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They say what they are going to do for you and then get the job done.
Everyone was wonderful to work with and they make the process smooth and easy. Jackson was a pleasure and explained each step in detail. They keep you in the loop throughout the process.
Please take a close look at Business Funding Mastery. Leo Kanell is effective at delivering the right information and connections to get funding for startups and established businesses. He helped me tackle $150,000 in business expenses by getting me the funding I needed. It all starts with the right education. Check out what he has to offer.
I'm writing you to tell you that I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in how I was treated throughout this process. I had high hopes based on the reviews I read and the 1st contact I recieved that you were in the business to help people by taking a different approach. My initial contact with Roscoe Evans was fantastic. He was very professional and informative. He scheduled an appointment for today at 2 with Austin Bitters that I was optimistic about as getting start up business funding of any kind is difficult. My 690 credit score and 185k annual income made it seem like I would have options and he assured me that Austin was one of the best. Well it's 2:26 and I never received a call. Instead I received an preformatted impersonal email from Austin an hour before hand stating that we couldn't approve anything due to "Too Many Inquiries/New Accounts" which I have seen before. (I travel for work and like the travel rewards cards so I end up getting those types of BS denials with zero teeth all the time. One phone call with a human and it's a different story.) Nowhere in the email did it state he wasn't going to call me and when I finally emailed him after the appointment time he responded with little to no help or explanation. To flat out deny all forms of funding with little to no due diligence or analysis based on 9 measly inquires in the last 12 months is amateur at best. Top all of that off he didn't even have the accumen or professional courtesy to call me and discuss what this means, honoring our appointment. Now I was lead to believe that this was a professional organization that was in the business of helping small businesses gain funding to attempt being successful but everything I've experienced this far says the opposite. It seems the title of "senior funding advisor" has no real weight and I'd be better off calling one of the big banks and CC companies. Needless to say I'm extremely disappointed with Austin and the company that chooses to condone his actions.
Excellent experience! My consultant Jackson was efficient and professional, with excellent communication. I was able to secure the desired credit limits on 6 of 10 credit card applications filed on my behalf. I am very pleased with this company!
These guys are great in everything they do! They know their stuff!!!
This a all new for me. My "counselor" is smart, savvy and prompt in responding. As an etiquette expert, what is just as important for me is that he is respectful. My funding master gets a Gold Star. Ms. J, Life Etiquette, Expert because Manners Are Memorable
Working with Fundwise Capital has been a pleasure. Michael Begg was extremely professional, knowledgeable and worked with me every step of the way. He was in communication with me at least 3 times per week and was available whenever I needed to speak with him. Michael delivered in the time he said. The total process was about 12 days. I recommend Fundwise Capital and Michael Begg. 5 Stars all the way.
Great service and very helpful. If you ever needing funding for a business or project this is the business to go to
Get the JetFuel your business needs by contacting Leo and his team. Their knowledge and expertise in securing funding for small to mid-size business' is changing the eco-system of families and helping them Turn their dreams into reality. Awesome!
Reliable company, really does get the funding you need to start your company. Zac Hindle was a great help, answering all the questions asked. Their page is great, very much valuable information. I would recommend this company!
I’m the owner of a company called Winston’s Baby Watches and I’ve been looking for business funding for a long time. When I found Fundwise Capital, they helped coach me through the best plans and helped receive me to $50,000! I didn't think there would be any good business funding options for me. But then I got 0% apr and 0 interest for over 12 months. The best part is that I got the money within 7 days! After looking for so long, I found this to be the only option for business funding and I couldn't be happier with how well they took care of me.
Fundwise Capital was fantastic! They helped me get onto the road to success launching my business
Fundwise Capital is a great company that helps businesses and entrepreneurs obtain funding. They are easy to work with and get much faster results than others in the funding market.
The process was seamless. I got about 30K more funding than I thought I would get. Zac was professional and friendly. This company and especially Zac is highly recommended for any business start-up.
I am thoroughly impressed with the funding plan & my funding advisor Evan. I had originally requested a plan that funded 84k, and they got me almost 200k.. this meant I had to pay a lot less interest on our 1st really big retail order. I think it's safe to say, Fundwise is a big part in helping take our company to the next level! Joshua Simmons Simmons Textile Group
From start to finish, I had a great experience. My personal Funding Manager, Zac Hindle, was very helpful and knowledgeable. If you need funding to start a business and have exhausted all of your options, this is definitely the company for you!
Good experience, quick & fast service!
Fundwise worked on mine and company behalf and sourced $79k thus enabling it liquid yet going concern! Thanks-a-million ,Jackson and Fundwise, for all that your team do!
Very easy to use. Obtained the funding I needed. Very professional.
Exceptional experience. It was easy to achieve the goals within few meetings.
The customer service has been fantastic, the service has been efficient, and the entire funding process has been very smooth.
This is a comprehensive and valuable tool for small business! A great investment for anyone serious about growing their business.
Great service. Hannah did an excellent job assisting me through the funding process and we were able to achieve my funding needs in just a couple of online meetings.
They made sure to keep in touch and be thorough about the fund process. It was nerve-wracking for me in the beginning, but the Fundwise team made me feel at ease as they walked be through the process and through the different options.
Fundwise is extremely helpful in getting you the financing that you need. The customer support is outstanding.
Nathan Russell He's my story I applied and paid fundwise to help me get funding for my company. Unfortunately I had some personal and financial issues in continuing the business. They sent me the paperwork to complete. I told them I will complete the paperwork after I come from vacation. The were a series of events that made it financially difficulties during my vacation. I came back and told them I do not wish to proceed forward. I haven't meet with anyone to plan anything with them. I did not do any paperwork at all. I emailed Nathan Russell about 7 times and I called him numerous times. He then he said that I should get my money within 7-10 business days. It's been more than a month now and no action has been taken. I had to eat the cost of this financial burden. Who do I need to call.. This is frustrating.... Nathan Russell please help me...
This is a horrible company. They are nothing but con artists. They don't tell the truth up front and all the so called funding is from companies that don't know you are even using Fundwise. They lowered my credit score several points from all the credit card inquiries and most of the creditors they applied for on my behalf declined me due to high amounts of inquiries. Their system doesn't work please do not use them.
They will give you the education you need to understand funding, and how best to go about getting some for your business.
I received 67k in funds for my hardware retail business. Thanks to Leo and team!
Let’s talk about my results first- after my discovery they created a plan that could possibly get me 3k-8k let’s just say they under promised and OVER DELIVERED within 1 day I got approved for 26k and my credit score only took a small dip due to the plan they laid out for me. This team of Expert are the REAL DEAL!!!! It’s like a college for Credit, I’m learning stuff I never knew before. I definitely plan on working with them on a LONG TERM relationship and I would definitely recommend this company
Leo and his team are quite possibly the most professional and knowledgeable in the business! They helped me secure over $300K in funding for my many business ventures and I would recommend them to anyone! Simply put, they get results and save their valuable clients from the run around we've all gotten everywhere else. Anytime I have funding needs or questions, I now know where to turn - Leo and his team at Business Funding Mastery! Thanks again!
I enjoy working with jackson he lead true the applications and i appreciated that very much, fundwise get me $46,000k i think it safe to say fundwise is a big part in helping to get my business to good start. Thanks Jackson Wooden
I was skeptical at first but after all I hade a great experience and get the funds I needed to start my new business. Thanks.
Having someone with experience with financial institutions really helped me knowing I had someone to trust. My funding manager was very polite and professional. Went through the process rather quickly and would explain if I had questions. He helped me get funded with institutions I would not have even considered. The process was streamlined to find funding to fit my needs vs myself searching through an ocean of lenders. Because of their help, I'm able to fund my business venture. I completed 8 applications and approved for 5 for $54,200.00 in less than a week! They will always be in my resources for the future.
Hannah Berry, the Funding Specialist, was very helpful establishing credit for my business. She was prepared on each call, efficient, and knowledgeable to assist in setting up funding. Fundwise Capital completed the tasks as they said they would from setting up the phone calls to following through with the funding.
Working with my representative Jackson and the entire Fundwise staff made the process easy to work through, but most of all they made me comfortable with their knowledge and expertise.I had requested funding that I had thought was unattainable, but with their guidance I reached my goal. This has given me a jump start in getting my business off the ground. Kudos to Fundwise and Thank You Sandra Kagan-Angell
Great company all around ! very clear process. I am very busy and they worked with my time. Hanna was awesome!
My overall experience with Fundwise was very positive. I am a school teacher and am starting a business and needed funding to help me get things started. I went to Fundwise hoping that they could help me find the funds I was looking for. Not only did they get me the money I was looking for and needed, they helped me get a lot more! Now I have enough working capital to start my business. It is good to know that there are companies like Fundwise that are willing to help people live their American Dream!
Great people to work with they get you what you need
Terrible, stay far far away from this company. Will "pre-approve" you , and schedule calls with you for the next steps in the process. Will double book your call, reschedule you , and then send you an email saying even though you far exceed our credit score requirement , because you have been shopping around for credit - we can't help you. All items that I disclosed during my pre-approval call. Fundwise definitely needs to learn how to communicate better, maybe not schedule calls with busy business owners only to not call them but waste time and money on obtaining and paying for credit reports and clearing out my schedule to take this 30 min call. Rep didn't even apologize for not having the courtesy to call me after scheduling it 2x until I called them out for being unprofessional and rude. Bottom line: Don't waste your time, effort or money.
I hadn't heard about fundwise before a month ago but everything I saw was reassuring. I don't have a business set up (hello thats why I need money) and it has been impossible to find anybody who will work with me. fundwise is a legitimate company that ACTUALLY funds startups, not just advertises that they do. 5 stars for integrity and a straightforward process.
James F was a friendly and cheerful guide in my search for funds. Without him I would not have gotten anywhere near my goal and especially in the short time frame. His and his companies knowledge got me what I needed to be. It was a very good experience.
Fundwise took the fear and mystery out of obtaining credit. I had the priviledge of working with Jackson Wooden. He did a tremendous job of answering every question I had and taking the time to make sure he answered satisfactorily. As a rookie to the credit process, I felt that Fundwise was on my side, educated me, and had my best interest at heart all the way through. A strong recommendation for anyone looking to simplify the funding process.
UNREAL!!! If you need to raise funds, you had better call these guys. They were able to DOUBLE our target amount. Professional process, well laid-out web interfaces, disciplined approach equals success. Great card research, well presented information regarding pros and cons on card usage, simple application process, and, BIG SMILES on approval. I would use them again and suggest you give them a try. I don't think you can do better when you need funds fast.
Jackson and the team at Fundwise make the process of acquiring funding seamless and painless. Exceeded my expectations on the amount of funding I was approved for as well as the time it took to accomplish it. This is truly the way to go for getting some extra moola to kickstart your projects or to learn a new skill. Thank you!
Hannah Berry was the agent I used to get all my cards. She was very patient, helpful and easy to work with. I recommend Fundwise Capital to anyone who needs to get credit in your name. Juanice Burroughs
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Fundwise helped me obtain additional credit to expand my business into a new area. Their guidance made the process straightforward and easy. Everyone I dealt with was highly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.
Great experience with these guys
My experience with Fundwise Capital was very pleasant. Mr. Jackson was courteous and knowledgeable in helping me secure the funding for my business in a timely manner. Thanks again, Jackson!
Here's a detailed account of my story and dissatisfaction with Fundwise Capital. My goal is for potential customers to make a more informed decision than I did. I was paired with a consultant to begin. His name was Michael Begg. Michael told me that my discounted fee of $2,997 was for the funding options they'd get for me--essentially the credit cards he'd help me apply for. The thing is, I didn't need help applying for credit cards. I already had 13 credit cards totaling over $90,000 of unsecured debt and I had nearly an 800 credit score. I knew how to research and find the credit cards that had appealing promotional intro apr's for balance transfers and purchases. What I was most interested in was their knowledge on how to pull the cash off the cards without incurring the cash advance fees and exorbitant interest rates. So I told Michael all of that and made it clear that the sole reason for me paying the $2,997 fee was for the cash out plan NOT the help in getting additional credit cards. He gave me assurance by connecting me with a guy name Casey Lundquist who would be responsible for creating this cash-out plan. After speaking with Casey, I made the decision to sign their contract and move forward. After I completed the process of submitting applications over the next week and securing 7 new cards (important to note I was approved for 7 out of 9 applications due to inquiries incurred during the process), Casey gave me a cash-out plan. However, it was not thorough at all and didn't even include all the accounts I was able to secure. I asked him to create a new plan that was accurate and incorporated my existing cards so I could pull off the maximum cash possible. He ended up sending my file to Leo Kanell who I believe is the CEO according to his email signature. Over the next few days, Leo sent me two or three of his versions of a cash-out plan, but again none of them utilized all of my cards and some of them would have taken months to accomplish (there is a waiting period for the balance transfer to post on the account and then another waiting period for you to request and wait for the check from the account you're pulling the cash off of). Waiting months was not an option because many of the new accounts stated in fine print that the promotional balance transfer apr was only valid if the balance transfer was posted in the first 45 days. This was not disclosed by Fundwise nor was it taken into consideration when putting together the cash-out plans. The plans also did not factor in that nearly every bank will only allow you to balance transfer up to a certain percentage of your total credit line--some cases it's as low as 50% like one of American Express cards. Again, this was not disclosed nor was it taken into consideration when putting together the cash-out plans. Leo also sent patronizing emails advising me to change my mindset from that of a consumer to that of an entrepreneur. That was both unprofessional and not even appropriate to our conversation. Pretty sad to think that came from the CEO of the company. Essentially what you get for hiring Fundwise are two things: 1) Good plan and assistance in applying for the credit cards that you have the most likelihood of getting approved for to maximize the amount of funding you get and 2) A very poorly put together cash-out plan that is not accurate/thorough and does not disclose the things I mentioned above. If you are looking for help to apply for credit cards, then Fundwise may be a good option for you. But if you already know how to do that and you're just looking for a plan to pull cash off these cards like I was, Fundwise is a waste of money. They do a good job at misleading people in the latter category by enticing them with this cash-out plan promise so please read this review thoroughly to avoid getting ripped off like I did. Also, when I voiced these concerns and shared my dissatisfaction with their service, they responded with the most beat-around-the-bush answer possible and gave me a pathetic apology about why they could not offer me a refund.
great, fun to work with
Love the professional staff that are genuinely interested in helping you secure funding for your business. Not only do they help you along the process to securing funds, but they are knowledgeable in the different paths to finding specific funding based off your personal and business credit reports. If you need money for your business you need to use Fundwise Capital!
Leo and his team put together a plan for us to get the business funding we needed, and they exceeded our expectations! I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for funding to start a business or expand.
I was contacted by Fundwise capital in December 2017 about seeing if I needed business funding. I said sure. They explained there options and it all made since but I was hesitant. So, the associated told me they're running a special on the 5,000 package that I could get for 3,000. I said no money is tight, it's the holidays. He kept pushing and said PayPal has a 6 month no pay no interest. So I signed up. This how process moved at a snail pace. Multiple items I had to do and outside expenses from the plan like website, Regus office, set up tradelines, buy products from my tradelines, 411 comparable phone number. This was a truly disappointing path. Plant the seeds and wait, not what was explained. I did some research on my business credit and what I found was extremely upsetting! 1. Nothing was updated through Dunn and Bradstreet Iupdate (not even owner info) 2. Experian never generated a bin before recently. Nothing was accurate or updated. 3. I was never advised on the industry type or secretary of state, as it Related my business credit and potential funding options. I found this information by visiting I widely use business and personal credit monitoring platform of which I'm now a member of and spoke to an advisor over the phone. They advised that no work appeared to be done with the business credit Agencies as they were mismatched even from one another. This is most definitely a case of services not rendered and requested a full refund plus interest. Been trying calling, leaving messages, and emails. All I get in response is silence. I want a refund ASAP and I am not interested in any other resolutions. I had time lost and money spent in believing what I was told to be true. Chris Jones
I had a wonderful experience working with Hannah. she was helpful throughout the process. I will definitely recommend Fundwise capital to those in need of funding to start a business.
I've been in business for over 40 years, and an owner of businesses, but the information and services available were a surprise and a delight to me. Every business owner needs this education. Every business needs this kind of help to move beyond being held back from excellence in the field of credit-worthiness. Fundwise can make the needed funding happen and happen quickly. But even more, they can educate in the simplest of ways and coach you into higher ratings, personal and business. Kudos!
We had a very great experience! No complaints at all!
was impressed with knowledge of rep Drew Bates and his ability to answer questions.
Working with Michael Wadsworth has been a pleasure. I was referred to Fundwise Capital from another organization and my credit is good, but I have a lot of dept. They prepared a funding plan for me and told me to apply for 8 credit cards to get up to 15k of credit. However, after applying, I was able to get over 40k of credit. If you need to build your credit, these people know what they are doing.
We would not have been able to stay open without this program. Very informative, Leo goes step by step, no confusion, has been our saving grace.
Fundwise managed to help me get the credit I needed in order to be able to begin my real estate investing business. Without their help I would not be able to manage to make this business a go.
I want to thank Jackson for a pleasant experience working with him. Very knowledgeable and help me understand the process. I do wish the fee would have been less than 9%; however, I knew this going into the process. The funding process was quick and easy. I was able to focus more on my day to day knowing Jackson was taking care of the financial part of things. Fundwise Capital is the way to go! Thank you
I had many reservations going in about the consulting fees. However, they MORE than earned every penny! I could not be more excited about where we ended. I don't think it would have been possible to create over $100K in credit lines without their help.
Fundwise did a great job helping me achieve the financing necessary to start my business! 5 stars!!!