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They provided quick funding at a reasonable price
Fundera was great to work with. They are quick and very responsive with any questions you may have. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a loan for their business.
Simple and efficient way to get a loan
excellent commentary. informative articles and insight
Stumbled upon Fundera and was surprised to learn how beneficial their service is to small businesses. Their site laid out our funding options and corresponding rates in a clear way. The rep then hopped on the phone to evaluate the pros/cons of each lender. The main benefit for me is that they group together providers I wasn't aware were worthy contenders.
jared was great, helpled me immensely! process was quick and efficient.
Annie was the best. Thanks for making the application process so simple and pleasant!
great service! Highly recommend
One of the most helpful articles that I have read was New Study: The Best States for Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 I am actually in the lowest on the totem pole of states for development of women business which can be a little discouraging but I want to change that in my own state of Chattanooga,tn and with fundera continued education I am hopeful I can achieve my goal
Very responsible
Fundera as a company must have a great recruiting model for their business as there is no shortage of reliable personnel in their team. Specifically, Colleen, who gave me the personal attention that my small business needed - she seems to be a team all on her own as she was able to get me the forms, explain them to me and follow up with me consistently. Thank you Fundera & Colleen!
James was very helpful and polite. He will most definitely be who we reach out to in the future.
Easy and very professional!
Thank you it was very helpful
Fundera is such a simple way to find a small business loan. I was really impressed with the loan options that Fundera was able to provide me through a quick online process.
Lots of options to pay back
The loan process was simple and FAST, great support to answer all questions!!!!!!!! Highly recommend Fundera!
Fundera was prompt in their reply to my inquiry and honest about what services they could offer to my company. They run a buisness the way it should be run.
Outstanding, smooth and speedy process. Continous follow up and updates, will recommend to everyone.
Founder's got a great team that understands small business and startup style funding needs. They ask relevant questions to get you matched with the right financial service and regularly follow up with you to make sure they've done everything they can to help. I was linked up with Bluevine and took advantage of their "flex credit" which got my business through a tight squeeze and into high revenue growth just in time. Hope Fundera keeps it going and looking forward to chatting with them again soon!
As a small business owner, Fundera is exactly what I needed to expand. I wanted to take my workshop from my garage into town but couldn't understand most of the companies giving loans out there. Fundera, however, presented me options in a clean manner and got me the best plan. I loved the interface but more options would have been nice!
They were great to work with. Alex was efficient and knowledgeable. I appreciate the ease of getting the paper work done.
I thought I was using a trusted SBA lender. I got to Fundera through the SBA. Fundera hooked me up with Seek Capital. They in turn, got me set-up with a mountain of credit cards (I did not want). I told them I wanted a line of credit, so they called it a line of credit. It cost me $4K for a $10K cash advance. Now my credit is ruined (it was in the mid 700's before this process) because I got $30K worth of credit cards. I have since gone to the SBA in person and cannot NOW qualify for a loan because me credit is ruined. I would have qualified and my business would be secure IF I NEVER HEARD OF FUNDERA. My business may go under because of this. I am more than outraged.
Dealing with Fundera has been a wonderful experience. We got funded within a few weeks and at a reasonable interest rate. Our bank has no interest in helping us with a loan. Fundera didn't get us all the money we asked for, but more than enough to get us started on our expansion plans. They did make it clear that we could always go back and ask for more, which we plan to do. I should probably add that we are a small business with three years of history and we are quite profitable. Not sure if this is for real start ups, firms that have fallen on hard times, or very capital intensive firms.
Fundera follows through on its promises. The process is simple, fast, and hassle-free. Never thought getting a loan would be so painless.
Easy access to cash for a small business ! Fast and courteous service ! A life saver for any emergency or just to grow your business!
Service is great, but it is expensive to use. We use it when we have to, until we are able to establish a regular business line of credit.
Our Retail Internet Marketing Company had been in the Financing World seeking Inventory Financing for almost a year when we came across Fundera. After uploading our documents onto their easy-to-negotiate website, we had a terrific conversation wit one of their Loan Placement Specialists, Andrew Martin, and I was so encouraged by the way that he completely understood our business needs. After that, it was only a matter of days before our specialized, 6-figure loan was closed. We will definitely be coming back to Fundera with ALL of our future financing needs.
Good solid information always.
People are great, but I still do not know how the whole process will turn out... I still do not have the money e.g.
You guys are awesome! Could not ask for a better company to work with. I refer you all the time to my business associates and friends. Thank you for being so fantastic.
Hi, I had a great and easy experience using Fundera to fund my small and growing business. One of its representatives, James Reichenbach, was very helpful and walked me through the process with ease. The website is easy to use and provides good information on all the financing options available to me. I will use them again in the near future.
A quick and easy transaction
Great team to work with, great follow-up.
Less than a week for funding with a great rate. Thank you, Matthew Nicolosi, for staying on top of the process.
Andy was great. He helped me find a solution for my client that met their needs. He also checked back afterwards to make sure everything went as planned.
Fast, efficient, upfront about the costs, everything I needed in a loan for my business they provided. I consider them a partner in my business growth moving forward.
I Iworked with Aditi Kamdar and she's great. She was quick, efficient, and very professional. From start to finish, it took less than 1 week for Fundera to process and fund my request. Very happy.
Fundera is a tool that every biz owner should carry in their wallet. An easy and painless process. Would highly recommend to all.
Great experience, seamless application process. John Bak was super helpful and knowledgeable.
Case was always clear and concise in explaining what information was needed, and how the process worked.
The Fundera customer support was superb. They guided me through multiple loan options based on my unique situation and gave me the information I needed to make a wise decision within 24 hours of contacting them. There was absolutely no pressure, purely support and great advice. I would be happy to recommend Fundera to any small business owner.
Getting business capital is so much better when you have someone advocating on your behalf. You talk to an ally with Fundera, not someone who works with the underwriters.
My account rep Matt is terrific. The whole process was professional and the options explained very clearly. Not pushy at all. The funding came in at just the right time and I look forward to a continuing relationship with the company and I feel I can trust the account rep.
used it, was pretty easy.
The person who helped me is Brad Thornton, he I explained to me the details of how to get a loan with low FICO score. I’m so happy I got it for a short period of time. Always there if I have questions. Can be commended. To my friends and partners in the Business.
I'm pretty new to the game of getting outside funding, and my experience with Fundera has been awesome. My guy Andy was extremely patient and helpful in offering different options that best suited my company and our goals. For reasons completely on my end the process dragged on for a few months and I probably exchanged close to 100 emails and a dozen phone calls with Andy but he was super friendly and helpful the entire time, whereas I probably would've been sick of me by the end of it. Big thanks to Andy B and the rest of the Fundera team. Would definitely recommend starting your search for funding with Fundera!
I've been with Fundera for a few years. Absolutely loved the staff until this time around when the staff I had worked with in the past is no longer there. I got a new sales girl who was constantly calling to get me "a deal". Push came to shove I went through with letting her plug in numbers ect. I didn't care for the offers so I declined. Again she kept calling went around again she finds a deal that I'm semi comfortable with and I tell her to proceed. Against my wishes I had received money that I wasn't ready for from a lender. I needed it returned the sales girl was out. The lender had our information wrong and mixed up SS#s. I had called left an irate message for the sales girl along with an email. She never called me back the buck got passed off to another girl at Fundera which I didn't mind working with she was jumping through hoops to help me however the careless errors should have been avoided and never happened. The sales manager just apologized and said it would be handled.
Thank you, Fundera, for all your help and willingness to work with me through my VERY challenging times. I was feeling very hopeless at one point but your team stayed with me and helped me get the funding I needed.
This kind of financing is risky business in my opinion. I did not have a good experience and I will never do this again. Buyer beware
Funded very quickly, but at an astronomical interest rate.
Top notch experience. From beginning to end, my contact helped me understand the advantages and tradeoffs of different offerings and did more to help me than I would have ever expected. I'd recommend Fundera without hesitation!!!
Trying to get a business loan for the first time was one of the most painful experiences in my 6 years as a business owner. My business numbers were good, but with a credit score of 620 and being in a so called High Risk Industry (Video Production) I got turned down left and right or was offered pennies. Of the 14 lenders I approached Fundera not only got me the best offer, but they handled it in such a friendly manner. Too many lenders came off as arrogant, rude, used car salesmen and never once was I treated like that with Fundera. If my experience with everyone else was not so bad I probably would not be writing this review. The way Fundera handled our business relationship is what I would have expected to be the norm, but I soon found out they were the exception. Thanks for restoring my faith in the world of business lending!
I've been searching for loan options for quite a while and I've been very pleased with my experience with Fundera. The online application is simple, the process is fast, and the team at Fundera is helpful and attentive. I was able to easily navigate the online experience and within a few days I had multiple loan offers that I could select from.
I had tried a few other loan options with either no luck or less than favorable terms. Would recommend to others. Abbey was my loan specialist.
Very grateful for Sam and Paul who helped us secure funding in about 1 week! They took the time to understand my needs and where my business is at, but they acted really fast to line up solutions that worked. The process was simple and fast. Only regret is not finding them sooner!
Team was so helpful and walked through the process. Easy to talk to and a pleasure to work with. Well done!
They're very thorough.
Provides informative information.
Brad Thornton, my rep was great to work with. He understood the process and streamlined it. It was an easy and pleasurable transaction. Would do it again.
Ryan Conti was a pleasure to work with. Fast reliable service! Was available every step of the way to answer questions. Will definitely use again and will tell others.
A fantastic easy to use service. They offered excellent support and made the process of securing funds quick and painless. Highly recommended!
Very informative and useful information. Oratai Culhane
If you are looking for business funding, you simply need to stop your search and start working with Fundera. They are incredibly knowleageble about every existing option and exactly what is needed to ensure that the application process is efficient and successful. Fundera has a dedicated SBA ream that was unbelievably professional, responsive and supportive ensuring that my loan package was compiled to meet all SBA requirements. Since they have established relationships with the banks they work with and understand the underwriting process to the most minute detail, they know how to give clear instruction and ensure that there are no wasted efforts or time in the process. Chris Fasano and Casey McNamara were consumate professionals and reliable partners in the SBA process and delivered on everything they committed to do. Couldn’t be more pleased with the experience working with the Fundera team and couldn’t recommend more highly.
Finding and applying for loans can be difficult - the Fundera process was dead simple and very user friendly. I would highly recommend it to friends!
Took a chance on a Face book ad and was skeptical. I had been turned down numerous times with my own community banks and frankly gave up. They qualified my right away and I was skeptical the whole loan process as I was scared that it was a scam as you never know who you are dealing with especially online. My money was deposited and they were amazing to work with through out the whole experience. I could talk with my loan specialist via email or phone at any time. After we closed they even purchased pies through my bakery to send to clients. That was huge for me. Supporting one of their own. The interest rate was great as well. Take a moment to see if you qualify. It never hurts to try as they can only say no or YES as in my situation..
This is my second time around with Fundera and Colleen Fitzgerald handled my account. There is great follow-up and follow-through and she makes the whole process feel personal, not just some abstract on-line transaction. Highly recommeneded for small business capital funding.
Michael Yang is patient, knowledgeable about different products and very responsive. Enjoyed working with him a lot!
Painless process and I got the funding I need to grow my business. The Fundera team worked diligently and made sure the process went as advertised.
Fundera was so great!! The process was quick and easy, and I was funded within 2 days!
After our first success, Fundera staff members kept in touch to make sure we were happy with the product, and to see what else we might need. We've now done a second piece of business with them, directly as a result.
Completely satisfied. Excellent to work with.
It was a good experience. In signing up I learned quite a bit about where my business needed to be to get the funding I desired. Great site that presented me with options of various kinds.
This is my first online loan experience and I was a bit wary about getting financing online. However, the team at Fundera was incredibly helpful. They responded immediately to my calls and emails, and answered all of my questions :) I highly recommend Fundera to any small business owner looking for financing.
Fundera got me the cash I needed to expand my business, fast! Each representative I spoke to along the way was readily accommodating and knowledgeable. Getting a small business loan was very easy and I felt fully supported during the entire process. This is a great company!
Fundera basically eliminates all the red tape that comes with finding appropriate funding. They're also always at the ready to answer any questions via chat on their website. Awesome!
4 stars. I have found good leads with respect to grants.
The whole process at Fundera was easy and quick. I would recommend this company for those who are in strategic need of financing options. Their follow through and follow up is excellent.
I was able to secure a 50k loan with a GREAT rate. The fees were a slightly high however as far as Fundera representatives, great follow through and assistance through out the process. I will definitely continue to do business with Fundera.
Easier website
The quality of service I received when I first started my idea for my business was so honest and I greatly appreciated it
Casey was great, informative and patient as he explained the process and program.
Been a great experience working with everyone at Fundera!!
I appreciate the level of support I have received from my rep at Fundera. As a growing business it is sometimes challenging to navigate all of the options for expanding my business' financial opportunities. Are the lenders legit? How do they compare in terms of fees/interest/qualifications/timing? It's nice to have someone in my corner to take care of my needs now, and in each new phase as my business qualifies for up-leveled options. When I get cold calls from non-Fundera vendors, I have an easy answer... No Thanks, Fundera has me covered.
I highly recommend. No hassles and very quick to fund.
After many months of frustration with national and even local banks. I became a fan of Fundera with their honest advocacy for my business finances and their transparency. Thank you Fundera.
I feel like I was duped. I was told that I would be qualified for an excellent rate, and after weeks of providing information, my only option was an impossible loan. The agent assured us that with 6 months of on time payments we would qualify for the original loan promised, so we trusted him. They did not stand behind that when we called back after 6 months. We are now stuck in a ridiculous loan, have been paying for 18 months and the principle has barely moved. Now they are trying to get us to sign for another loan, but I am very weary of trusting them again. I wish they would have been more honest at the beginning. But now I know better.
excellent service.. a God send to our Business.. we were not able to get funding from the bank and were about to call it quits, but fundera helped us to get a vehicle loan and a later working capital loan and we made it. Fast, convenient, knowledgeable friendly customer service... at Fundera you are a real person, not just a number... I will never ask a bank for a loan again... There is no comparison!!
Fundera is fantastic. We recently needed a small loan for working capital and was able to get it hassle free within a short period of time. Ryan Conti was great to work with. He understood our needs and was able to find the lender for us. I would definitely recommend Fundera.
Fundera was very professional and efficient in working with me to get the business financing I needed.
If it wasn't for Fundera I would have been in a world of hurt. Every place I looked I was turned down for a loan. You guys got me approved and saved the day. Thanks.
I have had success using Fundera. They really work for you helping you get the best rate.
they say 7they help start up companys , i put in all that irfo then sorrry cant help u
Very easy loan process. The people are friendly and genuinely care.
Fundera was extremely useful for my small business. They have great options and I've already found multiple potential lenders.
Unable to fund money that i meeded. Wantwd me to do a bunch of credit cards to ger the momey i wanted.
Andy assisted us throughout the short process of obtaining funds for our company. He made everything so easy and quick, as I was skeptical at first. Thanks Andy for everything
My experience with Fundera has been very helpful because the enormous amount of Information on every level of topics on how to begin a business​ and multiple resources on how to acquire loans.
Easy experience pre qualifying and setting up your account. The customer service was great with loan specialist walking me through a couple options and providing insight into all the pertinent information. I liked the ease of linking my quickbooks and bank accounts so I didn't have to download a ton of documents to scan and email just for a quote.
Fundera and my account manager Matt Rosenberg are the real deal. They've become an essential business partner for us. I was slightly skeptical at first as we hadn't used funding before but they took me through the process very professionally and put my worries to rest. In the end they helped me secure the funds I needed to take my business to a whole new level. I highly recommend Fundera. They'll give it to you straight and make sure you're making the right moves.