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It was so easy and I had my money the next morning.
I was happy with the service I received. I would recommend this company to friends and family.
Very easy to apply and terms very reasonable. Repay options are great and customer service was excellent.
Fast Process & No hassle
Very friendly! Quick and easy! Everything was very well explained!
Very nice experience overall! Outstanding customer service. I’m very happy and satisfied.
So easy to use and fast approval and deposit
The service is great. Very easy process.
I put a single star, only because it's part of the process to get to this point of writing a review. Otherwise, I wouldn't have given it a rating unless they had stars available in the negative. I was told nothing about the intrest rate during the application, and didn't find out about it until my first payment was drawn from my account. At that point, I also found out that the withdrawals would be done bi-weekly of which the only thing discussed during the application process was that I get paid bi-weekly. Nothing about making payments bi-weekly. But they maintain that all the information was in the documents. Which means, what comes out of there mouth doesn't have anything to do with what's on paper. Originally borrowed $1200.00. Made a payment of $122.00 . Hours later on the same day I checked the payoff which was $1196.30. That's 294% intrest. An impossible loan to payoff, unless you payoff 100% ... __________________________________________ Update: Thanks for the response concerning my review of which; apparently, you did not actually read . I've paid this loan off 100%, but had I went through the normal bi-weekly arranged payment planned schedule. I would not have been anywhere close to paying of this loan. At the time that I paid 100% of the loan. Which I paid a week earlier than the scheduled payment. The loan increased to the payoff amount of $1207.00. Had I waited to the scheduled time of the bi-weekly payment. It would have been $1214.00. Based on your response to my original review. Which was and is a review of my experience with this financial institution. It's clear, and obvious that you stand behind terms, policies, and agreements within the loans that this financial institution ( Integra Credit ) writes to clearly take advantage of customer's.
They were great and everthing they told me right over the phone they did and the money was in my bank the very next day. They made it very easy and simple to understand the loan details. What a great Experience to use in case of in a emergency like my family had. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to barrow money.
Fast and pleasant experience!
I was extremely surprised at how quick the process was.When I called to make sure my info was all there the girl I spoke with was very nice. Thankyou, Mary wilson
Easy, very friendly. Lower payments per month.
Several attempts have been made using my email address. This person lives completely different then my address. Tried to contact this company as this is fraud. Not applying for credit with this company, but yet get these emails. FRAUD....When I try to contact this company it comes back.
Said I qualified and sent money to the wrong account twice. They said I qualified but wanted to sign into my bank account. When I gave them information instead of my bank password they said I wasn’t qualified.
Had to call because I forgot about a bank holiday and was talked to and not at like I was stupid.
I would recommend Integra Credit to anyone of my friends or family members. Simply, because the loan process was extremely fast and customer satisfaction is top notch. Keep up the good work.
I’m so happy about the service Integra Credit provided for me. They’re really help me on times of need.
Excellent process a clear concise I got my funds the next day the very happy with that the terms and agreement of payback are acceptable. Thank you for letting me become one of your Associates customers
very friendly and delivered as promised.
no problem so far
Easy to work with, approved in minutes
They were so easy to deal with and I had the money the next day in my account. I definitely recommend
I was pleased, and amazed, at how quickly I was approved for a loan. Most companies require a customer to fax or email certain documents before granting approval. This requires extra time and a lot of frustration. Thank you, Integra Credit, for quickly getting me the help I needed!
This company was very helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone
Thank you for trusting in me I needed the funds really bad your company was very helpful.
The application process was very easy. The agent I spoke with was courteous and informative and the requested funds were readily available in my account by the next morning. So far, I've been pleased with Integra.
Instant approval! Even with my current horrible credit score. Helps if you can pay the loan off faster, if possible. I borrowed $600 and it would've cost $650 to pay it back in a week. Saved me the usual overdrawn checking account fees($20-25) per overdraw. The daily and annual APR's are insanely high but sometimes when no one else will lend you the $$$$, you gotta do what you gotta do. I was pretty surprised as to how rapid my approval was and how fast the money reached my checking account. Overall a good experience.
Quick service, good follow up
They were fast convenient and called and checked on my material within 2 hours and a half my phone's the next day
Loved how fill out the app and next day the money is there...awesome
The process was quick and easy. Once approved I had the funds the next day. Thank you
first time getting a small installment loan. It was very easy, and when I called to ask questions, customer service was awesome. I would recommend this agency.
Fast...courteous...funds in my acct before 12 noon next day I recommend them...very pleased
I was happy I received the money quickly and now I wish I would’ve asked for alittle more than what I did I also forgot how much my payments are and when again other wise I’m happy with the results and would use you guys again thank you
Fast and upfront. Delivered funds after one short phone call.
It was quick and easy, and a lifesaver for me!!!
Easy application process and the money was in my account by the next morning!
So far I got my money fast. It was a quick process.
You came at a time when I needed a little help due to a slump in our business. I am very appreciative of your trust with this financial help. Thank you
Great company and I had my money really fast and didn't have to jump through a ton of hoops.
They help me when I needed it.
I would recommend your company to everyone. I can’t believe how professional your sales rep was - Dean I believe is his name. He was very nice and I just couldn’t believe that the funds were delivered the next day without any further verification. I don’t know any other company like this! Thanks so much to you and to Lending Tree for the introduction! Plus, your immediate assistance to my need. I am very appreciative! Suzanne
Very honest, upfront and quick. Helped me out in a time of need. Would use again.
Upfront and convenient for emergencies
Very fast and efficient thank you
Easy experience. Didn't know I had to send in more information, so my applications was declined, but, after the information was sent, it was approved without having to fill out again. Nice. Money received the next day.
Excellent care a d quicl
Very easy to apply and quick response.....will definitely keep them in mind for future needs
Excellent! Process was so easy.
Its fast and easy and the people are very friendly also low payments