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I recently applied for an emergency loan. Just Military Loans took almost 2 weeks to process everything a loan. The first step before anything at all was to set up an allotment and send the company confirmation, which was really strange. After submitting everything they need, they had to speak with my commander. I gave them the number to the commander's office, but they wanted a DSN phone number, we do not have a DSN phone number since it is a brand new facility. The representative would return phone calls when she wanted, and emails were never returned. After leaving multiple voice mails for the lady, I get a voice mail the next day stating that they were going to cancel my request for the loan due to non-corporation. Yet, every time I attempted to get through, I would be on hold for 30 to 45 minutes.

Finally, they got in contact with the commander and said that the funds would be processed in two days. When I asked when the first payment would be due, the rep said the 1st of November! This way 12 days after we had got approved for the loan, not to mention the time they spent giving us the run around. However, the contract that I signed states first payment would be due in 30 days, December 1st. I left multiple voice message asking for the rep to clarify why the contract said one thing, and she told me something different no one ever called me back. I even emailed the rep on multiple occasions, no one has ever respond. I attempted to contact the companies 800 number, and left a message on their website to receive a phone call back, still no response.

It is now January 1st, and I have yet to get any information. I am not sure who is servicing my loan, where the payment are going, or why they took the payment out 12 days after I received the loan. I will never use this company again, nor would I ever refer any military to them. If I had not really needed the funds at the moment I was ready to cancel the whole thing.

The clerks weren't very nice. The terms of agreement weren't fantastic. Interest charges were ridiculous. I will probably not use them again. I did not use any extra services on the occasion that I used the lending services. The options were varied. However the terms and conditions and the fees were ridiculous. I wouldn't recommend. It wasn't a great experience. I needed help. I shouldn't have to pay extra fees when I'm in need. These companies exist to make people stay under their thumb and in debt.

They are great to work with. Very helpful getting a loan. Fast action. I have told everyone about this service. I am very pleased. They will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. They provide you with all the information to secure your loan. They are very helpful in providing much more than a loan. It is more of a personal service they provide that has helped me out when I need it. They provide you with many options on repaying your loan. They will work with you so you can make your payment. They will suit your needs. Their rates are good and very low fees that will fit your budget. I would recommend using them as they have helped me out... You do not have to worry. They will not overcharge you.

They answered my questions as best as they could. They weren't rude or anything like that which increased my rating to over a thousand. They have a lot of services. They give more information about the loans and if you visit their website the extra service is there. It automatically pays for your loan so you don't have to repay all with hard work. This can really save a lot of time and effort. The additional fees are pretty expensive. That this is too much just for a fee just for that extra service. This isn't called for.

If you are thinking about using just military loans for a loan save yourself the stress and trouble, and look somewhere else!! We applied for a loan from just military, and filled out all the necessary paperwork required online. Then once approved you have to print out a huge amount of paperwork where they want everything short of your first born.

Then you have to go get it noterized and fax it, and we had to fax it 3 times and they still didn't get it. Oh and if you call and it is close to the end of the day don't expect the lady to be any help, she is impersonal and can't wait to leave at the end of the day. They claim on their website that they have FAST military loans, however we have been dealing with their BS for a week now and still are getting the run around and with no results (MONEY)... So if you are military and you need a loan do yourself a favor and DO NOT go with just military. Pioneer Military loans is much better, the people are friendly and you get approved in a couple hours and then get your money within the next 24hrs, and you don't have to fill out a ton of paper work or all the other bull crap reqired for just military!!

This is a real good one. I was in need of a loan for emergency leave purposes. I completed the required paperwork and received my loan within two days. About two weeks later, I received the funds to pay the loan off, which my personal banker scheduled an ACH payment to pay off my account in full. The funds were withdrawn from my account on April 24, 2012. I later continuously checked to see if it had been updated.

After about 1 week, I contacted their customer service, and was met with a rude woman whose first question was, "Are you still sending the allotment?", and that it takes 5 days to clear. 5 days to clear? The payment cleared over one week ago, when I was just inquiring as to why the account was not marked as paid in full. So, in essence, they were trying to get my payoff amount plus an additional $247.97 (monthly payment amount) from me. After threatening to pursue legal action against this company, and threatening to contact the BBB if they did not give me any paid-in-full documentation. Finally, after going to that extreme, they corrected it.

This honestly makes me wonder if they're doing this to me, I wonder what they're getting away with some of these younger sailors, soldiers, airmen, and marines, who do not have as much experience with loans, and other types of credit. I should not have had to go to the extent of threatening legal action, or involving the BBB. I'm glad they got their act together and fixed it. If you're in the market for a loan from a military friendly company, do not do business with them. Look to your own bank or credit union first, or go through Pioneer Military Loans, or Omni Financial, much better experiences and customer service.

JustMilitary that I was sucks butt. Just do not use them. It took two weeks before I said just forget it. They had my les, ID card and references. All things were valid. They talked to my references and chain of command, but they want to talk to my commander. This was the hold up for two weeks. Now it is December. Half day schedules, so I give them his number's office number, no cell phones, and tell them the times he is in. I even call them in front of him and wait for the call back, no call. Instead, they call at 1500. I was told by Vanessa when I contacted her, and of course no one is there half a day schedule, even though they said they would call right back to get the info they needed...

Really it just should not take this long especially if they tell you that you are approved, then they want you to start an allotment before they have verified everything. They wanted this two weeks ago. So I should start an allotment upon a preapproval and wait two weeks to receive my money, but guess what, I have not received my money yet. I am still waiting for them to check my DNA and my RECTAL temperature. I will be going elsewhere as I have been approved by Omni yesterday and will be receiving my money within 24 hours, so my advice is just do not do it.