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The process was easy, everything seemed to be going well, spoke w/Alex who was very positive and professional and said I had been approved pending receipt of docs., gave me the interest rate, monthly payment amount but failed to mention the rest; until at the very end he called to say that my income was a bit less than I had listed and I mentioned that they asked for gross not net and when they looked into my checking account they require debt to income of $500 for past 90 days and I was at $300. I then said you could have told me that from the very beginning and nobody's time would have been wasted, especially mine. Very deceiving. They do require that you provide them with your online checking account login information which I was really hesitant to do and waited a while before I did. I would recommend for anyone readying this to change your login info. as soon as possible; which I did. Just be honest and upfront from the very beginning and all this could have been avoided. Alex made it sound like there were no problems. Maybe I should have asked more questions but what do I know. Not upset about not getting the loan, just the lack of honesty and just telling it like it is from the beginning.
I was just approved. But there's something weird going on once I did the bank verification. I have yet to receive a call or e-mail back from my loan coordinator! Now I'm trying to call LendingUSA directly to speak to someone else and I'm getting an automated message about "not calling during business hours" but then they go on to say their hours of operation 7am-6pm. Very strange that I'm not getting a hold of anyone!!
Overall fantastic experience!!!! Ease from start to finish.
I would really like to say that Chris, Director of Customer Service really turned things around and made this a great experience. When a person says they are going to call you back, as a customer all you really want is for them to keep their word. The customer is not always right but when you feel like your situation matters it makes all the difference. Thank you Chris for you attention to my loan application and everything you did to help.
I have a decent score and other lenders turned me down where Lending USA not only approved me for more than I actually needed and borrowed, they were extremely kind!
It was super fast.My loan officer was Carlos Flores.Great customer service.
They we fast and fully explained my options. They are easy to work with and deliver as they promise.
Very friendly, fast and easy
I had an issue with Lendingusa never answering my phone calls but once I made a review about that, they kindly contacted me and apologized. They gentleman I had spoke to also went further to find what may have happened. first company to ever reach out after a problem
Spoke with Danielle Ford today and she was very helpful and courteous while setting up auto-pay and adjusting my payment schedule to meet our needs. Great customer service!
I tried another company first, one recommended by the dentist. I could not find someone that i could speak with. I found Lending USA on the internet. They were easy to reach, I spoke with a real person and i was approved in minutes.
The fact that you sent an email reminder to make certain that I had sufficient funds in the account to cover the forthcoming withdrawal was really appreciated! I have never received a reminder for an upcoming automatic payment! Loved it!!! PS can you tell me how I may apply more toward my principal amount when I want???
Great service, fast, finance agent was excellent. I am so happy to have found you all. Thanks for your great service.
I found the process to go in a simple and easy manner. However, a few weeks after receiving the loan, I received another offer from LendingUSA stating I was approved for another loan for consolidating my credit cards, home improvement and so on. I really felt would help my credit score. So I went ahead and filled out the application. Within minutes I was told NO. My question is this: Why send out more offers to a new loan client if there is no chance at all the loan will be approved?
very helpful and fast
They were very helpful and respectful
They were so easy to work with and handled my loan very quickly. Highly recommended
it was very good. things went smoothly.Thank You.
Everyone has been so nice to deal with!! Amanda really went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I had a brain aneurisum about 5 years ago, and sometimes it takes me a little longer to understand and I have to ask questions twice, it gets on people's nerves, but she was very patient with me and explained everything to me! I will be back for all my loan needs from now on. I'm a very satisfied customer!! Thank You so much!! Judith Oulad Chikh!
Bought a dog via pet store and they highly recommended Lending USA? They were unable to provide any specific load documents or interest rate on amount financed? Due to everybody has a different credit rating bla bla...I was advised there was"Possibly a $15.00 processing fee" to process my monthly payment of $31.00....(This is a ridiculous fee where I come from ....unless you are used to it as a B of A customer) I was told I would receive information within the week... All I received was a phone call for a customer service survey? No idea why? I had yet to receive any semblance of customer service. I did get the customer service phone number and called the customer service department. I was asked what my account or loan number was and my reply was; "Good Question!" I asked one simple question..."What is the interest rate APR on my loan?" The individual whose job was to provide "customer service" to actual customers first said; I had a 35% rate...then, oh I'm sorry you have a 3.5% interest on your account....oh no, my mistake your load is at .0035%" This was enough that I knew I was doing business with a company that is unethical, and hires really marginal people for the customer service call centers. My "Customer Satisfaction Survey" did result in a call from the "Customer Service Manager" who advised me my APR was 16% and the $15.00 processing fee was a legitimate fee but he and the companies benevolent policies would allow me to set-up direct payments...yayaya. Needless to say a company that provides lousy, if any, customer service and can keep a straight face when the tell you they will charge you 50% of your monthly payment to process that monthly payment, is NOT a company I will do business with. With a 770-780 FICO I can, and did, charge the balance on my credit card...which is at one half the rate they were going to rip me off for! No Way would I recommend this company! ADDITIONAL Follow-up: I did receive two phone calls from the customer service Manager who gets an A+ for attempting to elevate this problem. Apparently this company is at least concerned about it's "Customer Service Complaints" I still stand by my statement that any fee policy of $15.00 to process a payment should not exist in the first place! And ant "Customer Service Representative" that cannot quote a accurate interest rate (which is a simple and basic question on ANY loan) needs to get another job!
The dentist I was going to fraudulently obtained this loan from lending USA I never had any Services done at the office and I contacted lending USA and it has been 4 months and they still have not cancel the loan or even got back to me after I requested a dispute and told them this was a fraudulent loan now they are marking that I didn't pay on my credit report when I never even received this loan or ask for it or sign for it. I believe this company is a scam that works with doctors offices to take people's money. They say that I owe $6,000 for nothing for money that I haven't received and services that I never received in fact I never went back to that dentist and told them that I wanted to cancel any appointments in the future. I never received any services from this dentist and yet they have apparently $6,000 of money that I owe for nothing and lending USA will not do anything about it
Very easy to apply for a loan. everything was done online the first loan agent I got I gave them all my information got approved for the loan. Then he stop talking to me. Did the whole process over again I got loan agent name Alex alex lendingusa.com Alex was great everything went smooth he made everything very simple. Thank you guys at lending USA.
Over and over and over and over again.
I would recommend Lending USA for any medical equipment that senior citizens can't afford right out . I can afford doing payments, but not paying all at once. Thank you
At one time i had a couple companies talking to me . I was getting confused i did not realize it was several companies at one time . All in all i was satisfied.
Was not told about the 8% fee they add on top of the loan, and when I confronted them about it the lady just apologized, but sorry doesn't excuse the fact that I was blindsided.
I had an emergency dental situation arise. The expense was considerable. I returned from my dental exam and began my search for funds. LendingUSA responded quickly and the funds were in my bank account within 48 hours. To say the least, I was pleased that they met my need. The process of applying was very easy. The contact was frequent and very helpful. Everyone involved in the process was very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. All details of the transaction were disclosed. There were no surprises! I highly recommend LendingUSA.
This company is very pushy and they want to know too much private information that all is information that no loan company should ever ask. They do not need your user name and personal passcode in order to put the loan in your bank account. I cancelled the loan because the loan rep was too pushy and demanding and required personal information that they did not need. Edit: I spoke with someone from customer service and he was very professional with addressing the issues I had with this company. I told him I would change my review but just not have had a chance to change it yet due to some personal emergencies .He was very polite and reassuring. I appreciated the effort he took to do so and even though I still declined the loan, I have removed any derogatory remarks about the company or any complete employee name. I do not like their methods of acquiring information for loans but the company appears to be legitimate and seems to have other satisfied customers. I may have done business with this company if I had an agent like the customer service rep first but that was not the case. Perhaps another customer will have a better experience than I did with LendingUSA and so that customer should make their own determination of the company. If he is a normal example of their employees, then I would recommend they give the company a try. To LendingUSA I was a legitimate customer and now both Trustpilot and you know now. I changed to my real name instead of my Facebook name that I signed in with.
I had some issues with the loan coordinator’s reaponsiveness, attention to detail, and customer service. Most of the individuals I came in contact with were not very customer service orientated
I Applied, I got 'Approved' for $2998. They verified everything,il everything was okay, i gave them my bank log in information so they can check my statements(Weird,but i did it). They asked me for 2 pictures( I did it) They ran my credit(Hard inquiry). After that i received an Email that my loan was denied for no reason. I tried to call the number under the Email( No answer). So far today I called 9 Times(Even though the waiting time was 1min)They just hang up the calls(Ext.111). AGAIN!!! Dont waste your time. After having a hard time with this company,they called me back to fix this issue. A lady by name Monet contacted me today 07/13/17 to apologize for the inconvenience and to see what she could do to fix my bad experience with the company ( which she totally did ). She explained everything very clear and told me what happened with the application( which I understood). My loan wasn't approved for *x* reason,but I'm happy at least because she did helped me with the hard inquiry, she will send a letter to TransUnion, so they can delete the hard pull from my credit ( which I was very mad about that, because I wanted to fix my credit ). At the end, is not their fault why the loan was approved but at least she contacted me to fix the hard inquiry part. I will definitely apply in the future again with this company, and also, I would like to say I'm sorry as well for the bad review that this company don't diserve at all.
Great Customer Service. They have a staff willing to work around your schedule and accommodate your needs. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Friendly courteous service my service rep was very reassuring with any doubts I had. I would definitely recommend to others who in financial need.
Don't have a bad word to speak or write about this company. I would like to give my best regards to Mr. Carlos Flores, Loan Coordinator, who provided courteous and professional service.
Very fast response. I will defitnetly use again and recommend for friends.
I will NEVER deal with this company again. They charge an 8% original fee and that's added to the loan. Also, my interest rate was 23.99% with a credit score of 744. A total scam. STAY AWAY FROM LENDING USA. Go anywhere else but not here.
Everything went smoothly. I definitely would recommend LendingUSA to anyone! Manny was very helpful with the process. Thanks for all your help, Connie
I took out a loan and was told it would have a 6 month interest free period, which is the only reason I took out the loan. I’ll be paying off the original loan amount in full in one month because I won’t allow a fraudulent company with their MISLEADING ADS to make a penny out of me.
Danielle ford help me with a problem i had with a merchant. She was great getting my problem resolved. Her follow up was absolutely the best.
Needed $3000 for my deductible in order to have cataract surgery on both eyes. I applied and was approved . The contract is workable to my budget. Thank you again.
Very happy with financing! many ways to pay so easy.
I'm very happy satisfied with your service very professional thanks very much
Customer service follow up after review was exceptional. Everything was explained in a clear and concise manner ..Chris was awesome...Thank you
I applied for a loan, they verified with my surgeon that I was scheduled with them for my procedure and I signed all the forms but now I cannot get in contact with anyone at Lending USA. I have called the customer service number 10 times and all 10 times I was on hold then the phone hangs up. If you push 1 for the operator, it tells you that is an invalid selection and hangs ups. This is not a good number. 800-994-6177 but it is listed on the website. I am scheduled to have surgery and right now, I am not sure if it is going to happen because I cannot get any answers. I did not read the reviews before applying with this company because they are listed on my doctor's website as a financing source. I will definitely inform my doctor's office of this experience as well.
Very impressed on how quickly the loan was funded. It only took a few days. It saved my life! Thank you
Quick and easy to apply, lower rates!
My expierance was well. My representative was very helpful and I got my money within 3 business days.
They were straight to the point and all around awesome to do business with
The interest is completely too high but it's my own fault for accepting
Very easy to use this service
Another exceptional experience with this company. Stephanie M is the best!
The underwriter was rude and unprofessional. She would ask questions about your personal information but not listen to the answers you were giving her. She would interrupt and over talk every time you answer her question. Someone called and asked me all the same question a week prior only to then be asked the same questions again. Then when I said that this did not seem right and that it made me feel uneasy they denied me a loan.
thank,s in my time of need
Loan came through at a higher rate then expected. Found out original rate was the cost of the loan not for the repayment of the loan. It has been two weeks and I'm still waiting on my loan documents and a link to start making payments to take advantage of the 6 month payoff.
Thank you to Mr Manuel Silva for his patience with us and all of our questions. The experience was note worthy. Lender USA I intend to remain your customer. James Allen
Lending process was simple and quick. Loan information was readily available and questions answered.
Great, fast and easy.
The loan process was quick and easy and to the point. Everything the loan person said was true and to the point and honest. Would recommend to all to try them first before anyone else.
Cecilia was awesome at helping me find the right loan. She is very professional and friendly. Lending USA helped me SO much!
My loan was quick and easy, no hassle Thanks LendingUSA
Quick, fast and hassle free process. I would have never thought I could have done this with another lender. Glad I choose this company. Would recommend to everyone I know!!
Took a $10000 a loan to pay for therapies for my disabled child in June 2018 . It is March 2019 and I still 0we almost $9000 on it, it is worse than credit cards and it is not helping with the credit score either
I am very grateful to have gotten the loan but your system of communication with the customer is absolutely TERRIBLE!! Whenever I tried to return a call to my agent (Manny Silva), whether if it was first thing in the morning or five minutes before you close, I would always get the same recording....."we are experiencing a high call volume.........." Whenever I left a message to be called back, I would get a call a half an hour later stating "there is no agent available to help you at this time." The only way I could ever reach my agent was to call every ten minutes in the late afternoon until someone picked up the phone. My agent would not communicate with me via e-mail or leave me a voicemail to let me know what he was calling about. He would always say "call me when you get a chance" and whenever I tried to call him back, I could never get a hold of him. What kind of a way is this to communicate with the customer? I got so frustrated and there were times that I regretted doing business with you. Again, I am grateful for getting the loan but I would have serious reservations about doing business with you again or recommending you to anyone if your communication system with the customer did not become more user-friendly.
I received quick approval and wonderful customer service. I would definitely recommend LendingUSA.
Outstanding folks!
Very friendly kind and informative staff. Process was really easy and quick. Will be recommending to friends and family.
They help me with my loan
fast and excellent service
I've recently had an issue with my loan and the company that offered me to barrow money from LendingUSA and I just want to say that LendingUSA saved a sale for the puppy store I bought from. These guys were great and the most professional person that helped me out was Christopher Inman. A huge thanks goes to him and his team!
Good service, only bad thing was I think they forgot about my loan until I called them back, then everything went well
I spoke with Chris and he was very helpful and friendly. He explained to me the financing option that was available and even apologized for the girl who originally explained it incorrectly at the merchant. I would definitely recommend using LendingUSA.
Quick and easy application process with immediate approval. Easy internet account setup and payments.
The process of getting the loan was quicker than I expected. Everything is pretty much done via text and email, which was extremely convenient. The representatives were very professional and prompt when responding to inquiries. I would definitely recommend Lending USA. Rose
Great experience!! Mr. Manuel Silva profesionalismo and quick response and follow up was perfect. Thank you,
Fred Jordan was simple fantastic, knowledgable and straight forward, told me what he could do and delivered.
customer service is great.
Got a loan with this company, but it's the worst decision I could ever made in my life,I send my payments month to month but I always keep receiving emails from them that I need to make a payment and i don’t know whatelse to do they’re ruining my credit,
I didn't have any issues with the loan application process. The application was easy to complete and I had an answer on my loan within minutes. I have set up online payments so hopefully the entire process will go as efficiently. The only issue I have is that since I have applied for the loan, I have received a tremendous amount of spam mail with my email address that is associated with the loan. The spam mail is all dealing with loans and I feel that it may all be associated with this transaction. I hope that this will be the only negative result of using this company.
lending usa made the loan happen quickly. Amanda was excellent.
Intrest rates are pretty hight
The funds should have put in my account since I'm the one who applied and is paying for the loan. I never agreed to this and should have been informed.
I would reccomend to anyone
Can not say enough good things about Angela Monney. Went out of her way to help us. Did more for us than anyone else. Your Company is lucky to have Angela as an employee.
They were readily available and willing and easy to work with in getting a loan approved! So much so I've used them twice
Loan Club has been great, but the dentist I took out the loan for did not do a good job in my opinion. It was a lot of money for the work I got, one being a partial denture that I can not wear. Anything I can do?
My experience with lendingUSA was remarkably easy and the loan documentation was user friendly. Being that the holiday was the very next day. I still had the funds deposited in a timely fashion. The representative who assisted me was wonderful and polite. Thank you for your services.
Was very helpful in my needs and was very much appreciated.
I was hopeless until this company step up to help me in my financial needs. Customer service is excellent. Stephanie made everything smooth and easy. Definitely will come back. Highly recommended.
Excellent I would highly recommend! Very easy and quick process. Fred our loan consultant was outstanding! Explained everything including fees. Was very responsive and professional.
Fred was easy to communicate with and made the transaction easy.
It was very easy and quick!