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I love Great Plains Lending ! They are a fantastic company by far the best I've ever used. They are quick and very helpful. The only company I will use from now on .
Application was easy to complete and both decision and deposit of funds was timely
I received a flyer and was skeptical with applying for a loan. I kept the flyer for two weeks and finally did it. No hassle loan approved within seconds even though I have a low credit score. Thank you Great Plains Lending you saved me. I recommend this company to anyone in need of an emergency loan.
Applied in the evening, money was in my bank account the next morning. Not sure what I would have done without it.
If you need short term cash this is the way to go! Fast and easy application very truthful in the amount approve easy deposite and accesses to your account to track your loan and payments!
Excellent ! Very helpful ! Great service !
There to help people with good credit have other alternatives.
I been with this company about three years or so and the online application is still down,what going on,I been trying since March 23,2017 and now it's May the 18th and the online application is still down,please help me to know what going on,I'm in need of a loans right now,I don't care about the interest rates,I can't get a loans with any bank,because my credit is bad and my score is real low I say about 545 is my score the last time I checked,this company is the only people that helps me when I'm in a bind and I need them right now.
This is my first loan with you all and I am very please
Great Plains lending help me when I had no where else to turn! I hit a loan that will not cause hardship to pay off!
Was easy to work with. Need to put a disclaimer on how long it takes to get the code. It took almost 24 hours to get it. I thought something was not working properly. When I talked to lady today. She was very nice and helpful.
I recommend you to use Great Plains.. Very easy applying and fast respond. Staff are extremely nice.
I desperately needed money to cover an unexpected expense. Great Plains came through within 24 hours and helped me when I didn't know where else to turn.
Helpful experience.
This means so much more than you could possibly know. My granddaughter has type one diabetes she is 12 but had suffered for over 10 years since she was diagnosed and we were so close to losing her, I truly believe in miracles or Angels, I am blessed Thank-you Linda Day
Been using them for years. I take out a loan and pay it off ahead of time, usually within a few months. Yes, the interest is ridiculous but you also know what you're getting yourself into because they provide a payment schedule showing amounts and bottom line. If you don't want to pay the interest, don't take the loan. People seem shocked and give negative reviews, but the company doesn't hide their interest rates.
Simple, quick, and easy to apply and get money.
I needed a quick, small loan of $1,000-$2,000 for bills and some unexpected expenses and Great Plains Lending got me approved in two days! Everything was easy, simple, and straightforward; no problems and the representative who helped me through the process was very friendly. i would recommend this company to anyone in need of a small, short term loan from 6 months to a year who need a little cash infusion for paying their bills or an unexpected financial situation, or who are living paycheck to paycheck. Great company, great service.
I felt that I was just filling out another application to just be denied at the end. But it turned out different this time.
I do think the rate is high, but for the emergency that I had it was perfect. No long process just done from my home and direct deposit the next day. Thanks for helping
The application process was concise and to the point. The evaluation and final dispersement of the loan went off well and without any glitches.
Thank you for your saved me and I am grateful. I would recommend your company.also the payment schedule is not bad,it's doable
It was a good solution to a emergency cash flow problem for medical expenses.
My first experience was great and I didn't have to wait so long for any results!
In these times, a little difficult for some who for many reasons, we could not make money. companies like Great Plains that help you to realize a dream appear. Thank you thank you very much
Very straight forward and efficient process when we needed the help
Money was available next day thanks
Glad I appt quick Ana fast
I would surely recommend this company to anyone
Great Plaines was there to help me at a very hard time, my car broke down and needed it to get to work, tried other company's but they promised but didn't come through for me.. Great Plains did.. my car is fixed and Hoping to repay asap! Thank you Great Plains
Although I have a full time state governed job I have fallen on hard times. I recently had a baby and it was just a financial set back that worsened when I had an unexpected financial obligation to buy another car. I had to overdraft my bank account just to pay my minimal bills. I received a letter from Great Plains in the mail, and I was skeptical at first but I decided to go to their website. I didn't think I would get approved for anything at all (I've previously tried borrowing from my bank. I've been a member of for years) but to my surprise I was approved for $1400! The fact that they allow you to determine your own terms for repayment is excellent. It is NOT like a payday loan. I felt compelled to write a review, which I never do, because I am greatly appreciative for Great Plain's services. If anyone has any doubts, like I did, their services are good and if you are in need it is worth it! I look forward to using them again if ever needed without hesitation.
Great Plains Lending stepped in just when I needed them!!
Paid up a higher rate card Thank you
This is my first time using GreatPlainsLending and it is great. I called first and talked with someone and they were real nice and explained everything to me. It didn't take long at all to get their decision or the money. I would recommend the company to everyone I know. Thank you.
After I sign my contract and received the loan I had my neighbor look at my account and I didn't realize that I will be paying a twice a month for 36 months. I really thought it was $147 a month.
Great Plains lending process was so easy for me! I recommend them to everyone that need help for short term!
I must say the process is very simple and the money was in my bank in less than 48 hours....its really quite expensive in the long run but if you're in a situation where you need money in your hands like yesterday....this is the way to go.
Simple application process with time sensitive response. This company seems to be ahead of the game compared to others in this business.
Everything was so fast, i was surprise. Thanks again
I have not received any funding as of today, even though your email stated that I should have got it Friday. I wrote an email and never got a response. How else am I supposed to grade you, sorry...
This money came when I needed it most, I was in between paychecks, & for unforseen circumstances I needed some extra money.
Was hard to enter bank info on android but went to a friend's computer and no problem Thank u.
Saved my butt, big time
Easy and fast - so appreciate how easy this was!
They were truly great and money was in account the next day. Fantastic service , payments could of been lower though....
Very easy to comprehend and understand on how to apply for a loan
I was having trouble with the website and called to get help. The rep was so professional and nice. Seems it was not the website that was the problem, it was me :). Thanks you for your quick response to my application.
Easy to fill out online application, speedy review with answer super fast. Payments lower than other online lenders.
You guys help me out when I truly need it.
I had money coming in but had some bills pressing ...these folks were totally professional but understanding and informative ...had my cash to take care of bills and wasn't stressed while waiting for my compensation. ..
This experience with Great Plains Lending is the easiest and most satisfying loan experience that I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend this Co. for any future money needs that you may have. Thank you so much, Great plains. Goerge C. Rockledge Fl
I was impressed with the way each step was organized. The process was informative at each level. Great service. Thank you Great Plains. Keep up the good work!
They were quick and easy to understand, very pleased..
This is a direct lender, first of all; the website could not be have been easier to understand or the process more simple, the rates ( for it being what it is) could not have been more fair. I was actually blown away. I have been out there in the world of cash advances, payday loans and personal loans, so believe me when I tell you - these people are great. Customer service is easy, friendly, accessible, and simple to deal with, all the terms of your agreement are so clear - I could go on. And on top of that they have links on their website for giving you free finance education and tips - I thought that was just the nicest thing! If you need fast funds, and you need it this way, definitely give Great Plains a try.
Great experience,right on time and easy to apply,will tell friends
I had a good experience
I needed money for an emergency, I applied online, by the next business day the money was in my account!. Best service ever!
great service and faster.
Great Plains Lending made is very easy to apply and then be approved. They provided a great service for me.
i thought everything went great and on time
Application was simple money was expedited immediately...Interest a bit high but cash is there when you need it
Great company. Rates are much lower than other companies I've tried. Excellent customer service.
Great plains doesn't check the clients info. I live in Puerto Rico before today I never heard of Great Plains Lending. Until this morning that I had a collection agency calling about a debt that I apparently had for the amount of $1,297.53. I never asked for a loan and never will. I just want Great Plains have that account fixed and removed. I currently notifying Puerto Rico Police Department Identity theft division
Quick response, professional customer service. great experience beginning to end
I've not been approved anywhere else except with GreatPlains Lending I'm very happy and they got me money in one business day.
Available when I need a quick remedy!
Dealing with great plains was very easy and fast. I would recommend them to anyone.
had great service no problems at all good job
I applied for a loan on Friday and had the funds Tuesday with no hassles. It was easy. I did not know if any additional information was needed so I called Monday, and was surprised that nothing else was needed. The customer service rep was very kind and answered the couple questions I had.
Everything was straight forward and very easy and the money was im the account quickly.
The entire experience was great.
Nothing complicated at all. Fill out the form, get your approval, get your money, BOOOM. Its that easy.
Got in a position where I needed help..terms were clear...process painless..much better than payday lenders.
Great Plains gave me a loan when I was in trouble and noone else would. The money was in my account the very next business day. I can pay it off quicker if I can and save interest, or the payment schedule is very reasonable. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that I haven't started paying back yet, so don't have a lot of dealings with them, but so far, I am enormously pleased.
I got a pre-selected notice in the mail...I applied like it instructed me to and I had my Loan the next day...No hassle at all and all terms of payback are upfront, nothing hidden...I highly recommend GreatPlainsLending to anyone who doesn't like all the double talk and bait and switch tactics that some of the other lenders use...GreatPlainsLending is the one to choose.
Waited two weeks on a loan to be processed. This really put me in a bind and very stressful . I don't think I will be using this service again . On a good note customer service was very good.
I needed money fast and I get their letter telling me that I am pre-approved for a small loan in order to get my credit score up. I was skeptic but I gave it a try regardless. My response was WOW! You get your money FAST and their repay plans are so low and it fits my budget. Definetly check 'em out, and no they are not loan sharks.
I am a small time Handy-man starting my own business & had a lapse in jobs. Bills were getting past due & I took up an offer from Great Plains that had actually expired in January. Great Plains honored the pre-approved honor even though it had expired & helped me stave off the risk of past due consequences!
Trust and confidence is important from the lender and borrower. Your simple application process and basic requirements provides trust for both.
Excellent, excellent and easy. Put my mind at ease in a few short steps. I think the customer service is excellent and I'm thrilled to find someone decent to deal with. Thank you for the help I needed and I will definitely be recommending you to others.
Helped me when I needed it most thank you
I suddenly found myself completely broke after an unexpected expenses, and had no way to pay some imminent bills. I applied for a loan for this emergency and Great Plains deposited money into my account the next day. It was so easy and quick and I can pay it off over months. I appreciate this more than I could express.
they will not let me pay off my balance from 2 months ago and now they say I still have interest pending because they have a IT problem it is not my fault and they refuse to work with me all I ever wanted to do is pay my bill off and they keep saying it is a IT problem and say I still owe the interest
Very awesome and helped me in my time of need
Easy to apply, quick response, with an option to make payments online.
I'm a senior and Great Plains helped me out and I thank them very much.
Easy to apply on the website. Quick to deposit the money.
I appreciated the quick and simple ease of this loan.
Everything was so easy
I am so thankful I learned about this lending option! My credit is tanked and I needed extra cash right away. I was skeptical at first, but the process was simple and private, and the money was in my bank the next day. What a huge relief, right when I needed it!
Thank you so much. Your offer came in just at the most needed time. It was seamless. I'm grateful and will recommend your services.
The end results are the most important, Great Plains came thru. The customer service representatives I spoke with where all professional and courteous.
great experience, and ease of application
From the time I initiated the loan process until the completion, it was a total professional experience.
If you are in a financial crunch, Call Great Plans; they will solve your problem in two days.
Easy application processQuick response Quick delivery of funds
My experience with Great Plains Lending was truly a miracle. I received my money on the next day without having to speak to anyone. No waiting. Truly unbelievable.
Great experience I got my loan within five minutes
All questions were answered at the right time
My account was overdraft I needed breathing room your agency provided that thank you.