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I appreciates you getting me a loan... But i find your rates a lil excessive "high"
I wrote a review but apparently it wasn't to the liking of who ever, I don't know who. So here goes another. I wish I never got the loan from LoanMe. By the time you pay it off you are still in debt. If you got money just laying around then go for it but if you got money you don't need a loan. This loan sucks. I took out another loan just to pay this loan off. Its ridiculous, I was trying to help out a family member but really ended up screwing myself. I hope this review is more to your liking.
I was first denied for a loan but I got a call from John Nguyen who was able to make a loan work for me. John was very helpful and very informative. We were able to come up with a game plan to help get me out of the debt I'm in now. I plan on refinancing my loan in a few months and will def go back to John for assistance.
Naisha was really kind and helpful. She even walked me through the online process. I had a previous loan with them and although the rates are quite high, they are easy to work with and professional.
Easy and fast loan they really help people is a good loan company I really recommend they help me very fast and they are so amazing tanks loanme for help me to get the money really fast
Sean was great & very helpful explaining everything.
The representative I talked to was very patient especially getting information he needed. Very impressed thank you again
It would be better if the interest rate was not so high, and the payments were lower, other than that the service is good
Thank you Alex for your outstanding performance in assisting me. I greatly appreciate it.
My loan process was very informative, thorough and extremely quick funding! I am very happy with the entire process which includes my LoanMe contacts and the positive outcome.
My loan officer was very honest and helpful. He was concerned that I was meeting my loan needs without getting over my head in debt. He responded quickly to help get my loan processed in time to meet my other deadlines.
Customer service was outstanding
Everyone that I talked to was very professional and clear in their delivery.
I just received my loan. Im very grateful LoanMe extended their service to me. I was in danger of my electricity getting cut off n I needed tires and brakes done on my car. Thanks LoanMe you're a lifesaver.
I had no hassle, efficient experience with this financial product. I appreciate it.
This is a great company. I needed funds for our business and the process was very refreshing versus dealing with a bank. Thank you
Kenny lee my Account Executive was awesome. When I found myself in a bind (on very short notice) with my payroll they were able to take my application, run all checks and verifications and approvals in one day, funding by nine am the following day. Wow! They are the only company I'll do business with. Thank you
I was looking to consolidate my Credit Cards and another loan into one. the owners of my loan said that since i was such a great client the would offer me a second one ...I asked will could we just add my CC's to the loan? They said No i'd have to take out a second which would mean a second loan payment for a total of over 1600 a month ahhhhh NO thank you. So I go to a local bank who had nice low interest and had a limit that would work with combining both Credit Cards and current Loan everything looked good online. So I go into the bank they run my credit (of which I have very good not excellent but close to it) then tell me they can't give me the loan because I have High Balances on my a couple of my cards all i could do is think to myself "OMG!!! you freaking idiot's why do you think I'm here that's the Point High balances i want to consolidate!!" Needless to say at that point all my option were exhausted and I felt completely defeated. LoanMe has one of the only commercial I can see or hear and say "completely on point" Did the online App someone called me with 20 minutes whole process was painlessly flawless agent was kind and courteous I was approved in 10 minutes had cash with 2 days (could could have had it same day or within 1 delay was on me I wanted to make sure T's were crossed an I's dotted ). NO pressure , open and straight forward also No penalty for paying the loan off early Heck they even encourage you to do there are a few other beniifts other loan companies could take notes from these guys. My ONLY I'll say issue (As I'm sure other agree ) with the Loan is the 15% Fee which is taken off the Loan so make sure you do that math and be prepared to take the hit in stride for me I feel it was well worth it when i consider the strain my current debt was causing me thanks to LoanMe I feel like a Building been lifted of my shoulders. So here's my before after.. Before my LoanMe Loan: total monthly credit card and other loan expense: 1,493.00 After consolidating with LoanMe total monthly loan expense: 792.00 Saving of 701.00 a month !! So that's My take on LoanME...what's your going to be?
Thank you! thank you!! yes the interest is high but everybody else said no to me and I really needed the funds, so I am grateful.
BEST EXPERIENCE!!! Ed was very knowledgeable, helpful, professional and friendly. I got my funding within 24 hours, less actually. My credit is in the mid-high 500’s, not great, but they got me approved! :-D They were the much needed life support during a difficult time!!!!
Strangely the representative seemed to care. He was patient and very informed. I was impressed by his genuine attitude of interest to help me. He was not pushy or rushed. It was a nice experience and I will be referring you to others. I hope you offer incentives to the new customer as well the continuing customer.
It was not complicated, but very professionally and prompt.
Actually, I received the call from LoanMe unexpectedly, but I was looking for a loan with no success. Your representative was extremely helpful and worked quickly to guide me through every step. And at the end, I couldn't believe that the funds were in my bank account in a few minutes (on the same day!). It was a real life saver and I would recommend LoanMe to anyone who is looking for some emergency funding!
Took little time - needed just the important basics and then it was funded in no time.
High interest by high I mean about 200% I figured there were loan sharking laws against that , anyways your better off loaning money from your local gang members or mafia don
LoanMe did an excellent job in getting me my loan. My agent was very accommodating and very helpful. I got my money so fast!
Roger was awesome! He was polite, quick, and very helpful. I was able to get a loan at a great rate and save several hundred dollars a month. I highly recommend loanme
Excellent customer Service...!!!
My experience was efficient, informative, and very relaxed. The representative Kevin T was very articulate, explained the process in a language that I could understand, and was very patient and thorough in answering all of my questions. He did not make me feel like I was being rushed or that he was trying to sell me something that was dishonest. Even though the interest rate was a little higher than other places I researched, I ended up going with Loanme because my representative Kevin T was extremely helpful compared to the other competitors. Great customer service does help determine whether we stay or go to another lender. I definitely recommend Loanme and will go back to them when needed in the future.
This is my second time using LoanMe and all of the staff I have talked to and work with are very pleasant and super helpful. They go over everything with you so you understand what you are doing and I couldn't be more grateful.
ANDRE WILLIAMS was great he really help me with my loans thank you very much have a good day
I had a great experience with a very measured, non aggressive and professional member of the LoanMe team. Everything was explained well, and executed in just a matter of hours. Thank you.
Andre Was a wonderful person to work with. He was understanding and not pushy and didn't rush me or the process. He made the whole thing very easy and painless.
Easy and fast!!' Kerrigan was great
The staff was extremely responsive from the moment they received my phone call and provided me with clear information on the transaction. I received e-mails following up every step after submitting my application and when the review was completed. Excelent customer service and transaction completion.
The loan officers were knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough.
Great customer service. Very friendly and helpful. Very quick and efficient experience all around
Great customer service, quick funding, but high rates however because I was in a financial bind loanme was there when no one else was.
Yes, it's my fault for getting myself in a pinch and needing money desperately, but shame on Lenders like Loan Me who have no conscience about raping people in this manner. The same night I signed for this loan and realized how grim my life had become because of it, I actually wanted to die. I seriously did not want to live anymore. I cried myself to sleep. I borrowed $3K and will be paying $351 per month for 4 years! Over 148% interest! I don't know how this lender sleeps at night. They may be the winner in these deals as far as money goes, but they will answer to God Almighty someday for what they are doing to fellow humanity. And they shouldn't be surprised if they start paying for it soon. Beware! Don't ruin your life and wish you were dead by dealing with these robbers. Oh I will pay my debt, but shame on them! May God have mercy....
My experience with Loan Me was extremely easy. Melanie was fantastic to work with. Funding happened in less than 24 hrs. Even with not so good credit, they approved me for a small business loan.
The loan process was simple and quick. Very happy with the service I received.
I dealt with Scott and he was helpful and very efficient at the job he does. He had explain everything to me and as promise that the money will be at my bank at was there.
I had looked at other loan companies and due to my horrible credit score and lower income, I was turned down. I heard the commercial and thought "what the heck". It was painless and I got my money within 2 days.
Loan me came through when I needed the extra money and there service was up and beyond anything out there. I would recommend this company to any one who needs help and what to trust them.
Got my money in a day! Super easy process and fast. Only downside to this loan is they charge a ridiculous fee!
I worked with Tanya who was incredibly efficient and extremely pleasant to work with. I was actually very surprised how seamless the process was and especially during the Holiday Season. I would highly recommend LoanMe as a short term solution for financial assistance.
Good pr and everything went well no problems
Nice costumer service
good and prompt service. the rep was very nice, helpful and was on hands with her knowledge.
My representative, Andrea Rodican was amazing. She was helpful and pleasant while giving directions that were clear.
Very helpful and quick service from team members
Eric Good was real helpful and the process and it was simple,I thought that it was going to be a pain but noooo. Thank you loanme just in time in of my need of $$!
I'm so please to get in contact for the 2nd time with loanme, there so efficient and acomódate, Quick response and very trustful, thanks loanme
I needed a quick money due to emergency situation. Applied on line in many different loan company all denied my application others they need to get back with me. Except Loan Me processed my application while talking to one of financial advisor approved it in less than 20mns got my check in 2 business day in my account. Staff is very helpful not much question to asked about my personal info. Thanks Loan me
Andre was very helpful and followed up with me during the entire process.
Everyone at loanme was very nice and courteous. I was refinancing my existing loan, and I was completed within a few days. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.
I look forward to using the Capital from Loan me to expand my business and couldn't be happier on how quickly Loan Me helped us. We look forward to using their services again and building a relationship with them. Abner President / AHIS, INC.
LoanMe was so helpful and patient. My family has gone through several crises this year. The most difficult one was my son being hospitalized. I take great pride in paying my bills on time but the medical bills were eating up what little savings we had. I was able to qualify for a loan and had the money in my checking account very quickly. The person helping me was very patient on the phone. I was so exhausted I was having problems accessing on the computer the information that was needed. Overall my experience was very good.
Mark Tran was very helpful in getting my loan through. I needed t to have a few bank items taken care of and after a couple days we were able to get it completed in a short time.
If you are looking for a fast, efficient way to get a personal loan, then I recommend you check out LoanMe.
Appreciate the effort in helping me when I needed the most. The service was respectful and professional , the best part is tha everything was done on line and through the phone. Thanks a million.
Needed to reorganize my finances and Loanme was my timely help
Want to thank you in this time of financial hardship I am very satisfied with everything through the processs. Vicky Tran was very knowledgeable and very helpful
Quick fast loan less than 24hrs... I am Blessed again Thank you!
Great service. Extreamly helpful and very polite.
Loanme is an extremely fast service, and a straight forward and easy qualification process. Yes, the interest is a little high, but if you plan your finances and get it paid back asap, it's worth it when you need capital. I would definitely use them again, and highly recommend them.
I called them in one day. They are so nice and so quick responding to you're need. Also reliable and honest they get me my money on the same day and time they told me. Thank you.
Very quickly processed and nice people who explain all the process to me thanks.
Wow!!!! Very impressed with how fast they work giving great customer service
I worked with Kerrigan. Bless his heart, I initially applied & approved for a lower amount. I said I'd callback but Kerrigan contacted me a week later after thonking about it. The entire process from start to finish was clearly explained. I really am thankful to be issued the loan. It has helped so much & I will be paying it back by year's end. Thank you for such quick and professional service.
This would have been five stars if there was not a disconnect between the mobile site which determined I did not qualify to literally five minutes later I receive a call from a LoanMe agent that determined I qualified for three types/tiers of loans. So it was a bit aggravating to go through the process twice. Now the good the agent Lili was excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable of the different loans and answered all my questions professionally and courteously. Customer service followed up to check and make sure the loan had made it to my bank and that person to was very professional. Overall a very good experience except for the mobile site snafu.
Very easy to work with the Loanme employee. I found the whole procedure went seamlessly and in a fashionable amount of time from beginning until payment was received into my account.
Their fees are high, hopefully I won't take that long to pay it off .
Do not get a Loan. I’m still paying my loan at 300.00 monthly for 15mos and my loan was only 2K. I got robbed at 125%.
From the time I called in to the time I received funding was about 18 hours! It was the quickest, most efficient approval process I have ever experienced. I would definitely use LoanMe again.
Thanks it was very easy for me to get my loan
ok. not only are the loan interest amount the worst ive seen (and i have fairly good credit which didnt even help me)... you NEED to make extra payments in order to get your loan payed off faster and way less interest incurred. anyway tried to make an additional payment right off the bat, $50 off the top at the beginning on that first day will literally knock off a full year of payments. tried this and my card kept declining online. called my credit company and it didnt even go through to them. like didnt even show up there was a payment request that was declined. and it should have gone through i verified i was typing everythibg correct so either their system is rigged or malfunctioning. tried doing it through money gram as well but they only accept cash. be warned: any paynents you make have to be through your registered account or its pretty much impossible to make a payment cause they wont process card info over the phone. hirrible experience.
Everything Was Upfront No Hidden Gimicks
I had a great experience with LoanMe due to the polite and efficient service for my needs. I got the answers for the funds needed quickly and the personnel was very helpful.
They can be better
Mauricio Herrera has been a huge help to us! He was able to secure funding for us in very short order. He was efficient, had impeccable timing, and was pleasant and professional to work with. We will definitely work with Mauricio in the future and I will highly recommend him to my colleagues.
Excellent customer service, loan approved quickly.
Very helpful and friendly. They work with you and they are very honest. They are not trying to get the most out of you; they are really offering you a leg up.
Loved the process...had my money in less than 2 hours!!
satisfied customer
The services that were offered to me we awesome and the Staff was very helpful they did things in a prompt and urgent matter. I would refer this Company to EVERYONE . LoanMe is a Above all Loan Companies, their true to there word. Thank you & GOD BLESS Warm Regards Kent Kyle
I have only rarely applied for loans but this experience was the simplest and least stressful effort I could have imagined.
I'm so very pleased with how quick and easy Loanme's loan process is. I'm a very happy customer and will recommend this service to all of my friends and family if they need quick cash without any hassles. Loanme is simply the best! Thanks
You guys are amazing.
Fast, efficient, courteous, quick turnaround!!
Got what I need in high to the moon interest
I was working with Tri and he helped me get through the experience of getting my loan very easily. I really appreciate his courteous personality and the experience was pleasant!
Great customer service who worked with me to get the best loan option available to me.
LoanMe, helped me at a time it was really needed, when other places wouldn't...
Great way to get cash fast. Started the loan process late in the day. Had cash deposit next day lunch time. Straight forward , no nonsense, clear terms.
From filling out the online application to receiving the funds, every step went pretty smoothly. While the interest rates are very high, they are a very easy to do business with company.
Easy to get a loan , very nice, professional representative.
From the start of the loan process, to the money in my account. Professionally guided relief.
I feel that Loan Me is a great group of people who work hard to help each one of their customers get treated with care and get the help they need. I would personally like to thank them get through my situation.