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Fundbox Online Loan Reviews

Has really helped me keep inventory and cash flowing in the business- during and between orders- and sales... Super fast and easy service- and always someone on the other end of the phone- if you need to call- or have questions... Thanks ever so much...
The setup is extremely easy and the funds are just as easy to obtain. Flexible payback options are great too! If you're client ends up paying faster than expected you can pay Fundbox and the fees end. Better option than factoring from what I can tell.
Very helpful for my business. It has been a great tool for me!
And you actually answer the phone :)
Easy to use with direct integration with our accounting software. fast turn around time very reasonable rates helps with cash flow crunches.
Fundbox has been one of the best funding sources for AR financing, with great customer service and rates. Flexible repayment options lets you control, so for business funding you should check this out.
Very easy process and low fees!
This service is very convenient especially when the customer is taking longer to pay then you would hope.
The best funding company..
Very simple and reasonable rates
It is a great program for helping small businesses to get out of cash flow tight spot! Appreciated very much!
Fundbox makes life a little easier for us small fries. I don't know why everyone who is a contractor doesn't use this.
Great Backup Account
Easy and fast process!
Love this option, Paid for vacation at a very reasonable rate
Great Low rate product
I would be happier if they offer daily, weekly, monthly, etc. payment options.
Fundbox keeps my cash flow going while I wait on clients especially when they are slow to pay. It gives me options and it allows me to continue getting more business. I really appreciate the service and its value to my business and to me as a consultant.
Fundbox allows fund flow in an easy to understand and usable format via its customer dashboard. I have been extremely pleased that when I need extra funds I can control and review each transaction even before committing. I would recommend this service..
Simply put, I've never experience financing that was so fast and easy.
Excellent, quick service. Easy to navigate website. Love the integration with my invoices and payment request options.
Quick, honest service. No hassles, no problems.
Help my bussines a lot thank for exist
Great option for small responsible businesses.
Fairly easy process, but it's expensive money.
The process is quick, simple and the fees are low and well worth it! It allows me to not have to hassle my clients for immediate payment and instead give them time to pay me.
Excellent in making my business running smoothly.
Funbox has been a life saver for my business on numerous occasions. The clear payment terms with zero hidden costs makes this my go-to source before any other when I need a quick infusion to keep the lights on while waiting on my clients to pay. Thanks Fundbox... keep it up!
Awesome terms, and flexibility when you need it!
Great so far. Wish funds were instant. That's my only gripe.
Fundbox has become my best friend. The sign up process was extremely simple and efficient, the customer support get a level 10 rating for sure, professional, personable and caring. The interface is self sufficient and leaves me with more time to run my business. I am very grateful to whom ever started Fundbox for their sincere interest in helping businesses grow. The fees are the best on the market and the customer service is priceless. Thank you. Kim
Fundbox has been a great tool for our small business. Cash flow issues can be solved quickly, with different repayment options and the ability to repay early. We've been really happy with the simple terms and great service they provide!
When funds are short and clients not paying as they should. fundbox is really handy. Thanks Fundboc
I've been using Fundbox for months now. I have recommended it to many of our clients. And, they are happy with us, because the service is solid. It's nice to have real people answering your questions, and improving their product. The newest interface is smooth and easy. I highly recommend Fundbox if you are in need of this type of financing.
Fundbox is amazing, super easy and great repayment options.
I'm so relieved to have something to bridge the time gap between accounts receivable and payable! It has caused so much anxiety and many fees in the past - this is a lifesaver! It was always a matter of just needing a little more time and that is what Fundbox has afforded me - more time and resources to get everything taken care of. Invaluable! Plus, great customer service!
Thanks for helping me when I needed
Easy to use, and there in a pinch! Thanks Fundbox!!
Super easy to work with
The best finance company out there! Frank
Fundbox is one of the best products in lending out there. I use it a great deal. Very simple. I wish every lender was as smooth as fundbox.
I wish I knew about Fundbox a year ago. Great company with honest and fair interest rates. Borrowing funds on unpaid invoices has allowed our business to continue to thrive and maintain our excellent customer service! Fundbox has earned a customer for life!
I have been using Fundbox for a while now and I really appreciate how convenient the service is and each time I call I am greeted with actual people instead of a brokerage firm...hands down the best provider of business funds.
Fundbox is a great tool to help smooth out cash flows and bring cash in on outstanding invoices. It allows me to run my business as I see fit and not based on when clients decide to pay me!
A great product!
Fundbox has been a life saver! Its so easy, At one point I was traveling and expecting a client to pay electronic but something got hung up so i just pulled out my phone and with a single click, I've got money on the way. Really saved my skin while on the road!
Very reasonable rates with fast funding ! Love to see how Credit increases are with this super flexible pay plan after I’ve paid some
So far this experience has been nothing short of awesome..Thanks again.. John B.
Service has been great as long as you're okay with the repayment terms which are clearly defined upfront. The communication is clear and concise, so I know exactly how much will be withdrawn for each payment and when. Drawing funds is easy too, and the money is available in my account within a couple days.
Good tool for quick purchases w/ a quick repayment table (12-weeks or less).
Easy to work with no hassle
Awesome when I needed it the most
Super fast approval Great costumer service Money is affordable
Simple and easy with various options for repayment. Best services used this far.
After exploring all the other small biz loan companies, I'm so grateful FundBox gave me a chance. So thankful for looking out for small biz we are so underserved and overlooked with big banks only servicing medium and large firms !
I learned of Fundbox from my invoice/billing service WaveApps. I appreciate a user friendly system to advance funds from my invoices. Fundbox links to popular invoice services and quickly verify you, and your business accounts. You are able to quickly secure funds, have a flexible payment schedule and no prepay penalities. I only wished their system can verify payment in 1-2 business days instead of 7 business days.
Fundbox is a great addition to Freshbooks.
Rates are low, loan is crazy fast into my account. I have to say this has really helped to keep me sane and helped me to fulfill my own obligations when clients are sometimes late in paying. I can't recommend this enough!
This is great for in-between payment's, fundbox is great for us small business owners.
Great for short term cash flow issues.
Gives a growing company the flexibility with cash flow. An important tool for a growing company.
As an independent consultant, I have at least 30 days between payments. Clients of mine include large Health Care and Software companies, I have no doubt I will be paid, but the lag time can be a challenge. Once I tried Fundbox, I was amazed at the ease and efficiency of the service. Reasonable rates and great customer service are just the beginning. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend their services. Thank you Fundbox for making my like easier.
So far, the process with Fundbox has been easy, secure, and straightforward!
Very easy to use.
cash flow is THE key to small business success. Fundbox makes it easier to flow cash into the money making aspects of business while you're waiting for invoices to get paid and (and waiting and waiting ). Great customer service and an intuitive dashboard.
The service that you guys provide has been a blessing, I wish I could give you more that 5 stars. It has help my business get to the next level. I'm so happy that I found you. Its so easy the whole process and you gets funds within 48 hours. I'm going to tell all my contractor friends about your service.
I can't say enough about Fundbox. Customer service is absolutely fantastic and the service itself is everything as promised and more. Would recommend them time and time again. Perfect solution for small businesses looking to gap the time between invoices sent and invoices received. A+ :)
Fundbox is a helpful tool in jam. Seamless to use. Only con is it takes a while to get credit increase and there's no request option, it's all automated.
easy fast and cheap rates
FundBox is a great way to get money that you know you have coming. The only thing I would change is I wish there were a way to pay back the advances in a more flexible way.
I like this app has been very helpful in streamlining some of my operations. Just wish it could actually report my credit use as a open business account
It's been great I have used the funds to purchase new equipment thanks for the opportunity.
Just starting seems cool for a bridge!!
Superfast approval in minutes. Love it!!
Perfect. Use it as u need it. Pay it back slowly or quick And no crazy fees and interest.
Love the option to have money put in my account by the next day!!!! Easy & Fast!!!!
Excellent very please with the services!
I have been looking for a service like this for many many months, and found that Funbox is just what I need! I pay back the invoice issued, and if paid back in a lump sum i get a large discount... Love you guys..
Fantastic service to help manage our cash flow through the slower seasons.
easy to use.. and quick
This company is awesome!! & Using their platform is extremely easy!
Within 5 minutes I had an almost $10k line of credit with no credit check. Love it!
The funding was convenient. However I expected a bigger funding amount
Kyle is awesome and they made it very smooth to access the funds I needed for my business
Fundbox is great. This is the solution every small business owner has been waiting for! NO waiting no hassle simple and efficient clearing of invoices and freeing up your cash!
Great company to work with fast and easy. The Loan team needed a little more info from me a few hours later i was funded just like that.Wow
Awesome Application. I have been working for over a year and its the best way to get fast cash when you invoices take more that 30 days to be paid!
I recommend fundbox for business owners it has help me alot and always there when i need them. Thanks for your trust, if youre looking for trustworthy and good fees, very professional
For those times, big or small, when you need some temporary funds, Fundbox comes through. With us, winter months are slow and a little boost can really keep things going.
I love using Fundbox! It takes the stress out of waiting on customers to pay their invoices & I can afford them that little extra time. I totally rely on Fundbox for cashflow, when I need it.
It's insanely fast. Next day. Barely any writing on the web page but obvious buttons and once you click them you're good to go. Empowering because you look great since you don't have to hound a client when you need funds so you look competent, in control, and you have a better negotiating foot because you're not literally at there mercy.
Fast, efficent, affordable
The process started out well - the website was easy to access and it was a quick process. However, I received an email response stating they were unable to approve funding at this time. My business has been established for 8 years and we do approximately 200k of revenue on a monthly basis, so this was fairly puzzling to me. After calling and speaking to customer service, I was informed that their platform was unable to access my credit union bank accounts. Therefore, it rejected our application. When I asked if I could update the application with quickbooks or Jobber (our billing platform) they informed me I would have to wait 90 days until I could do so. Disappointed in this response, when I think this could've been a great woking relationship with this company.
Spoke to Joanna she is great. She help me through every step of the process.
Hands down, easiest short-term lender we've dealt with.
Easy to use when needed
This is the greatest, easiest, fastest way to manage cash flow in the 19 years we've been in business... And you only pay for what you use...
Fast and easy- doesn't get any better for business owners. Thanks for the service.
Helped my business get out of tight spots in finances , guess everyone's been there ! Thank you