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LoanAtLast Online Loan Reviews

I applied for a second loan and the money was already deposited into my account the same day by 5 pm . The service was great and these guys did a wonderful job.
Pretty good so far'
I reborrowed this loan a second time because the company is leiniant with the interest rate and payback total. I we'll look forward to reborrowed again in the future.
The process was quick and easy. I received the funds on the day I was told. The customer service was great!
Thank you for such excellent service
Gets you what you need but pay back way too much. I getvthey need to make money but these guys are beyond outrageous. Way better choices out there.
Really a great company and they will help you out really quick and easy
High interest , yes. But when an emergency is at hand with no other options , what can you do. Great fast approval ,money in account 12 hours later.
This was a very fast process that helped me out during a time I was in need! Money was deposited as promised! Thanks!
Very impressed with this company. They were friendly and the process was smooth!
very fast understanding process.
Very quick and easy process. Will definitely refer others.
They are extremely helpful and very curtious when explaining the details of your loan
They are the best,when ever I called,they answer on time and they are very professional and very easy to talk to..all I can say is “THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a wonderful experience in that I feared making a loan online. However, I must say that my experience was of utmost professionalism and kind consideration.
This is my first time ever trying to do a loan like this customer service was great I got the money right away so far so good
They really helped me out. They were very professional.
Great company. I would recommend them without reservation. Very pleasant stall.
It was great and very helpful service!
Yes the rate is high but you have the choice to refuse if you go through with it they are very efficient the money is in your account the next day and Customer Service is Amazing
excellent, quick and simple
No hassle was given upon approval
Easy applications, fast and friendly customers service will go a long way.
Didn't verify anything. Sent it to another bank. Left me in an bigger financial hole then I was before. I knew I should not have trusted this. They screwed me!
The respersentive was very helpful and nice. And I really would recommend this company to others
I just received my 2nd loan they were so helpful...
Through my experience, very few associate's are knowledgeable of their job. This company not concern with unexpected situations only payment, even at state emergency evacuations, they just focused on payment. I'm big on customer service and concerns, having had a great payment history and u come upon life unexpectancy this company concerns are not you it is payment, payment, payment and more charge's..Please be sure to understand your fiance charges and fees at the end of payment!!! NEVER AGAIN FOR ME!
I was approved for one amount 800.00 and then received 425.00 . Not good business.. I have had the same bank for 17 plus years . I have had direct deposit for years as well I didn’t understand why the full amount wasn’t received . The approved amount was deceitful too me as well as unprofessional..
I always dealt with Ravyn and she provided the best customer service, always professional and helpful. I must say I will never recommend this company or any company for this type of loan because of the extremely high interest rates which is how you make your millions. The loan was a blessing to me in an unbearable situation however the amount of money I ended up paying back was just astronomical.
I would like to say every step of the way they have been upfront, reliable and good to me. I don't do loans and i dont like debt, but they have been awesome.
Thank you for your amazing customer service
This company is a scam. It doesn’t help people it rapes them out of thousands of dollars for SMALL loans. NEVER will I do this again.
Customers who show their credit worthiness should be treated as such. The fact that you can pay back Two loans without one miss payment and still can’t borrow more is a disgrace.
Been a good experiece.
There good but expensive.
The best ever. Thank sooi much
Would definitely use again but I think the interest rate needs to be decreased a little I have used you on a couple occasions and would use again but the interest would have to be lower
LoanAtLast was here in my time of need, twice. Extremely easy to work with and everyone I've interacted with was kind. Thanks
Easy to work with!!!!!! Great customer service.
Thank you for making the process as simple as possible. The lady on the phone was extremely helpful and nice. Regardless of that: you get 5 stars from me for just helping me out. Thank you!
Pleasant. Fast and Good.
The online chat was smooth and helpful very courteous in the timid an emergency. Next day deposit was awesome. I pray early pay off process will prove to be just as smooth for five star rating
They helped at a time of need.
Thank you Santana. Good service.
They have help me alot
Processed in a timely manner. Satisfied with the process.
If you can get by without it, you probably should. Borrowed $500 I'll be paying it back for five years lol
Very helpful and understanding when I have come up short!
My experience with LoanAtLast is better than most online lenders out there. I enjoy the flexibility and no hassles approach. It means a lot to me.
Terrible interest rates.
Was well informed and very kind. Generally concerned for my safety because he thought I was driving. But overall, he was amazing.
Was there when I needed it, stay on top of your game. Will be back.
Loan was received very fast, sooner than expected and the agents were very nice
Rep was professional, polite and very patient.
My first experience was positive. I applied and was approved within minutes. The person I spoke to was professional and courteous.
Amazing easy and helpful experience! Will recommend!
Went very easy.
Excellent customer service & reasonable loan payments. A Great company to request a loan from.
There was a loan established without my knowledge. An obsolete phone number is on the record. Your process is flawed.
Quick and easy. No hidden fees and very upfront about everything. Will use them again if I have another emergency.
The representative was very polite. I enjoyed speaking with her. She handled my request quickly. I would have given 5 stars but have not received my requested funds yet. Scheduled for Monday.
Never got the loan
always there when I needed them. for 5 stars I would like to see up to date account information online and access to make payments online without the need to call.
Good customer service and the loan came in handy at the time, but the rates are still high to use on the regular basis.
It was an easy and speedy process. Will consider again in the future. thanks,
The representatives that I spoke with did everything to get my loan approved. I am happy & I was surprised how quickly the money was posted. It was right away by the end of the day that I was approved. The process went smoothly.
Very easy and I'm very satisfied
This is the only company that will help me thank you
I overall had a good experience. The agent was courteous. I would recommend your company to others.
They were there for me when I was in a bind. Great customer service. Proud to recommend them.
Wow... I didn’t even think it was real until the money was deposited next day (Saturday morning) in my account. Just amazing..
You guys were eager to help me... swift on decision making and prompt and accurate aa well..... I'd definitely recommend you all to anyone....!!! As well as I'd take another loan out with you all also....
The interests rates are insane.
Was good with making me feel comfortable with getting the loan also they explained to where I understand on how the loan works
Thank you loanatlast
Was alot of help thank you
I got Sloan on February 22 and have to pay back over $250 on March 1,2019 payback within 7 days?
I had to give my information more than once.
Great customer service quick and easy approvals but intrest rates are extremely to high!
Great Customer Service! Very thorough and patient during the application process. Fast and Easy!
I had a great experience overall and I appreciate the assistance I received from the expert I spoke with! The process was smooth and quick; I never expected to get the help I received when I did! It was right on time!
The process was quick and super easy to understand. Nothing about it was frustrating!
I haven't even received my that's why I have only 1 star..I hope u people won't make me pay anything back since I didn't receive crap.
They are straightforward and good customer service.
Very honest and fair
Did very good job
We were able to resolve the issue within a short period.
I was treated very well. They were very helpful. Great customer service.
NEVER get a loan from this company. a $625 dollar loan will end up costing over $3,277 by the time it is paid back in are better off asking a relative for a loan...take my advice!!!!
Interest Rate just too high for a small loan!!! Wouldn't recommend it for anyone that's already in debt....
Wonderful customer service when I called today! Very helpful
The speed of receiving the funds was very quick.
You guys were great and attended to my needs immediately.
I think the interest is a little crazy but the timely reaction I got was amazing! Thank you
I just think the loan was to long but I think u
Good. Funds should be available ASAP. It was Friday wen I got my loan approval an have to wait to wait till the next business day which is a Monday I needed my funds on a Saturday
Affordable payment options are what makes Loan at Last so great ! Other companies make it impossible for you to get ahead because of thier outrageous interest rates.
Friendly and professional Agents such as Nathan and Krissy, make the process fast and efficient....very satisfying
I had to give at least 2 for the fast process and approval. However, your 20 installments payment plan with an interest rate of 719% is highway robbery. Your system is set up where it makes it impossible to pay off your loan early. So in staying the course, you end up paying back the actual amount borrowed 6 times over. You're not right for that! Action being taken!
I was still in the process of filling out the application and they contacted me. The lady that helped me was amazing. I got my money in less than 24 hours. Amazing company. Interest rates are extremely high but you get money fast when you need it most for unexpected expenditures that pop up