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Homebridge Financial went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of and supported under very trying circumstances due to another Mortgage Company that dropped the ball. Janene went out of her way to get us back on track and ensure that we closed on time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an outstanding mortgage experience. Thanks
From beginning to close our service was efficient and friendly. Everything was explained and made as easy as possible.
Great service!!! Buying my home was made easy due to Kevin and his team!!
Excellent service from start to finish. Ron Eaton was to his word and answered all my numerous questions throughout the process. I would highly recommend HomeBridge to anyone.
It went smooth as to be expected
Paola took my husband and I under her wings. As first time home buyers we were clueless. She was very patient, answered all our questions immediately. Even called us when she had no power due to a Noreaster. She made the process of buying a home simple and stress free. Knowing she was on our side was very comforting. We are proud homeowners and will recommend her without hesitation.
Julie Gould is AMAZING! We felt like we were the only clients she had. She spoiled us with incredibly fast responses to our questions, honesty and accuracy, and among other (in our minds) special attentions, she sought the best loan programs with the best rates/ perks for our needs. We've already recommended Home Bridge to friends and family. Thank you, yet again, Julie! You helped make buying a house as stress free as it possibly could have been!
Gregory Miller, john Alexander were wonderful and efficient. The process went quickly and smoothly. I'm a realtor and will refer all my clients to Homebridge.
Although company's loan dept reps require more training in the resolution of clients' billing issues to date I'm pleased with our business association
I had somewhat complicated finances and wasn't even sure how I'd structure my deal. Bill's team helped me with strategy and, most importantly, helped prepare me for my loan request. It all worked out really well and I was glad I had the team's support through a challenging process.
no issues, very fast and friendly
My wife and I are completely satisfied with Ashley Smith she kept me on track made sure I provided all the necessary documentation needed to expedite my loan. In our view our loan went fairly fast. A big Thank You for Ashley and HomeBridge
Chris Smith and his team of Nadine and Amanda were above and beyond helpful and very quick to help with any questions we had. They were very informative and if they did not have the answer they would speak with someone else to get it and inform us of it. Thank you so much for all of your help and for being very professional.
No problems at all with transaction.
My husband and I had the worst experience with homebridge. We actually had to switch to another company because they would not give us an answer about when we would close and this lasted several months. We would call and email Amy Osborne she hardly ever answered us and when she did she was very rude and unprofessional. Our realtor also said she would never use this lender again because of the bad experience we got from this.
We initiated contact on a weekend and were able to finance smoothly for a 20 day closing.
With Homebridge you're I'm good hands. The team took care of my needs when buying a home. I could not ask for better service.
My primary contact was Kathryn Taylor. I had a million questions all hours of the day and night. She very sweetly and patiently answered them all. The processors were great as well. This is the first house I have ever financed and if I ever have to do it again I would go back to Kathryn. If I hear of anyone else looking for a mortgage I would highly recommend Kathryn and her team!
Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I always was updated promptly. Keep up the good work Home Bridge.
The application and processing procedures were easy....People were very helpful and professional to deal with.
This was a major headache...MAJOR!! Where can i start? Lets start with the 6 or was it 7 different people that handled our loan. One would ask for something and then someone else 2 or 3 days later asking for same thing. When we were not going through with the home because of an appraisal i had the boss call me. Gee, losing business now they call and try to push you to go through with it. Well, i guess they pushed the realtors because they made it happen somehow at the 11th hour...no joke on the 11th hour. Then the process starts all over again. Financial statements. W2s. Copies of cashed checks. A $50 deposit....yes $50! The list went on and each day it was something new...AND we would get the emails around 3 or 4 in the afternoon after they got the big jobs (the money makers) done in the morning. The biggest laugh was one of the 7 we dealt with asked us to send something ASAP. We did within 20 min and got an automatic reply that he was gone for the rest of the day. The next good one was closing set for 11am on wed. 3pm, 4pm, 5pm passes by on tuesday (day before close) and we have no idea what cash amount to bring or where to meet. At 650pm one of the 7 calls and says the closing has been moved to Thursday at 11am. Nooo? Really? What a shock! Wednesday comes and more documents needed. Leave a reply ( remember all of this is done at 3 or 4pm for the little loans) at 3pm with requested docs and say "our bank closes at 5pm" in our email. Remember we still did not have a final number of what to bring. Within 5 minutes we got responses!!! Now comes day of closing. We get here to the area of our new home and at 10:03am we are notified closing is at 4pm. I wont drag this on but we finally closed at 4pm. This company has no respect for your time, your life, or anything but to make a buck for themselves. We have jobs and i have my own business and i had to reschedule 3 times for 3 clients because of this debacle. Doesnt matter. Homebridge got their cash and are working hard to sell it off to the next lender. From what I've read it looks like Cenlar is the next company i will have. Again, no regard for your life as you have to work around their schedule!!! Brutal company! Just brutal!
From start to finish the communication was excellent and timely. My mortgage rep Jim was amazing and was always there to address any concern or question I had about the loan or process. Definitely an A+ organization!
Your. Company's. Efficiency. was a blessing. We were treated with respect and all of our questions were answered and explained so that we understood completely. Thank you for your help.
Just with the notary on Kauai. She is not a Title Officer she is just a notary that do business after work, 4:00pm. We couldn’t sign early in the day n she couldn’t explain page after page. She said that her job is to make sure that we sign n to verify that we sign every page. As we were signing she was too busy looking at page after page. We got very uncomfortable n the second time that we had to go back it was the same thing.
HomeBridge! I have already recommended HomeBridge to people I know.
Working with Charlie and Lisia was great overall, both were very responsive, thorough, and ultimately got the job done. While not a reflection on either of them, it would be nice if Homebridge could come up with a requirements checklist. Beyond the usual underwriter conditions attached to a conditional approval, In our case we had an FHA loan and it seemed like everything was being piece-medaled. Having a list up front that says “we need these 14 things” would be much better; then, due to the extended time required to work through this piece meal process we had to go back and re-verify credit, produce even more bank statements, etc. That part was very frustrating overall.
Simple and Kind experience. Everything was handled with professionalism and it was a joy to work with them.
Very happy with Homebridge services. I will recommend to everyone.
Best mortgage experience I have ever had - absolutely wonderful people to deal with including my broker Christy Cagle. Love how literally all of it was all done electronically. Always fast responses from all Homebridge team members - they delivered exactly what they promised!!! A-1 outfit!!
For sure im giving a 5 star!!! Were first time homebuyers. They guided us on all the requirements that we need gave us options. For good deals to your comfort. Just be open tell them what you want theyll assist you with any questions and update you with everything. Just a phone call away always ready to help. Special mention to Ane-Marie and Kari whos always there to answer all my questions.
Brian helped us in many ways from the very beginning. He helped guide us in the right price range for our budget. He was always available by phone and/or emails. He was super patient and answered ALL my questions. We couldn't have asked for a better experience!
David Wells did an outstanding job on our refi. Kept us informed throughout the process and gave excellent advice.
The only thing I didn't like is that my rate was a lot higher than expected when the final numbers were presented to me.
Each and every time I pick up the phone to do business with you the process is always completed with a magnificent job! Thank you for doing such a terrific job securing my client a clear to close process from application to commitment within 2.5 weeks! I've been in this business as a Realtor for 30 years and the transaction was the fastest I have ever seen a closing from beginning to end. You guys are amazing and work as a strong team, over and over again! Your personal attention show you really take the time to research all the options and do not just settle for the easiest option. You are simply the best! I will always recommend you to anyone who asks for a great mortgage counselor and lender. Erica Sallahian, Rockland County, NY
I'm extremely happy with my loan officer the way she helped me.
Everyone with HomeBridge was very helpful with the refinance of my mortgage.
They made this experience so easy for us!!!
Homebridge was very helpful and expedient in my mortgage process. Thanks.
After applying and being denied by JP Morgan, whom I've banked with for 10 years now, and another lender whom honestly I cant remember their name, I was referred to HomeBridge and I must say... Charles Rutt and his team did not disappoint. He was a man of his word from the get go and kept it very clear and thorough with no hidden information. I will definitely be sending anyone I know to them and look forward to doing more business with them in the future. Thanks Charles!
Got quoted 1480 that was wrong it was really 1580 pay three payments and now my payment is 1690 because they can't get their taxes straight thanks Homebridge . And no I didn't get an adjustable rate and yes I did get it in pounded
Best service that we could ask for very pleased and they made it so stress free would definitely recommend.
Dean worked well and gave us good info and what to expect
The reason I went with HomeBridge was a previous positive experience with Brian McMorrow. His attention to detail is unsurpassed. I am able to rest easy knowing I can count on him to get the job done right the first time.
Jerry Scott and Josh Hager did an absolutely amazing job for my wife and I. they were very responsive and walked us through the entire process. My wife and I weren't stressed at all about the process because we knew we could count on Jerry and Josh.
The team at HomeBridge went above and beyond to ensure our home buying experience was effortless and enjoyable - Would highly recommend them to anyone that is considering purchasing or refinancing.
Sandy Edelstein was the best I’ve ever had!
This was my second time working with Mary Ratchford, she was such a joy and helpful. What an incredible representative for you company!
My experience was excellnent in every way possible, and I will recommend HomeBuilders to any prospective client in the future.
Homebridge provided excellent service. You were quick but efficient, thorough and were excellent at informing us of changes!
Excellence group of personnel who works hard to get people into their dream home! The personnel I spoke and everyone involved with my home buying process were terrific from every aspect. They were diligent in processing required documents, they were knowledgeable in the various stages of buying and they actually cared if I got into my new home. Chris and his team made every attempt to get me and my family in our new home and their efforts paid off. I would definitely recommend Chris and the team to other buyers knowing that they would do everything within their control to get someone into their dream home.
The process from start to finish was great,, thanks.
Very honest and straightforward work!
I was misled by Roger Hartley on numerous occasions that my loan was going to be and had been approved. I have created a timeline of the events, which outlines the details of what Roger expressed to me and how he led me to believe that my loan would be going through. On November 8th, 2017, Roger issue me a pre-approval letter to submit with my offer on 524 Water Street, Haverhill, MA, which was accepted the following day. On January 5th, 2018, which was my second extension and deadline for written commitment, Roger provided me with a letter under contingency that my students loans were amortized. It also stated that we would be ready to transfer title within one or two weeks I have fulfilled their request and changed my loan payment schedule to be fully amortized. Due to his incompetence and negligence, I was notified on January 16th, 2017 that my financing had been denied after having to extend my purchase three times from my original closing date of December 18th, 2017. Throughout this prolonged process, I have complied with HomeBridge’s requests multiple times to provide documentation as well as pay down additional debt consisting of making an early payment for my student loan, car payments and credit cards. This was done on the assurance from Roger that this was all that was needed for my loan approval. In addition to this, prior to Christmas, HomeBridge requested conference calls with each of my loan providers in order to confirm information. At this time, HomeBridge had the opportunity to have any and all of their questions regarding my debt obligations answered. In the days prior to my closing date, HomeBridge sent me a new list of items that I needed to comply with and I tried to the best of my ability to fulfill them. There were items requested that I have provided to Roger as early as the beginning of November. Over the past three months, there are plenty of opportunities for Roger to carefully review and confirm my information before issuing me with a pre-approval and loan approval letter that HomeBridge would ultimately deny.
Marie Richarz goes above and beyond for the client. Appreciated all her hard work and dilligence.
I’m a returning customer with Mickey. He’s an Awesome guy, and knows what he doing. Very professional, honest, and friendly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else !
Good stuff. Great to work with.
Dealing with HomeBridge has been extraordinarily difficult and profoundly stressful. HomeBridge's customer service is breathtakingly terrible. Throughout my ongoing battle with HomeBridge, various representatives ignored questions and e-mails; refused to answer questions and provide information; refused to provide documentation; and repeatedly acted in such a way so as to totally undermine my confidence that they were attempting to service my account in good faith--for example, for weeks HomeBridge told me that they had never received an appraisal which they deemed required to close my account; when I independently contacted the appraisal company, they told me they sent the appraisal to HomeBridge nearly two weeks prior and that HomeBridge had even sought modifications to the appraisal! Despite all of this, the most astonishing problem that I encountered was that no one I spoke to knew what they were doing. I received conflicting information all the time; not only from different representatives, but from the same representative(s) at different times. Rather than do things properly, or find out what properly needed to be done, it seemed they would simply make something up; and then when that was completed and I wanted to move forwarded, they made something else up. I would always find myself at "square one". When everyone refused to answer my questions, provide me with the documents I wanted, or take the action I was asking them to take, they passed me off to HomeBridge's attorney--who promptly refused to answer any of my questions! I've never felt so disrespected, and it disgusts me that so much of my money and my home is tied to this company; a company that, aside from not wanting to deal with me--the consumer--apparently has no interest in properly servicing my account. If you are having problems with this company, know that you can submit complaints to the federal government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the process is all easy and online. If you believe an error has occurred, they may ignore you, but they cannot ignore the law, and they must investigate the error by law if you submit a "Notice of Error". This must be sent by CERTIFIED MAIL to this address: HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. PO Box 100050 Kennesaw, GA 30156-9202 Attn: Customer Service Also, if you want documents or information and they refuse or ignore you, they cannot by law ignore a formal request called a "Qualified Written Request", which must be submitted in writing, to the same address above, by certified mail.
I am a Realtor, and this was my second time buying a home. Matthew Graham and Bobi Sturgeon at HomeBridge Financial made this a smooth and enjoyable experience from beginning to end. I would use them again for all of my real estate needs.
Best company to do business with.
My husband and I had the oppopportunity to work with Homebridge. Very professional staff who works in the spirit of excellence. I would highly recommend Homebridge. I will definitely be their external marketer!!!
Chrissy Pullis was amazing. She was thorough, efficient, helpful, and very easy to work with. Not to mention how nice she is. She was patient and responsive to queries and questions throughout the process. The closing guy was also great and thorough and nice.
Bruce, Courtney and everyone else we worked with at Homebridge was friendly, helpful and fast to respond. The service was personalized and much quicker and less tedious than it was with the big bank that did our last mortgage.
We are self-employed and this is a category that brings many challenges when looking for financing. We applied to several institutions, searching for the best rate and the lowest closing costs. We decided in 2 different occasions for Homebridge because they gave us the best service, were always on the top of the process, and gave us the best rate and lowest closing costs compared to the others. We recommend them highly.
Ellen Duncan was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire mortgage process. Communication and quick response were very important in this transaction and Ellen went overboard to make sure we were informed throughout the entire application to closing process.
It was pleasure to work with HomeBridge and I was very impressed with the customer service that was provided. I was always kept in the loop with during the process and they were extremely quick to answer all of my questions.
The new home loan process was smooth and efficient. I wish we could have closed on the date that was fixed earlier. A delay of a week was not catastrophic, but stressful in our particular case. Minor documenting errors in some paperwork, but in the four times that I have been through new/refinance mortgage processes, I haven't had one without these.
Every step of the process was explained, the timeline went exactly as expected. - Great Job.
Joe is absolutely amazing! The dedication he has to the job is remarkable. He was on top of things since the very beginning, and always updated me even if it was late at night or weekends. He made this experience far less stressful than I could have imagined. He will be highly recommended by myself and my family.
The First Person ...Jessica who start the Loan ....... great ..... any one else after involved on the transaction very poor.... I have a Uber Driver come to my Home to Sign the Final Papers and that person has no documents ON him , he has to downloaded from his own phone...and his printer is broke no how to printer documents.... received or anything .... a closing Home documents .......are You for Real............ unprofessional way to be Company who does the most value on your life investment...........Home Mortgage...
Thank you for everything Home Bridge has done for us to make our dreams of owning a home come true. We appreciate every call, letter, and even those "condition notifications" lol.. Everything came together to make for a successful close, and keys to our new home. Thanks again. Proud Homeowners,
Very personable! Honest and reliable advice made buying our first home a breeze. I have recommended to all my family and several also using them. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
2nd time dealing w/ HomeBridge. First time - loan got transferred. Crossing my fingers that it won't happen again!
Joel and the whole team at Homebridge made our loan process very easy. He answered all of our questions in a quick, professional manor. They went the extra mile to make sure all docs were in and gave ample time when they needed something from us. We were clear to close three days before our scheduled closing date and if you've ever bought a home, you know that takes the stress level way down. We will certainly call him in the future if we decide to buy another home. Can't say enough good things about the whole team!!!
This process was definitely interesting but with Cal Russell and Denise Gamber everything went very well I would recommend them to anyone Thank you James Mearkle
Joe Manglardi was fantastic through our first home purchase. We appreciate his diligence, responsiveness, disposition to assist at any time. We recommend him for this kind of journey. We felt his support from day one to the end. Thank you Joe!
Everybody in this company has the greatest personality, they are honest the really know what they doing. They're always there with you there's no one like them.
all the employees were very helpful curtious and on point. I met all the deadlines and closing was easy thank you
Professional environment.
Very responsive to any and all question and concerns! Went above and beyond to make sure we knew and understood exactly what was going on.
We had not purchased a home in 19 years. Matt Coop was excellent. He helped us every step of the way and we are 100% pleased.
With paperwork everything was great. Our financial consult was great. But, we signed page were cash to close was $1921.77, and received check only for $405. No explanations- why?
Excellent to work with Judy and her team made it easy would recommend them in a heartbeat !
This was my second home buying experience and by far the BEST. I must say most of my home buying stand offs was due on my part but the team at Homebridge fought tooth and nails to push forward with the process. And as advertised we closed on time as project when our offer were accepted two months prior. Happy to say on December 21, 2018 we became home owners once again. Thanks again Aimee, Amber, Dan and the team at the Carlsbad Ca. branch “Happy New Years
Jamelie & Oomai are fantastic to work with. They are knowledgable, detail orientated and have wonderful customer service skills. They are quick to respond and always take the time explain the loan process to my clients. The loans always come in ontime on early to meet our contractual deadlines. I highly recommend them.
Mr Alcala and this team here are very creative and solution-oriented. They are very attentive to problems for a smooth transition from home-to-home. Documents were electronically signed so that I could be at home or on another computer and did not have to step inside a real estate office to be signed. Prompt answers to questions and did not leave me hanging. Felt confident that loan would go through and on-time. Happy with the way they work. I would recommend this lender to others in the future.
Jeff Covin was so nice and helpful. At closing, Ms. Hall made everything so easy. I had dealt with a different lender and title company in the past and the difference was unbelievable. I am very happy and satisfied with HomeBridge Mortgage.
Mark Vejack and the team at Homebridge made this entire experience quick and easy. I felt comfortable that they had my best interest in mind. Thank you everyone at Homebridge, job well done!!!
Fantastic. Brian McMorrow made the process easy and stress free.
If you need a lLoan Officer, Michael Beagan is the one. Excellent source of information, respectful and humble.
I'm a Realtor and I send all my customers to HomeBridge first. Jamie and his team are wonderful. I just love them and they're so fast in processing.
We were able to do most things electronically which made things easier for our busy life style.
HomeBridge was unable to close the mortgage during the lock in period which cost us an additional $900 to preserve the locked In rate. HomeBridge transferred the servicing of the mortgage to another company prior to the first payment being due and after an automatic payment process had been set in place between them and our bank. The new servicer Nationstar still has no record of our loan 3 weeks after the date of the correspondence notifying us of the transfer and after the first payment was to have been due.
Tim Irvin is great to deal with. The whole experience was easy and upfront. No surprises, no hidden fees.
Sal was an AMAZING Loan officer! Hew went above and beyond, always patient and answering calls/emails and any other inquiries quickly. It took us 2 years to find the perfect house, and he has been with us along the journey, not complaining, helping us find proper local contractors, inspectors, and recommending anything and anyone that we requested help for. he is the loan officer you want, we would not trust anyone else during our important life step.
My experience with HomeBridge has been a source of great frustration because of several errors on their part. I have spent far too many hours on the phone the past few months between the Escarow, Tax, and Customer Service departments trying to correct these errors, which in the end will cost me money with absolutely no accountability on their part. I have tried to speak with a manager from HomeBridge to voice my concerns, but have been told I can only speak with a department supervisor, which I had done numerous times. I have been a home owner for almost 40 years and have never dealt with a company like this. I have no faith in their ability to continue to be my mortgage holder and am now looking for another mortgage company. The only reason I am able to give the company a 2 rating is due to the professionalism of a few of the women I have spoken with.
Certain things can not be described with words. It becomes more of a sense of how you make me feel. Earning my business really has more to do with one of the Human truth's. The feeling that Joe gave me was such an overwhelming experience that has compelled me to share this with you. Clearly his commitment to me was as if I was the his only client. He made me feel like I was understood, made me feel that I reached my full potential, along with making it very clear that I was in control. Exceeding my expectations is one thing. I can assure you that Joe has closed the gap as to what the epitome should be for a Loan Officer. Bravo to you Joe and hope that your future Home Owner's FEEL exactly what I felt along the way to Closing!!!
Home Bridge is one of those businesses that when you walk in you feel like you're at home without the drama some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of working with, Julie and Molly walk me through every aspect of the loan process. I highly recommend using this agency home Bridge and their staff made my buying a home the true pleasure . Sincerely c hardin
Homebridge was great to work with. They answered questions promptly and explained things simply. They made buying our home as easy and pleasant as possible.
Attentive rep