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I received a call today from a Dan **. I didn't recognize the number calling so I let it go to voice mail. The recording was so bad I could only make out some of what he was saying. He had an accent (sounded more like Punjab than "Jake from State Farm") and his voice was muffled. He said there was a law suit filed against my name and Social Security Number and he wanted either me or my lawyer to call him back. I called him back and he had me verify the last four digits of my SSN.

He told me I was being sued for non payment of a loan with Advanced Cash USA. I told him I never heard of that organization. I asked him several times for the loan amount and when the loan was initiated but he kept telling me "I don't have that information.” So I got firm with him and said you want me to respond to something you can't even tell me what the details are? He got a little hot under the collar and said something then hung up on me. The internet saved the day again. I googled "Advanced Cash USA" and found this website exposing this scam. If I continue to get these calls, I will pursue it further.

Note: I don't know if there is a connection but several weeks ago my checking account was low and for the first time in my life I took out one of those high interest two week loans for a couple of hundred dollars to avoid any overdrafts on the account. The loan company's name was United Cash Loans and now I'm wondering if that's where they got my personal information.

They are Anderson Law Firm. They are handling a lawsuit concerning you and Insta-Cash. The person that called you is named Andy **** and is a paralegal. Andy **** also said that his assistant Stephanie **** has also called you concerning this matter. Andy ****’s manager is Mr. **** . I told Andy that I am your legal retainer and that I will pass this information onto Miss **** . Though he denied calling you, I told him it was him as I recognized his voice on the voicemail that he left you. He tried to tell me that it was his assistant.

I also told him that he needs to be more professional when speaking to you or leaving you a message. He responded by saying that he has contacted you numerous times already and that you have not responded. I replied that there is no reason that a person in his position and profession can't be anything less than professional when speaking to others. He said he will do that. I told him that it was him that left the voicemail because I recognized his voice the reason being is that you brought me a recording of the message he left.

Last week I received a call from a guy claiming that I took out a payday advance and that I was going to jail if I did not pay by Friday 12/2. They also said that even though I supposedly borrowed $1500 they would take a settlement of $200. I explained that I never got a payday loan and have yet to receive anything concerning this matter. I told him to email me this info, which he did,. When I asked him how he got my info, he said he got it when he raped me in his truck Sunday. He then proceeded to cuss me out and continue with the rape story. Since that call, he has called almost everyday. When my husband answers the phone, he cusses him out and hangs up. I still have the email he sent me.

I returned their call and they said they were suing me. When I told them I have no idea what they are talking about they then said they will bring felony charges against me for interstate fraud. Next, they said they were reading my so affidavit. When finished, they said they would come to my work and I would get fired. Very funny. They did not know about my situation. They told me my credit would be blacklisted. At the end of the conversation, I told them I think this whole thing is a scam. They hung up on me.

I got a very rude call from Andy- first on my cell and then office direct number (which was only issued in the last two weeks). He was asking for my attorney on record. He proceeded to say the same things- that I had received a payday loan and never paid it back in January 2010. He said that I would be charged the same as the others- Federal Banking, Check Fraud, and Theft by Deception. Then said that if I paid $988.35 then this would all go away and I would get a letter that this would not go on my record. Or I would be served at me office.

I started to ask questions, and he again cut me off and told me that he could only tell me that the funds were due January 30th, which is a Saturday and not a payday for me- lie. At the same time I looked up my account- there was no deposit from any such company- lie. I then asked where he got my info from; he said my application- my direct number would not have been on an application from January- lie. He then said he would call my family- had names, or call my office. The worst was that he said that this company had been trying to email me for months- 30 times- on a closed email- lie. And that they had called me yesterday- lie. When I asked why I could hear things in the background, he proceeded to say that he worked for a law firm and this is what they do.

Sounded like a call center to me. However, he had my bank account information, and said that at any time he could just take the money himself. I asked for the website of the place I did the application, he said there were too many to tell. I asked for him to email it to me, he said I would get all the information I needed at court or after I paid. At this point I looked the company name up and found all of the similar stories and realized that I had been scammed. Thank god I did not give him any money. I also called by bank to warn them that this might come up. Does anyone have a response as to what happened after? Did they get a summons at work?

I received a call today (10/19/11) at work from a lady that said her name was Jennifer **. She had a middle eastern accent. I told her that I couldn't understand her. So, she put me on with a supervisor which I really couldn't understand either. They said that I took a loan out for $700 and they wanted my attorney's name and number. I told him that I was not going to verify anything until he sends me documentation that I am responsible for this loan. Of course, he said that he couldn't do that until I paid them something first. He also said that he couldn't send me any documentation because it was still in pending status. I never took a loan out with these people and I have the bank statements to prove it.

Like many of the people who have posted on this site, I had a man of what I can only distinguish as Indian descent contact me several times and leave messages saying that I had judgments against my name and social security number and that I or my attorney should contact him as soon as possible to avoid any further repercussions. Finally, he left a voicemail today while I was at work saying that if I did not contact him, that legal action would be taken against my home and workplace. I contacted him back and after speaking to two people, who sounded like exactly the same person, I was told that an affidavit was issued on me by a company called either Instacash or Instant Cash and that I had taken out a loan (of which he could and would not tell me when) with them in the amount of $900, and that it had been deposited into my account, after which the company had apparently tried to take it back out of my account and could not. Therefore, I was going to be charged with Criminal Fraud and Internet Fraud.

I looked through my bank statements online as I was talking to the man, and assured him that I had received no funds from any loan within the past year, and he stated that, "That's impossible, sir, I have all of your personal information, how would I have this information if the loan had not been deposited?" I told him that I had no idea how he had my information and that he could've gotten it anywhere online, or someone could've stolen my identity, but that I was 100% positive that I had not received a loan. He then proceeded to ramble off my personal information, including the last four of my social security number, my address, e-mail address, driver's license number, and workplace, stating again that it was impossible that I had not received the loan, and that if I chose to go to court, I would be forced to pay $10,000 in court fees, as well as that an investigating officer would be at my home and workplace to take me for interrogation on the matter. I told him that I would be in contact with my attorney and get back to him, and he told me his name was Brandon **.

I then proceeded to contact my cousin, a local police officer, my best friend, a bail bondsman, and my local sheriff's department, all of whom confirmed that it was a scam. Also, my friend the bail bondsman told me that even if I did owe them money, they could not file criminal charges against me, that it was the same as if I had gotten a car loan and defaulted, they could only file civil charges against me. The sheriff's deputy made a report regarding it, then told me that it was "nothing more than a scare tactic" and that they were trying to get me to pay them money. I then told the deputy that I thought this as well, but that the person on the phone never came out and told me that if I paid an amount, it would be settled. The deputy then told me, "He was waiting for you to ask the magic question, which is 'how can I get out of this?” Because "if he had come right out and said it, everyone would know it was a scam." The deputy also stated that no one can show up to my workplace and take me for interrogation on something like this. He also stated that even if I owed the company money, there was no record of a loan being placed into my account, so they "wouldn't even have a leg to stand on."

Overall, I just want to let everyone know about this, so that no one feels pressured or scared into paying money that they do not need to. Most likely, these people got my information off of a loan application I had filled out online about a year ago, and that's most likely where they get a lot of their information from, as he couldn't tell me my bank account number, or the date that the supposed loan had been approved and deposited into my account. Be wary, everyone, as they are probably trying to get you to confirm your bank account numbers so that they can draft money out of your account. Hope this helps.

I received a call today at 8 am from this so called Attorney Mike ** requesting to call him or have my attorney call him regarding this time sensitive matter. The phone number he left was 760-282-0260. I called him back and was asked by this so called attorney what number I was calling from, my name wasn't good enough. He proceeded to tell me that Instant Cash USA was suing me for check fraud, violation of federal banking, and one other thing. He stated that Instant Cash USA had made several attempts to contact me via the phone and email. I advised him that this was the first I heard of this and I requested that he send me the paperwork so I could research this further. He told me that I would be getting it today delivered by my local sheriff’s office. I called my local sheriff’s office and they had nothing on record for me. After speaking with him, I was beside myself in fear, I had no idea what this is.

I have been receiving threatening phones calls from different people and different numbers, leaving the same message on my phone. When the phone call was returned, the person I spoke with had such a strong accent that I could not understand anything he said. He threatened me with jail time, court cost, getting me fired from work and several other things if I didn’t pay them over $10,000. I stated I had received a loan from Instant Cash or its affiliates, but they wouldn’t tell me the amount or anything else. The last thing said to me on the phone was that I should be prepared for what would happen to me.

I started being harassed by several different people with accents. They call me daily at work, and on my cellphone, telling me I am going to jail. I did take out a loan online, and paid it back, but these people say I owe them money, and they call from different phone numbers, each time from the same company. Cashnet USA? I got scared and paid them. I was worried, since I did have a loan out that I got online. Then I got a call from another person from the same company with the same accent, but with an American sounding name, stating I never paid them, and I need to pay them immediately, although the money had already been taken out of my bank! I had to call my bank, and close my account, and try to get this money back.

I receive multiple threatening calls to both home and work numbers before 8 am. Threats are made regarding a non-existent pay loan from various phone numbers and area codes (909, 718, 949, 818) with various names (Mike **, Alex **, Mike **, Justin **). They claim to be attorneys and collection people. When they are all asked for the dates, times, and amounts of these so called "loans", they hang up or place you on hold and then hang up. They are unable to provide specific information. And they all speak with very heavy middle eastern accents that are difficult to understand. Zero or minus needs to be an available choice in this case.

I received a call from some lady with a strong accent. When I didn't understand her, she put her supervisor on. His name was Dexter **. He said I owed for a payday loan and my balance was over $500 which included several fees. They were going to arrest me at work or home and court fees of over $8000 if I didn't pay. He wouldn't tell me any other name other than Insta Cash which I have never heard of. I have had a payday loan but have been in good standings. He gave me the phone number of ** as I asked to verify where he was calling from and wanted to verify. There is no listing for this number. He also said he was calling for a Richard **, an associate attorney.

I received a message to call this Brian ** person at **. The message mentioned that I should call back regarding my attorney information. I was instantly concerned. When I called back there was no room on his voice mail and he was not available. When I finally got someone, they informed me that I was going to have charges filed against me for check fraud and other items for cash advance I received from InstaCash.

I could barely hear or understand this person, but I finally was able to figure out that they were trying to convince me that I received $500 from this company in June 2009 and was charged off on January 28, 2010. If it went to court, I could face charges of $8500 or they could help me if I paid them $900 right now. If it was in fact a charge off, I would have seen this on my credit report. When I told them I had not received any information from this company, they said I must have not read the emails or deleted them. I am sure this is fraudulent, but I am concerned at this point. Obviously I don't want criminal charges filed against me, but I'm not going to give criminals $900 either! Economically, this could be devastating. $8500 plus criminal charges: I don't even know how to fully calculate the cost of that.

I never filled out a loan application with these people. They are stating I filled one out 2 weeks ago. I need no loan. They have called me from different phone numbers today only 15 times and they said they will try to remove me from the call list but why did I fill out a loan application and I stated I did not. Vincent is a form of harassment fraud.

I was contacted by email threatening to contact my employer, take me to court and garnish wages on a loan I never received. I did fill out an application but after speaking to a representative and discussing their fees to obtain a loan, I declined the loan and never received. I keep immaculate bank records so on the first and second email I asked for documentation. They would not provide me this then came threatening emails. When I called their number and the Indian guy on the other end realized I wasn't going to be intimidated or threatened and would not try to resolve it, he hung up and continued to hang up on the next 8 calls. I screen shot and saved every email and call log for future issues. This is a scam. I'm sorry to the ones that cave in and pay. They target people that are in financial trouble to begin with and then extort more. Please contact federal trade commission. This is not a credible legal lender.

I received several calls from someone with a Indian accent telling me that a "criminal case" has been filed against me by Instant Cash for not repaying a loan. He told me I was going to be picked up and put in "the jail" for long time and then he rattled off a list of charges. The first call I received at my home and I just hung up the phone when the person started asking me about my attorney. When I got to work the next morning, there was a message on my voice from the same person threatening that I was going to lose my job if I did not call them back. Just out of curiosity I called back and the person that answered the phone could not tell me anything about "my case". He just kept asking if the number I was calling from was the number where I received the message. I told him no, so then he wanted the number where I received the message.

I would not give him a number and asked why he could not tell me any information based on my name. He put me on hold and came back and read me a statement basically saying a criminal case has been filed against me, I owed over $8000 and a bunch of other **. Ironically he did not ask me for any money. I guess he could tell by my reaction on the phone that I knew it was a scam.

I received 11 phone calls from this company. I was left a voice mail from Mark ** who advised I needed to call the second I received his voice mail. If I didn't call back, then this matter would unfold on me and all he could say was he wishes me the best of luck. I was advised by this Mark ** that he was calling form a lawyer’s office and I was being sued for check fraud, bank fraud and 3 other things. When I question them, they got rude and advised they will send my attorney papers to me in the mail. I advised to send them. Then they asked me if I still bank at my bank. I told them of course, none of their business. They hung up on me.

Later that night, they called me again, huhu called right back, told me not to answer my phone. They hung up on me, called again, told me to stop answering my phone because he liked my answer tone and once again hung up on me. They called me one more time and hung up. I went to my local police who advised me to call the following day and speak to the private investigator. So I did and all I was told was there is nothing they can do because no crime has been committed and they were out of state.

As I am writing this I am getting numerous calls from a Robin *** from some law department stating I owe money to a company called Cash Net Marketing for a Payday loan. I never took a loan from this company. They told me I am going to be arrested in the hour if I don't pay, that I will lose my job and not be able to find any job in the USA after this. They said that I owed $833 for the loan and late fees but that I could settle it for $513 if I pay it by the end of this month. While I have taken a few Payday loans over the last six months, they have all been paid back. I have verified this with my bank and the companies I borrowed from. I know they are a scam. How do I get them to stop calling me?

InstaCash payday advance repayment - They called me (probably over 100 times) stating I owed money and had to pay today or I would be arrested. I almost paid them. I called the actual source of the loan and he informed me to call Homeland Security. They had me file a complaint with the FTC as well as my local police force. Another lady called me from a supposed other company and tried pulling the same thing but all the amounts were different. It was a scary situation. Whatever you do, don't pay them, report them.

I received a phone call today from a company that said they were bringing federal charges against me and that they were sending people to my work to investigate me. They said that they were going to charge me with check fraud, theft, misrepresentation of identity, etc. I then told them that they were fraudulent and will regret doing this. They hung up the phone and said that they will see me in court.

My story against Instant Cash USA is about the same as Stacee of Bradenton, FL. I got a call from John **, a so-called attorney, who was representing Instant Cash USA (who, like Lana of Salida, CO had an Asian accent and was very hard to understand). He proceeded to rake me over the coals and told me that he was going to sue me for check fraud, violation of federal banking, and something else. He was going to send it to the sheriff’s department, to my place of employment (where he said I would definitely get fired from), and to whomever else was involved. When I tried to tell him this was the first time I had heard about it, he told me to shut up and listen. Then, he said they had sent numerous emails. But if I received anything from these people, I didn't see it because I don't remember anything from Instant Cash or any attorney's office where this person supposedly works. Plus, if it went to my "spam" folder, I delete whatever is in there without even looking. He didn't say anything about trying to contact me via the phone!

This has caused me to be extremely upset and I am scared to death that I'm going to lose my job, my house, everything. I looked up the details and policies on Instant Cash USA and nowhere does it state that you have to participate in their membership and/or if there are any fees for membership or anything like that. Apparently, once you fill out the application (unbeknownst to you), they send you an email which gives you the opportunity of declining the membership. But if you don’t reply to their email, it’s an automatic yes that you agree to the terms.

After I had filled out the information, I was getting 4-5 direct withdrawals from my bank account from these people ranging from $20.00 up to $199.00 where when I saw them, I immediately called my bank and did a stop payment, because I did not authorize any such transaction. I called several times asking what this was for and they kept saying it was a membership fee. I told them to cancel whatever membership it was and to stop any future withdrawals. Each time, I was told that it would be. It didn't. I thought because I had done all the stop payments this was the reason for the lawsuit but apparently that's not the case, because it sounds like this has happened before.

It's 8:00 am Friday morning (4/30/10) and I'm at the office scared to do anything. I'm so afraid that my boss is going to call me in his office and tell me I'm fired. I cannot concentrate on my work and this is driving me insane.

On June 16, 2010 I applied for a payday loan with Ace Cash Services. I called them to ensure proper processing of the loan. I was directed to check my e-mail and sign so that there would be no problems with the transaction that would take place and everything went according to plan. On June 17, 2010 I received a call from Instant Cash USA and the representative asked me if I wanted to barrow money. I advised the representative that I did not want their loan. The next day to my surprise two hundred dollars was deposited into my account. I wanted to return the money and I have been trying to locate this business but to no avail. I have no e-mail from them, no phone number. This transaction was performed without my consent. I borrowed the money that I can pay back. This situation will cause me to go through unnecessary hardship.

I am dealing with threatening phone calls from gentlemen with foreign accents. They seem to think that I owe them for a loan. I never signed or received any funds from them, but they continue to repeatedly call every day for about 2 weeks now. The phone calls are originating from several numbers including California and Texas. Something needs to be done about this! What should I do in the meantime? Absolutely nothing resolved. I am still receiving the threatening calls.

Over the last week j tried borrowing 5 grand to help pay for my wedding. I contacted Easy Loans USA and they said that I was approved for the loan with a 150 processes fee and additional 240 for the bad credit I have and then 390 for taxes on a loan I never received. If anyone has figured out a way to get their money back please let me know.

I received a phone message last Thursday, 10-10-10, from someone who had to speak to me immediately regarding an "urgent" issue. He identified himself as Don ** (hey, how was that Miami Vice gig?). He said that if I didn't return the call, he could not be held responsible for the consequences that I was about to incur. Unfortunately, he didn't provide any info regarding what I was to incur or the consequences for. The next day I called the number and was told by Deanna ** that I had not paid back a payday loan from Instant Cash that I received in January, 2010. When I asked where she was calling from, she said that she was from the California State Attorney's Office. Long story short, I started asking a boatload of questions, knowing that this was a scam. They finally hung up on me.

When I called them back, I spoke to a Nick **. When I asked to speak to the actual attorney who was prosecuting the case, aka Brian **, I was deflected in 10 different directions and eventually hung up on again. My wife called the FBI and they informed her that they get this stuff all the time. They were glad to take down the phone number to keep for their records in case of any future prosecution and they recommended contacting our bank, which we did. Our bank informed us that they could only put a stop on specific amounts of money; otherwise, if the scammers had our account info, they could get more or less than the amount specified in the stop.

When I spoke with the scammers, they did, in fact, have the last four digits of our bank account number, but kept fishing for the rest of the numbers, which we did not give them. Beware, those of who you give your info, too! I hope that no one has to suffer unnecessary financial hardship due to these ** and I hope that they catch them soon.

Since about January, this Indian guy keeps calling, saying sheriffs will come to arrest me, that I have fraud charges placed against my social security number and he keeps wanting to verify my personal information. He will not answer any of my questions and now he continues to harass me at work with one call back to back and has even spoken to my co-workers of which he has used profanity to.

I did bill collections myself for many many years and it is easy to get anyone's personal information and make it sound as if it is a business calling. He may really think he is working for a company but he is badly misdirected and not trained in the field of a real recovery person. He breaks all the codes of collections in every way. I will be retaining an attorney and doing a bit skiptracing myself to locate this person and not only file harassment on the company he claims to work for but on the individual caller himself.

Yesterday, I have gotten another e-mail from CASH USA from Blake ** saying that if I did not pay $686 to CASH USA, that I would be blacklisted from any job, my social security number being put on hold by the IRS, causing severe damage to my credit report; also paying court costs, attorney fees, and a court penalty totaling $10,000+ and now I am scared and very upset. I have paid them 7-8 months ago and I have proof. I was told that I still owe this money even though I have proof of payment. How can I get my credit score up between 700-750 so my husband and I can refinance our car by next July of 2014? I am also very nervous and intimidated. How can I stop this harassment from happening?

I put in a complaint earlier today but want to let you know that Kevin P called while I was at lunch and left a message stating Kevin P called for you while you were at lunch. He said he was from the Federal Law office in Los Angeles County. He had an Asian accent and was difficult to understand. This is a different number from the number he called from this morning. I called it back and he informed me that I had until 2:00 his time to take care of this then they are closed. I told him I would get back with him. This is really making me upset due to the fact that they are calling me at work. I do not know if there is a way to block their calls but I am going to see if I can. However, I am not sure of the number they are calling from. If you can, please give me advise on what to do from here.

USA Cash says I owe them money. I never had a loan with them. I got a phone call from this Indian guy telling me they have warrant for my arrest. He told me he was the lawyer for this. I did not get a loan with these people. I did apply for a loan online but I got turned down. He told me they’ll come to my job and arrest me or to my home. When I asked for the number to this company, I was told he could not give me because his client is taking me to court. The company’s name is USA Cash. They called me from 4 different numbers today. Please help.

One more thing happened today. There was money deposited into my account today. It was $200. I have never heard of this place. It’s called Hydra Fund. I went to Google and typed in Hydra funding scams and I’m not the only person they have gotten. Please help me. I went online with Clarksville Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to see if I had a warrant out for my arrest and I don't have one. If you need help please go to [email protected], it’s the Washington State Department Financial Institution. Please go there today.

I received a call from a woman with a heavy Indian accent telling me I was approved for a loan. After several conversations she convinced me that all I needed to do was buy a Card to transfer money like a Vanilla card etc. Turns out that I needed to "verify" that I could pay & ended up putting $220.00 & $333.00. Needless to say it is gone. They actually asked for more money to get the loan onto my acct. I should have known better. These people take advantage of desperate people! DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY!! Worst mistake ever!

I was contacted stating there would be officers coming to my work to escort me to the court house and that I had received a loan for $120. However I now owe $5400 for legal fees. Each time they call it's a different name and they transfer me to what they claim is an Atty with the Cyber Crime unit. He would not give me the number to Instant Cash, it was "a conflict of interest'. They were very rude and I got hung up on twice. I worked for 15 years in collections and as an Attorney Liaison. What they are claiming is crazy. Does anyone have any information on what happened after they "filed with the court house in a hour and are sending people to my job"? I see several complaints but no follow up to what may have happened. Please let me know if you have any updates. Good luck.

I got a call from a Dexter ** today and the past few days. He leaves a voicemail telling me that I need to reach an attorney and to call the number **. I finally answered the call since he called me at work and informed him that since I got his voicemails and I tried calling back, there's a recording that is telling me phone # is no longer in service. So when I called back today and spoke with an attorney named ** , he told me I took out a loan with Cash USA but wouldn't tell me when or for how much. It was very hard to understand him. And when I tried to ask what account it was posted to, he told me that he didn't have that information. The more information that I asked, the more mad he got and so I told him that I would seek an attorney and call him back. But before I hung up, he wanted to know why I would take the money and not pay back and asked what kind of person I was for taking money like that and he hung up on me! I just hate that he would call my place of employment and threaten me like this. We need to put a stop to these people!

For months, and this goes back to September of 2014, I was receiving calls and emails from a Frank ** for the amount of $8,000 for Cash Tree Pay day Loan I never applied for. My personal information was hacked and the data for the so-called dates and personal account, employment etc in his records were way off, and in some cases not even existent at the time. I also found a fraudulent Florida address attached to my social security number in my credit reports.. I contacted my bank, filed a complaint with the FBI and had the fraudulent address removed from my credit report.

Now, a Michael ** from Cash USA is threatening to sue if I don't pay up the same $8,000 from Cash USA with late fees, attorney and court fee's, and has my social security number. I have never applied for and received these funds from any company. It seems nothing I do will make them stop, and I'm at the point where I'm afraid to answer my home phone.

I received a call around 8:45 am on September 14th. I could not get to the phone in time so the man started to leave a message. I picked up the phone when they stated they were wanting my husband to contact them asap concerning a freeze that was to be put onto his SS# and his license. My husband is a Semi truck driver for a living and this scared me to death because he was currently out there making deliveries for his work. The man told me my husband was being sued for a loan through Instant Cash USA that we did not pay. We have never taken a loan through Instant cash.

The man told me that we owed $766.39 for a $300 loan that we had supposedly taken through this company. He proceeded to tell me that my husband would be subpoenaed and arrested and his license pulled and SS# frozen. This concerned me very much due to the fact that we have 7 children (6 still at home) and he is the main worker for our family. He also told me that my husband would have to go to California for the court date tomorrow if we did not settle with him today. Thank God I had no money and told him so. He told me I needed to borrow it from family or friends.

I told him we had no family or friends that we would be able to get that kind of money from. He told me I could pay $300. I told him again I did not have money, my husband just went back to work after being laid off for 2 years and he said I had 3 hours to come up with it or he was going to proceed with the charges against my husband. It is now 1:45 pm and he has not called back nor have I called him. During this time, I had another company call me and state that I was to not give anyone money that calls me on the phone stating that my husband was being sued. This individual was named Officer Fred ****** and Logan ****** from the Federal Legal Defender office.

He stated he had a charge against my husband and that the other company was a scam. He also stated he worked on behalf of Cash Net USA. I called Cash Net USA myself and the lady let me know that this gentleman was also scamming. That my husband never received a loan from their company. Needless to say, My husband called Mr ***** to inform him that we were not paying. We have left it at that but I still fear that my husband,s information is out there and being used in a negative way.

I received a phone call that I was going to be served on Monday for internet fraud for a payday loan from 2007. After speaking to them, I decided to do a search and found out that there have been multiple people receiving this same sort of call within the past few months. I asked them to send me an email letter. They could not tell me what I owed, just that if it was not paid for $4000, then they would take me to court. The guy told me that he could settle it for $500.00. I was very upset and rattled. When I further checked, the website listed on the letter is not valid nor is the company. The phone number that I have is **.

Just received a call from this so call Kelly Law Firm, stating I had a criminal case against me!! Failed to pay back a loan I took out in April 2014. I told this guy, "You're crazy and this is a fraud!" He started yelling at me saying, "You need to call Cash USA and pay!!" First of all, I never took a loan out! I even deleted the email saying I was approved. I did some research, because I didn't get a good feeling about them. I googled people's experience with Instant Cash USA and it wasn't good. I'm so glad I didn't do it!! And now today, I'm being harassed for $8484.87.

5 years ago, my identity was stolen when I filled out a car loan application online. Since then, I have been contacted by this guy claiming I was going to be thrown in jail for failure to pay a payday loan and other such things. I got his number blocked from my phone, had his number automatically transferred to another voice messaging system with a custom greeting designed to let him know that I will never get any of his calls nor will I ever check that messaging system, and sent his information to my state's Attorney General. He has harassed my sister and other relatives that I listed on the loan application as references and caused a big rift in my relationship with some of them who don't believe the guy is trying to scam me. Today, I received this email:

My name is BLAKE ** from Cash USA. Reason of this email is that we have registered a case against you. Following is your information.

Name : **
Social Security Number : **
Outstanding Debt: $686.00 (including late payment charges)
Penalty in the court: $8526.35

Attorney and court fees: $1500+

Creditors - Cash USA, which is a parent company of more than 400 cash websites and internet web portals in USA and operates under different names in different states. Apart from getting laid off by your current employer after we send them the legal notice, you will be blacklisted from getting any job. Through an IRS (Internal Revenue Service), your Social Security number will be put on hold causing severe damage to your credit history or credit report and your income paychecks will be put on hold. Any child support, disability, unemployment or retirement benefits will be either place on hold or will be stopped until the outcome of the case.

Our primary job was to notify you about the case before we send you legal document in the mail because once this case gets registered then we won't be able to help you out of court. Our client is least interested in getting the money at this point as they want to just go ahead and start taking legal actions; however, we wanted to contact you and give you last chance to resolve this case out of court. If you take care of this out of court then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and we will make sure that no one will contact you in future. Please let us know what is your intention by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will meet you in court house.

I am from Oklahoma. Blake ** was the WRONG pseudonym to use (basketball player for LA that was a huge star at OU). I have been a legitimate bill collector. I know the law. They can not threaten any action they can not take (like getting you laid off of your job) nor can they EVER touch child support payments as those are considered to belong to a minor child. They can not disclose any actual information as the amount, type, and purpose of the debt other than to state it is an attempt to collect a debt (definitely not the Social Security number) unless they can verify that they are communicating with the person intended. No court fees are ever more than $500 for a small claims court case (which this is). The number listed is the same one I blocked 5 years ago. Even if I had owed something to someone from 5 years ago, this type of debt is subject to a statute of limitations that would prevent any successful collection from occurring after 2 years.

NEVER pay these people a damn thing.

I had a third or fourth harassing call from an individual, with a middle eastern accent, claiming that I am being sued for fraud because I have not pay back a pay-day loan to Cash USA. At least that's what I think he said. I tried to find out more information or have him call my lawyer, but he became threatening and refused to take the information.

I do have a pay-day loan right now, but it is in good standing. I know this is a scam.

I received an email from a guy named Blake, talking about I owed $686 and that the court penalties would be over $8500. I have never had a loan with this company. They are talking about my SSN will be blacklisted and I won't be able to get another job.

I have tried to get a refund from these people as they are a total scam. Mr. Anthony ** and Mr. Nash ** are in charge. I recommend everyone call them at 213 283 5680 and tie up their lines so they cannot take advantage of anyone.