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From start to finish my agent, Danny Rogers, did a superb job of educating, mentoring, and assisting me with my refinancing loan. This was by far the best service and best result I have had in any finance-related matters. I highly recommend Low VA Rates and Danny Rogers, in particular, to anyone thinking about refinancing their home mortgage.
It was a very easy process. I have no reservations about recommending
Of course I was skeptical at first but after reading other reviews and talking with Dave Neumann, my loan originator, I felt confident that everything would go accord to plan. Dave and the team lowered my interest rate from 3.25% to 2.25% which is going to save me over $2,000 per year. That will give us the chance to pay off a few other bills before we can start adding an extra principal payment throughout the year. Thanks Dave for all of your help.
Refinancing with Low VA Loan was effortless. Mr. Blake Suitter & his team were absolutely the best professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Thank you Mr. Suitter & his team! There were no surprises; all went according to plan. Could not be happier!!!
Jaren Ahlmann did a fantastic job. He kept me informed during the entire process & was always available to answer any questions I had.
Working with Jaren was great! He was very professional and dedicated to getting the paperwork all together. Great job Jaren!
Things started out very well and Mr. Murphy tried very hard to get my loan approved, however, the underwriters were constantly asking for more paperwork from me. Had they been more organized, they would have had a checklist of the items they could possibly have needed from any customer. In one evening, I had to scan and email over 60 pages to Mr. Murphy because the underwriters wanted the backs and fronts of every page of my statements, even if there was nothing on them. This was a lot of waste of paper and ink on my part. My scanner was not working properly so I had to reprint everything, scan and then send it on. This became very costly on my part due to the amount of paper and the ink I had to use. Not to mention the time consumed. There also were a few times when I was asked for more paperwork to be scanned that had already been scanned and I had to do it again due to the fact that someone lost or misplaced the original ones I had sent. They were in my sent box on my computer and I know they were received. I worked for a bank back in New York and also moved several times due to my husband being in the Air Force. I never had to go through so much paperwork and have things drag on for such a length of time. It was four months and if anyone had asked me, I would have said to shop more locally so that there was an institution that could handle things more expeditiously and in a more organized manner. I was to a point that I was ready to call everything off and find a lender that could work a little more efficiently. These underwriters were a definite disappointment and it is leaving a bad mark on LowVaRates. Perhaps they need to find some other underwriters to work with as word of mouth will get around about this group and LowVaRates will suffer the consequences. My personal opinion is that Mr. Murphy did a fair job but I am certain he could have gone to someone and had them get these underwriters moving. He was too complacent. He was very pleasant and apologetic but that did not help the length of time and enormous mounds of paperwork going back and forth. Had I not been home or away, things have definitely gotten out of hand. I would like to have given a higher rating but unfortunately, under the circumstances, both parties (lender and underwriters) were to blame for the delays incurred.
all went well all the service people we worked with did a quick and efficient job
Fast closing of loan. Very professional staff. I would highly recommend this company...
My liason to initiate the loan is Mrs ASHLEY KELLY she is a outstanding asset to have during the loan collection process she was very educational driven Rep. that's makes sure that you make the correct decision according to your needs. I have TBI traumatic brain Injury from combat in afstan and she gave me the upmost respect and treated me with patients and made sure that I was comfortable with the signing and document sending stage with out any condescending attitude she treated me like a normal person and was very helpful. WE closed very quickly cause she works to standard not speed I think she should be promoted cause she is a OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE being a ARMY SGT . RETIRED I know a good employee when I deal or work with them VA. LOW RATES has a diamond in the rough and should polished it she the BEST.
It was a very tough process even though it was supposed to be easy. However, they stuck by me and advocated for me the entire time and I appreciate it all!!
It was great working with Nate. I would recommend him anytime to anyone.
Fast, honest and responsive.
My weak credit several months ago caused no loan approval. David Stevens rememerged my being on SS and my credit not being a stopper, went ahead with my loan. Everyone involved worked well and not only did l get my payment down $50 a month, l was refunded almost $900. Couldn't be happier! Thanks Everybody!
Very easy and informative. I appreciate the effort and timely manner that my loan was handled.
The team at Low VA Rates did a great job. They kept us informed on all steps of the process and responded to any and all questions in a timely manner. We achieved what we set out to do with little to no problems. If I buy another home I definitely will contact them.
Tyler, Thank you for helping me with my refinance. You have been wonderful to help me do this again. I am grateful you were able to help me get the lowest rate possible. I will recommend any of my friends to you. Thank you again.
Eric and Russell at Low VA have been true professionals to ensure this veteran had a smooth refinance experience. I have been a customer for several years and look forward to continuing to be a customer in the future.
I was extremely pleased with my Low VA Rate loan. I was kept informed throughout the process and I highly recommend Mari Dean who was my contact. She is in Lehi, UT. I found this company to be very professional and yet they treated me like "family" and really wanted the best for me. Judy A. Franz Page, AZ
VA lowrates made it so painless to refinance and Nick Storey was the best answered all questions so we understood we never had to leave our home to sign papers or anything they sent a notary to us in which i was overwhelmed they did that we couldn't have asked for any better we got top notch service didn't feel like a number
The whole experience from start to finish was smooth and easy. Took less than 30 days. Everything went as explained and I felt a since of ease working with Low Va Rates
What an amazing team to guide you through the pitfalls of refinancing. Most companies would not have invested the time and effort to accomplish such a successful outcome. Jaren Alhman and his team went above and beyond to provide my family with the best possible refinancing option. I could tell they were more concerned about me and not just their profit. Every decision was guided and directed by Jaren and his team. Give them a chance you will not be disappointed. Will you use again and tell my eligible friends what they were able to accomplish for me!! 5 Stars+++
We worked with Robert Williams for our refinance through Low VA Rates and we couldn't have been more pleased with the service or the outcome. We felt that Robert was very attentive to our questions and concerns. We always received a quick response to our inquiries. We would absolutely recommend Roberts services to friends and family.
My experiences with Low VA Rates has been nothing short of very good. Mr. Michael Dame helped with any questions and invited phone calls at any time. Par excellence!!
Took nearly 3 months to close
I highly recommend, Jaren Ahlmann made refinancing my home as easy as possible, and communication with Jaren was top notch either thru emails or over the phone, and got all my questions answered very quickly. Thanks so much, and again I highly recommend if you plan on refinancing your home.
Worked very hard to lock me in before rates rose at the end of 2016 and saved me $100,000+
True Professionals. Great service with trustworthy advice. I highly recommend Low VA Rates.
From the first contact with Low VA Rates, the communications, information, and overall performance of everyone involved in this refinance loan went without a hitch.
It was very easy to get started and complete online. Very happy with the service and would recommend to all.
Ryan and his team are awesome to work with. No hassle, quick to get back with you,and so painless of a process.
I have no complaints with Eric's group. Quick response to questions and knowledgeable comments.
The entire process to refinance was simple and managed with great customer service from Jaren Ahlmann. Jaren kept us informed the entire way and went a step further to communicate information while he was on vacation with family. The closing has occurred and we are very satisfied. ML
From my first phone call I was treated in a low pressure, highly professional and very helpful manner. Nate and the Low VA Rate team made a stressful situation a pleasurable experience!
Was very satisfies with jaren ahlamm was very helpful
Our loan officer was great and very helpful. Some of the people on the team could have been more motivated to close to loan as quickly as possible. I feel the loan could have closed early December rather than late December.
Kept getting calls/offers from office, even after starting process, this resulted on duplication & some confusion. Final process was good , simple & quick. Wish I had realized the contact problem earlier as thingd wpuld have been smooth then.
everything went great and no problems
From initial contact to closing, a very good experience!! Nate and his team worked in a timely manner to get the necessary paperwork to and from me to make this a great transaction! And the skip 2 payments were a huge bonus as well :)
Things went well, i enjoyed it
I found Low VA Rates to be very helpful and informative and made my closing on my home very smooth.
Smooth is the right word when dealing with this company. You can relax and they handle everything. Mr. Jahren Ahlmann was awesome every step of the way. You will not be disappointed using Low VA Rates.
I have no complaints about the service or the staff. The representatives were open honest and answered all questions. If they did not have the answers they would seek other resources and get back with me within a reasonable time.
I was very pleased with the process. I compliment Brenner on sticking with us. I know if took quite a long time to get us moving on the process, but he showed good persistence, and his persistence paid off. I appreciate his help, and would recommend Low VA Rates to others in the future.
Had a rather pleasant experience and things worked out pretty good and in a timely manner !
Low VA Rates made my refinance a very pleasant experience. Very professional and personable staff.
Refinancing can be stressful and consuming, but the team of support was amazing! Knowledgeable, friendly and supportive along the entire process. We appreciated the incredible communication and the priority of keeping us updated in the process. There is no way we would have been able to do it without amazing people leading us every step of the way with great encouragement! Huge shout to Tracy Morgan and her assistant. Thank you for your amazing service you provided. We highly recommend Low VA Rates! Jodi B Mounds View, MN
I was able to complete nearly all steps in the process of refinancing my VA mortgage online. When I did have to meet with a notary, they adjusted conveniently to my schedule and location. Phillip was excellent at communicating, both via email and during our few phone calls. Every correspondence that I sent to Phillip and anyone else associated with this action was responded to nearly immediately. I haven't experienced the servicing of my loan yet, so I can not speak to that aspect. However, the refinancing process was smooth and stress-free. So far, I provide my complete recommendation is with no hesitation.
Great customer service thank you so much for working with me and helping me refinance my home. I recommend your company to everybody.
low rates did my streamline va thirty year fixed loan in a timely manner. I really appreciate you guy. rYAN sAWYER, KATELINE. RICH ANDTHOMAS dANISON. i JUST WANT TO THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 'GOD BLESS."
It was a seamless process. I was very skeptical at first because of the horror stories that I hear about when dealing with adjustable rates. However, the representatives made me feel very comfortable about the future possibilities.
The card said one thing and they did another and if you say skip 2 payments then that’s what it should be not paying something at closing
Highly recommend, VERY VERY efficient! GREAT communication, they stay on top from start to finish. Phone calls and emails keep you in every step of the process and they constantly follow up. I had a few issues and they assured me no problem they will solve them and they did! Cant say enough on how pleased I am...
i am not happy about refinancing because i was talked into going into a arm when at first we where good i am really upset this and was considering going with another finance company butt we had all ready started the paper work this was just wrong i felt like i got the big shaft here.i do not feel right this i have expressed my feelings with my wife and she can tell you that i am not happy about this
MY experience with Low VA Rates and Nate Walker was the best.I would recommend to all veterans.
It was a gratifying and heartfelt experience during the whole process.Jaren and his team made refinancing a rewarding experience for me , considering the level of difficulty and probability. I will always come back !
excellent - Great communicating- very responsive
It happened quite by accident...I returned a message left on my phone, but was redirected to another agent other then the one who called. So happy I talked to Ashley Kelly. She was professional, knowledgeable, and most of all listened. I also worked with Heather, Ashley's assistant, then Marina, the closing agent. They "ALL" were on the same page with ethics. I was a Real Estate Broker for 25yrs. I wish these three could have been my "go to" professionals when I did a VA loan. Cudos to all involved! Best of all I dropped 1% to 2.25% interest rate! :):):)
Good company to deal with, but the job isn't done yet. I haven't been notified yet how much my payments will be or how to make them. My first payment isn't due until the end of MAy, but I would like to know the details in advance. Thanks.
It was a pleasure working with Clayton Wolf and his team. We had been in refi process with a different company for two months and still no closing scheduled when I stumbled across a letter sent from Low VA Rates. I called and was connected with Clayton, I explained how we were in process of getting refi done with different company, however it had been two months and still no closing. He promised that he would be able to get us a refi loan with VA and at a lower rate than company i was working with, and that it would be done before another month went by! He delivered on his promise! Thank you Clayton and thank you Low VA Rates!
I found the people very helpfull and easy to work with. Process went thru pretty easy in a timely manor.
Quick, not a lot of paperwork, and they come to your house to close.
Jarem is a true professional who took me by the hand and guided me through the entire process being very knowledgeable professional,and most important to me honestly. He was the best lender I"ve work with and the entire firm as a whole did a great job as well. Thank you for doing it right the first time around.
I can say that I am satisfied on the out come of my loan. Satisfied
We just refinanced our home with Low Va Rates, now first before I bad mouth the company which will happen soon, the program we chose which is the arms program is a great program for veterans. They locked us in at a lower interest rate than what we had before with a lower credit score than what is required. Now on to my rant..Before choosing this program I was upfront with the company telling them we needed money back to make some repairs around the house and would like to pay off some credit card debt.I was told that we would be getting the money back in escrow and two months off without a payment. I was directed to look at my mortgage statement and in the paid year to date column for the escrow is what we would be getting back, which was over 3,000 dollars which was enough to help us out so that is why we chose the arms program. Now I am being called a liar and that I made stuff up. We were told several things which after closing ended up not being true. So being the customer, I was just chewed out and spit out by Ryan. He accused me of lying, he not once listened to me while I spoke he even kept speaking over me while tried speaking. He was very disrespectful. I highly recommend that if you are a veteran and looking to refinance your home DO NOT CHOOSE LOW VA RATES!!! They have treated me and my husband with such disrespect that I WILL make sure to tell everyone not to choose that company.
Quick, easy and most efficient.
When I worked with Jaren for the first time it took me about 1 1/2 months for me to say yes to let him do our It took me a while to go with Low VA Rates, because I had never heard of them. I did some checking and spoke with Jaren. and after about a month I said yes, he could do our papers. He knows his job and knows how to present his case. He knew all the answers I needed and presented them to me. He is very professional. His voice is very kind, and puts you at ease. You can not go wrong.
Our refinance was done with professionalism and expediant service! Thanks, Eric, Clemente and the rest of the crew!!
Doing a refi through Low VA Rates was easy. My loan officer Jaren Ahlmann made it such a streamless process, I have never done something that required so much paper work but seemed like just a few pages. Jaren stayed in constant contact with me, he gave me every step of the process. For something so big it was like nothing. I highly suggest Low VA Rates for anyone looking to remove the hassle of getting a home loan, this is the place you want to use.
The underwriters wanted to start a "we need a new copy of this document", game as most of them do to justify their existence. Most loans could be handled without their input. Fortunatly we had a loan officer that knew his buisness and the game was not started. Loan was finally funded without the game being played. Happy with the results.
In a pinch I sent out a request for info on their website. Within minutes I received a few calls and emails. I responded to Will Welch's call and reached out to him for additional info. I explained my situation and he provided me with all the details I needed to get started. He got the ball rolling and he did not skip a beat. From start to finish, he was in constant daily contact with me. Sometimes we communicated several times a day. He was not phased by my barrage of emails and questions. He was always happy and ready to help no matter the time of day. 99% of our business was done online via email or their website. He explained the process and timelines and made no empty promises. He even provided a video for me to watch. The video explained the process and exact timeline of my application. Using their website was very helpful as it was user friendly and intuitive. I was able to upload all my documents via the website or esign my documents as needed. The process took exactly 30 days from start to finish for a VA refinance. Keep in mind you also have to do your part but with their help your application will be processed in no time. Expect the highest level of customer service from Will Welch and the rest of the staff at LowVARates.com I will be happy to refer new clients and will be a returning customer as well!
Burt was very trustworthy and hospitable throughout the entire process. I will recommend to friends and family.
Jed Hardman and his crew made the whole process an easy one. Thank you Low VA Rates
The customer service was amazing and Mike and his associates made the process quick and easy. It was a very pleasant experience!
They were great to work with, and made the entire process painless.
My experience with Lynn McDonald was great, once again. I have done Interest Rate Reduction Loans with Lynn in the past, but this is my first real refinance/mortgage and it went very smoothly. Lynn and Anastacia Perkins were very easy to work with and made the process of getting a mortgage painless, which wasn't my experience when I worked with a different company before Low VA Rates. I would highly recommend Low VA Rates!
When Low VA Rates initially contacted us about refinancing our home, I was a little unsure after looking at other online reviews. Some previous customers were unsatisfied about the service and time it took for the refinancing to be completed. While they did over promise a little by stating that I could skip two payments, which in my experience has never been the case when refinancing a mortgage the service was great. They were very prompt and efficient in processing the refinance. Some of the fees felt a little high, but then that may be because it has been a few years since I refinanced, so I would recommend seeing which fees can be negotiated. I would use them again.
Of course, at first, my Wife and I were apprehensive about going through this experience without physically looking someone in the eyes and shaking their hand, however Eric Liljenquist and Deborah Bloor were very professional and understanding. The experience was smooth, we were well informed and we felt like we were in good hands from the start. Thank you Eric and Deborah for working with us!
Anthony and staff extremely professional and knowlagable. Was able to understand them and made me at ease. I felt they cared about me not just refinancing
They came through when my own mortgage company wouldn't help.
While my experience with Low Va Rates was great, and agreeing to have my information shared to affiliated groups/businesses of low va rates to better serve me, I did not like the unwanted soliciting from other businesses through the sharing of my personal phone numbers; that needs to curbed and done another way!
David made the process so easy, and it only took a couple of weeks to complete. David isn't like most of these guys. He isn't pushy and answers your questions honestly and completely.
My experience with VA Low Rates was superb from beginning to end. The communication was always prompt and professional from the entire team. The team worked effectively and efficiently with me and on my behalf to ensure all matters were addressed as well as ensuring a smooth transition. I am happy with the beginning and the overall ending and appreciate the courteous and professional service.
Working with Low VA Rates has been a wonderful experience.
Jaren was very knowledgeable about the refinancing process and was always responsive to our inquiries. Jaren kept us up to date on all processes and provided feedback whenever he needed additional information. From the time of application until signing closing documents was 39 days, and proceeds provided on day 44 as a weekend was in the mix. We had a minor glitch towards the end where part of the process had been overlooked but Jaren worked with us and our contacts to get this issue solved and keep the closing on track. I would recommend Jaren to anyone who is looking to obtain a VA loan as he was professional, responsive, and kept the process on track.
This is an honest review. When I received a letter advertising Low VA rates refinance program with hybrid/ arm feature, I was skeptical. When I later spoke with Mark Powell I began to suspect and hope that this was not just another gimmick. Mark Powell was straight forward, very knowledgeable, and patiently answered all of my questions(And I tend to ask a lot). I received emails throughout the process from other members of the team, some educational and others to inform me at what stage my application was. Overall everything happened just like I was told it would, including the closing. I want to thank Low VA Rates for providing me with a new mortgage and a more affordable payment even with my less than perfect credit.
I would recommend Low VA Rates. My experience with them was nothing short of wonderful. My respective kept me well informed. And was always available to answer any questions that I had. All my phone calls and emails were answering within 24 hours.
It was the perfect kiss experience, it was definitely a "keep it short and simple" mortgage experience. No stress and easy peasy. Would do it again.
These folks are the greatest. I am so happy that I decided to go with this Company. I have been treated with the utmost care and honesty and me as a Veteran I say Thank You!!!! I would highly recommend this company to anyone.
Jed and his team made our loan process easy and painless. He was very informative and easy to get ahold of. One of them would and still always responds to our calls or emails. They have been a pleasure to work with and we thank you.
Great people to work with, always in communication with me . I am very pleased with the Low VA Rates people. I will do business with them again in the future. Thank you Low VA Rates for the good experience.
Andy Dame took the time to understand my position and goals and worked diligently to earn my business. I was initially opposed to any type of ARM but he outlined the advantages of the VA Hybrid loan and provided me with several tools to run some numbers and do the math for myself. I was able to run several scenarios and he answered all of my questions. He was sensitive to my concerns and addressed each of them fully and professionally. I probably wasn't the easiest customer to deal with because I had a lot of questions and really took my time, but his diligence and responsiveness paid off. I couldn't ask for a better person to work with.
Brandon was the best. I would 100% recommend using Low VA Rates. Don't waste your time with other companies they are truly fast and very professional. Very very happy!
We had received a letter from Low Va Rates and made the call to check it out. Andrew Johnson answered the phone, and from that point on I was given to understand he would be there for us if we had any questions about my new refinance. And he was true to his word. Thank you Andrew.
Your company made it easy to refinance our loan, it was simple and fast, thank you for being a friend
It all went well. Eric was always available and answered all my questions.
I had a great experience with lowvarates. They were very professional and efficient with refinancing my loan. Everything was explained fully throughout the whole process and I would recommend them to anyone looking to refinance a mortgage.
Dave was very knowledgable , was prompt in returning phone calls , I would recommend Dave to anyone . Hubert Camden
Provided great communication and accurate as possible informations. Very helpful and great advise from the team to speed things up.
We wanted to refinance our newly acquired VA loan at a lower interest rate. I received a mailer and inquired online. Jaren Ahlmann was the loan officer who promptly replied (on a Saturday) and also assisted us throughout the entire process. He was always available for any questions or concerns I had (even on evenings and weekends). He communicated accurate timelines and reasonable expectations. The process was easy and fast; about 6 weeks from start to finish and that timeline was likely extended due to the holiday season (both Christmas and New Years). Our interest rate dropped 1% and we are extremely satisfied.