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LendUp Online Loan Reviews

Hands down this loan company is one of the better ones. They are fast with answers to questions and the rates are reasonable. I appreciate the ease of the process from applying to picking up the funds I need.
Easy application process for those who already have an account. Plus, I don't have to wait long to get the loan I want. Thank you
They have been great
Very helpful customer service
I would like to thank you all for helping me in my time of need I really appreciate it.
I had bad credit and was in a hole and lendup was the only company that would help me. Now I have become a prime member with lendup always having my back when I need them. Thanks lendup for being the only company that I trust for any type of loan.
Super helpful when needed
Lendup has helped me out of tight spots while also teaching me to be more aware of my spending and credit habits!
Been using lend up for almost over a year and never had a problem
Best place to get a loan. helped me get through some tough times. easy and fast !! would definitely recommend
Very trusted and reliable
A great alternative to the typical payday lenders. Recently looked around and saw one charging an APR of 800 percent. Lendup, while not cheap, is much more reasonable.
I have been a Lend Up customer for some time now and wish that all loan companies provided the great service they do and making the payment plans for their customers affordable and reasonable. Not only that they provide the incentive to reach higher goals such as lower interest rates, making more money available and with on time payments your credit score will reap the benefits.
LendUp has saved me a few times it is the best payday loan I have run across.
Lendup is a company that encourage its customers to build on the Educational aspects of the company.
Company is a great loan company to work with . They actually go out of their way to help you . It builds your credit with them as long as you pay back your loan on time, you build your credit line works out for you and them it's definitely a win win for everyone.
Awesome company very professional and helpful they put alot of faith in their customers thats alright!
its cool the interest its alittle too high though
Great online lending company, easy to use and very reliable! For that time when you want a little extra cash or when you want to make major purchase.
Lend Up is. Great company to do business with. I trust them 100 percent. I have been doing business with Lend Up for a couple of years and they are great.
I've been working on building my credit and LendUp has been a great support in doing that.
These are by far the best pay day loans out there.
Very easy to repay and fast response..
very satisfied, LendUp has been very helpful, they have been there when I needed them and thanks to that I have been able to solve my emergencies. I recommend it, very effective.
Lend up is a lifesaver. Easy, no hassle. And on more than one occasion.
Simply easy. No hassle. This is something I believe everyone should use for those dire needs and emergency situations.
This company believes in you if you are trying to build your credit so it's worth investing in yourself as well as your credit is concerned thanks to the company I can get what I need
Fast and easy approval
Love the customer service.
I have used LendUp multiple times over the past twelve months.They are very clear about their terms and fees, which are reasonable. The process of taking out a short-term loan is streamlined and arrival of funds is timely. The one time I encountered an issue their customer service department rectified the issue quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, you are able to qualify for larger loan amounts based upon your track record of paying back previous loans, known as the LendUp Ladder. By far the best short-term loan company I have ever used.
Wish didn't have to pay back all at once.
LendUp is wonderful and I recommend anyone that needs emergency cash to use them. Easy, convenient and stress free!
Every experience has been great I can't complain
Great to have when you are short or when thing come up unexpectedly.
Lend Up is trustworthy! They come through for you!
got my loan in time and had no bad experience
LendUp has been a lifesaver for me. They have loaned me money when no one else would. I rely on them and always come through.
Always their wen i need them
easy to get loan
Lend Up has a 1,2,3 step process. It’s quick and easy and the money was available the next day.
Quick and simple. As advertised - I have no complaints.
There when I needed it...best ever!
Excellent smooth transactions. I like that it’s really boosted my credit score as well.
Lend up.com has saved me, and has helped me keep on track with my financial obligations. Thank you so much for being there in the clinch. Your long term customer
LendUp has really made it easy to borrow while also moving forward by improving credit!
i have used money loans and paid tons of extra fees for long periods of time. With lend up its quick and easy.
very fast response time. only complaint is i wish they did installment plans at the gold status instead of platinum.
Great people and great customer service
The service I've received has been excellent. I will recommend this company just as it was recommended to me.5 stars
Awesome company for your short term lending needs.
LendUp provides a great alternative to traditional payday loan lending because their services guide you towards getting the consumer out of the payday lending trap by making alternative loans available.
Awesome best service ever...
Love lendup, the rates are acceptable, and they withdraw your payment when they sat they are, not 3 days later like some companies. Instant cash is always a good thing to have.
they are great whenever you need any extra cash you can always depend on there
Lend Up is awesome!
While everyone said no. Lend up said yes. I am a victim of bad credit decisions and have since, learned from my mistakes. On my pathway to recovery I tried many places to get a loan that would allow me to prove myself and rebuilt some financial credit. While all others failed, Lend up helped me. Their graduated ladder system is an excellent tool that allows their customers to prove their stability and ability to make better financial choices. With lend up I was able to climb the ladder and access their credit reporting loans and with that I am now paying and re-borrowing loans to rebuild my credit score. With their fast and easy to use system. Lend up is a breeze with flexible pay plans and easy to use website. I highly recommend Lend up as an alternative to rebuild credit and borrow money in the time of need.
Lendup is easy to use and fair. Overtime they get to know you and you get better offers!!!
Lend up saved me on several occasions. I needed money, I was out of stuff to pawn and my credit wasn't good enough to get a loan. Lendup saved the day. There rates are very reasonable. I have had three loans with them so far. I'm climbing that credit ladder. Thanks for all of your help. The way you conduct business is greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to a long-term relationship.
Good company - however the rates are still high if you are lower on the ladder.
I love LendUp. Its a easy and speedy way to get cash when you are in need. It helped me get out of debt and it helps me to continuously pay off my bills. I enjoy the part were you can report it to your credit bureau. And earn more points by taking the educational course.
Easy to finance, low interest great custoner service
Outstanding in all areas, so appreciative
I highly recommend LendUp, I've been doing business with them a couple of years now. I don't think I'd do business with someone else as long as they keep treating me good. No complaints from this customer. Please keep up the good work LendUp
If your ever in a bind you can have this loan in a matter of seconds, very helpful.
I love this company and all that it provides. Its been so easy to use and so simple, really that I have no reservations sharing my experience with others. I love the concept and how it helps me in the long run
I would recommend Lendup ANYTIME!!
I haven’t had any problems using this company
Definitely helped me.
Love how simple this is
LendUp has been a life saver and has helped me when I've needed it the most. I would recommend this to anyone who looking for short term loans and even go help build your credit.
By far best service!!
Only disappointment is if I would pay before deadline with debit I would be able to get another advance immediately. Now for some reason it changed and takes a week to clear before I could get another advance.
I've been getting small loans through LendUp for almost a year now. I love it that they don't charge a lot of money for the interest. They are a very reputable company. Not like other companies out there. Also you gain points each time and eventually it's added to your credit report as good credit. Best company ever to borrow quick loans from.
Im very happy with lendup. Its been very convinient for me and helpfull, five stars all the way.
I have one thing to say about them, they are great!
Very good and trustworthy to work with. And very on time.
I have used Lend Up numerous times of the last 2 years and have never had any problems or issues. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.
LendUp, has been very helpful in building up my credit, they gave me an opportunity when no one else would, their fees are a bit high, but what can you expect when no one else will give you a chance... I highly recommend them, and I will keep using their services for life... Thanks!...
LendUp has always been there for me when I need them the most. Always have given me a helping hand.
Excellent, this company is really truestly i lov it, u learn alot from this company
Lendup is always there. No matter the time of day, if I need extra money for anything... I am instantly approved and the money is ent within 5 min.
if you need quick cash, this is the place to get it. Gives you alot of time to pay it off, customer service is off thr charts, great experience with them
They really help you build your credit, and help you to understand the budgeting process.
LendUp is fast, efficient and life-saving!
APR isnt horrible,and has been a must have many times
This company and its programs were the best thing that I have ever run across to help repair my credit. After six months of getting loans and repaying them monthly, my credit score had gone up a whopping 90 pts! There had never been a hassle, the interest rates are the best around for this sort of loan, and it was super easy! I highly recommend them to anyone! I am a continuous customer and will be for life.
I have been using Lendup for several years now. I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received. I love that I can pick up my cash for free at any Wal-Mart. The website is super user friendly!
Great place! Fast and feels safe.
I would have to say out of all the pay day loans Lend up is my favorite one.
One of the best lending sites.
I was nervous at first. But it has been the best decision I have made. It has allowed me to get ahead and get educated. Very pleased with this company.
Easy, simple, quick! What more can I say.
Lend up has helped me out so much. Thanks for being there. You guys are awesome
I cannot say enough positive things about Lend Up. They really came through for me when I needed help. I will continue to let others know what a trusted lender Lend Up is.
Honeslty I never thought I could get a loan with my credit and this was so easy and easy to understand. Thank you so much LendUp.com!
The best option to get a fast loan
Easy to use, the money is there the next dsy, different types of loans are available.
I like that I have a credit card company that does quick loans. Great for when you're a little short on bills.