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Kwikcashonline Online Loan Reviews

Would have given five stars had the funds been deposited the 1st day they said it would be. Other than that, everything was great! Would definitely recommend kwikcash to all my friends & family. Kwikcash came through for me when other companies wouldn't give me the time of day.
I have decent credit but due to opening too many credit cards bringing my score down, they had confidence in me to pay back the loan and approved me. Make sure you pay what you owe and you won't have a problem.
The process was easy and quick which I loved! No hassles.
Great company...process was quick and easy!
Great service fast approval Todd was awesome.
When I applied I admit that I was very apprehensive because I had received the offer in the mail, however I was pleasantly surprised to be given a chance when I needed it most!
Great place! Very professional and fast service with no pressure! The staff is great and very friendly. They will keep in touch with you throughout the process. It only took a few hours to get the agreement signed. Todd and Franky are helping me with the loan. I had a great experience working with them. Very helpful !!!.... I would recommend Kwikcash to my family and friends
Kwik cash is always dependable and you can get a loan most any time. I have enjoyed being a customer.
Kwikcash online has helped me out with personal loans twice. Each time the process was easy, quick and informative. Todd, Thalia and Franky were all a pleasure to do business with. Todd even worked with me and was even able to work with me and get me approved even though my credit score had recently dropped. I shopped around with different lenders and most of them were charging about double interest. If you are in need of a loan Kwikcash is the place to call!
As soon as I filed my application, I had an answer and reliable
I had a great experience with getting my loan.
The process was fast and easy, and the payments are very affordable. I would highly recommend using their loan services.
This company really went above and beyond to help us in a tough time when others would have said no, thank you for all of your help. We are very grateful.
Our credit score suffered after a BK and after a family emergency we had few options for credit. KQ was up front and honest. The interest rate is very high but for those rebuilding their credit it’s a great option
Thank you to kwikcashonline it's jst so easy an fast. Very well respects ur privacy an very easy to use thank u again for making some hard decisions very easy would do it again
I had gotten myself into a high payment loan applied here and it was fast and hassle free and I quickly paid off other loan and this payment in saving me owner $350.00 a month.
Fast approval as long as you will submit all required docs. Money will be deposited to your account right away of course depending on your banks process it will take up to 3 business days. Although interest rate is higher but hey that's what we get for nit having a really good credit score. Over all it helped me a lot for what i needed it for so i won't complain.
Very high rate 83 %. Very very high, I try to convince give me less rate like the last loan but never I received any attention. Before I paid $150 a month for $2500. Now I have to paid $237 a month for $3000. To bad , I will try pay a soon possible this loan.
Very proffesional and excellent service!
I applied for a loan, submit the requirements, staff are very helpful, they updated me with my application and I received the money the next day, thank you so much.
Excellent customer service and great helpful team. Thanks Franky !
My application was very fast and easy. I was very impressed with your service. Thank you. Horacio Valdez
These folks have ALWAYS helped me out in a pinch. They are honest and completely upfront on cost and policy. This is the only business like this I will use!!!
Good Experience.. Great people, Easy and simple.
I was pre approved. I uploaded my bank statements and before I could send my driver's license and pay stubs which they requested. An email was sent later stating they couldn't approve my loan. They didn't even review the rest of the douments. Now I have another hard inquiry for nothing. They were dishonest about the process.
Very easy to apply on-line! Quick response and deposits. More reasonable than most loan companies. Highly recommend!
It was quick and easy to get a loan...The only issue I have is the high interest rate.
Staff are not only professional but provide information to help get out of debt. Awesome customer service AAA Rating
Very friendly and very helpful. Cash is deposited quickly! Would definitely recommend.
The most professional organization I have ever dealt with. Mr. Bello was as helpful as any one could possibly be. He answered all questions and as professional as anyone I have ever dealt with. A real 5 STAR company.
5 stars: Excellent service! I recommend Kwikcashonline to anyone.
Very professional and kwik
I am very pleased with loan process. Easy n quick.
Very professional, quick funds and good terms
Honesty this was one of the quickest loan process I have gone through, I put in an application hoping they would give me a chance since I have been turned down by so many other they gave me the opportunity to help me get back on my feet, I would recommend them to anyone who needs help in a tight spot, I don't have the best credit and they still gave me a chance ,I couldn't have asked for more.
Kwikcash was there when I needed them. Even later they were still there to help out . They were there when others were not. I will always be greatful.
I was impressed with how quick the process took to complete and fund my loan request. I needed the loan and auto repair and to give my son a great birthday party. I was able to do both. I'm also impressed with the payments and interest rates. Thanks again. Clarence
fast and easy service, personal very nice
The process was easy. Rates are lower than other vendors I've used.
Kwikcash was fast and easy to obtain a loan. Great customer service they communicated thru out the application and approval process. I highly recommend Kwikcash for any loan needed.
Easy online application. I will in the future apply again if needed.
I really had a great experience with Kwikcash. The funds were deposited into my account fast. The entire process was simple. I will surely recommend Kwikcash to others.
Kwikcash was super fast and easy. The only thing that makes it 4 instead of 5 Star are their super high interest rates. But for quick cash that you can pay back quickly, this is the place!
Everything so far is great, would of liked a better rate and terms. However, it's my credit that made it this way. So hopefully, paying off debit will hep me get on the right track.
Fast, easy to get an answer and the funds
Everyone is very professional and helpful, get the funds when you need it. Todd is a mirrecol worker he did amazing job for me.He helped to get the funds for me so I can pay off my high interest loans. With his help I am saving a lot's of money every month. I am for ever greatful. Thank s a million!!! I recommend Kwikcash to everyone please try them you will be glad you did.
The service was quick, straightforward and everyone treated me with respect and answered every question asked without any hesitation.
They honor their word when they say you qualify not like the others who waste your timr
Smooth, easy transaction. Deposit in my account overnight.
Kwikcash is very understanding and easy to work with. Very quick responses and thorough information.
This is my 5th loan with them . I never had a problems or issues with their loans . They are legit , but apr is higher than the banks ot other creditors. My only beef with them is this present apr i got . I always had apr of 59pct with them but this time it's 87pct. My credit score is also better this time! They said its my credit to income ratio. Well its true i guess i owe more creditors this time. But being a faithful and paying customer , i think i should at least get the same apr! Oh well i guess im stuck with this . But im still thankful to them that i can pay other bills.
Experience was a great one. Seamless process, very quick call back and list of items needed to fund the loan. Cash was deposited the very next day. Would highly recommend them if needed by someone.
Quick and efficient service. Pleased customer.
Kwickcash came through at a time when I really needed to consolidate some financial situations. I like the fact that they let you pay them back on your terms in what works best for you. They also offer lower payments towards the loan. Keep on doing what you are doing kwickcash.
Excellent overall experience.
You wasted no time helping me. After a simple application and 2 other things. You were fast approving me and my funds were in my account the very next day. Staff were very courteous and polite. Thanx so much. Will definitely recommend you.
The customer service was quick and very courteous. Thank you for everything. Dawn Henry
We were approved quickly, emails came in quickly, really helped me in my time of need to pay some debts off.
its expensive but efficient and quick
Great customer service every time. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a quick and pleasant process for obtaining a loan.
I'm very pleased with the thorough verification process and the customer service contact I have had with the company. The funds are supposed to be deposited by midnight tonight and the process was finished yesterday. Fingers crossed
I was able to qualify for a $2,500 loan even with my bad credit! I was approved on a Thursday and got the funds in my bank the very next morning. The monthly payments and interest are high but definitely less than others I found. Always be cautious when entering into any loan agreements. Be wise in what you spend it on and make sure you are able to pay it back as soon as you can. Overall, I would definitely recommend Kwik Cash for a short-term personal loan.
The process was easy and fair, they are knowledgeable and experienced
Had an issue. They worked through it and got a loan.
The right loan I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to get a loan. This process was fast and easy. They worked hard to get you the money you needed. I will continue to use Kwikcashonline in the future.
They are by far the fastest lending financial institution I've come across. I don't have the best Credit so far but they did consider it with reasonable time. Sure their rates and very high but still lower than Payday Loans in the longer term. Documentation was relatively quick and easy and I got my loan in about 2-3 business days. Overall well satisfied on what they have to offer!
Todd was extremely super efficient. The lender is very worth trusty. I give overall 100% customer service. I have had only excellent experiences with this people.
High rate but I got the money quick on my account
I can't thank Todd enough! I needed a medical procedure done and with Todd as my go to guy he made it possible for me to get the money I was approved for. I would definitely use Kwikcash again
The transaction is fast. But the person assisting me did not have the best 'people skills'.
I appreciate the help, it just took longer than expected to receive the funds.
They don't give you much info up front, such as terms and how much they will lend. So know that going in. But....they approved an amount that was helpful to my situation. The rate is outrageous, but I'll be paying it all back within 30 days, so not an issue. Others all turned me down. I'm appreciative they did what they could.
Great company to work with! Easy and fast loans. I've gotten 4 loans with them thru the years and every time they make it simple and I have the funds the next day. Even with my bad credit, I still got approved!
Approval and funding was speedy.
This company is willing to work with you when you have unique situations, where others will just deny you and move on.
The representatives were very responsive and handle the transaction very professionally. Thanks
Kwik Cash is there when you need them. They are flexible, friendly and most of all - they know the business. If you are looking for a personal loan, start with Kwic Cash. They are safe and generally get you the money you need quickly. They are truly the last of the real personal loan companies you can trust.
Todd was amazing at working things out for me. I can highly recommend this company. I was not treated like an account number, and Todd was more than professional. He worked with me and came up with a great solution and I will soon be debt free. I have dealt with several other companies, but none come close to Kwikcash.
Good experience great service.
I found Kwickcash to be very genuine and honest in giving me a loan.
Todd with KwikCash is a true professional. My credit rating is low but I am a dependable borrower. KwikCash considers the whole picture, not just your score. Communication with this company is excellent. Thank you
100% awesome. Totally satisfied
Professional, quick and courteous. Regardless of the outcome, the experience alone will definitely be a reason to consider working with KC in the future.
I was very happy with the service I received. Every one was so helpful. Keep up the good work.
Funds were credited to my account within 36 hours. Each step was handled electronically fast and secure. good job!!
Great process. Extremely efficient and effortless. Highly recommend!
Everyone I spoke to was quick and responsive! Thank you Franky for helping a stress situation turn into a manageable one!
Super easy to work with a a pretty quick turn around time to get an answer. Then once all done I had my funds the next day.
Enjoyed a pleasant loan but suffered repaying due to my inability to follow the procedure. Learnt my lesson.
Listened and took time to understand my problems without saying no the first day replied to emails fast
The only thing that I do not like is that you cannot pay additional payments online- you need to either phone or email KwikCash. Do not use this loan company for a long extended period as the rates are ridiculous!!
I have so so credit and was able to get funded within 24-48 hours and wired to my account the same day. Great customer service and was even able to take advantage of the 30 day interest free terms. I highly recommend KwikCash!
Awesome customer service with a quick response. This is my second loan with them and I would definitely recommend them to a friend.
Time after time, they have came through for me! The ladies and gents who work at KwikCash are the most caring people in this industry!! Case by case scenario approach. Don't give up hope just yet. Give these guys a try! Outstanding customer service ! Efficient and honest!
I'm fine with the service.
I had a very fast response. Very helpful staff I would recommend them it you need a loan.
I received cash the next day after applying for a loan. The customer service was great, they answered all of my questions in a timely manner and everything is online. I don't have to worry about calling to pay over the phone or worry about writing a check every month. The payments are automatic and it makes everything very easy
Great and fast service! Kwikcash is the fastest cash loan that fits our emergency need. Thanks