed to do and when I made a few mistakes, they told me how to correct them. I found it very pleasant. They also have a very knowledgeable loan processor. Overall, it was easy.

My experience with Finova Financial has been good. I saw one of their offers and that's why I went with them. The application process was all right. I'm very satisfied with their service.

Finova called me the same day that I submitted my application. I lost my father around my first payment time so I had to take off work. And they worked with me towards my first payment. I love this company. I recommended them already. Not just because they helped me, but because of the type of people that I’ve dealt with. They are really good people. They help you in every way that they can. Finova explained better than the other company that contacted me. Their loan officer was great. I had a lot of questions and she explained everything to me. It was a good experience.

I had an unexpected bill show up, of course it's in between my paydays so I went online and found Finova Financial. The customer service was exceptional! It had to be by far the easiest Loan process. It was quick and simple and the best part is I did it all from my house. I will definitely be recommending Finova Financial to everyone who may need some extra cash for any reason.

My wife and I went back and forth on if we were going to take a loan from Finova. But once we got it and got them all the information that they needed, I was funded that day. A young lady named Paris forwarded me the information via email. I uploaded some pictures and documents that I took with my phone and I processed the application right down there. The lady even met me at 6:00 at night physically to give her paper works that I couldn't scan in. And then she went home and stayed late and funded me so I could go pick up money that day. That's a good company that's willing to help their customers and that was a big deal to me.

A downside though is that when I went to go pay off the loan, I didn't get a lot of reciprocation. I also called and asked for a payoff and I didn't get a callback for two or three days later. And then I got the payoff statement and the lady told me what I needed to do. But I had to call Finova four times in a row and nobody picked up. I was worried because I gave them $3,000 of my money. I still have yet to get a call back from them stating that they received my money and that they've released the lien on my title. So my one big coup with the company is that when payment was made, they don't do anything other than the MoneyGram receipt that you have to pay for which is really flawed.

There would be a much better way to pay them with all the technology in the world and there's no confirmation that they received the payment because it's not going into their system electronically. They're having to get the funds dispersed through a MoneyGram retailer which logistically doesn't make sense. That's a lot of human work that technology could take care of. Other than that, I would recommend them because the things that I experienced were very minimal and I was a short term customer. I could understand why going to Walmart to pay the bill every month could be extremely disheartening but for me who only used the service for two months, it was good and great. I made them one payment and they got me my money quick. There were no if's and or but's about it.

I've seen some great reviews of Finova which made me see what they were about. From the first time I talked to them, it had been a good experience and they're better than other loan companies. They're more in-depth with the information about how the loan works and they filled me in on all the details. They were straightforward about the forms. They called me back for any corrections in my application right away and helped me along the way. My personal rep's very nice and keeps in contact but I talked to a few other representatives that were professional and polite as well. It's an awesome company.

I've PAID off my loan in full and have yet to receive my total back and I'm still waiting for Rachel to call me back about it from last week. She said she would have called me back the next day. Still waiting.

After loan there was no help. When I asked for a payoff was told different than I was told when I obtained the loan. During the loan the communication was horrible. Asked for a payoff left. They won't give me one. Only an email. I wanted one from them with a signature of someone authorized to do so. I asked way were the funds for my loan being applied to and they said they didn't have that information. I asked for their location to go to the office to try and get help in understanding this loan and they told me there is no office to go to. This is a terrible business. Hard money loan and hard customer service is for sure.

Finova was phenomenal. I got a lot of riffraff from other people but Finova was more straightforward just forwarding my car's trade value. Also, the application process was easy. The only thing I don't like and that they should tell upfront is they don’t take checks and payments. They gave me an invitation to pay by MoneyGram which there’s a fee associated with it. Other than that, I had a wonderful experience.

Most people, after my loan inquiry was initiated, don’t really care or respond to inquiries or issues I have. They were discouraging to me because I was in a rush. Finova was always there and they always answered. They gave me more information and explained things more to me than everybody else did. Unlike a lot of other people, they worked with me by giving me the extensions all the way up until I paid it off completely. Their lender was wonderful and she was always my primary contact. The application process only took a few minutes to do and it was easy. They called back immediately. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it but when I made up my mind the next day, within 30 minutes everything was going and done. They even FedExed stuff so they made it convenient for me. I’m thinking about doing it again and if I do, I'm gonna call Finova.

I needed money and Finova Financial gave it to me. The process was simple and the initial contact didn't take very long. Finova was the most straightforward as far as gettin' the loan done. The only thing I've been having an issue with was changing my payment date to the last day of the month. I have no idea if it was done. If I had to get a loan again, I would go through them again. The experience was excellent and I would recommend them.

I made an inquiry with Finova Financial and they contacted me the next day. They were better than the other companies that got in touch with me. They were very polite, had very good customer service, and they went out of their way to call back when I didn't have the all the information that I needed to proceed with the loan. Their representative, Shai, went over and beyond to answer all my questions and she made sure that everything got done that same day.

It is also very easy to apply for their services. They send you information for you to take pictures, to verify your collateral and sign the documentations over the computer. They give you different locations where you can drop off your information that you need to send to them. The only thing that I would suggest to the company would be to give the option of changing the due date for the payment. You don't know if the same day that you're getting the loan is the same that you have to pay every month. Still, I would definitely recommend Finova Financial.

Finova's interest rates were dramatically lower than everyone else's and their reviews online were good. The time from my loan inquiry until the time that they contacted me wasn’t that long. I didn’t have my phone and they left me a text message so they tried multiple ways to get in contact with me. Applying was an easy and smooth process. The gentleman who I spoke with during the process answered his phone on the handy questions, while the lady who had something to do with the underwriting made sure everything was good. They really did a good job. They also answered any and all questions I had.

Did exactly what they said within 1 day. Pretty impressive compared to other online companies I felt and pretty simple process from start to finish, paid off loan no problems with receiving title back with no lien. Would do again if need arises and would highly recommend to everyone!

Finova is the only company that I have a loan with. The application process was easy, and my experience with the personal loan processor was perfect.

Finova has provided fine service which I felt was better than the other companies who reached out to me. They replied to my inquiry after only 12 hours. When I applied, I met Chaniya in person and she was very helpful. Everything went fast and it was a very positive experience. Their people were very cooperative and I would recommend them to a friend.

My experience with Finova has been good. I was contacted a few hours after I inquired a loan and I had a better experience with them than the other companies. They were able to assist me. Their loan processor was courteous and was able to answer all my questions. I went with them because of their rates and the length of the repayment for the loan. The application process was easy and they provide good customer service.

Finova was one of the first ones I contacted, and they contacted me pretty quickly after my loan inquiry. The application process was easy to do and they helped me out the whole way through. I told the rep I wouldn't get paid until the 4th, and they told me that the payment was due on the 20th. Now they’re telling me that it’s actually due on the 19th, so I got a late fee on my first time. It was on 9 days instead of 10 days, so I’m trying to dispute the late fee. They should waive the late fee because I wasn’t late. Other than that, my experience with them was great.

Pleased with the professional customer service and speedy responses to requests. Payment options need improvement. Additionally, it would have been nice If my title was mailed to me after the lien was removed rather than me having to go out of my way and paying for it to be reissued.

I contacted Finova and they got back to me immediately. The application process was quick and easy. However, I didn't get the clear notification of my terms, conditions and fees, and payment schedules. There was not enough of a discussion and understanding of the terms and conditions. Also, I get money that I need and I get it fast, but I have to pay back a ridiculous arm and leg and did not know about that. I got a $1,000 loan and they told me it's a $960 fee on top of that and I'm not happy with it, not before the interest. It's almost predatory in nature. You don't do this unless you need the money.

I reached out to Finova and they contacted me. The young lady I dealt with was very courteous, friendly, caring and detailed in letting me know what they required as far as documentation and whatnot. The process was very positive and easy. However, my very first experience with a call from them once the payment was due was not very good, and I felt like I was being pursued by a loan shark. My payment was due on a Thursday and I got it paid that very following Friday. My intent was to make the pay on Friday. The lady I talked to explained that if that occurred, I should call and let Finova know but the manner in which she explained it was gruff. We’re adults and I don’t need to be handled with kid gloves. Finova loaned me money but I’m still the customer so a little more kindness and a little bit of respect would have gone over a little better. Otherwise, I’ve been dealing with Finova for a month and I foresee in the very near future being able to pay off the loan.

I used Finova Financial this year and I had a great experience so I came back. I called them exactly and in less than five minutes they picked up. It was pretty quick and better because you can get a live person on the phone as soon as you call. As the other companies, they have to go through screenings and take a lot of bunch of forms online. The application process was easy. Everything was already input into the system. I just had to take the pictures and go to the FedEx. Also, the loan officer was courteous and friendly. We had a phone problem at one point where we can’t hear the person talking and we had to disconnect and get called back. That was a little weird but other than that everything is great. I’m very satisfied and I would recommend it to a friend.

Rachel ** for super woman is amazing. I first met her at On the Go loans. And she recognized my voice and thought I was related to Fred Durst. Rachel took care of me through the whole loan process then and now above and beyond what you expect. I called her and kept her on the phone with every little thing. Especially taking the last five numbers off. She is the best and you're lucky to have her, I would use your company again knowing Rachel is there.

I was looking for an auto title company and Finova has to be one of the top ones reviewed, so I went with it. Once I got started on the whole application, it was straightforward. It took 20 minutes from there. Carter was the loan processor and he was really great. He called me back to make sure that things were moving forward. The whole experience was good except for the last part of not getting funding. It wasn’t that I didn’t qualify for funding, they didn’t send the funding the right way to begin with. The program that they use is MoneyGram and my state has certain regulations on it and they didn’t follow through with those regulations. I had to cancel where I went to a different loan company and was able to get the loan easily.

Finova Financial contacted me the same day I inquired. I went with them because they had the amount that I wanted and the payment isn't too hard on me and I like it. A man came out to my house, took the information, took his time and made sure everything was done and I had my money. He didn't rush me. I've been making my payments and would be through in October. If I need to call and ask if I thought about anything, they give me the information I need to know and tell me when exactly my last payment is going to be.

I called Finova and they reached out to me a couple of hours later. It was pretty straight to the point. I don't like automated systems, and it seems that Finova does not have a lot of automation. It's cool to talk to real people. Also, Finova seemed to be the best fit and the easiest to reach at that moment. It took me a couple of days to get the paperwork together, but the process itself wasn't too hard. The rep was great with me. I pulled out a refinance and she assisted me through that as well. There was a couple of time when I was a little late on payments and they were very understanding. I had to change the date because the date I had booked was on a Wednesday and I get paid on Fridays. That was one of the hardest things but they worked with me through it, and it didn't have anything crazy. It went very well. Finova was easy to work with and I'd recommend them.

The employees were all great during this process from beginning to payoff of the loan. All my questions and concerns were answered quickly. They helped me when there were issues making the payoff amount and overall a great experience. I was very impressed on how the representatives were readily available even after 5 pm when other companies are closed.

I had a title loan option locally which is very similar sith Finova Financial as far as the percentages, terms and payments to be made, and at the moment the reason was because I believe Finova Financial's interest rate was slightly lower than the other company that was my other option. I was online after I filled out the information and that’s when they called me. Comparative to the ones I've done previously, they were a bit more streamlined. As far as the information that was required, the technology is being used effectively and efficiently. For example, taking pictures of the vehicle and texting in to the number, getting screenshots of my bank account, which in the end, they didn’t need, but those type of information and documentations that were submitted usually is in a physical form where now it’s more readily accessible through just from the phone. It was easier for me as the consumer.

Also, their staff was of the highest caliber. They’re very professional. They called back when they said they would call back and provided me the information I've requested. I called them last week just because I wanted an update on when the exact due date was because I misplaced the date in my records. They said, ”We’ll text it to you.” and again, applying the technology that is accessible to everyone today which makes things more efficient. I wasn't even off the phone when the text came through that had the due date and numbering system for the MoneyGram payment. It was very good.

I went with Finova Financial since they are in Florida. They were helpful in general. The application process was very easy and their people were very accommodating.

After my loan inquiry, I was contacted immediately by Finova Financial. They were faster and a lot more online than other loan companies. The application process was short and easy. I just had to submit pictures of my vehicle, proof of income, and my title. The first time, it was mediocre with my personal loan processor. She didn't put anything online like she was supposed to. I called and talked to the Finova reps because I felt like she got a lot of the loan process wrong. The second time around, it was a lot cheaper and better. I'd recommend them if they have been more straightforward about how much the loan and interest rate were going to be. Basically, it sounded like I had a 12-month loan, and then I ended up paying double this year because they set me for a 24-month loan, which cost me quite a bit more and wasn't expected, and I was very clear I was only planning to take money up for a month.

I had a good experience with Finova Financial. When we inquired, we were contacted within the same day. The guy that was helping me was very good and understanding. He was okay being with me all day on the phone and explained everything really good.

Finova Financial is a great company and I have no problems with them. I just went through a hard time. I had a loan against a vehicle and I defaulted and they still haven’t picked up the vehicle. It would be a good thing if that’s the case, but I’m trying to make things right. My wife had left me and I was going through some stuff and getting resituated. But at this point, I’m thinking that it's over and I’ve already made other arrangements and so the car is just there. The loan processors were all great and I’ve got no complaints with them. I called their office about the car for them to come and get it, and the lady was extra nice and said that they might still work something out with me. They're a great company and about as fair as anyone's gonna find.

I was with a title loan company and I got something in the mail from Finova and it was mentioning how they would take over the previous amount and just roll it into theirs. I liked their payment structure better than where I was at where I pay and it just re-ups the loan. I'm not actually paying anything on it unless I pay significantly more. After my initial loan inquiry, they contacted me within 30 minutes to an hour. It was pretty quick and straight to the point. The people I spoke to were very friendly and nice. The process was very easy, especially with loading up pictures and photographing ID’s. The only thing would be that the only way to make a payment would be through MoneyGram. Aside from just having that one payment option, everything else is great.

When I contacted Finova Financial, they got back to me after a couple of hours. I worked with them before and so it was easier to go back to them. The application process was simple and all together, it only took me a couple of hours. The processor that I dealt with was really helpful and kept following up. I'd recommend Finova Financial. Make sure you look at all their options and go for it if you need to.