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Golden Valley Lending Online Loan Reviews

Honestly very quickly and efficient. I would definitely recommend but only thing I wasn't exactly sure how much I got until deposited. I was approved for more and wanted more but what I thought beforehand was what I received.
Representatives are professional and pleasant as well as very much helpful.
professional easy to do, no hidden fees
Customer service is excellent, web page gives current and detailed info about account. I recommend you to anyone!!
Awesome! Glad to do business with you!
It was okay the person i was speaking to could be a lot nicer and speaking. Other then that it was okay.
Issue with website
this company and the people that works for are very knowledgeable and very helpful with assisting me in my needs
In time of need, they are a great short term loan option. Always friendly, knowledgeable customer service. No penalty or extra fees to pay off early, which is wonderful!!
So East. Excelente service.
I received an email saying I was approved for a loan. I jumped through the hoops & got the loan only to find out it was a fefi after the fact. They took over half of the loan to payoff my previous loan. Again W/O telling me!!!! Never again...
Very helpful. Was able to get my loan fast
Fast and accurate process from application to funding and payment schedule.
Always there when I need them. Of course at a cost.
I truly had a good and pleasant opportunity speaking with a rep from Golden Valley
Very easy to deal with. And very knowledgeable
Great customer service, was really impressed
The interest rate is extremely high but easy to get a loan
Rates could be lower ,
Please train operators to answer the customer questions instead of forcing through the process just to close business. I specifically asked 2 operators if the loan would fund next day - 1 said "oh I don't address that I just verify information" - the other just blew over my question by saying "oh you have a big bank so it should thereis a good chance it will be there. Well money not here today. BOTTOM LINE... now I'm getting repo fees. Also why are you training operators to call folks at work as first time customers...!!!! We are at work and cannot discuss personal matters. Very dissatisfied with your company. I'll be paying this loan off and NOT using your service again. Answer the customers truthfully and completely. If it's East Coast customers the loan is not funding if submitted after 3pm EST. I'm a former bank manager and current customer service manager. Clearly this organization is about closing businesses now and not repeating business and keeping customers. Sad.
When I needed help they was their
it's easy to do.
Always a fast response!
Prompt and good customer service.
They are very professional and worked with me when I had an issue.
I got approved right away ! able to make easier payments I can afford!
It was very simple and fast to get qualified and receive funds. Would recommend to anyone looking for a loan.
Excellent customer service and quick approval.
Always easy to work with and very happy with the service
Quick friendly service!
Very timely, responsive, and professional. Can't think of a better company for this type of loan!
Always efficient, friendly and helpful.
They are kind and they helped me in a bind when I need a rescue.
Easy to you and they follow up helps if you have questions or need to make an adjustment
Customer service representative was very helpful and thorough.
Very easy process. Very helpful customer service and representatives.
I thought your staff very friendly.
Give this company a chance and you'll be better for it
Absolutely great experience! Super nice helpful people took care of everything quickly and seamlessly. I will definitely do business with them again
Representative was very rude and would not let me get a word in. He kept over-talking me making my experience very frustrated
Great place to work with fast easy!!
When called to apply for a loan after receiving a phone call I had to call back to secure the loan.
Golden Valley Lending is a trustworthy lending source with great customer service!
I love doing business with your company all customer service is so nice
They are very personal and helpful
Recommend to anyone, hassle free, great customer service
Quick and and easy loan with Great assistance.
Service was excellent and efficient. All representatives very knowledgeable and courteous. Would highly recommend.
Very professional They are very professional to deal with, offer good service with lower rates than competitors. And if you get in a tight spot, they will work with you.
I. Like the help they have provided
First time customer. Needed money in a pinch.It was quick and easy. Customer service was very nice to talk to, handled it very quickly and answered questions I had.
Golden Valley Lending was absolutely amazing. After over-extending my finances for Christmas, I found myself short on rent come January. I applied for funds online on Sunday; although their office was closed that day, I received a phone call from them first thing at 8:00 am on Monday morning. After a short phone call (less than 10 minutes) with a very friendly and understanding customer service rep, I was told my information would be sent to their Finance Department for final approval, and I should expect an email from them. At that point, I will admit, I did start getting disappointed... I thought, "oh great--I still have to go through another department," and expected to have to gather a bunch of documents, including pay stubs, bank account statements, etc., to submit for "final approval". However, I could not be more WRONG! Within 10 minutes of that phone call, I received an email from the finance department saying my funds were on their way! I was in such disbelief, I called their main number to confirm that there was nothing more I had to do and that my funds were really being deposited into my account--which they confirmed! I was told that my funds would be deposited within 2 business days, which I again thought would turn into three, because of the New Years holiday. But, get this--I checked my bank account first thing on January 1....and THE FUNDS WERE THERE!!!! They had been deposited at midnight the SAME DAY I was approved!!! I had not even asked for same day processing (although I found out that is an option....but you have to ask for it during the initial phone call with BUT I didn't even need to ask for same-day processing, because they automatically did so!!! I am now able to pay my rent--on time!!! And all thanks to Golden Valley Lending. I can't believe how simple the process was. And, I didn't have to go through the embarrassment of them speaking with my employer or the hassle of submitting documents for review, nor the waiting and waiting to even see if I was was fast and immediate--the MOST simple process I ever encountered. Thank you so much for relieving my financial stress coming into the New Year--I am so grateful for your company! I will definitely use you again, should I find myself in that position again!
Golden Valley has been there when I needed financial help quickly. Do you have to pay back more than you borrowed? Yes, but they are not your parents, they are a business.
I gave them five star.
Reasonable rates and a very friendly staff. Not ush or overbearing. Manageable payment plan
The customer service reps are fabulous. The interest rate is rather high, but they have always been there for me in a pinch.
Sean was professional and totally had patience. The process was easy and quick.
Very understanding and explain everything
Was very simple process
The process was super easy And the customer service agent was very friendly.
Typically great customer service. The interest rate is astronomical but I think that is now the trend with any money lending service. However the process is easy and lots of support is offered
Very easy website to use , especially for returning customers..
Very friendly, helpful and professional.
Friendly and excellent service
I appreciate the service and speed in which my loan was processed, and your company always comes through when needed
The approval process was extremely fast. The approval amount may not be was showing but it's reasonable.
Great people to deal with,very fast .would highly recommend.
It was easy to get a loan, but it took 2 days instead of 1.
Professional and painless process
It was so easy and the staff was very nice and eager to help
A little high for short term loan
I was very pleased with how I was handled as a returning customer. The person who’s name escapes me was extremely professional and courteous.
A really good company. Never had a problem
Your Customer Service Representatives are EXCELLENT
Fast service, polite personnel, easy to talk to.
The application process is very easy and the customer service representatives respond quickly.
When my payment is done and when I'm in need you loan me the money and give the discount with out code and extend to following payday and I'm forever greatful. Thank you Albert
Great service and personal skills. Easy transaction
Excellent people, product and customer service...
Easy ,fast!!
I have being a customer for over a year and every time I need money, the process is very simple and quick!
Quick service ,very professional There when I needed help Great company
You guys are great. Easy to work with and happy to help. Thank you!
Easy to refinance loan...everything done and funded in 10 minutes, literally!
Very reliable and has gotten me out of trouble on several occasions. Yes the interest is high but that’s standard for any payday loan.
I have never had trouble and always friendly
Love them. Easy application. Friendly staff. No confusion with terms. I will do business again.
Great job! Easy process
Best service ALWAYS
The interest rate is crazy like everyone else but the service was awesome and fast.
great customer service and payment options
im inspise helping people
Fast and the lady that assisted me was friendly, helpful and made everything a breeze!!
Customer service is horrible and in embarrassing. I would never do business with you again fraud.
Pay off a loan, bug u to take another, phone, email, don't mind e mail,but to keep calling on my work phone, along with waking me on road, unexcepable, have there number, took another loan, take when I need it, as recently,crew there is great, but phone calls, no
Very nice personnel and eat application process.
I am very happy always with the service I receive and timeliness off the loan. Your repayment schedule is great and you have the lowest rates I have found. Thank you for being there for me when I need you.
Very helpful in changing bank information. I was never granted access to it. Appreciated the lowering of my first payment with this.
Great customer service every time
I have taken out several loans and always found it an easy experience, and the agents very helpful