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Granted, I took out a loan on my car title. I get that. I contacted LoanMart through their online form on their website long before my first payment was due and explained that due to unforeseen circumstances that I would not be able to make a payment until the middle of the following month. I did not receive any response at all to this "written" communication with Loanmart. Instead, all I have been getting is numerous calls from a multitude of different phone numbers with no caller ID. As a rule, I NEVER answer calls from anyone that I do not know, one reason being that by doing so, you are confirming that the number that is being called is legit which opens a person up to multitudes of scam calls, marketing garbage, hack attempts and more.

Loanmart has been leaving voicemails, well, I assume it is them, with again, no names, no mention who they are calling from and just say that it is important to call back in order to discuss an "important business matter". Again, I will NEVER respond to or return a call to anyone that does not properly identify themselves. It is quite clear to me that the use of the multiple, and I say multiple in meaning a LOT of different phone numbers from different area codes in the nation is how Loanmart wants to do business. It is harassment to me, unethical and certainly nowhere near the correct way to do business.

I am looking to do things in writing only, especially any kind of payment arrangements and instead, Loanmart appears to want to play a game or they are using people that are nowhere near adequately trained in communicating. I actually have an email from a so-called supervisor that says that they do not and cannot leave a company name in an email, yet will only discuss payment issues through an even more insecure phone call!!! I did advise Loanmart about phone calls in an email and was told that a notation would be made to my account. Well, the phone calls only escalated. What a joke this is in my opinion. You would think that Loanmart would want everything done in writing but I now realize that it is easier to just ignore everything and anything so that they can discount whatever was said in a conversation later as is the case in many of the reviews I have read including here on this website.

I got a loan for $5,000.00 and have made 5 payments for $453.06. I requested a payoff amount today and it is for $700.00, which is more than I borrowed! When people are at their most desperate and vulnerable times, I find it hard to understand why a company is able to prey on them to this extent.

I called about paying off my loan faster. The guy said when I make a payment pay extra and tell the person to place the additional amount on my finance charge. I tried that a few times and the lady argued with me and said it doesn't work like that and she's been there a long time. I have paying on my loan for over two years and still have a balance of 14 hundred dollars off of my initial loan of 25 hundred. I don't understand how that's possible. I have been discouraged of paying extra for it doesn't change the loan finance amount. 5 dollars a day still after over two years of paying 249 dollars a month on time and extra. I have now paid six thousand dollars on my 25 hundred dollar loan.

This company LoanMart Loan me money and and then gave me another one, I would tell everyone that that this company is a good company. I got a title loan and it was approved the same day and the next day I was able to pick up the check and pay bills. The payment was very reasonable and I was given a due date and then later in the year I was able to borrow more money and it lower my payment.

I liked the attention that you guys gave me both in person at the office and when I called over the phone. The responses were always fast and precise. I hope to continue doing business with Loan Mart.

LoanMart is a bunch of evil crooks who don't care anything about customer service, and only care about money. I get threatening calls on a daily, and if I don't set up a payment and give them my banking info they will set my acct for repossession. I take responsibility for being late, but they don't care. They are absolutely the worst when it comes to customer service. I am gonna be force to get another loan just to get these ** off my back.

My experience was great! They helped me with my situation. I want to give special thanks to Mr. ** and Anthony who I believe were very instrumental in the whole process. Thanks again!

I had a great experience with Chris. He was efficient and got me the cash as promised and was very professional and friendly. He made my overall experience a very exceptional. I would recommend LoanMart to friends and family.

Personal Loan - It is a pleasure to compliment an organization that was not only professional but friendly and eager to accommodate me and my needs. They understood what I was going through and wanted to make sure I would be very satisfied with what they had to offer me. I had the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so very much.

I pawn my car for $2500 and have been paying it for more than a year and I still owed more than $4000 and for less than a month they will repossess the car. People who work for them are mean and stupid. I talked to the employee that I will put my money in the bank before 4pm so they can take it at 5pm, instead she ordered to repossess my car wherein she was the one who suggested not to cancel the payment schedule. She is stupid. They took my car after being delayed of paying for only 28 days which I send the payment but they said they didn't receive it so I just gave them the car. They send me a letter that I will pay $980 to get the car back, they have it. It worth to continue paying it, it's like 50% interest. I don't suggest this company to anyone.

On 02/05/2013 at 11:20 am CST, I missed a call from **. When I called back, the man simply said, "Hello?" I advised him that I had just missed a call from this number. Without identifying himself or the company, he launched into how he was trying to get a message about a debt to someone who had listed me as a contact. I politely requested to be removed from his call list while he yelled over me that I had been listed as a contact. I said I didn't care who listed me. I am at work and he should stop calling my number. Again, he was yelling over me. I asked if I needed to file a complaint. He actually said that if I had a problem with the calls, I had to take it up with the person who listed me! I hung up on him and blocked his number.

I am angry because I am not the person with the debt, yet he felt it was okay to be excessively rude and unprofessional. Being in the customer service industry myself, I would have gladly assisted him if his demeanor were in any way tolerable. It makes me very, very happy that I am not, nor will I ever be, a customer of this horrible company!

The service was wonderful. All of the employees were helpful and courteous at all times. I really appreciate how quickly and delightful the staff worked to help me with obtaining a car loan. Cathy did a wonderful job in making sure that I had everything I needed, and she also helped me every step of the way.

Gary you were great to work with. Thank you for pulling this loan through for me. The only bad experience I had was when it was funded at the Cashier store to pickup. Great Team work!

I went to complete a loan transaction and the owner nor the helper were discrete about my transaction. The location: Amy Sandhu dba Amy's Postnet, 6077 Coffee Rd. Ste #4, Bakersfield, CA 93308, (661) 588-7770. They announced my first and last name aloud across the store and identified my purpose for being in the store. It was the most horrific experience ever.

I have never seen or heard of anyone who is so awesome as the lady that submitted my loan to you. I also am very happy with the loan. Reggie on the phone, all he said was true and his services were awesome. Thank you all so much for doing your jobs well.

I got a title loan on my car 3 years ago for $3500. As of today, 7/13/2016, I still owe $3000. These companies are awful. I have paid $350 a month... all of it is interest on the loan. They call and harass you at home, work. They don't care how despicable they are. Oh, if they are going to repo your car, you'll get a voicemail you won't be able to understand. Just listen for "be prepared"... cause that's all you'll be able to hear. These people are crooks and thieves. A loan from them is worse than dealing with the mafia. They are all friendly and great at the start, then... watch out. They don't tell you it's a loan you can NEVER pay off, EVER!!!

My boyfriend was having some issues a few months ago and it caused a ripple effect in our home. With him not being too well things got tough financially. So of course when you're down and you think it can't get worse it does just to show who's really in control. That's when my car the only transportation I have for work goes down. Since I only have my boyfriend and a handful of friends getting my car fixed for a good price was out of the picture. Plus not only do I use my car it also the means of transportation for my best friend and her daughter. Life becomes impossible when this happens. Suddenly everything seems so hard to get done. I lost 2 days of work and my friend lost work and getting her daughter to school was nearly impossible.

I decided to try and get a loan. The only one available to me was thru Loanmart. I had literally just paid off my car. I was not sure I should take the loan but rent was late and I was missing work. With no other options I had to accept it. The first time I tried to pay I found out they don't accept American Express which was the only card I had so I had to get a different card. Then I was doing ok getting by barely and I found myself needing to extend my pay date by a week. They refused to do this. I called back many times, I kept asking and finally I was able to change it. But they didn't want to and they will not cooperate at all. I was going over my bills and after paying $330.25 last month to needing to pay again my balance only dropped $50 dollars. That is all I end up paying every time.

Now I can't pay again on time and I need my car. My bf is sick, my friend still doesn't have her license back. I need a second job but without a car that won't happen. I can't refinance because the car is too old with too many miles. All my utilities have gone unpaid and are in jeopardy of being shut off. This loan thru Loanmart is the worst idea ever. If they take my car my life will be over and the worst part is I can pay the payment in a week but this company is uncaring and ruining people's lives. I could never work for such money hungry selfish people who are taking advantage of people in desperate times. I support and all claims about that are negative about this company. I am willing to be part of any lawsuit against them.

I purchased a vehicle off Craigslist. When I went to DMV I was informed there was a title loan on vehicle. I was unable to locate person I bought it from. Loan Mart eventually repossessed it. Every important document in my life was in the vehicle. The paperwork I had on this vehicle, property deeds, birth certificates, life insurance policy to my recently deceased spouse, every title to every vehicle we had owned, etc.

I have contacted Loan Mart several times only to be told they will not work with me to retrieve my personal papers, will not tell me title loan amount, will not give me opportunity to fulfill previous owner’s debt to them. Only that I have to contact previous owner to have them approve my retrieval of listed above items. They would not give any contact info. I tried every way I know how only to come up empty. I tried name searches, address searches, tax assessors, etc. So not only am I screwed out of my vehicle plus the 4000 I paid for it all my paperwork also. This company is very difficult and unwilling to help the consumer.

I thank Loan Mart for approving my loan when I couldn't;t even get my own credit union to believe in me and treat me as though I have been a member for over 20 years. Thank you again for your support. My financial obligation will be paid in full. Thank you!

They re-wrote my contract in December 2009. It required a down payment of $800, and 24 payments of $278.14. I have since made the down payment, and 26 monthly payments, and they say I still owe more payments. I have called them nearly every day, and keep getting the runaround. They will place me on hold, and then transfer me around continuously for 30 minutes or more. I spoke to Valerie on January 30, 2012. She promised to get this resolved with accounting, and get back to me by 5 PM(PST) that day. Not only did she not call, but she has has been dodging my calls everyday this week.

My wife and I had to file a small claims suit in July 2010 against them, and the repossession company they hired for ramming her with the tow truck, and causing her bodily injuries. We won that case and 800 Loan Mart had to pay us just over $2,800. I have fulfilled my contract, and simply want the title back to my car. They continued to ignore me, and now I feel I have no other choice, but to file another small claims suit, or a civil suit to resolve this matter, which I am ready to do.

Me and my wife needed money to fix 3 of our cars and I had time off to do so. So I told my wife, "let's get a loan to fix them and I could pay it off in about a year." We kept hearing the commercials about loan mart. We went in and got approved for the loan. We took out 5k. The lady was very nice but did not tell me much about the hidden charges. The hidden charges was they took out 500 dollars before you start the loan. So the loan I was getting was 4500. Then they charged us 19 dollars per day till I made the payment for that month. Then their annual interest rate was over 100%. Now I know why they play the commercials all the time, it's because it's the massive interest they are charging us customers that pay for it. The lady was very convincing that this was the lowest rate loan that was out there. That is their goal to be all nice to you up front to get you into the contract then they harass you till you pay it off. Then they call you on the day before the payment is due asking for a credit card to pay it. I said to them, "Stop calling me. The payment is due tomorrow."

Let's do the math here. So after a year of borrowing 5k and made my payments on time, about 450 every month we paid off 300 of only the principal and still owed them 4700 from the principal. It's frustrating when you paid about 5100 to loan mart and only paid off 300 to principal and the rest was interest. For the full term I would have boover dramatized, she has an attitude to start with, that's a lot of the reason she gets the cat callers, owed 5k, no I mean 4500, cant forget they take 500 right away, and would have paid them 16,000. That's more than 3 times the loan. Now to all these people that put good reviews, how is that a great company and great customer service. Those people must be the employees of loan mart to make themselves look good. The bad reviews will always be much larger than the good ones.

Ok my advice to everyone including the ones stuck in this loan with loan mart. If you did not take the full amount of the car value go to a credit union. We went to arrowhead credit union. We did not bank there and you don't have to. They bought out the loan from loanmart. Our monthly payments went from 450 to 109 per month. Interest was only 2% no daily fee and. It was fixed. It would take us about 3 year to pay it off. And the total interest would be 200. Me and my wife will continue to pay 450 paying the same as loan mart would have, remember our payment was only 109 and get it paid off in about 5 months. Going that route save us thousands. So i recommend that. And yes I was so happy once I paid it off I was going to take 3k out to get my classic going. If you ever need a title loan or need someone to buy it, go to a credit union instead of rip off corner of the street tittle loans.

LoanMart is the biggest ripoff in the industry. I live in San Diego and took a loan from LoanMart and found out that the 1st year is interest only. I actually ended up finding a 5 star title loan business in on YELP. They refinanced my title loan. I would highly recommend finding different agencies to get a title loan from. There are better choices out there.

I was falling behind on my house payments so in order to keep current until I refinanced my home, I took on a loan from 800loanmart for approximately $9,000. Next thing you know, the whole housing meltdown transpired and was unable to refinance. I lost my home and after 14 payments to 800loanmart, it turns out they want an additional $14,000 on top of the $11,000 plus I've already paid. I have tried explaining my situation to see if there is anything I can do about the high interest/payment and they could care less. Finally last week, after being able to make my payment, they took my truck. Loan sharks go to jail, but companies like 800loanmart are allowed to operate with what seems no regulations.

I should've found this site a year ago before I took out a title loan on my car that I've been paying $250+ (a month) for a year and three months. I woke up to my car being towed away because I didn't call them and let them know I made this month's payment!

Excellent in store customer service -- Nicole, I must say is great! She went above and beyond the normal service. I will refere people there just because of her!

When we request information in regards to our personal loan account: Payment History, Original Loan Document with original amount borrowed, why are we not allow to have? Why the secrets? Answer here to all.

I will make this simple. I paid off my VW SUV with $15,000. It was a 2004. I later moved my family back to California from the East Coast and decided to take a loan with 1800 loan mart so that I may use the funds as business capital. LoanMart loaned me $6,900 and I paid $331.00 back monthly. 3 years later, after the loan was paid off, LoanMart tells me that I still owe another $6,900!! This company seems to be ran by gangsters. After paying them $12,000 plus dollars back and refusing to pay them anymore, they had a tow truck come to my house at 3 am in the morning and woke up my children and I.

They tricked me by saying that the sheriffs were coming and that I was breaking the law. I was over it, and gave them the keys because I just wasn't going to continue to be robbed of my hard earned money. LoanMart later charged me for a "Key fee", a Tow fee, a storage fee and they sent me a letter saying that I still owed them $8,000!! I truly don't see how these people sleep at night. Accept perhaps on their goose feathered pillows that others pay for through the outrages loans that we stupidly agreed to.

I was told to be at the check cashing place at 6:30pm. I arrived promptly at 6:30pm. I was told there was no paperwork for my loan. They called loanmart and said the paperwork was on the way. It is now 7:10pm and I am still sitting in the waiting room waiting for doc's to be sent here.

I was treated with respect, and was attended promptly, and everything was explained to me in detail.

800LoanMart is a typical predatory title lender and should be prosecuted. Their practice is providing the financially burdened consumer by misleading them to enter a "short-term loan" which results in a cycle of long-term, high-cost debt with high annual interest rates of 100% or more. I have made consistent monthly payments on a 'short-term loan' for 3 years and still have a balance equivalent to my original loan. You will never catch up when you are being charged $10+ dollars a day in interest. Even though you make consistent 'monthly' payments. I would advise that anyone seeking a short term title loan to borrow from a family member or friend. DO NOT TAKE OUT A LOAN WITH 800LOANMART.

Thank you so much LoanMart. You guys really came through for me in my time of need and saved me and my family from having to get kicked out of our apartment. Your customer service, professionalism and speed of funding was amazing!! THANK YOU!!!

I think LoanMart is fast, easy and friendly! They are very helpful. I have tried this place in the past and it really works! It’s helped us when we needed it the most.

Let me start off by saying LoanMart "stole my car". I never had a loan with them. They came on my property and took my car claiming I owed a loan. I am have a clean title "no liens" in my name. I was told from them the previous person that had the car before me took out a loan. Wt? I have a clean title from the DMV. That's impossible. I will be working with the BBB also. It's been 4 days and they haven't returned my car either. Please save yourself time with this company. They are frauds.

Overall, the service was great. However, I was told to report to the location where I would sign the contract and was told a specific time. I signed the contract exactly and hour and forty-five minutes later that I was told. Perhaps in the future an approximate time can be given.Customer service is ideal, yes your company is doing customers a service but in order to retain those customers Loan Mart needs to stay ahead of the competition. Besides that, the overall service was great, fast, and the representatives were courteous as well as friendly.

I would like to thank 1-800loanmart for their fast service. The people who helped me were very patient and respectful. They responded quickly and very easily. I would refer this service to my friends.

I have been dealing with LoanMart for 4 days now on my loan. Every time I have called or emailed, I hear "We will call you back in 15-20 minutes." After 3 days of having to call them back after waiting 2 hours at a time I was told to add them as a lien holder on the title of my car and they would wire transfer the amount of my loan. Never happened. Then after calling them to inquire what the issue was, I was told that they were going to overnight a check and that I would have it the next day. Never happened.

Today I got "Your loan is closing this afternoon and you will get your check tomorrow. Just give us an hour to close your loan." Again, I had to call after no response for 3 hours this time and am being told that "Your loan is scheduled to close tomorrow and we will overnight your check tomorrow." I feel like I just got screwed out of my vehicle and was told when I started this process that I would have my money the next day. It's looking like I may or may not get paid on Monday now since FedEx doesn't offer Sunday delivery. What a mistake!

1800 Loanmart is absolutely to worst loan option available, no matter what your emergency. The agent who had initially sold me the loan was clever to hide certain information when I asked about interest rates, specifically how interest would affect my ability to pay back the loan quickly. I have paid my monthly amount due ($245) for more than a year without fail. If I was ever a few days late on a payment, I would always make sure to pay the extra amount for interest that accrued during the late payment.

I called last week to check on my balance and the agent stated it was at $2,100. I have paid over $2,700 back for a $2,600 loan and have only made less than $600 progress on my initial loan. I am not sure how this company is allowed to operate with rates like this. I would hope to prevent other would be consumers from making an extremely painful mistake as I have done.

Sue is amazing! This young lady handled my situation both professionally and personally. The contact follow through was terrific. This is so important in these economic times. The experience was stress-less. Also, Juana is phenomenal! She is really leading the business for 1-800-Loan Mart! I would do a free endorsement about her. She is the best. Very professional and fast (but thorough) and always gives you a great smile!

I want to thank 1800loanmart. They helped me out in time of need for a friend of mine. He was going through a court case to get his son and did not have the funds to complete the case, and did not have the means to get a loan. I helped him get the retainer fee and he will be able to get his son. Thank you Jesus and 1800loanmart. You're great.

I went into the check cashing place and one time I stopped there and asked how to go about applying for a title loan with LoanMart because I needed some money right then and there. The loan application process was fast and took about 45 minutes. The representative that was processing my application right there and the one that I spoke with on the phone were both really good. They told me everything down to what I would be paying and owing, and some other information as well. They handled my situation well.

I would not do this loan again though because, although I got good customer service, their interest rate is so high. I'm paying $150 every month extra on top of my payment for the loan, and it's like paying for another car again. I'm only going to have this loan this one time for nine months, and then I'm going to pay them off on my taxes, and after that I will never do it again because the $322 monthly payments are high. This will be my first time and last time doing this.

They have a terrible customer service. We were approved for the loan. After my husband and I have discussed the down side of taking out a loan on a paid vehicle, which was well over the amount we needed at the time, we decided it was not in our best interest to go through with the loan. The interest rate was astronomical, which would make our temporary financial situation even worse. Upon calling the loan agent and explaining our reason for deciding against the loan, she became very rude, and she said, "Then, I will turn down your loan!" She then slammed the phone down.

I called back and spoke to her manager, who said he was standing right next to her when we spoke, and that she never said that, nor did she slam the phone down. How convenient that he was standing right next to her. I strongly discourage anyone from doing business with predatory lenders that are rude to their customers. We went to our local bank and got a small loan for the amount we needed.

I worked with Emanuel. He was very helpful as well as my first contact, which was Alex. They both explained the process to me very clearly, and over all had great service through the whole process.

Everyone that I spoke with regarding my loan was very patient, understanding, helpful, courteous, and professional. This is my first, and I hope last time, I will have to go through this experience. When I go back to work, I will try to make extra payments. We researched many many on-line lenders and your company 1-800loanmart is rated A+ with the Credit Bureau, and most of all, your employees are great! I really like Crystal and her team. They have excellent service and are very professional, -Thank you.

Very well done. Everyone answered all of my questions and everything went smoothly. There were no issues. I would recommend this to all of my friends.

LoanMart's website is easy to navigate and the application process for a title loan was also easy. A rep called me after I completed the application online and the whole process took a day. My only suggestion would be for a better communication. I thought I would be able to get cash but when I got to the place, it was a check and there was a charge to cash the check. I asked about a charge and they said no. I explained it to him and he said okay but he was saying that they didn't tell him that they told me there was no charge. But luckily, it went through with no problem. Maybe in another situation, they should say, "Oh, no. You have to pay this fee."

This letter is to express my sincerity and thanks to the employee who literally saved my life. Crystal ** was contacted by me on Thursday, April 12, 2012 regarding an emergency loan urgently needed for medical and transportation expenses into UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Crystal was sent all the necessary documents and within twenty four hours my loan was approved. Thanks to Crystal, as a 100% Disabled American Veteran, I was able to receive the urgent medical care needed for my War Time injury at a private facility. I commend Crystal ** for expediting my loan that literally saved the life of a Veteran that served under a War Time environment for the freedom that we most cherish in life. Now that I am much more better in my treatment, The United States Federal Government will pay for the Emergency Medical Care that I needed immediately and Crystal ** made it happen for me.

I was instructed to print, sign and email back a date change form. I followed those exact instructions and 8 days later am receiving late payment phone calls. I called in to follow up regarding my original request and they "claim" they never received it. So I re-forward my original email with proof in hopes this time they get it. I told the rep that I will not stand for or accept any late fees or additional finance charges! This is BS if they think they can get away with pulling stunts like this. I do NOT recommend 800 Loan Mart to anyone. Go somewhere else.

I do not have any comment but your underwriter has made very kind and warm to help a customer. Funding office has too.

I like LoanMart. I needed cash and my friend told me about LoanMart. The application process was easy and fast because I had all the paper things. The representative was nice and very helpful.

Somebody told me about LoanMart and the title loan. I needed some money so I went in there. They were very friendly and good. The process took a while because it was my first time doing it but everything was fine.

I have paid $4000 in less than two years for a $1500 loan and my balance is $1455. LoanMart has you sign at a extraordinary interest rate which was against the law up until a few years ago. The use of the term "title loan" to get around the legal interest rates for cars allows them to circumvent the law. How, Who, and why did our State elected officials, as well as, Federal officials approve the biggest scam and rip off of consumers in the history of our country. The laws created to protect consumers were established at fair rates. LoanMart rates are over 5 times the legal limit for a car loan. How these gangsters were able to get this approved is beyond me. Clearly it had to involve some illegally paid money to a few of our elected officials. This has got to be stopped. The FBI and Treasury department needs to get involved and charge the politicians that approved these laws designed to undermine the Consumer protections put in place.

There are some legal issues which must be researched further: LoanMart uses agents to process the loans and in my case the agent failed to point out further information carefully hidden within the agreement as to future increases in rates if you are late. Their terms do not clearly define late payments. For example they say there is no penalty for early payments, but there is. Early payments are not reflected in the determination of a late payment. In other words if you make two payments in January which covers February and then do not make a payment in February you are penalized for being late in February which kicks in a large amount of late fees. By making your payment early they actually charge you more money because you will considered late even though you actually paid the payment 30 days early. You can borrow money from organized crime at a much lower rate.

I went to pick up my money and came back with no money. I will not come back to you. No more. I was not told to have name of someone with me. I do not need four people to help me.

So far it's been great. I am a new customer and look forward to working with you. I also wanted to take this moment to thank you for following up with me regarding my loan approval while I was still undecided. I hope it all works out and thank you again.

I thought LoanMart were easy, quick, and simple to deal with. The application process was easy and simple. Then, I found out it will take forever to pay this off because the interest rate is too high. I can't pay my vehicle off forever. They wanted me to reduce the payment down to $311 from $404 but instead of 6% interest, I’m getting 7.5% interest. They lied to my face and said there was no way possible on that. I tried to reduce the payment to make a $100 difference for the interest rate. Nine dollars a day is a little ridiculous for finance charge.

If you are planning to get a loan from these shark lender make sure to have at least $15,000 extra sitting in your bank account because your monthly payment is barely going to be you paying off the interest. I got a loan from these guy (or crooks whatever you want to call them ) about 2 months ago. Reason why people get loans is because they are going through difficult times and need money urgent. After making the first payment a little late than the original due date which was around 15th I talked with them to extend the due date which they did and I appreciate. Next month I'm late on the payment again but planned to pay it when I get my tax check which they weren't having. Don't remember the person I spoke with but I'm sure he wouldn't care if I was dead, or anything. His only argument was "we need location of vehicle to pick up".

These crooks know some people don't read the whole contract when getting loan and putting car up as collateral (which THEY TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF) because when consumers are in desperate need of money they only think about the help they can get. Please pay close attention to the contract you're signing with these shark lenders. They will take full advantage in any way they can. And on top of that if your car gets repo then they sell it at auction. I gave my car up because I couldn't afford the payments and the guy I spoke with said "if the car sells for less, you still owe the difference". They sell at auction so it's up to them how much they tell the auction to sell it for at least. But if you ask them they beat around the bush.

Hopefully these guys learn about FACEBOOK (recently having to go into court for questioning) and get enough complaints to figure out predatory lending isn't right, and if the complaints pile up someone really gonna give them the runaround. I went through some of the paperwork I signed when getting the loan with these guys and if I were to do this before getting loan I wouldn't even think of getting a loan with them

I saw a TV show called Best Deals. It talked of a place called 800loanmart for car title loans with a california interest rate cap. Needing the money no one could explain the questions I had so I signed for a $7500 loan on a 2001 Porsche Turbo. I thought the interst rate was 10.2%.

It is 102%, 36 monthly payments of $675.49. Finance charge of $16,802.00 and total payments of $24,317.64. It seems like they are a bunch of theives. Is there a California law that regulates the interest rate?

I need to know if I have any recoarse as to the interest rate of 102% and can I do anything about it.

Prior to funding the loan, I called to the company 3 times and asked if there were any other documents that I had to bring to fund. I was told more than once that there was only one document I had to bring in, my DL and the vehicle. I get there to find out I needed to bring in other documents. Unprofessional and unwilling to help. I will not be a returning customer.

I have been very dissatisfied by this company and their robbery of people in need. Sometimes we all need some help and a title loan sounds like it might be the answer - well it could be if they were not so backhanded and deceitful. We all know we have to pay high interest - we get that but then to force people to pay additionally a fee to pay their payments that's just robbery. Go ahead and try to pay without an additional fee, good luck. They go into a payment location then the location charges a fee. Also if you want to pay a large portion at once they tell you "no you cannot pay more than 2 months payments plus $50 with your bankcard either online over the phone or even in person." None of this was told to you when you got the loan, you can only make such a payment in person with cash and yes there's still a fee to make your payment. These guys are crooks!!!

They had us running around and the lady from the store did not give us the money. She gave so many excuses and in the end she said to wait until Sunday.

Jose gave me excellent service..but everyone else I spoke with did not. They all refused to transfer me, even though I dealt with Jose by e-mail and only wanted to deal with him for my loan. This was super annoying! If someone calls with a first and last name with an exact extention of one of your agents, please tell the other people to put the call through. I heard about you on KFI AM 640 during Tim's show, your ads are working!

Customer service was very positive and clear in explaining details of contract. People I spoke with were kind and friendly.

So, we took out a loan when our kids ended up in the hospital. We made our payments (missed one in December of 2010 but made it up January 2011). By March 2011 we had paid $5730 off a $6000 Loan. We were forced into bankruptcy during which LoanMart received an additional $5461.10 for a total of $11,198.10. They then called and said they wanted $20,000 in interest more but would settle for $4000. When I offered the rep. Michelle ** an additional $1000 to end this she laughed. I asked her to send me copies of all my paperwork to take to my lawyer to see if a deal could be struck. She said she would mail them but instead she repossessed my car the next morning. BEWARE THIEVES. I HAVE PROOF OF ALL MY PAYMENTS.

My husband was laid off from work. We fell back on bills. He said he would take care of things and ended up with a title loan of $2,700 from RIPOFF LOANMART! I decided to look into the account to find out how much money we owe them. Well...we have made on time payments of $330 for 7 months and guess what... We now owe $2,563! Bless my husband's heart but he’s an idiot! I don’t care what BS LoanMart replies to my messages with! They are setting people up for failure with their ridiculous interest rate and they know it! Never again am I trusting my husband to “take care of it.” THIS PLACE TAKES ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE IN NEED OF HELP! Their only goal is to make it impossible for people to pay off the loan, they will end up with thousands of dollars of your hard earned money or end up taking your car! DON’T DO IT PEOPLE!

I've been a customer for 6 months making payments within the "10-Day Grace Period", without a problem, I even recommended this company to a close friend. Recently, received a letter stating that I was eligible for additional funds, so I signed the revised contract and received the funds. To my shock and embarrassment, they called me at work TWO WEEKS BEFORE the due date for payment arrangements. That should have been a huge red flag, but I let it go. I received a payment demand phone call the day after the due date, the rep stated that "she couldn't guarantee anything" if didn't give her my banking info over the phone. I told her I didn't respond well to idle threats and she back-pedaled shortly after. I gave her a promise to pay within 5 days, so far I've received a call everyday, with each rep saying that the prior person "forgot" to put in my promise to pay info.

Apparently, once you sign a revised contract, your account/customer history goes out the window and you are treated poorly if things go wrong. If I would have known that this was the consequence of receiving this small additional amount, I would have declined it immediately. My objective is pay my account down ASAP and never recommend or do business with this company again.

I love the way they explained everything in detail. I would definitely recommend Loanmart. To anyone who is looking for a loan, a little high cost but when you need the money, it's there and now great!!!

I do believe they take a terrible advantage of people who are in an already compromising position to even need a loan like this in the first place. They are like the hogs who get slaughtered. I am trying to pay off a loan and they make it so inconvenient to do so. You are able to pay your monthly payments online on their website but if your payoff is more than double your monthly payment, you have to go into a Wells Fargo branch or one of these check cashing places. They also do not allow you to make a payment that is more than double your monthly payment on the website, even if you are not trying to pay it off, but want to make a dent in what you owe. I think this creates an unfair barrier to the poor people who have to work all day and do not have the time to go to a branch or go to a bank... and in the meantime, the interest increases. Why can we not do a payoff on the website? Thanks.

800LoanMart is one of the better funding sources within US. They put funding information together quickly and with great options for anyone to work with!!

It was an experience that was easier than I had ever anticipated. The staff was very professional and I felt like I've been treated with courtesy and efficiency. That makes it easier going through financial setbacks seem some what better than before and in the past. Thank you very much.

Here is the email I sent to customer service regarding my experience: I am getting very frustrated. First day we started this process, my husband gave me permission to handle this. We were supposed to be done by the first day. Because it took so long with communication back and forth, and because my husband works late, it got pushed back to today. Then I was told if I got the FedEx in first thing this morning we would be funded today. I took the title to FedEx this morning. I called you immediately to let you know. You said they must not have scanned it because you didn't see it in the system. So you said to take a picture of the receipt and send a text with the picture and loan number to **, and that we would have funding by 2pm. Which I did. And I know it sent. And no money in my bank at 2pm.

Then I call back and try to figure out what's going on. Now I'm being told it is too late for today, AGAIN, and that I will have to wait until tomorrow. Or that we can do Moneygram, but that you need to speak to my husband. I try to explain, my husband is in training in Washington, I'm in California. He can't answer the phone while at work which is why he gave me authorization TWICE now with you guys. But you insist you can't speak to me and now say that he has to give me authorization everyday. So the lady insisted on calling him, even though I told her he's not allowed to answer his phone while on the job training. And he won't get out of work until after 6:30pm when you guys are already closed. This loan is going to cost me an outrageous amount of interest, and so far, I am getting quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

We have used you in the past with no problems. We get those silly mailers in our mail "Come back to us next time you need a loan". I will never recommend your services to anyone. I am extremely frustrated! My husband is up north for training, the whole reason we did this loan is to help with our transition (moving) and to make sure he could eat. Now we are going into day 3. I hope THIS is being recorded because I am extremely unhappy right now!

I borrowed $4,400.00 from LoanMart in January 2013. I have paid a total of $12,150.00 at $450.00 monthly and today, May 2015, my remaining balance is $5,100.00. I did sign the agreement but did not realize it would be this much. What can we do?

They had to change their name they are so bad. I don't even have a loan through them and they are trying to repo my car constantly. Someone used my name and applied for a loan. They don't even have the title to my car is the amazing thing. I'm going to sue them for emotional stress and anxiety for how persistent yet unorganized they are.

Thank you very much for taking a chance with me. I was in a serious financial crunch and 1800LoanMart made the difference in me keeping my house. I appreciate you in every way. God bless you and thanks again.

Want to thank Gary who helped in processing my loan. Very professional, courteous. Everything went smooth. Just a little problem with my odometer reading - (intermittent problem). Couldn't get funded. Until next day I emailed my concern. Later that day, he said he would handle it & he did what he said he would do. Went later to pick up funds.

On 5/16/2012, I went online and started to do an application, but I then decided not to finish. Within 10 minutes, I received a call from an employee by the name of Stephanie. I asked questions in regards to a car loan, but I told her I would need to talk with my husband because he was employed and I wasn't. I would call back if I was interested. Today, 5/24/2012, I received a letter from 1-800LoanMart saying they denied my application and they ran my credit without my permission! So, I called and spoke to a receptionist there in the Encino office and was told that there was no Stephanie there and that there is nobody by that name. I told her how that could be when I wrote down the name and the ref number she gave me.

She then said, “Oh, yes, I got the ref number. Do you want to talk to a manager?” I said yes. So, after waiting more than 10 minutes for a manager, I get a manager by the name of ** who was beyond rude and talked over me. He made me very upset. I told him the whole issue and told him how you can run my credit without my permission! Plus, I don't work, my husband does. I never once gave them permission to run my credit - never! I never even finished the application and I never submitted online. I was not getting anywhere with ** the manager. Like I said, he was yelling and making excuses for getting information and processing it without permission.

Services were expeditious and courteous. Although, I am in a tight financial position and your interest rates are a bit more than they need to be in order to provide service. Please consider the working class wanting to make it too! Thank you.

I was just checking on title loans and called the wrong number but LoanMart said they could help me better than anyone else. First off the truck was in my boyfriend and my name. I told LoanMart that and that he had no income to qualify and I am on a set income. That I didn't want his name off the truck as his dad gave it to him, which he was aware I was doing. I submitted my documents and approved right away. I was contacted where to pick up check. When I arrived I was shoved papers under a window, told to sign where they x. I asked about my boyfriend needing to sign as didn't want his name removed from title. They told me he didn't have to do anything that his name would be on title still. I never got to read anything.

Long story short within a few months they repo the truck, said I would have to pay 4500 to get it back on a 3000 loan then told if I paid 3200. Then if I paid two installments of 1500. My thing is there was no way of doing that. Also when my boyfriend read the papers he flipped on the interest and he contacted them but they wouldn't talk to him, said he was no longer on truck. Now it's been about 6 months and we just received DMV renewal for the truck. They repoed and auctioned off, also billing me now over 5000. Should they have notified DMV? Also was it illegal for loaning without his signature?

I have been in contact with LoanMart in writing several times to keep my account in current status. All of my correspondence has been disregarded. LoanMart is a company I will never use again. Their business practices fall below ethical tactics and they create 'truths' by leaving out pertinent information.

Where do I begin with this mess? Nothing but a nightmare dealing with the MOST DISHONEST COMPANY EVER. The one sentence compliments come from within the company. Really, you fools think of something better like doing decent, and proper lawful business practices.. not this lowdown dirty CAR Theft RING you all have going. Your threats of phone calls, calling friends, family for so-called loan payments when they have already been made!! This so called business of thugs, and con men NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN. When you get your car out of the REPO yard.. they don't or won't answer their cell cause they are driving your vehicle for other purposes for their personal needs. Seats all the way forward, front end alignment is out. Fuel was empty, full when they grabbed the car. They are awful, liars, thieves and loan sharks. Nothing ethical about these rotten humans.

I will happily file a class action or get in touch with Jerry Brown's office seriously. He will PUT these crooks down!! When the nice comments are made.. notice it's only one sentence.. coming from inside their own offices. Stupid jerk offs. They don't listen. Their tactics are crap. The people are garbage. How do they look in the mirror daily knowing that they are preying on the needy and disabled folks who are strapped for cash? NOT FUNNY. Who's going to get the last laugh?? Shut the OUT and DOWN.

They do drive your vehicle. The Towing Yard is at the guy's house. Yes, his home. Hidden in and out of the way place. Everyone wants CASH.. even the Police which has to be Jurupa PD without so much as a uniformed officer on site. They wanted CASH too then no address avail for the so called REPO Yard. It doesn't exist. It's the REPO man's house. A & J Towing is a home with a walled off yard of cars. Total fake. GET some HELP. Let's band together and take them down!!

Lupe was very business and professional as was Daniela. Everything (all information) was requested at one time and it was not a stressful situation. I appreciated the quickness and friendly attitudes.

In 2013 my husband and I took a loan out from LoanMart for 4500. At that time the contract read payments for 36 months at $365.29 however it is now 2016 and LoanMart says I still owe them over $5,000. In reality in order to abide by the original contract I need to pay $625.14 but LoanMart says that I owe them 29 more months of payments which will make the payments $7,000. I read earlier that someone wanted to do a class-action against them. Well I totally agree with them. I would like to also be in on the class action lawsuit against them. I received a call today from a very nice lady asking me when they can come and pick up my car. I told her I am not surrendering my car. It is unfair of what LoanMart is doing. I spoke to a man a couple of days ago and he told me the extra money that they are trying to collect his own interest. I told him that is not fair. I think if we all Stand Together in this matter we can get a class action lawsuit against them.

As of today, I have paid $1,985.22 toward a $2,600.00 loan. I should owe about $648.36, but they are saying that I owe almost the value of the loan at about $2,533.50.

It's very interesting that customers that don't pay or pay late are always unhappy and complain that creditors are rude. On the other hand, the vast majority of customers that do pay call us to thank us because we lend them money, when no one else not even their family would lend them the cash, and because they are treated with dignity and respect not like other creditors. When you read these reviews, remember customers are always happy when they pay their account current and so are the creditors.

Tips for consumers: Know your due date and the amount to pay. This is the minimum payment but you can always pay more. If you are going to be even one day late, call your creditor. If you say you are going to pay an amount on a certain date, keep your promise. This will show you are a trustworthy customer. When you need help, you will highly increase your chance of getting it. Your 800loanmart loan is a simple interest loan. The monthly payment is the minimum payment. Any amount you pay over will reduce your principal thus reducing the finance charge you ultimately pay. Pay on or before your due date. Every day you pay after goes to interest and not to principal. We report to the bureaus, meaning if you pay your account on time for at least six months, it will substantially increase your credit score. We only make money when you are paying your payment, not when vehicles are repossessed. Establish a positive friendly relationship with your creditor. Be respectful. Creditors are willing to help those customers that are courteous.

I heard about LoanMart through a radio ad. I needed to get some extra cash and having a title loan was the quickest and the fastest way to do that so I signed up with LoanMart. The application process was quick and easy. The reps were very polite and very nice. Everything else was well and processed fast. All in all, it was a very good experience and they were helpful.

Sent me letter and not much I can do but play a game of he said she said, but they replied to my complaint informing me about my damage claim would be. I am assuming about when a repo company by the name of empire repo in san bernardino ca on june the 5th 2014 at 3:00am, their driver damaged vehicle sheriff dept came and told driver he was at fault deputy is trained for exactly this scenario.

I hope this could be resolved but 800loanmart told me as soon as they opened that day "we have nothing to do with empire repo and they don't work for them we do not hand them a check from our hands to there's they have nothing to do with them ".

I received a loan from 1800loanmart. Was late and my vehicle was repoed. No problem. Paid Western Union to 1800loanmart to get car from tow yard that did repo but at tow yard my car is not there, has been taken to a Manheim auto actions. Ride bus from Hemet, CA to Fontana, walk 4 miles to Manheim. Wait hours to get my car then have missing car parts from inside my car and I am told I can't take my car without filing a complaint with tow company, A&J Recovery out of Riverside yet located in Hemet Yard Manheim. Said I would be filing a complaint against them because I was missing when they got it and when I told A&J towing they said was not.

We used to go to Check Cashing and LoanMart is better. LoanMart reps are very nice. We talked on the phone and they showed us what to do. Also, it's so easy and simple to get and process the loan. I really needed the money that time. I just got a job, and they trusted me without a pay stub. I'm very pleased with my experience. They're perfect.

The personnel were wholly professional and courteous. Not once did I seem rushed or hurried. They, however, did not delay in meeting my needs and exceeding all my expectations. Truly a smooth and painless experience. Highly professional and diligent. I cannot emphasize further how great everyone treated me and communicated.

I really liked the service and the help but, I had a lot of difficulties with your service over the phone. It was frustrating because of the amount of time I had to wait in line. Your staff, however, is very efficient and nice!

Please people do not deal with LoanMart. They are sharks. I fell in their tricks in 2012. I got title loan for $6,100. They have never explain to me what I am getting myself into, and my English is second language. I don't know the terms of legal stuff. They told me to take my car to a check and cashier place and it was, "Sign here, sign here". After almost three years, I am still paying this crap. So far I paid 17,897. I have 4,000 left. Please, this was a biggest mistake of my life and my family. I hope someone sues this company. They are merciless. I tried to settle couple months ago, they said, "We want a full amount." They bring up all the times, "Well, you sign a contract and is your responsibilities." I HATE THIS BLOOD SUCKER. PLEASE PEOPLE STAY AWAY.

At first the loan and service was ok. Then they started harassing my wife 3 times a day. Then they called the neighbors to ask if they knew where the car was. Then they threatened the family. Told them that they crossed the line for FDCPA Violations and spoke with an Attorney. Now filing Class Action for all those interested.

Please there has to be more people out there that had the same experience. Took my car twice after making payment arrangements. On the loan agreement it says maturity date 1/15/2016. Now they are telling me that means nothing and I owe a 5k balloon payment. How do they get away with this?

I hate these people. The title loan is being paid off and they were called requesting the pay off amount. They in turn called me asking about the car and telling me that they were approached about pay off. They also asked where the car is. They asked about the condition of the car etc. If the loan is being paid off, why are you calling and harassing me? You'd think they'd want it paid off. The guy wanted to sit up and argue with me about the car. They badgered me about a payment although they were informed of a payoff, so I made one online. They claimed they didn't get it. I will never and I mean never take out a title loan again.

We were able to use money from LoanMart to attend a big family reunion over the summer. The approval process and application are super easy and everyone is great to deal with. We recommended it to all our family at the reunion!

You have been more than patient with me due to the illness in my family. I thank you very much for your understanding and concern.

This company told me to pay money, this was around £400, to receive my loan of £2,400 so stupidly I did. This was NEVER put into my account. To this day they give excuses, still refuse to speak to me. Appalling, they take advantage!

I am a repeat customer at LoanMart. They are simple to deal with and I know what they need to know. The application process went smoothly. The only thing that delayed it was getting the paperwork, which I had to get from a loan that was on a lien prior that hadn't been released. But they were very patient and they helped me make it work. The representatives were all very good and easy to deal with. They kept checking to make sure things were going okay, and they stayed on top of it. I appreciate that.

I got a loan. At the time really needed money. Rent was due. Things pilling up. Lost 1 job. Still have part time job and had to do it. They were great. Quick service. But fell behind. Car got repo. Cashed in some stocks I had. Got it out about 900.00. Had to pay to get it out. Original loan was 2500. I still owe over 7000.00 after paying on it for over a year. How is that possible!!! Fell behind again this month. Made payment that I cant keep. They probably gonna take it again. Only have a part time job. Got people living with me to help out with basic household needs. Even applied for social security since I'm 62. They said it takes about 45 days. But I know LoanMart won't wait. Dont know what to do. Help!!!

Thus far our experience has been smooth and quite beneficial. We appreciate the ease and kindness of all the staff. Thank you.

They even threaten you before you write this review by saying, "Remember, you will be responsible for what you write." Yeah? You're damn right, I will be. These folks never tried to call me before repossessing my truck. I made two payments in a row on the telephone. I even recorded the telephone calls and can prove it. Their account reps never credited the two payments and they came and took my truck. The only thing I can think of is they must tell their account reps to accidentally, on purpose, delete or lose the record of payment so they can bone you down for penalty fees, reinstatement fees, etc. These people are liars! Their ad says they start loans "as low as 2%." Yeah? Well mine was 85%! Do not, and I'll say it again! Do not, under any circumstances, use this company. They use deceptive practices. They purposely will only allow you to make limited payments online, where there is a record of the payment. Then when you call them to make a payment to get ahead, mine were conveniently never credited and they take your car. Thugs and loan sharks!

I needed a loan due to unforeseen circumstances. LoanMart was very quick to get my information and I was approved for $2700 in Oct of 2013. I made monthly payments of $301 at 200% interest. I fell a month behind and asked if LoanMart can put the payment behind the loan amount and they refused. It's been very difficult to play catch up and they advised me that there was an $8 fee per day for everyday the account is late. We continued to make payments and as of today, July 11th, 2015, we owe a whopping $2923.94. If I pay this amount off, I would have paid around $9847.00.

I am frustrated and very sad that companies like LoanMart can do this to people who are simply trying to get by. I don't want to lose my car and I really need help in trying to understand how this can be legal. Please help.

I was really in a pinch when I decided to try 800LoanMart. They came through in flying colors and helped me out! I have never had a better experience with any other company, Fast, Easy and with easy payback. And I still was able to keep my car and drive it!