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I was provided with a fast and honest solution. The website and application are easy to understand. Thanks for all the help.
Headway Capital was painless to deal with. I filled out the application online and was approved for a credit line the next day. Customer service responded to all my questions promptly. I would highly recommend.
Mr JJ from Moneyman4business referred me to headway capital and I am very impressed on how smoth, fast and convenient the whole process went through until funding. Keep up the good work headway. We the small business sector need you.
The entire process was easy enough and they follow up to ensure there were no problems.
filling the application the quote my loan as 18 payments of $1064.01 for a loan of $16200 ($19152.18 total), I did a screenshot because I suspected I would never see that screen again, i completed my application and provided my documents I was approve and the funds were deposited into my account, for my surprise I notice in the email stated the maturity date on dec-2017 (22 months), so I check in the side and they have scheduled 22 payments of $1064.01 ($23408.22 total) $4256.04 more than quoted, I contacted them and emailed them my screenshot, and they say it should be a mistake, so the offered me a different deal, 18 payments of $1256 ($22608 total), I didn't accept, so the money were refunded to them, they were not cooperative at all, I ask what would happened if i use the money before I notice that, and they say it wouldn't happen cause they would notice before LOL. Didn't honor their offer even when i have proof of their quote, i guess they caught a few customers with same trap. I would recommend you if you apply with them do a screenshot of the offer because you will never see that again in the process or after, not even in the website, you will see only the balance and scheduled payments
I call try to get a deferment yall would not do it, I have not never missed a payment, the interest is out of the roof. So if I can ever get yall payoff u will not never hear from again.
Andrew provided a consulting experience that was both helpful and caring. He really listened to my needs and helped with a solution I didn't think possible but exactly what I needed. I am grateful
Fantastic company
The ease of the application was amazing. The funds were deposited as stated. Once committed to the loan everything went smooth and effeciently. Highly recommend this company.
Got the money I needed in a timely fashion, thank you
Crazy fast service! Was approved almost immediately and was already schedule to receive my loan without even realizing it had already been approved and was on its way to my account. very professional customer service reps as well. I would definitely recommend this company for any small business owners looking to grow their business with capital.
Everything went smoothly and the funds came quickly. It's very difficult expanding your business and Headway Capital came through to help in a major way.
Professional and very fast. I recommend
I had a positive experience with Headway, I was thrown off at first because first I was told I was approved for a $15,000.00 advance and was finally put through at $5,000.00 At the time I was a young and struggling business, We were just opened 6 Months, not realizing it then the $5,000.00 although at the time I did not think it would help with anything did, It allowed me to fight on and now we have a steady flow going, My payments are affordable, Had it been more it may be a different scenario. Thank you Headway Capital for helping my wife and I to keep our dream going and growing. Joe Williams PJ's Family Auto Care 1008 Beaver Dam Road point Pleasant, NJ 08742. (848) 232-1616
I love working with Headway Capital, The product is unbelievable. I would and do recommend this company to my friends and colleagues.
A no nonsense approach. Hard to get business capital made a lot easier. A little frustrating with all the docs, but it appeared to be a more common sense process than I have seen with a lot of lenders, especially banks. Would recommend Headway.
Headway Capital was selling their business loan at 39% interest. That's not a typo. Smooth operators that work so hard at convincing how good they are at helping small business owners. Very poor morals.
Would defiantly recommend this company to any small business owner. Thanks Headway Capital
Easy to use, fast and efficiant loan process!
I have to say that Headway Capital was straight forward and easy to work with. Fairly quick at getting information processed and very quick funding and getting into our bank account. They are responsive and can get you answers fast.
My Headway representative was extremely helpful and communicative, keeping me updated on exactly what my options were, where my application was in the process, and other helpful information. I would highly recommend!
What a awesome experience, the rep really did a great job on getting me funded. Thanks Headway, you really saved the day
With my low fico score Headway gave me the cash to expand my business.
The process was easy and I was updated accordingly. Thanks to Headway Capital I can start the important step in establishing my business credit.
Interest rate is too high and I am unable to make a substantial dent in the premium because of it and it causes me to go further down instead of the promised help it would do for my business.
A truly enjoyable experience. I have dealt with banks for other small business that I have worked for and it always amazed me at the volumes of paperwork required to just be considered for a loan or line of credit. These folks are head and shoulders above their peers in customer service, actually doing what they say they will do, and streamlining a process for small businesses that makes sense for consideration. Then having an answer in a timely manner. Thoroughly not what I was expecting.
I was very pleased with the service I received and how quick funds were available.
All companies talk about their service and then there's the 95% of lenders that lead you down a path with a false sense of "your qualified" only to be disappointed at the end of the day. But Headway Capital was a refreshing change for once. Example: I did not have a full tax year to demonstrate my companies full potential and what's worst I didn't even have my 2015 taxes filed. I was sure I was not qualified based on those issues, but they took the time to ask other qualifying question and I provided additional documentation they requested, what impressed me most is that they even took the time to learn about my business. In the end, I was granted a loan, it wasn't what I had originally requested but given what they had to work with, I completely understood and was more than happy with what they offered. So much, that I want to tell everyone that could use a loan at a critical time, that they need to talk with the good people at Headway because I seriously believe they put their money where there mouth is.
We would like to take the time to give Headway Capital a big thumbs up. They are professional and courteous and a credit to their profession. They made funding easy and beneficial for our company to grow. Thank you Headway Capital.
They were able to loan me equipment capital for a container trailer and now I am able deliver containers myself instead of outsourcing. Not only am I more profitable but my sales have increased almost 80%
Wow! the process was amazing! Once approved, I clicked a few buttons an I was done. Outstanding.
The interface to withdraw cash is extremely easy!
They made it easy & I really appreciate the monthly payment system
I was a small business lender for the first 7 years of my professional life. Since then, I have developed and managed a wide variety of alternative financing programs tied to economic development. I have also owned my own business for 21 years this month. So I have significant experience on both sides of the lending desk. I found myself in need working capital, and tried a factoring group, which was a nightmare. Then I went to my local bank, which was even worse. Frustrated and needing a solution, I replied to an e-mail from an agent for Headway Capital. I must admit I was skeptical at first, we all know`there are a lot of e-mail based scams out there, so I checked them out--and finding nothing negative, decided to give them a try. After completing a user-friendly application and providing basic information on my company, I received an e-mail almost immediately asking for one simple piece of information. After I replied, it was less than TWO HOURS before I received a message that I had been approved. Even more amazing, the funds were in my account THE FOLLOWING MORNING! Headway has a customer for life, and an avid fan of their services who will tell this AMAZING story far and wide. Incredible!
Very efficient and quick service. Good communication systems.
After being in business for 9 months, I found myself in need of some extra money to improve my business. Most companies I talked to wanted me to be in business two full years with tax returns. However, Headway Capital didn't. They used my profit and loss statements. They consider things that other companies won't. It's been over a year since then and they still are great to work with.
Headway Captial is by far the BEST company I've ever dealt with!!!!! It was easy and quick!!! I would recommend them to anyone and I will.... Thank you Headway Capital for getting me back on track!!!!!
Had a no hassle experience funds were available in 48 hrs.
They are the real deal. I applied and got funded through n about a week. This line of credit will allow me to expand my business. Thank You
Great company and people
I was very happy with the speed of the application process and the kindness of the of the person I dealt with. They deposited the money in my account, but I really never seen or sign a contract. Eventually I found out that my APR was 63.35%, that deserves zero stars! I will pay it off ASAP!
Needed a small line of credit to finish our storefront, Headway was easy to work with, was always available to speak with an actual person with questions all the way through the process. Nate Keller
Best lenders out there , minimum paperwork and very fast funding, within 24 hrs I got approved and in 2 days got funding
Customer service was excellent. Worked with my company in a very professional way and it was obvious they took a genuine interest in trying to help. I would highly recommend these people.
Nice funding. A little expensive, but great for short term house flipping.
The fastest and easiest means of obtaining funds that allow me to manage my accounts payable / receivable without draining my bank account. Extremely profession and knowledgable representative, understood my needs and linked me with the best loan for my particular business. Many thanks. Pat Manning Waste Removal Services, Inc.
I can think of nothing more significant in your business than for you offers and advertising to prove to be accurate, true and correct once a person accepts the offer and chooses to do business with you
This has been a great company to work with in a time of need. Thanks for everything look forward to working with you more.
Very responsive, Maybe not the cheapest rates, but certainly the best service in the industry. Very quick, very professional, and smooth, no glitches from start to finish.
Very good experience with Headway, very professional people who took care of my case, in addition, they looked for alternatives for each customer in particular. They always recommended the best for my line of credit. Thank you!
Amazing experience, will recommend to everyone!
Thank you Headway. My business needed some quick capital to fund a project. I found the Headway Capital website and within minutes, I was approved with exactly what I asked for and funded within a few days. The Headway process could not have been easier. I look forward to growing our business with Headway in the future! Steve Tucker Unified Materials Group of Companies, Inc.
if you need money for any business any need it fast ...this is the company but be aware the interest is way to high......
I provided them with my financial information once and told them that I wanted a credit line on my business and 4 days it was funded. Definitely recommend for small business
As I went through the thorough and week long process of red tape, I had already been "pre-approved" (not fooled by this statement), however both your promotions account handler and 1 of the underwriters, overstated from the beginning the amount I should "expect to qualify" for. These amounts differed greatly, enough that used the Headway not a a long-term relationship, but a simple stop gap to better Capital and terms!
I got what I needed very fast and painless!!!
My experience with headway capital was a painless and worry free experience. Very responsive to my needs to accomplish my goals.Michael Gueli small business owner inNew York
The limited paperwork requested, filling out the few questions online. Next thing you know, I'm funded. Yes, this happen very quick. They must have there sh$& together, and I will definitely use them again and recommend there service of attentivness. David Inurrigarro, small business owner Texas.
In only two days I had been approved and money was in my account. What is even better, I have money in reserve should I need it!! Thanks Headway Capitol!!
Great people too deal with! Real there too help! Not belittle you. Highly recommend!
Great company for small business , and great communication.
I am very happy with the quickness and ease of the loan process. When other companies said no to me, this company said yes and fast. They have saved my business and now I can get back to working with less stress. Thank you to Headway Capital and their staff. Really do appreciate the trust you put in me.
Everybody at Headway Capital was so easy to deal with.. They were there when I needed them and answered every question I had! Always came through when I needed them. So very happy with them.
Great for small business owners. Fast and reliable.
Good Product, Great Service.
Not worth it and they call it "doing you a big favor" loaning you money above 30 and 60% interest rate, it's amajor rip-off for businesses!
The best ever first rate customer care
They have been very easy to work with. Looking forward to a great relationship!!
I need a business loan and they were great people to work with. And helped me with the loan I needed.
For those who needs some money to float business needs, please remember that this should be your last alternative. Read headway agreement carefully and please know that borrowing 20k and making monthly payments will cost you at least 50000.
its Right for me and you mite IiKe it to. try it and See for your self.
Headway Capital is outstanding! Quick approvals, very little tedious paperwork and you get your money FAST! I highly recommend them to any business owner that is looking for a loan! They have better repayment terms as well!