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Liberty Lending Group Online Loan Reviews

Started 5 months ago and already seeing a difference. Great communication! Definitely glad I finally chose to get this taken care and it seems every month that more and more weight is getting “lifted off my shoulders!”
Great service - they have saved me a lot of money.
Very professional, efficient and transactions performed as agreed.
Great customer service and very efficient loan process, would recommend them to all
Its very convenient and helps me on all of my inquiries for me to understand the loan
I have enjoyed working with Liberty. Everyone is helpful and extremely professional.
I really like this company everything is going as planded
Very quick and easy approval process.
Best help I’ve had in years. Should have done it a long time ago. Laura Heyer Leesburg Virginia
The loan process was seamless and very professional.
I am very satisfied with the customer services and quick consolidation of my account.
I got the personal loan I needed quickly, the consolidation process was smooth and everything was explained thoroughly, thank you Liberty!
To be honest, I am one of those people who are skeptical when it comes to lender groups like this. I feel scared that I will get scammed. Well, I decided to try liberty lending group and so far everything has been smooth and stress free. I have only been enrolled for less than a year and half of my creditor has been settled and in the process of being paid off. Liberty lending group were most helpful and were really good at explaining and making sure I understand every process with no hidden agenda to scam. Ever since I enrolled with liberty lending group, everything has gone as they have advised and I am able to see and approved all settlement. I'm glad that I have decided to give them a chance, because it really helped me relieve all my stress from those creditors. My agent and the company is very easy to contact. They also contact you right away to make sure you don't fall behind because they want you to graduate from your program and get your credit back up. I'll definitely try them again in the future and recommend anyone who is looking for help to pay off any debt. Liberty lending group is a trustworthy company that you can rely on to help you get back on your feet.
I received a mailer from Liberty, gave them a call and was able to get funds to consolidate quickly, smooth process, highly recommended
Quick proces, great company Easy quick consolidation process, got my creditors paid off within 4 days of receiving the offer, thank you Liberty
Set you up for disappointment. They offer this through a debt resettlement firm knowing your credit is not the best. But than not approved for the same reason. Was very upset by their procesd.
I recevied my loan offer that said I was pre-selected and at first I was hesitant to apply then I called and spoke to Kimberly. She was extremely helpful and response, I was ultimately able to consolidate $88k in credit cards and I am saving $544 a month on interest. Extremly happy with the how everything turned out!
Our loan specialist Adrian was very pleasant and helpful. He answered all the questions we had and even some that we had not thought to ask. We also spoke to IIiana about additional information needed, and Megan who was checking to see how our experience was. Everything was handled with the upmost professionalism and we would strongly refer any of our friends to receive a loan through Liberty Lending Group.
Even though it takes a lot of time, it is worth the wait to clear up your debts.
I worked with Liberty Lending to consolidate all of my debt. They worked with the credit card companies on my behalf and were able to negotiate settlements substantially less than what I owed. I will now be able to get out from under this debt and get it paid off!
Thanks for all of your help.
I had a great experience with Liberty, all the terms were explained to me very clearly. I got funded within 3 days, I would highly recommend this company.
I called in and applied with liberty lending group and got the funds I needed 2 days later, paid all my cards, thank you Liberty!
The representatives are very friendly, understanding and informative.
I really enjoy the Client Dashboard and customer service. I can log into my account from anywhere and check the status of my debt program.
I'd like to commend Liberty Lending Group for keeping me informed about my settlements and or the potential possibilities. Thank you for being understanding during this time of hardship. Keep up the great work, you all are appreciated.
Great.very happy.always informed of the updates.thank you for being there.
I’m impressed with the program. Everyone has been friendly and helpful. Excited to be debt free in the near future.
Very happy with everything they have done and are doing Thanks
Easy, quick approval process, funded right away, thanks Liberty
We had a wonderful and professional experience. I would highly recommend this company. Our loan went smooth and fast.
They were awesome truly answered all my questions and all my needs were taken care of in a timely manner thank you all so much!!
No reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.
My experience was great. Jihan was clear, answered all of my questions, and presented me with options to make the best choice for my loan.
I honestly didnt think i would have this many accounts paid off or settled this quickly. Any time i have a question reguarding my acoount i am immediatley answered. I would reccomend them to any one who needs to get out from under their debt.
Truthfully, I was swimming in a pool of debt with no life guard in sight! Until one day I received a piece of mail from Liberty Lending Group, at first I was quite skeptical; however after a thorough research of the company I decided to take the offer, and I am so glad I did. They immediately started me on the program and are negotiating with my creditors on my behalf. It was easy and comforting to work with a knowledgeable and caring agents, they keep me informed of when they negotiate with my creditors. As a new client; to date they have already saved me some money I would have never saved trying to pay on my own. I am so grateful I contacted Liberty Lending Group, my lifeguard! I totally recommend contacting them to help with your debt. .
I'm so pleased with there service and promptness. They answer any questions and concerns you may have. I made a great choice.
The Liberty Lending Group has been fantastic! They have walked me through the debt relief process in a professional manner. Every representative I've spoken with is courteous and sensitive to your needs.
Received a loan offer in the mail, called Liberty, was able to consolidate with them and the process was very smooth and simple, I worked with Mike, highly recommend!
Being Part of FDR program has been a truly relief for me and my family. My husband lost his job of 20 years and it was hard for us. I had to charge almost everything on credit cards. Now I can breath again and even make plans for vacations! Customer service is always there when I need them with the best answers to my questions.
I guess there’s a first time for everything, but I found myself in debt over paying hospital bills for a family member. I received so many debt relief companies and LLG was the one I went with. Travis over the phone explained everything to me and walked me through the FDR process. I would highly recommend LLG to anyone needing help with debt issues.
Customer service is always there to help out. The only negative review I could give is the lawyer group was rude.
Easy sign-up. They keep you informed during the process too.