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This campaign was set up for me by a friend who kindly thought I deserved a holiday. They tried to keep it a secret but I got wind of it and was absolutely blown away. Websites like these enable amazing gestures and my page is a place I will come back to over and over to remember this wonderful gesture. I didn't contact customer support so can't comment on that service but the site did seem to work perfectly.
VERY good experience. Everything went as planned which is quite rare :smile: But remember that fundraising takes work - many campaigns don't make it and that's because - I think - people think they can just make a campaign and funds will roll in. Read the guides, blogs and speak to the support dept
helpful site
This was my first time using a crowdfunding site and not being very technically savvy I was worried that I would struggle with the process. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how easily and quickly I was able to have my campaign up and collecting donations. Will definitely use again for any future fundraisers.
If you need to raise funds, look no further, choose GoGetFunding. Professional, attractive layout and fantastic customer service.
I was a bit concenred about verification having read a few other reviews on this page but in all honesty I don't see what all the fuss is about. We raised a substantial amount of money so obviously some AML verification is required. That took just a day, then a day later we were sent our money. Brilliant and easy to use site that we will use again
no phone contact and ive had to message about ten times to ask when the money raised will be transferred. ive had various confusing replies and ive only had half the amount raised come through on my weallet. ive raised a total £80 but ive only managed to transfer £40 of this through my wallet
Flawless experience fundraising. Highly recommended. Gemma.
Review from a first-time crowdfunder. All went better than I could have hoped. This crowdfunding malarky actually works! But of course it's not magic, we put the work in.
Disgusting and should be shut down! Raised just over my target of €1000.00 thinking as per the website GoGetFunding would take 4% of this only to discover they have actually taken an ADDITIONAL €200 in hidden fees! To say I am disgusted, upset and disappointed in beyond an understatement. Climbed Kilimanjaro to raise that money and then to have it stolen by this company masquerading as an organization trying to do good is despicable.
I met the goal I set within 24 hours. The explanation of the transfer of funds to a bank account could be improved, as PayPal notified me it could take between three and five business days. Otherwise, it seems like a very reliable service.
There are a lot of fundraising sites out there. We carefully compared them and GGF came out on tops. That was reflected in what we were able to raise too
I did a lot of research of funding sites and GoGetFunding was the best I came across. Setting up the fundraiser was quick and easy and their customer support was always on hand to help me with any queries I had. The user interface was simple to use and I was able to follow up with those who had made a donation easily. I hit my target which I am very pleased about I know some other funding sites charge more but I can't understand what you'd possibly get for that.
My brother lost his leg on the weekend in a horrific accident. In the last few days he has either been asleep or in surgery. I raised funds on GoGetFunding for him, as he's a small business owner with 3 children. He cannot support himself or his family right now. GoGetFunding have refused to validate his South African ID, so I can get his raised funds given to his wife. The South African ID which is government issued and is legal according to international requirements. This strikes me as opportunistic and unfair, especially when people have donated out of the goodness of their hearts, for Mark's family to have nappies, formula and other necessities while he is unable to support them.
A lot more functionality than every other site I checked out. Very good experience and will be coming back here when we need to fundraise again
Knew about gogetfunding.com some time ago as you hosted the campaign for the founder of the Internet. Your user experience was excellent throughout. Happy to leave you the full 5 stars.
This was certainly better than sharing my bank details, as I originally planned to as we needed to collect funds for a loved one's medical treatment. Having this page setup for us meant we could use it as a portal to keep loved one's informed, donors could see what impact their donation had to our overall progress and most importantly we could properly give our heartfelt thanks to those that supported us during this difficult time. I would recommend this site to others that need to collect funds for whatever it might be,
5 stars from me
Go GGF! Your site should really be more well known. A true fundraising experience with a real focus on doing everything to help people raise more money. Sub campaigns, customising checkout, so many payment options and more
Compared all fundraising sites where we can receive money direct. Happy we chose GoGetFunding - as advertised
HI excellent
Great support, easy campaign creation and promotion tools
Chuffed with our fundraising efforts. Great customer support! Plus great features that made the outreach easy for us.. Thanks again Go get funding.
this site is one of the most you can rely on,
Just started using this site for a family friend who really needs funding asap. I've just been told it takes 50 days for funds to become available. We live in 2019 - nothing takes 50 days, which begs the question: Why funds are taken instantly from donors and then kept for 50 days? I have just received a reply pointing me to various notifications and agreements. I hate this because hiding behind agreements etc does not take away from the fact that you hold funds for 50 days! Card payments clear in a maximum of 3-5 working days, let's say there is a need for currency conversation which takes about 30 seconds, but let's say it takes this platform 5 days, so what are the other 40 days for? Really disappointed! What a disgrace! UPDATE: Gogetfunding have been trying to explain the 50 day waiting period, unfortunately there is just no legitimate reason for it. The support staff have sent me long emails with no real options or reasons as why this is happening without actually telling me what is needed to get these funds to the recipient. The "options" range from enabling paypal (USD) (so donors incur charges when donating using their bank cards in their home country), I could have also raised funds in GBP apparently (again, so donors that pay for donating when they use their bank cards in their home country), the total disregard for donors and recipients is so frustrating, its almost like nobody is thinking when these emails are sent! I still haven't been told what is actually required to get these funds to the recipient.
SUPER fast & POSITIVE experience. Hit our target in two days and got our funds just a few days later. First crowdfunding experience - was awesome!! Thank you GOGETFUNDING!
Really happy with the results of our campaign. We invited a few team members and everyone really got behind the cause. Worked flawlessly. Would 100% use again
Got my money quickly and without hassle. Good site
Saw this site on Daily Mail and decided to use it for our cousin. We never even knew the concept existed but we had phenomenal outpouring of support from family & friends. The funds will support our family for years to come.
A lot of backend features - some that we needed explaining about how to best use them. We raised more than our target. Great that they give this option and delighted with the whole process
Have raised 126% of our target so very happy with the platform provided to spread the word and accept payments
An easy to follow site and good email updates of how your campaign is going/donations etc....with the names and comments of people kind enough to make money contributions..
i am so happy by it so we could raise fund by it its very good and helpfull so hundruds poor refuggesss can eat food thankyou so much
Really easy to create your page, share on social networks and get people involved. Very happy overall
Go ahead. Already successful site. I wish your bright future.
Was thinking of going with a more well-known site for our campaign. I contacted support to find out how GoGetFunding are different and simply going by the level of service sold it to me. A successful campaign later - happy we used this platform
Without gogetfunding we would not have been able to raise the funds we did. The fee paid is made up for all that they provide you in return for example excellent support and fundraising tools. I did pour over the other, and some bigger fundraising sites before settling here and happy that I did. Very useful compare feature too which helped my decision
GoGetFunding is an excellent platform to raise funds for any campaign. I received excellent service from Mandy who assisted me with every step. It’s very simple, direct and even after leaving my campaign dormant for over a year the money it received remained safely in place waiting for me to withdraw it.
Happy with gogetfunding.com. It was important for us to be able to collect a fair amount of info on who donated, add offline amounts, updates and send emails to every backer. Gogetfunding had all these features and we exceeded our goal. Solid website.
Not a good experience. I tried to get my money from gogetfunding.com site, and they are not validating documents in order to keep the money. This site does not have identification .... of who runs it. Which is the name of the company who runs it, or person, does not have telephone contact. I will get the autorities to check it out.
Had a good experience - would use again :-)
You guys rock! Great customer service!
I spent several days searching for the best option but then decided on this one. That was because they have the lowest fees and seemingly best features so we’re getting the most bang for our buck. Customer support was amazing, hence the glowing review. But the 2 issues I did have were 1) My paypal account needed to be upgraded to properly receive payments. 2) It wasn’t so easy to change the goal amount once my campaign was live Apart from that, I highly recommend Gogetfunding.
Used GoFundMe for our first campaign, then GoGetFunding. Much prefer this site, so many more ways to enhance your campaign. A little bit of a learning curve understanding what all the features are, but worth it financially
I completed my Campaign and it's very easy to raise Fund here in comparison to other websites .
Very straightforward and easy to use when setting up my our campaign. 2 of us could access and manage the campaign with no issues. All their fees are clear and not hidden. Will defo use again :-)
Had a great experience using Go Get Funding - was super easy to use and the guys reached out to me to give me some extra advice which was handy x
Easy to use and very accessible to asian countries
Think the site deserves the full five star rating for the tools they provide and empower people with.
GoGetFunding was recommended to me by a family member and I would most certainly recommend it to others
Low fees and they don't bug donors to donate to the site which is why we decided to go with them. Would use again if needed
I got a little confused with the numerous back end features like sub-pages. I contacted support who explained this to me and it actually made quite a difference in the amount of money we raised. Very happy with the site
Excellent site. Here are the things that stood out for us that made us choose GoGetFunding and that helped our campaign overall. First, fees are low fixed and upfront. They don't charge donors like some other sites that we had shortlisted. The last thing we wanted were donors contacting us about strange additional charges. There were four of us running this campaign so we needed the team member features. We didn't know this beforehand but they also have this master/umbrella campaign feature. 4 of our donors created campaigns that directly supported us which was amazing. There isn't as much buzz with GoGetFunding as I've seen with other sites which is strange as I think they fully deserve it and my 5*
Was so easy to setup and start accepting payments. Payout was quick and easy. Enjoyed the experience and would recommend.
I have raised money with IndieGoGo, GoFundMe and YouCaring in the past but I feel that GoGetFunding has the edge. Why? The campaign listing process was easy while providing me with all the options I expected and some more that I didn't but that were really useful. For example, the teams feature. How simple but powerful. You aren't restricted once your campaign has been created. You can still edit the goal, deadline, payment details and whatever else whereas other sites do limit this which can be frustrating. The only thing I didn't like was the image alignment in the placeholder. This could do with some work to make it feel cleaner. But a small point which is eclipsed by many other great features which led to a refreshing experience.
Gogetfunding is a great app for fundraising
I have been struggling since the 24th of July to just get the withdrawal request approved. Of which there was an issue with the verification process. Now, another month after approval, NO monies have been received. I have been very patient, but now I am starting to think that this might all be a scam as I am getting nowhere!! Go get funding was supposed to be a safe, reliable source of raising money and my struggles have proven this very wrong! More than 10 working days have gone past, and still NO FUNDS RECEIVED! The funds were supposed to help me and my husband with medical treatment and we had to take other measures to pay for everything, which was of inconvenience to ourselves as we planned everything around the funds raised. I do not have any contact numbers of any of the documents provided, even though Victoria have been trying her best to communicate via email, we have gotten nowhere. It is a lot of money donated by others out of the goodness of their hearts and just to think that it might have been for nothing is sickening and sad! Never in my life, have I encountered an issue as delaying, frustrating, confusing and high maintenance as this. Never have I ever felt the need to rate/review a company badly. But this platform has disappointed me and somewhere something is not right. We can only move forward when we know what's holding us back.
I rated this site 5 stars because I found them great for me from start to finish, one thing is to remember is that there is a wait of 7 days from each donation but that's so they clear, and these bad reviews on here also remember there is a story behind them, I reached my goal and withdrew my money and it was available the day after in the bank but remember it differs say out of uk, I also had a great team member Victoria who helped me along the way with any questions i had she replied without fail to put my mind at ease a recommended site
Happy with the site and how it it worked. Donating was easy and multiple options gave donors flexibility whereas some sites force a certain payment option
It's a great platform I see it works for others, please help me with my campaign. Thank you
I am new here..I create a campaign for our poor farmer..they need help..we have a organization..please check this out and share it many others...
Was recommended to use GGF. Didn't let me down. Easy setup, donation process, management of campaign and support. Will be using again.
GoGetFunding is much more committed to freedom of speech and religious liberty than GoFundMe. My wife and I have been treated very well by the people who work at GoGetFunding and they are the only fundraiser we will use.
Great experience using GoGetFunding,easy to use and low commission fees! Would not hesitate in recommending to peers for future fundraising!
We never hit our target but good experience and support. May extend the campaign later to try again. Thanks GoGetFunding
A powerful fundraising tool that let's you do everything you need to raise money. We setup our page within around 20 mins, and we exceeded our goal within 3 days. Very happy with the outcome!
Supports more currencies and cards than other sites so go with it if you need that
Well very fast with PP donations very fast on verify but so slow to make money amount available if donor send it with card ( i still cannot get them and 7 days passed but i am sure i will)
Great personal crowdfunding site! Happy to recommend to others
Made a good choice going with GoGetFunding. My partner and I created our page on our mobile and minutes later we were able to receive donations. These were easily withdrawn into our bank account within a few days. We went with this platform due to the low fixed fees and not charging donors. They also have bells and whistles not available on other sites but we felt did help us raise that much more. Because of these extra features there are quite a few backend options which can be a bit intimidating but just took us a few extra minutes understanding. Although if you’re fundraising you already know you have to put in the extra effort to learn how to fundraiser and then promote. We would recommend this platform to others.
Having real issues with this crowdfunding platform, getting my questions answered in the first email proved an impossibility. Having not being able to get from A to B with a particular consultant, I asked to speak with someone else. But, still receive emails from the same consultant! Something I have never encountered before crowdfunding with GoFundMe or Indiegogo. Doubtful, I will use this platform again, a really bad experience so far. Hi Sandip, Mandy sent one email yesterday (Sunday) in which I will reply when not at work. Isee you have reported my review to Trustpilot stating I haven't used your platform. If this is the case why do I have a live campaign with funds contributed? Not cool.
No donor reported any issues and we got the money into our bank account within a couple of working days
I spent a fair amount of time researching funding platforms. GoGetFunding came out tops. In fact, it was quicker to set up the campaign than research who would be the best to use. Great interface / user friendly / immediate access to donations / easy to edit.
Nice experience for me.
This site is very helpfull for us...Thank's for helping us
Found gogetfunding.com very easy to use and the support is very responsive. The pages look beautiful and in my opinion, better than other fundraising sites.
Easier than expected - thanks GGF!
The site is straightforward to use and easy to manage/update. I personally chose this site over the others because of the lower site fee and PayPal integration. Milage may vary but all the tools for a successful crowdfunding campaign are here, its up to you to make it happen. Best wishes!
Not a happy camper at the moment - cannot access our funds that we desperately need for my husbands treatment. Had to validate our account using someone else's credentials - does not sound right to me. Who has our money donated by family and friends to support my husband who is needing treatment.
Its good for human lif.
Happy so far. Campaign is still up and running so may leave more detail later
Good....It's all information about Funding. Great!!
I was able to create the campaign on my mobile phone and 20 minutes later, after sharing, we started getting donations in. Within just 4 days, we reached our goal and paused the campaign. Verification took 24 hours and then we got our funds. Excellent process
Chose GGF for the fundraising teams and sub-pages feature. Great site, does what it says on the tin!
Had everything I needed and more. Great, rapid support. Easy to use features, payment methods. We also received funds in our bank right away rather than having to wait. We reached our target and if I needed to, would certainly use the site again.
Simple yet effective. I most times don't like a service enough to rate but I would definitely recommend to my friends.