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We worked with Gary and he was very helpful and friendly. Having worked with multiple "big name" banks and financial institutions, I was surprised how different these folks were - in a good way! They took the time to explain everything and scheduled another call to go over other products to take advantage of works best for us. Definitely not one size fits all, something more refreshing: "What size fits best?" Very impressed.
I was introduced to Lencred today and spoke with Randy Julien. Randy was very professional, courteous and well informed and knowledgeable about Lencred. Randy explained the terms and conditions of establishing a business relationship with Lencred.
My name is James Harris im client and i must say Joel provided great customer services he honest respectful and trustworthy that more than you ask for in this business dont hesitate to give him a call
Super easy and fun to deal with. I love how Joel called me his buddy. All team members are very punctual and do what they say. I'm excited to move forward with the program.I feel valued when they speak to me.
Shelly has been an incredible partner! Shelly has been efficient, responsive and extremely professional working with me and my clients. When I follow up with my clients; the feedback I receive on Shelly is that she provides great service.
There is no paperwork and everything is an easy going process! They make it possible for businesses to operate!
Joel was very honest and upfront with us in our research for a loan. He was friendly and easy to talk to and did not waste our time trying to sell us on anything we did not need.
Joel Wilson was very professional and gave me the impression that he truly enjoys helping startup companies. He re-energized me on the possibility that startup can actually get off the ground.
I just had the most pleasant conversation with Joel Wilson of Lencred! He was very informative, he listened to my company's needs, which are different than the normal startup! I own an Occupational Health & Safety Training & Compliance Consulting company in Northern VT! Thanks again Joel & Lencred!
Joel was very nice and helpful
I felt that the process for determining credit approval through LenCred to be courteous, professional and efficient.
Joel was very pleasant, answered all my questions. I felt comfortable talking with him about my loan.
Austin Peppers was very helpful in presenting me with useful information regarding the loan process. He explained the process in depth and alleviated any concerns regarding the loan and how he would follow back up with me. I greatly appreciate his assistance.
My experience with LenCred has been great, which is why I decided to give them a five star rating. Gary Adams did an outstanding job in listening to my needs and guiding me in the right direction to obtain capital for my business. Not only was Gary knowlegable and professional, but he was a pleasure to talk to. Most importantly, Gary made me feel as though he truly had my best interests in mind, which is difficult to come by these days. While I am yet to conclude my business with LenCred, my experience with them has been five star thus far.
I feel that Joel was very honest! He moved very quickly and did not give any run arounds!
Joel was very informative and personable. He helped me to understand my options and has earned my respect and future business. He truly understands the concept of CUSTOMER SERVICE!
Joel was very knowlegable and prompt serving my needs. I would recommend him highly and not hesitate to use his services. AWESOME JOB keep up the good work. My field is commercial financing & findings for businesses Bert, Revamp Capital Funding Group
Initial meeting was very courteous and friendly.
Lencred was one of the best companies I have work with.
So far the experience has been great, professional and timely for my new business in the transportation industry
I have worked with Joel Wilson so far, and the process has been great. He is knowledgeable and personable, and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend him or Lencred to others in the future, and look forward to working with him and the rest of the LenCred team as we launch our new business venture!
In the middle of my transaction I had to visit my family in Canada. Joel was in charge of contacting me to schedule a meeting. Due to poor connection our call kept dropping, but Joel did not give up. He was persistence, professional and took customer service to the next level. If every team member of Lencred is half as dedicated as Joel, the company is bond to be a benchmark for excellence... Thank you Zach K.
Explained well
Mr Joel Wilson was very helpful and knowledgeable. He is a straight shooter and and very pleasant to talk to! I Highly recommend Him. Sincerely Francis
Enjoyed talking with Joel. I am a Real Estate Investor and I am confident that Joel and his team will do everything they can to finance my deals. He was thoughtful and thorough in explaining exactly what they will do.
I would recommend Lencred for anyone looking for a very smooth experience getting money for their business. I'm a real estate investor that was looking for a way to obtain more money for flipping properties. I was assigned Jimmy Menendez and Tabitha Powell. They made the process very simple.
Tabitha provided timely and high-level professional services making it possible to get our new business off the ground. Kudos! William B. Martin
Laura Hendricks was kind, honest and up front with the info I needed to get started in the process. Looking forward to working with this company.
I was about to give up and think there was no help for me when I was introduced to Joel Wilson, who was friendly, professional, explicit, helpful, truthful and above all, optimistic and caring. I again have hope for making my goals a reality. God bless hm. Sincerely, Janet Thole
I have been treated so good with everyone that I've come into contact with. They are so nice and eager to answer all my questions. Thank you so much for making this process so smooth and not stressful.
Kattie at LenCred was incredible to work with. I pulled the trigger to work with them early afternoon and already had results by the end of business. During the entire process there was almost a contest to see who could answer each other's emails the fastest. I am quite obsessive about it, but she actually beat me. I would do it all again. You will enjoy the experience.
I am very pleased with the service at Lencred and I've been working with them for about a year. When Joel answers the phone I feel like he really cares about us and he always goes the extra mile. Everyone there has been knowledgeable, kind and courteous to me and my partners.
I highly recommend their expert services and financing options. I worked closely with Laurie and Marcus. Both are knowledgeable, qualified and trained professionals who were also very personable, easy to work with and exceptionally informative throughout the entire application process. In the end, I am very pleased with the credit financing solutions offered and would not hesitate to do business with them in the future. Kudos!
Excellent customer service,
I truly enjoyed working with Joel Wilson during this process however, I did not appreciate the lengthy process! We had to wait a few weeks for my credit to be pulled because Joel didn't want to just throw something together. He's extremely professional and insisted on the best possible outcome in my favor! I'm actually starting a fresh made daily Banana Pudding business and Joel declared himself the President of my Fan Club!! He's so supportive! He really got a kick out of the fact that I'm an Auto Mechanic also! Great working with you Joel!
Sandra was very knowledgeable in walking me through the application process for securing funding for my new business.
I was not sure what to expect before my phone call. I was very surprised and impressed with the gentleman I spoke with whose name was Austin P. I felt he was extremely knowledgeable, informative and transparent. I learned much more from Austin than speaking my local bank, which holds my business accounts. I feel very comfortable doing business with their team and will look forward doing business with them in the future.
I found Randy to be very knowledgeable, helpful and informative. He explained the process to me and I'm looking forward to doing business with Lencred.
So far they have been graciously working with me and they are some of the nicest people I've experienced
Joe Wilson helped me with my application. As a start-up company in the manufacturing business, it was important that I have a back-up plan for cash flow. The entire process was painless, and Joel was a complete pleasure to work with - he was polite and professional, and while we giggled and joked here and there, it was both, professional with a very diplomatic touch of "personal" at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed the initial process and I would recommend Joel to anyone who needed financing assistance.
I would recommend this company to many of my clients and friends. Jimmy was outstanding in help explaining the process and getting me the reserve I needed.
I worked with Joel today. He was very friendly and helpful in answering my questions. I'm looking to start a painting company, and he told me how they go about funding startups for businesses like mine. I will recommend Joel to anyone looking for funding for business capital. Waiting on next steps to occur, but as far as initial steps go, I would recommend. He waived the credit fee after sending him my Experian credit report from Nav.com.
Joel was instrumental in getting the right solution for our credit needs. He provided prompt service with great results.
The service was great they helped us expand our business.
Jimmy is the best manager I have ever worked for. We have the best staff we have integrity and work well as a team. That's why we are so successful with our clients. Everything is straight forward.
Sandy was excellent. There was difficulty retrieving my credit report but she resolved it efficiently and effectively. Top notch. Would definitely do business with her organization again and will refer colleagues and clients.
Joel was friendly, clear and insightful. He did a great job explaining the process and how everything works.
Joel was very professional, he explained everything to me and walked me through the starting process. He was very polite and helpful, I would recommend him to all my friends and family.
Only in preliminary stages but Sandra was very nice and helpful.
Amazing level of customer service from Jessica Cearley!! The conversation was very friendly and informative. She brightened my day with her call. I was very impressed with the companys approach to assisting business owners. Thank you Lencred!
Very Professional and Friendly to work with!
When I contacted Lencred, I talked to Joel Wilson. He took my application and when a problem was found he had to me talk to a credit specialist at Lencred who advised me how to resolve the problem. I contacted Joel 3 weeks later and he has arranged for me to have a consultation which will hopefully lead to my approval. Should I not be approved I believe Joel will guide me to do whatever I need to do get the approval. This is by far the best company I have dealt with in getting credit, and Joel Wilson is an excellent representative.
Rick at Lencred has renewed my faith in humanity. I was turned down time and time again due to my unique financial situation. I almost gave up and then was contacted by Rick who was so warm, friendly, helpful and professional that I instantly felt at ease. Finally someone took the time to listen to me and I'm so very greatful to Rick and Lencred for there excellent customer service
I have not gone thru the loan process yet but I love the professionalism and courtesy that Joel has shown.
The rep, Meghan that I spoke with was awesome. She really took her time to explain items to me and made me feel comfortable the whole time.
Jerry, Thank you for introducing me to the LenCred program. Your coaching was both informative and practical. The information has helped me expand my business. Once again, a big thank you and look forward to working with you in the future. Paul
Very detailed and to the point
Very kind rep
Joel Wilson Made the process very easy and enjoyable. Loking forward to working with him in the future.
I am Danang Rockett, owner of a commercial cleaning company. I was well pleased with Lencred's customer service. Mr. Joel Wilson was an exceptional representative for Lencred. He clearly explained to me the process and he was easy to talk with. I will recommend this company to anyone.
Lots of follow up conversation. Very honest and up front. Great to work with and I never felt my business was too small.
My experience with Lencred is quite positive. Randy is congenial, capable, and knowledgeable. He is very professional and was able to answer all of my questions. I would recommend LenCred to anyone seeking financial support for their business.
Joel Wilson and all of the folks we have worked with so far at Lencred have been super helpful and professional. I highly recommend them to any business looking of financing help!
Each person who was a part of my team was great to communicate with and quick to respond. They worked hard for me. I greatly appreciate each of them. Thanks to Katie and Jerry!
I was assigned to Anthony Oliver, he is really great he notifies me & keeps me updated with my credit report, & also keeps in contact with any questions or concerns that I have also Sandy from lencred is really nice she is the one who assigned me to Anthony Oliver she went above and beyond to make sure I qualified for the services I would defiantly recommend them to anyone who is looking to get their business goals accomplished.
Prior to getting started, the LendCred staff walked me through the entire process, and answered all of my questions. The process was unbelievably fast, and yielded more funding than was expected. There were no surprises and the constant level of communication was quite refreshing. I would recommend LendCred to other entrepreneurs who have reservations in pursuing funding.
Joel Wilson was very professional and informative. I am in the pest control business, and once he received my info, he jumped right on it and set me up with his colleague. Thank you, Joel.
Excellent in overall help. Need more folks like him....
Professional, credible organization. Easy to work with. Very responsive to my needs.
In the beginning process of using LenCred but so far it has been very easy and fluid conversation. they tell you what they can do for you and seem to have your best interests.
Joel Wilson at Lencred was very knowledgeable, friendly, answered all my questions and efficiently took care of processing my information and getting me to the next step. Would recommend them anytime.
Very professional working to help me get my business started
My relationship with Lencred, specifically Joel Wilson has been first class. I'm a guitar maker wanting to take my business mainstream. Having previously consulted with other companies developing some skepticism along the way, Joel earned my trust and gave me confidence in the process. He's been straight forward and nothing but helpful throughout. Hats off to Joel and the Lencred team! Scott
I am so glad that I reached out to your company and I have Jessica Cearley Was helping me . She was fantastic , Thanks Jessica Cearley.
My experience with Lencred was outstanding. They were very professional and held my hand throughout the process. I had a few hiccups but they were immediately addressed in my favor. I would recommend this company hands down!
Jeff Gazaway is horrible, nothing more than a crook. He promises but doesn't deliver. Just FYI they do nothing more than get you credit cards with a hefty fee you owe them. They will pull over 20 inquiries on your credit report and tank that. I would stay far far away from these people. I have all the email correspondence and emails to prove how horrible they were from billing, to what they offer, they even remote into your own computer to fill out the credit card apps as if it were you. Still seeing if that is legal or not.
Seems perfect for me at the moment. Hopefully we can do much more business in the near future.
Meghan is a talented, articulate individual and I really appreciated her sincerity and courtesy! I felt comfortable with her and realized that I was in good hands! She is a great representative for Lencred and I look forward to doing more business with her and Lencred in the future. Her knowledge of the industry is excellent and her efforts are greatly appreciated! Thank you, Meghan and Lencred!
I was introduced to Lencred and man am i glad i was. Laurie Redman was my advisor and she throughly walked me through the process of getting funding for my startup company. Within days the ball was rolling and i received substantial funding for my needs. Any question i may have had she was readily available and walked me through them. I would highly recommend LenCred to anyone looking for capital for their business. Thank you Laurie and the LenCred team for all you have done for me.
Joel Wilson is absolutely the nicest guy at any lender I have dealt with! Can't wait to continue working with LenCred in the future to obtain financing for our Subway franchises. Highly recommend LenCred!
I'm very impressed with the little amount of time it took to get a response and the friendly assistance I received with my many questions.
I love Joel Wilson's personality! Thanks for your help Joel
Joel Wilson was very helpful and patient. He walked me through the whole process of checking my credit for the business funding. He has gained my trust immediately after meeting with him through the phone. I am looking forward to the next meeting with their Credit Advisor.
You can trust this company. It is true that this is not the cheapest way to borrow money but Lencred explains everything right away. A really unique way to build business credit based on strong personal credit.
friendly, professional
My customer service representative was very helpful and knowledgable.
I spoke with Mr. Joel Wilson and he was awesome !! I have been searching for a lender company for over 2weeks to help me get a loan to purchase my products for my debut start date, and all have disqualified me in a matter or mins, simply because I had no yearly revenue to report. Mr. Wilson allowed me to vent my frustration and then very politely said he understood my frustration and he assured me that I've contacted the right organization. I was really impressed by his knowledge of the company's options, and his caring demeanor. I am looking forward to my call next week from a advisor and I'm feeling very confident that I finally got linked up with the right organization to help me launch my business. ~Kerry Samuel-CEO Own My On Products
We have a small, emerging finance & accounting services business. things are taking off; growth is becoming rapid. We need working capital to initiate and handle the growth. Joel Wilson, our resource specialist, was as about as helpful as you could imagine--competent, full of great suggestions, and a delight to converse with. We are grateful for Lencred and their help.
I am in the yoga biz and loved talking to Joel! He rocked it. He made me laugh and he is quite knowledgable. The call was also quick and concise. He did not waste my time, which I appreciated.
Jerri and the team we awsome. With their help I was able to get approved for 30k in business funding... way more than what I expected. I highly recommend them if you are serious about taking your business to the next level!
The representative was great. Explained the process well and did everything in a timely manner. Easy to work with
Good experience...Able to aquire necessary capital needed for my business
I’ve had two great experiences with LenCred (2016 & 2018) and its tremendous staff. My Finance Advisor, Jerry Engert, was exceptional as well as his staff Tiffany Cope. Mr. Engert was “spot on” with his assessments and strategic planning. I was greatly pleased with my results. I had such a great experience with Jerry & LenCred that I will looking to become a referral partner.
So far, so good. Joel was great at answering my questions and was as clear as he could be on the application process and what terms could be if approved. I appreciate his transparency.
I highly recommend Joel Wilson. He's very professional, knowledgeable and made it very easy to understand all the options he could help with. He was honest with me and very helpful. If it wasn't for him I probably would have found someone else to help us out. Thanks Joel, you will be recommended to our friends and everyone in the trucking industry that needs help with equipment purchases or a line of credit.
Jeol's professionalism as he handled my call and assured me that my realestate company would recieve the funding needed to remain competitive in the market gave me the confidence that I needed to work with lencred. Joel's work ethic speaks volumes of he dedication and determination to his clients.
Great company to work with - this was definitely an out of the box solution for my company financing woes. When I found out Tom and Jeff were from my same hometown in Iowa, I felt this option was preordained! It was a great experience and I'm glad we went this route (I had about 5 options to choose from, one of which was cleaning out my retirement accounts early). Would definitely recommend.
Jordan Thomas did a good job of smoothing over some initial confusion.
Truly thankful for the great customer service received from Mr. Wilson who has gave me confidence to proceed with starting an After School Program that will help us help children to grow academically and socially in life.
The whole team from Jeff and Kattie and everyone helped so much! They were extremely patient as I was dealing with a personal family issue and still were able to get me what I needed for my business. Their follow up and communication was excellent!