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This experience helped us out of a bad situation and was very easy and smooth to comply to. We have been pleasantly suprised by the follow ups and customer support. Would do again if needed.
Professional, fast, great customer service.
Thanks for a smooth transaction and fast processing. I will be needing more business funding and will be using MArlim as my go to source. I recently refered a client to the company for his business funding needs. Thanks James Perry PerryJ Enterprises
Tom Gutowski is great. The application process was quick and there were no hassles. Everything was as he stated, no surprises. Other companies should take note on how Marlin does business. I would recommend Marlin to anyone and give them Tom's direct number. Thank You, Ralph Werner
Marlin is very easy to do business with. I would recommend to others.
Was there for us and helped us with injection of operating capital.
Everyone I've talked to at Marlin Business Services is top notch. They respond to emails and phone calls immediately. They are courteous and professional. It is a pleasure to do business with a team of this caliber.
Marlin is very easy to work with and very prompt.
Support department must be overworked, but the personal contact people jump to assist you with your issues. Great processing procedure.
Great, flexible service. Very friendly.
If I had to do it over again I would choose Funding Stream. The people were friendly and easy to work with. Everything they told me upfront was exactly what happened.
They have provided fast, courteous, and professional service. Our Seth has been phenomenal.
I received notice a month after signing letting me know that we have to pay for insurance against the loan on the software we purchased. If I had been given that information before we signed we would have gone with a different option.
Marlin trusted my company when others didn't. They will be a business partner for many years to come.
We are very satisfied with Marlin. They are always helpful, polite and they work hard for us to get all the funding we need for our business to succeed.
I am very happy with Marlin Bank and their Funding Stream process. I had a dedicated rep (Patrick) all the way and honestly i couldn't be happier how everything turned out. Patrick was there every step of the way! Great job! I get tons of offers in the mail all the time for capital loans etc and Marlin was a bank we used before so i felt comfortable going through the process even though i was a bit skeptic at first but everything went seamlessly, everything that Marlin said they will do they did it. 5 STAR!!!!
Lisa Haught has always been super responsive to our needs. The process is seamless and easy given you do your part to get financing. We have obtaining financing from Marlin for several years, and they have made it easy for us to continue to do so as we grow our business. Thank you!
We have only been with Marlin Business Services Corp for 2 months and the service we have received so far has been outstanding,
Marlin was there to finance our new equipment for our shop at an affordable price...Would highly recommend them to anyone and look forward to doing future business with them
Dawn was very professional and helpful. I was impressed with Marlin and would use them in the future also.
Over the past 2 years, I have received equipment loans from a partner source of Funding Stream (Marlin Finance). I had found them to be fair and reasonable when purchasing new equipment for my service business. Other "working capital" companies I had worked with charged outrageous fees (over 30%) which hurt my business until I paid them off. With the additional capital I was able to obtain from Funding Stream, I am able to hire an additional employee to take over operations management. This will enable me to rapidly grow my sales and, ultimately, lead to increased business.
The staff was very accommodating especially Brian D. He worked with me in a timely and professional manner. He was on top of everything, my experience with Marlin was hassle free and the transaction went smoothly. Definitely will be doing business with them again in the future. Thank you for helping small business owners like me!
Natalie was a great help in getting loan through at a competitive price. Would recommend and would use again!
Very good experience but little expensive.
Customer Service is not capable of providing me accurate answers to my questions. I still have not received a detailed breakdown of my loan cost.
Easy to work with, easy to pay back.
Enjoy the service and ease of working with your company.
So far very helpful in getting things setup. I feel feel they have a professional organization
Quality Personel, Human touch that goes the extra mile. I have been a longtime Marlin customer and loyalty counts with Marlin. I reccomend
Always there when you need it !
Marlin Business Services has always been ready and willing to help our small medical practice with any equipment needs we have had in the last 6-8 years. The staff is knowledgeable and efficient and our lease requests have been processed promptly. We will use Marlin again when the need arises.
Easy doing business with Marlin. One call does it all. When you are busy with day to day operations, you dont have time to haggle with finance companies. Marlin makes it easy. Very pleased.
Quick, concise, personable, effective, easy to work with
Without Marlin Business Service Corp. we would not have been able to purchase our new Haas TM-3P CNC mill. Thank You Marlin - John Palmer
Very difficult to have them to send the actual agreement with terms and interest stated as well as not 100% clear on hidden fees such as the initial contract setting up fee. I have requested my agreements several times and they have not sent to to us yet and it has been over a year for one and then asked again and it has been over 2 months now. I needed them for tax purposes because the invoices are very unclear to what my percentage rate is. It does not state.
worst leasing company to work with , unfortunately I had no choice . zero customer service , rude customer service if you're able to get through, monthly fights over bill for unjust charges. stay away if you can
My Account Rep. Jay Strodel has always be very helpful and has explained everything thoroughly. He made purchasing our new color copier a very simple purchase. He helped me with comparing color to black and white, to be sure I was getting the best product that would serve my needs, for a very reasonable cost.
As with most businesses, a company is only as strong as its employees. My continued usage of Marlin is strong because of my working relationship with our representative, Loretta Troiani. Loretta is what every employer looks for: timely, consideration, factual but most importantly, genuine. She does what she says she will, she handles bad news delicately, and her people skills are the best of any of the numerous vendors we work with on a regular basis. We really enjoy working with her. Marlin should be proud to have such a great representative like Loretta!
This rating concerns my fourth software lease through Marlin. The Marlin representative's consistent effort, guidance and support through a nine-month-long, severely problematic evaluation of two major software packages and three vendor/resellers was indispensable. I cannot fully express my gratitude for the difference this makes in my business. Highly recommended.
Staff was very professional and the process and procedure went fast.
fast and very east
Lisa Haught was very helpful and made our transaction as smooth as possible.
overall bad experience customer service
I am in the restoration business.  I contacted Aramsco.comfor the purchase of a flooring removal machine.  They arranged financing through marlin, in what they called a fair financing contract.  In my eagerness to buy the machine, I did not read the entire contract. Like so many posts here, I found that I was being charged for insurance (which covers them only, at an outrageous rate of 75% (annualized) of the monthly payment. They added taxes on the insurance fee, and tangible taxes fees for which they refused to provide proof of payment to the State of Florida. The State of Florida levied the tangible taxes on the equipment as well, as I could not prove they made the payment on our behalf. I attempted to get this resolved over two months, with no success.  They filed a UCC-1 form (i.e. lien) with the State of Florida, to ensure that the machine will be paid for before release.  However, they filed the form in such a way that they claim the rights to any and all invoices generated by my company.  As a consequence, we cannot use capital funding companies to purchase our invoices, to keep enough cash flow to meet our obligations: (including the payment of payroll & the monthly rental fee). They are completely uncooperative, even though they have provided letters of subordination for the purpose of invoice factoring to other companies in the past. Buyer beware!  Exhaust all available avenues to obtain funds prior to engaging this company.  The flooring machine original price: $35,000. Payments year-to-date (excluding this month, which we might not be able to pay) $29,432.24.  Pay off amount today: $20,839.10.  Total $50,271.34. Tony Soprano could not make this much profit if he tried.  He could learn a lot from Marlin!
Tried making payment on line. Computer issue caused lock out several times. Call support and they were extremely proffessional. Problem solved quickly. From initial contact they have been great to work with.
We have had nothing but problems with this service and equipment. Cannot get faxing issues resolved. There is a lag in answering the phone which is a pain. Support is good to talk with but doesn't fix the problems. I would not recommend this service or product.
Very fast. With no hassle. Will use again when needed
Tim Shane did everything to get us taken care of quickly
seamless and fantastic
Always a great experience, Thorough and fast response time. always attending to our companys needs.
Always there when you need them. Great company to work with! I have recommended them to other companies. Will use them in the future.
was very pleasant experience and easy ..will certainly recommend for my future projects and for my good friends shah
I would recommend this company to anyone. Lisa the rep. Who help us, she was very nice and answer all the question, help us through process.
Tom Gutowski was great in walking us through the loan process and helping us with what we needed with working capital.
honest, quick, reliable
They made buying new equipment QUICK AND EASY when I needed it the most! I would highly recommend their service to anyone in the restaurant business.
Funding stream is a great product when compared to other companies that offer similar funding products. However, one of the shortfalls in the industry as a whole and perpetuated by Marlin is a full disclosure of the cost of the product and how daily payments affect the interest and the cost of the product. Further, there presently (to my knowledge) is no manner to sign in and see the balance of your loan in an easy way.
Very professional and knowledgeable a pleasure to do businesses with .
Marlin financial services were very nice and approved me within hours. If there was anything negative to say, it would we didn't communicate well in regards to the ACH. But overall I had a great experience with them.
very easy, very friendly, very patient
Being a company that strives for attention to detail as well as prompt & efficient customer service; we feel that working with Jennifer Patton has helped us carry those virtues to all of our clients for she shares those exacts traits when it comes to taking care of our customers. She is always going the extra mile and remains on top of every task, making the work process smooth & efficient! Not to mention the fact that in the case that we need any further assistance, the Marlin team as a whole, is easy to communicate with and has served tremendously in the success of our company. Always a pleasure to work with Jennifer and her team! - Luis Recendez : Automotive Equipment Specialists
We have just begun our relationship with Marlin and look forward to moving forward with them in the future.
Great source of funding, very professional.
Friendly and professional services
As good as it gets period! The gal who helped me? Deserves a free vacation on the company tab!
Natalie, was amazing as always. This is my second transaction with her in the past year or so. I highly recommend her and Marlin capital.
Excellent company to work with. Great customer service!
I worked with Kathy Mancini,even though things did not work out with the machine company I was purchasing form, Kathy was wonderful to work with and I will recommend Marlin and Kathy to every one I know.
This transaction went very smoothly with no hassles
It was a great service. I recommend to anyone.
I would recommend this to all my friends and trucker friends it is a good service and the people are really nice to talk to and they answers all your questions you may have and any problems you may have they been really nice to me.
Tim Shane is the most transparent and genuine finance officer I have ever dealt with. The experience has been very refreshing and motivating to our business. Very responsive and proactive with any concerns or inquiries. From the very inception of correspondence I felt Marlin could be trusted because of Tim.
No issues quick and easy as promised
Marlin Service Corp. was a strong financial partner for R&R Surgical Institute. With their funding we are able to provide the highest level of Healthcare to the South Bay Community.
Marlin has been there when we needed them. Easy, simplified process. Would recommend to anyone that needs "a little help to get through". Good company to work with.
Easy to communicate with, always available!
Started transaction on Friday and received a reply to my email right away. Approval came on Monday and I received documents to sign electronically Tuesday. Paperwork quickly completed, funding arrived in my account Wednesday morning. Excellent transaction.
Jeffrey Sporer deserves a raise. He's on top of his game. He gets things done.
All of my questions were answered and I was given a detailed explanation of the services that Marlin Funding Stream offers. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with your company. Thanks for your support!
From the start, poor communication, no attention to detail, sloppy and unprofessional
taking money from
Easy to get funding, but it's as the Bible calls it......"usury" for sure. They have not gotten 1 bill correct. They were nice enough to work to get them sort of fixed but there is NO grace period. After waiting a couple days on them to make a correction, So I could pay online, when I circled back I ended up paying literally 2 day after due date and the fee was $185!
I've had a very good experience working with Marlin Business Services. I was opening a new business so some financing for equipment was needed and they were very helpful. The only improvement would be that it would have been easier if I knew all the information required in the beginning of the application process. Extra information was needed which prolonged the process.
No return calls - pushy sales people-forgot previous conversations - incorrect billing - a problem from day 1
They make it easy to fund our business and keep it humming! Professional and courteous!
My due date was march 5th (I think), but I didn't receive my account information until March 15th. I immediately registered to pay online with auto pay. May 7th, I am informed my account is in collection..... I set up auto pay so marlin will take payment from my account on auto pay. That never happened!!!
One of the smoothest and easiest transactions I have ever had. Thank you!!
Marlin Business Bank makes it so easy to do business with, their always there for me! Clyde Sampsel H20 Powerwashing
My customer service Rep Lisa Haught was very helpful, courteous and friendly through the complete process. She was available when needed and returned my calls ASAP. The application process was easy and most importantly very fast.
The young man was very helpful and explained all of the process to me. He kept in touch and kept me informed as to the process I was entering. I appreciate it very much.
Disappointed with the info available on the website regarding my loan. No comprehensive history of payments or remaining amount due.
Marlin Business has been easy to deal with especially now since I have been a customer for over five years. They get things done in great time and totally keep in contact with you thru the process.
Loan was not properly handled. The check that was sent to me to deposit had a stop payment issued the day we deposited it. It took several days to resolve the problems with the equipment loan, and I am not sure it is really resolved yet. I know it has not been resolved to my satisfaction.
Seriously the best experience yet and i have done a lot of banking/leasing in my 50 years of doing business. When questions arose they were handled professionally and in a timely manner.
Personnel were very kind and knowledgeable. The overall process quick, to the point, technically friendly. The process did not take long, everything completed in 24 hours. I would recommend to anyone.
I was referred to Marlin to help fund a new phone system and furniture for our relocation. We are a travel management company with 50 people. I was very lucky to have Natalie Stone guide us through the application, approval and funding process. I cannot say enough good things about her, Marlin is very lucky to have such a thorough, responsive, detailed and intelligent BDM. She made it easy and it was very much appreciated, as we had 42 days to move our entire operation. Thanks to Natalie, we got it done. I would not hesitate to seek or recommend Marlin to my business colleagues for their needs. Mark Southgate President Tzell Travel Group - Long Island
Quick & easy. Good folks to do business with.
Not happy interest rates are too high give me the run around no email when they take money out of my account charges that I do t know what they are for and nobody can tell me what they are for just not happy