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t was amazing!!!!!
I was promise one thing and did not received it, when I need it help, I was given unclear answers!!!
I honestly hated selling my structured settlement. The process can be long, drawn out, and tedious. There is not a whole lot of information given to you on how the value of your settlement is determined. I wish there was more information given on this. I was smart and did my research. I still felt as if I was getting the short end of the stick, but I didn't have a choice at the time. It was either sell or file bankruptcy. Overall though, JG Wentworth's staff was friendly. Follow up correspondence was slow at times, and I suppose this was ok since I was persistent and was usually responded to within 24 hours of secondary inquiries on my behalf. Don't expect to get much more than .33 cents on the dollar if your settlement is 10+ years down the road. If you go into a sell with low expectations, you should be OK, but make sure you shop around, and know that several buyers of structured settlement payments originate with JG, but go by different names and pretend that they are not affiliated.
This is probably the best place you can go to cause other places straight try to rip you off.
It was what I needed at the time I needed it thank you
J.G Wentworth is a good structural settlement company to go to, they help me out a lot there very polite and helpful
I have landed in some very bad situations over the last year and JGW has been there helping me every step of the way. My, Jennifer Bell. has been there to listen and get me the funds I have needed every time so that I can breathe again! I just can't thank you enough.
Good folks, not pressured by reps.
I I would say JG Wentworth has been a blessing to me I appreciate the honesty and loyalty they have always had my best interest at heart calling and checking up on me make sure everything went through properly I cannot think of a better company than them
I have made several transactions with lindsay and shane with great success. Very great people to work with. Easy and was promised what I got. All transactions were uneventful and veey knowledgeable people. Will definitely be a return customer.
Always check behind all small print!!
Clark gets 5 stars he was excellent in both transaction
Devon made sure our process moved smoothly, very helpful and patient. We are glad she is our representative.
My fiancé was very ill and without the money I would not of been able to get her treatment she's now feeling much better and we're living the happiest days of our lives thank you Jade you want worth thank you so much
My experience with JG Wentworth was amazing. I had a very caring and helpful employee help me through a very scary and unfamiliar process. His name was Kevin McGilloway. His supervisor was named Dante, and a nice guy named Cliff. They helped me through a very rough time, and MADE SURE I UNDERSTOOD THE WHOLE PROCESS. If I ever am in need again, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up the phone, and ask for Kevin. I am grateful for everything they helped me achieve.
Not a fan at all. After not hearing from them on weeks on end, we got our closing estimate and were charged $653 for a lock extension. When I called Mark he blamed the underwriters, title company and slow government for the delays. Someone he didn't blame was us. However we still were the ones paying for the lock extension. We are back in the market looking for a new lender now.
Was a wonderful experience and would do it again in the near future, thanks Jg you all have good customer service to.....
i really liked working with them they were very attentive and caring. i really loved that they could be reached at anytime if need be. i would recommend this company to family and friends. the only complaint i would have is after the transaction is complete someone would continusly call trying to get more and can someime be very rude thats why i gave four stars.
Experience started out good they were there and very competitive, but after the paperwork was signed things got a little shaky. I sent the proper paperwork but kept getting the run around when the check was supposed to come after it was approved. But, overall it was a good experience. And I will use you again.
i would encourage anyone who would like access their structured settlement now to use j.g. wentworth thanks
I got done exactly what I was after for what I feel was a fair price.
I was a little bothered by the fact that I couldnt do another loan, but I also feel like I LOST a huge amount of money for what little bit I got back and then for what they got :(
Deserves a big fat 0. Do you like to send the same information over and over? Do you enjoy having to constantly follow up with people? Do you like to be YELLED at when asking for an update? Do you enjoy working with people that can't take responsibility and are constantly pointing the finger? Are you planning on missing your closing date? Would you like to lose your mind after you tell them they were behind schedule and they literally yell at you and blame you for being behind schedule even though you send them everything they ask for within an hour of the request? Do you like it when people lie to and get angry with you because you asked for an update or explanation on something? Do you like asking a yes or no question and getting a 20 minute ambiguous answer that doesn't answer the yes no question and then trying to spend an additional 10 mins to get them to pick Yes or No? Do you love calling and emailing people everyday for the same issue? Do you frequently send personal information like SSN, Bank Accounts, Drivers License, etc. only to wonder if they got it and if it's still sitting in the email even though you have explicated asked several times for a quick "Got it" or "Thank you" confirming they have received it? Do you have a need to work with Incompetent "professionals", Liars, Rage Monsters, Morons, Arrogant Salesmen type people, and Lazy Finger-Pointers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, You will Love working with J.G. Wentworth because they literally did all of the previously mentioned things. This is my first bad review ever and they deserve it! They literally did not have a Single redeemable quality.
I have had get service with j.g. they are hands on and they make sure the get you the money you need.
Bad Customer Service. I was given a checklist of items needing provided. Got a phone call EVERY single day about paying for the appraisal. The rep at one point texted me that he would close out my loan if I did not pay that day, and this on day 10 of the process. Ya you all can kiss my money goodbye cause I am not playing that game.
I sold all of both of my settlements to JG and wish I would have looked more. I got three quots and they showed that I could have easily got almost two hundred thousand more then JG gave me. If I had a chance I would take it all back.
I enjoyed the staff they are very nice. But I don't feel as though the have me as much as they could have. Only when the competition offered me more money did JG Wentworth offer me more. As a returning customer I did not appreciate that. I choose to go with JG because they already had all my info (just in case y'all are wondering).
Everything was handled efficiently. Impersonal. Plain and simple business transaction.
I had always dealt with a very nice and on the ball agent named (NAME). She was fantastic. I interview candidates for a living and I was conducting an interview and had my secretary call me saying someone needed to speak with me urgently. I took the call while in the interview and an agent named (name) proceeded to sales pitch me. I explained I was in an interview and wasn't a good time. He responded, "Well you needed us before, whats wrong, you dont need money now?" in a very demeaning manner. I again explained I was conducting an interview and had to actually hang up the phone on him to get him to stop harassing me. After this experience I will never do business with them again! I reported them to the BBB and got an apology from the company. I also asked to have no contact with them, but they continue to call. Poor conduct by J G Wentworth!!
Kristin was helpful and worked hard to get me my money fast! I received the best deal and was never given the runaround.
People are helpful and easy to work with.
They helped me get the money I need when I was in debt they were also very nice and professional.
my experience with JG Wentworth was amazing i've never had anyone so easy to work with
I had no problem with the transaction. The firm was very detailed with what was to be expected. The transfer of funds after the approval from the court happend within 24 hours. No complaints !
I've worked with JG went worth many times and they have yet to let me down. They are always on things and there for me when I need them, they get me my money fast and on time and probably the best custermer service out there. I highly recommend them to anyone.