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Kabbage Online Loan Reviews

I really appreciate the easy application and quick response from Kabbage. Good product and good service. The ONLY problem I experienced was that we have 2 revenue checking accounts and I could only link one so only half our revenue was considered. I would highly recommend Kabbage to anyone needing a loan for working capital.
Great experience in applying and so easy. Thank you Kabbage for a smooth transaction.
Had a few minor problems linking our PayPal account to the Kabbage system, but they got it all worked out just fine and it was very easy after that. Top notch!
Absolutely amazing and fast service. The entire process took less than 1/2 hour and was approved on the spot. Would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking funding
Easy seem less and fair.
Kabbage turned out to be a great option for small business, who need working capital to cover payroll, taxes, expenses, - like in our case when the Government payments take 60-90 days and sometimes get delayed in red tape. Kudos also to the Kabbage staff following up on our application, special recognition to David Liles. We hope to have a long term relationship with Kabbage
This is the first time that I get a line of credit. Banks would never give me a chance
I got funds requested within 2 days,
Very easy to deal with and quick response time!
The signup process with Kabbage was a piece of cake. When I changed banks, I had a really hard time verifying the new account. They also took over my bank account contact info which was a pain. I had to go to the branch multiple times to get it changed. They also have tricky repayment terms, the payments at the beginning of the term are outrageous, and then trickle down to the smallest payment at the end. This makes it difficult to leverage your loan, because you get little time to get any ROI on it. I believe they do this to send folks into a cycle of borrowing and re-borrowing at their very high rates. Customer service reps are nice, but due to the bank problems I had over the summer with them essentially assuming my identity on my bank account, I would not recommend.
I received info about this company in the mail. At first, I didn't believe that they could do approvals as fast as they said, or provide cash as fast as promised. But lo and behold, it worked as promised! I highly recommend!
The process was fast and from start to finish. It exceeds my expectation!
I am still in the first week of my loan, but I was amazed at how simple and quick the process was. When I first applied online I received an approval within minutes, but the amount approved was far less than I thought it should be. I immediately contacted the company by phone and instantly had an account manager (Allan Palmer.) In less than 24 hours he had obtained approval to triple the loan amount. The money was in my account the next day. I have worked with other loan companies in the past and none of them came close to the ease and speed I experienced with Kabbage. The only negative for me is that they do not have terms longer than 12 months.
Quick and easy process. Highly recommended!
The company was recommend through my licensing agency and I applied for a line of credit and I instantly knew how much was available to me the staff contacted me and made sure I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision about using the money couldn't be happier
Our loan took about a week longer than expected and a number of questions from Kabbage were redundant, ultimately things got done and we were approved
Simple, fast and convenient way to get the small businesses loan.
Straight forward process. Timely transaction. That is all I wanted and I got it!
I was impressed by the speed in which you were able to approve the funding, and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable about our business experience
It couldn't be easier!!! The process of application was easy, fast and rewarding. I recommend Kabbage for any small business owner. The even out your cash-flow when you need it most.
I couldn't believe how easy and how helpful kabbage was when I needed a small business loan. I was looking for ways to fund some advertising for the upcoming summer months and wondered what options I had to make that happen. When I found kabbage, I was a bit apprehensive because everything was done online. I decided to go ahead and try it out and I was simply AMAZED at how easy and efficient it was. Everything was verified and I was able to receive my loan within no time.......if anyone can do it.......Kabbage Can........
Very easy to work with. I really appreciated the time my representative took to explain the program, and to answer my questions.
Kabbage is awesome. The application process is easy and fast, and the rates are transparent and reasonable. Customer service is excellent too.
The process was fast and easy. I got approval decision in seconds and money was in my account within 5 minutes.
Speedy, highly recommended
Great communication and service.
Very easy, affordable
We thank kabbage for being apart of our business. We both mutually benefit from working with eachother. Thanks again.! Great rates and terms! Allows us to grow together.
with some brief effort, I was able to come up with a much needed infusion of cash to bridge through some tight-money times
I really recommend a kabbage company for get a loan is easy and quick answer got my money faster on my account
Awesome awesome
I am trying to build business credit. Thank you for giving me credit. But your rates are too high.
So far so good and I am very pleased with the efficiency of Kabbage, I have an established business with a minimal need for additional funding for expansion. The idea of sitting down with a banker, drafting a business plan, being asked personally collateralize all funds and being told "NO" is just not appealing to me anymore. Banks do not understand business-Cabbage does. By reviewing our quickbooks and banking info -a truth can be shown without the normal hogwash, and this is best for both parties.
Kabbage helped us when our company needed some working capital. Alfredo the representative helped me immensely.
Very good Excellent recommend
The team was super helpful and the process was very easy! Thank you
So far great experience with Kabbage! Awesome and easy signup and funding. Complete straight-forward breakdown.
Great easy service took me like 10 minutes to get to where I needed to be
nothing to say bout simple. Awesome.
Very fast and easy to use. Helped our company get through a slow week of revenue.
The process and terms are straight forward.
I'm a CPA and needed some quick cash and working capital to pay a vital software needed to continue running my practice. Kabbage got me the needed funds in three days. They even approved me for over three times what I needed. They ask just a few questions about my business, verified a couple of documents quickly and got approved in just a couple of days. I would highly recommend Kabbage to my small business clients who need working capital quickly. Also, they assigned a great and friendly customer service agent, Ryan Sparlin, who assisted me throughout the process. Now, I'm relieved and in much better position to take on new clients thanks to Kabbage.
I run my own business from home and Kabbage has made it possible to go even further with my success. Fast deposits and easy payments! I'd recommend to any small business!!
Very easy to apply - credit was offered to me on the same day and the entire staff was incredibly helpful
If I could have put negative star would have. Only reason choose to use was given better rate than another service. The customer service was extremely poor was asking questions to my rep and hung up on me multiple times as he did not know anything about the loan. He could not answer my questions and when I got frustrated due to his extremely poor knowledge he hung up.
Excellent service, however funds must be available quiecker.
This experience was seamless and soooo Easy! Thankyou!
I needed a quick loan for office furniture, so I decided to go on line to see what companies offered loans to small business owners. Kabbage came up first, I applied on line and was approved within 5 minutes! The money was deposited into my account in 1.5 business days. I will always seek their help in the future. No fuss, easy. Just the way I like it.
Very good and prompt service
Just started program but so far so good!! Will keep you informed as we go forward!
easy and would recommend
Very easy and fast approval! Kabbage is highly recommended to all small businesses needing a loan.
I can't believe how easy it was. I was funded the same day.
I found out that I was eligible for funding in about 10 minutes and the money was in my account the next day. Kabbage is so easy to work with. I look forward to a long working relationship.
Was approved for $20K, the loan was funded and retrieved. An account executive called me to increase the loan amount My business does 4 million a year, PayPal just approved me for 350K within minutes. Don’t waste your time with this starter company.
Have not received any funds yet so can't really give a rating at the present
I was in a panic! My checks were not coming in and needed to pay my workers. I requested funds at 8 in the morning and it was in my account in the afternoon!!!
I applied for credit with Kabbage because it seemed to me to be a promising solution for factoring client invoices, since I have a client who is very unpredictable with their payment of my invoices. Actually getting the money was painless and the money I borrowed was indeed lent to me and delivered to my bank accounts without any issues. And their website is extremely easy to utilize. When I borrowed my first Kabbage loan, I was informed of the interest rates and the cost of borrowing the credit per the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and I was informed by their disclosure materials that their money is being lent to me at 85% APR! I think their APR of 85% is usurous. That is an extremely high figure and should be a crime to charge people that much interest. So, for me, the concern is not really a big one, since I only really need my average Kabbage loan for the period of about a week; however, my concern is about those interest rates of theirs being overly high.
Do not get involved with this company. The terms are vague and they arbitrarily change the terms as you move forward.
Very informed and helpful customer service, and timely and as projected time line responses. Cannot ask for more than that! Dan
Got surprise because, it was 1 o'clock in the morning and I was approved in less then 10 minutes and without sending any documents. Yes I will recommend kabbage to other businesses....Thank you Kabbage for trusting us and for doing business with us...
I love the fact that Christina Chan will be my "Go To" person after my loan was approved.
Look no further if you are looking for financial assistance this is the company to trust.
I received an E-Mail that my loan was approved. The next day I got an e-mail that said my loan was reversed. They needed more documentation. After going through that I did get the load.
Kabbage is the best company for fast short term loan. Thank you Nelson Long for making the process quick and convenient!!!
Working with Kabbage was fast and easy! We were able to secure a line of credit to get the working capital we needed in just a few days. They were very friendly, helpful and flexible, I would recommend Kabbage to any business owner!
I was notified of a special offer in which I was notified by email that I could receive an additional 30 days until the first payment is due. I emailed back questions as well as called and left a voice message to get additional information and no one followed up in response to my email message or telephone call thus I had to proceed and make the withdrawal before having all the facts I needed in order not to miss out on the special offer.
Very easy to use and understand. Very happy.
Fast and easy process in minutes. Money was in my account the next day. Not inexpensive but quick help if one needs it.
Great service! Highly Recommend
great company, had the money in my account thenext day. great rates and repayment terms.
Monthly payments are too high and only given 6 months to pay. Too automatic system lowers and increases line of credit randomly very often as daily! Not a good policy, their intent is not to help business owners, only to gain a profit. Business should be in business to help and making a profit is an added bonus!
Awesome company, very nice customer service
great experience will use again and recommend
Your system is simple and easy to use. Probably the simplest I've used so far.
Great customer service and fast loans. It actually Took a few months to get a biz line of credit. And it was a low limit, but hopefully I can get an increase soon
Quick response great customer service
So far so good . The rates are high but the funds roll over in 24 hours and it’s very user friendly ( the platform).
It was fast. Simple. And amazing. Love it.
kabbage was fairly smooth, funds were deposited when they said they would be. Representatives were professional.
The loan process was simple and hopefully in the future it will be lessor interest.
Kabbage has the best funding services in the market for the business, particularly. I would not hesitate to refer family members, friends, business associates and colleagues to Kabbage, Incorporated. Truly, Emeka Ukasoanya
Not sure what I expected, but cabbage is real! They got me the money that I needed immediately to complete my project. While banks asked for item after item, the cabbage process was pretty much instant. Hey you are not getting the best rate possible, but when you cant wait, it's a great alternative.
The process was fast and easy with quick approval or denial of request.
Kabbage has been the easiest way to get working capital for my small business! Easy process, fast response, and friendly staff.
Very Impressive, I applied on a Sunday and funds were deposited by the following Friday and this during Thanksgiving. Process was simple and I liked the extra ways to verify business activity like using marketing and merchant platforms, nice!
I have had 20-30 companies call me everyday about small Biz loans. I chose Kabbage because I could get a credit line, not a hard loan. I can go get my funds as I needed. After 20 years of owning my company my bank decided not to renew my credit line, so this was my best option. Plus i have been a Vendor to NASCAR drivers, I did here Danica Patrick on XM radio selling this service. We are loyal to our sport !!
Process was very easy. Quickly assessed. Thanks
My experience was Amazing.I was with the quick response and the professionalism of Kabbage II will surely Highly recommended My friends. Thank You April
It is rare that as a small company we are given a chance to increase or grow. I believe what Kabbage has done for those we are actually conducting business and trying to grow that business is amazing. They have based things are actual accounts receivables instead of the sole credit game which I believe is a great way to actually provide assistance to those who will use it wisely. This has been a life saving vehicle for us. Thank you Kabbage.
I didn't feel secure with providing required documents over the internet.I didn't like the fact there was an oops on the qualifying website process this happened three separate times and I was forced to contact customer service. I was put back by how hard it was to reach my assigned account manager. It took several phone calls over two days redirected by customer service to my account manager and messages that were never returned.
I receive a lot of mailers that ask me to sign up for their products, but then find out that the interest is too high or I am not approved based on the amount of money I am requesting. With kabbage I was able to choose my financing and see what my payments were before I committed. Thank you kabbage for helping my business grow.
The entire process from start to finish was seamless.
thanks for the help when we were stuck with cash flow and need money for a big job
The process was pretty seamless. The reps were very helpful and informative. I was given a nice credit line and the terms are manageable.
Very easy , very good with reasonable interest.
Taylor made it really easy.
Not what I expected I felt there should have been some interaction as to what I needed as a line of credit.
Straight forward process with repayment terms and costs clearly explained.
Kabbage was there when I needed them. Thank you so much! So friendly and fast. <3