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In March 2013 I filed 3 separate years of taxes, they were all very easy ~ as I'm single and don't make a very big salary. I STILL have not received my return for two of those years, because I found out a few months later that Easy Tax had done them wrong for one of my years, so they held back the other one until the problem was figured out. Now it's August, and every time I call Easy Tax, they say they've talked with the CRA and it will be 'another two weeks' before they can start them, maybe a month or two even..... It's frustrating and I'm pissed off, and feel like I've been ripped off by Money Mart. DON'T get Money Mart to do your taxes, no matter how easy they make it seem!!!

I live in Ontario. About a year and a half ago, I decided to take out an online payday loan from Money Mart for the first time. I had quite a few expenses at the time and Christmas was approaching and needed cash. I don't have credit cards and only use cash (am nearing the end of a 5 year consumer proposal). I paid the loan ..pre-authorized withdrawal and then the cycle began and the loans started to get larger so I could make ends meet after the payments came out. A week ago I decided I couldn't keep going this way..I needed to end this vicious cycle. Did some research online and decided to put a stop payment on the automatic withdrawal that was due. I then contacted Money Mart to tell them this and asked if I could please pay it all off gradually (I offered them $220 a month..$110 per paycheck).

The loan payment due was $871 total. That's what I could afford with all my other living expenses. I quickly realized there is NO negotiating with them. The first person I dealt with was very nasty and condescending and said all they could do was divide it in half over the next 2 pay periods and that my offer was unacceptable. Several emails back and forth over the next few days and with each different person, I got different payback amounts that they would accept..all too high. I repeatedly asked for an account number so I could send them payments via online banking. They would not consider this. The last email from their collections dept. said they were marking my file "refusal to pay" and would attempt to electronically debit my account. My stop payment is good for a year, so I know they can't just go in and take what they wish whenever they wish. I also moved my money to another account that they don't have access to until I can HOPEFULLY get this resolved with them. I just want to pay this off as I can but they refuse, so I have no idea what to expect now. Anyone have a similar story and how was it resolved??

With Tax Season well on its way Money Mart Lines are now out the door. I have been a client of Money Marts for as long as I can remember and I have never been as aggravated as I am now. Every single location I attempt to receive service at I am greeted with a huge line up and the only two employees behind the counter filing a consumers income tax. Leaving everyone else sol and extremely late for, well everything following. I understand that Money Mart likes to add other services to the already long list they already provide but increasing employees or at the least having an assigned rep specifically for tax returns. All I can say is if things don't change soon, I will be forced to take my business elsewhere.

I would give them -100 star. Their service suck at every level. They have been holding a payment I made and are blaming it on the merchant. After I manage to put enough pressure on them to do something, they "gave me" "2 options": one would be to send some forms back to themselves to get them refunding my money back into my account in order to repeat the transaction which had been previously been successful. The other option was basically giving my money back and cancelling my order. I had to call customer service several times and they charged me every time for each call on top of that, even beyond, they did not picked up my call and had me waiting for almost 2h trying to get a hold from them throughout 2 exhausting long calls.

Their website just work a 0 out of a 1-10 scale: the menu items just don't work, basically mega inefficient website. After I got into a live chat, the chat rep was taking forever to see my messages, said he would email me the forms, hung off the chat and did not actually send the forms. I had to restart a new chat with him. I asked him if he sent the forms and he actually had to ask for my email all over again. I mean... did he actually had the intention of doing it? I had to put pressure on him to do it. Money Mart is really efficient at charging their fees but suck at anything you need them for.

I have done my taxes with Money Mart for years and they always make a mistake. I have a dependent and they mess it up almost every year. To all the people don't do it at the stores. The head office always fixes it, but the representatives should know what they are doing. Go to an accountant.

I paid my pay day loan off yesterday... Told I couldn't reloan, computers down... Call the 1800 # to see when computers back up... well they knew they weren't reloaning, period! How crappy of them to do this!

Hello there, I just wanted to tell as many people about the terrible expirience I have had with money mart. In the beginning of March I took out a payday loan for 150.00 dollars (which the tellar was trying to get me to take more) I asked a number of times, until what day I had to buy back my check so as to not have to pay the entire 179.00 that the check was made out for. She told me that I had until the 19th of march, because Friday is a holiday. So I got together the money on the 19th and went to get my check back.

I was told by the tellar that, since I had last been in, the policy had changed and I now had only until 12pm of the 19th to buy my check back. I was also told by the tellar Jesse that, we just aren't making enough money with payday loans so we changed the policy. I feel tricked and taken advantage of. I will never ever use their services again, because they lied to me! I am a single working mother who goes to school full time and 30 dollars can be the difference between food and no food. It is a travesty that these companies can do this to people who are just trying to survive.

I already mentioned that I am a single parent, because of this situation I cannot buy a bus pass this month and it may not seem like much to some but it is everything to me.

Money Mart employees and collection reps are always friendly. The only reason why they're mean to you is because you people are stupid ** that are stubborn and won't make your payments on time. Grow up.

The incident occurred on 1/20/2010. My husband was scammed. He wrote out a postdated check to a man with the assumed name of Tim Meyer. We contacted the police immediately after the incident. The officer informed us that we were scammed and advised us to put a stop payment on the check. However, Tim was able to cash the postdated check and collect the money at Money Mart. Money Mart now claims that we are responsible for payment of the check. They claim they are protected by the UCC laws for Holder In Due Course. To qualify for HDC they must have accepted the check in good faith. The UCC defines good faith as honesty in fact and the observance of reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing. Money Mart failed to act in a commercially reasonable manner when they chose to cash a post \dated check without taking the minimal steps to discover whether the check was valid.

The presentation of a postdated check should put a cash checking entity on notice that the check may not be good. Money Mart was put on notice that the check was not good until a later date. Good faith, as it is defined in the UCC requires that a holder demonstrate not only honesty in fact but also that the holder act in a commercially reasonable manner. They chose to accept the check on their own peril. We took the proper steps to protect ourselves and our well being by contacting the proper authorities and to make certain that the check would not be valid. Conversely, it is apparent that Money Mart neglected proper protocol in cashing the check. It was the responsibility of Money Mart to acknowledge the postdate on the check and verify its validity. Therefore, we are not responsible for their negligence. We can provide a police report to validate our statement as well.

I got a pay day loan from Money Mart and the December 7th is the last payment to come out, today is the December 1. I had one payment NSF because I haven't been paid. Employer went out of business. He owes me $3600 and it's through their trustee that I am waiting to be paid. After the NSF I scheduled the replacement payment for the last week, but pay pas has still not been released so that NSF'd and each time the bank charges me a $45 fee plus Money Mart charges one.

I CANNOT GIVE THEM AN ANSWER IF I DON'T KNOW. I have a new job and won't get pay for two weeks and the cheque is already spent. I can pay one of the Money Mart amounts, but I have to get my phone turned back on and the second cheque (or when I get my $3600) everything was to be paid up. So imagine my ** surprise today when I check to make sure there was enough with rent and fees as my parents had sent what they could and I see a $200 Money Mart payment had come out of my account! My rent cheque will now bounce and I will be charged $45 from the bank and $50 from my landlord plus $15 for each day my rent is late.

I am beyond disgusted that Money Mart has done this. To be so sleazy as to try and snag someones rent money for a loan that isn't due for another week!!! Well Money Mart, the account has now been closed. So their collections department is going to need to provide me with an alternative way to pay because I will NEVER give them my bank information again. In the 7 years I have used Money Mart I have never had an issue, but I will never get a loan with them again. The interest here in Alberta Canada is 15%, I'll use my 19% credit card instead. At least if the payment is a week late, I won't be left in a position to become HOMELESS!!!

I took out a payday loan to help me move closer to my employment for $653.75 due on August 21, 2007. My then employer didn't bother paying the bonuses on time as they stated they would and the check ended up bouncing.

I try to get funds together and was able to put down $160 at one time to try and pay it down while my employer jerked me around and didn't pay the bonus for over 2 months.

On November 9th,2007, Money Mart certifies the check and collects the original amount of $653.75. I go into a location and get the remainder of the $160 back totaling $135.65. I was told the account was settled.

The following week I receive a letter from Money Mart asking me to pay the full amount of $653.75 back to them and continue receiving automated messages to call them. I ignore the first couple since I figured they just needed to catch up to the fact the account was settled. But each call cost me primetime minutes on my phone so call them to ask them to stop calling me.

I get a real ignorant kid on the line that tells me I owe $140.75 for the NSF fee twice plus interest. I tell him I can't be charged for the NSF twice and to send me a letter outlining these new charges. I also tell him these automated messages cost me money and not to keep calling me until I receive said letter.

They refused to send any written documentation of these charges and the harassing phone calls continued.
I find Money Mart website and email them on December 12th, 2007 telling of my problem and asking for their complaint handling procedure. They didn't get back. I emailed them again on December 16th and provided more information like the reference # the automated message kept leaving.

I received a reply from Alan Brown, Collection Manager with a breakdown of what I owe and now it's $68.14.

If the kid during that first conversation gave a reasonable amount and reasons for the charges, it would likely have been paid provided they had actually send me written reasons for it. But they refused to send any documentation and continued their automated phone calls to harass me into paying for charges that appear AFTER the account was settled.

Economically, I've had to pay for their harassing automated messages for over a month and 1/2. I left my employer that jerked me around for the bonus and have been applying for better jobs. Sadly, I'm out of minutes on my phone right now and will not be able to get more until Wednesday night. I'm missing employment opportunities because Money Mart continued automated harassing phone calls after they were asked to stop.

I'm very stressed out and it's showing in lack of sleep and general feelings of unwellness.

250 7th Avenue SW, Scotia Centre, Calgary, AB T2P 0W6, Canada. WHAT A JOKE MONEY MART!!!!!! I deposit a government cheque in my name on my card yesterday & they put a HOLD on it! Released $200 yesterday & told me I had to wait until today for it to clear. OK fine, I go back today and they ask me my full name S.I.N & D.O.B & then she tells me I didn't answer any of those questions correctly! So there continues to be a hold on it!!! Are you ** KIDDING me? I don't know who I am or when I was born!! Money mart takes your picture and I've never showed I.D before and had no problems, SO she's in a pissy mood & does this!! I'm absolutely STUNNED! People behind me BOOOING her was kinda funny. Now I find out that these are the games that this big black woman plays with people (she refused me a manager and her name or a complaint form). Over 10 yrs I've used money mart and I've never ever had a problem but the hell if I'll ever use it again!!!

Hello. I have been getting loans from Red Deer, Alberta office for years. I am on government assistance. Now I come in today and can't get loan. I got loan last month. Always pay for my loan. Teller was rude and very unprofessional. I went to Cash loan and got loan. I will never get loan from Money Mart again. Writing Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs with complaints. I have 15 friends that also won't go back to Money Mart and are filing complaints also. The employee's name is Len **.

I work contracts with an agency and hit a very bleak time during fiscal year end. By the time I started another contract, I was back-paying. I defaulted on a $100 payday loan with $29.95 interest and chose to be able to eat while I struggled for the next contract. So they got their NSF fee and the bank charged their fee, two counts of $42. I paid back $60 and when I could not give a precise date for the rest (I had been trying to sell some belongings), they started with the phone calls, eventually all of them were from BC, on the other side of the country, five to six times a day.

Unfortunately, I've experienced these people to be vicious and kept the phone ringer off. Nothing can force me to engage them without my lawyer or the police present. If they addressed the people they harass on the phone in public, we would be in our rights to have them arrested and plenty of witnesses would agree. Obviously, some people don't know how much groceries cost, much less the phone service they abuse to harass by when times are rough.

Then after a month of this every day, I went to pay my rent only to discover $125.95 was taken from the account with the "draft memo" notice. They had put the check through again. I doubt very much I'll get the difference from my first payment back...and that's theft. On Canada Day, no less.

In total, my $100 loan cost me $269.95. I've paid out quite a lot of money in interest to Money Mart over these last couple of years for much larger loans, which were always paid. Also at the Money Mart location I went to, the customer service guys were very nice and polite, as I got to know them they told me their working conditions are deplorable and most have left or are leaving. And since I know them, it was a sad call I had to make, but I did not want to fail them on a commitment date and let them down and I know they regret handing the file over. No hard feelings guys.

To me, the greatest irony is that the massive real estate corporation that owns my apartment building stood by me even though I owed them for two months rent! They were never vicious or dishonest or criminal (calling people from the highest rate distance is robbery!) And I've only two more payments till I'm clear! So in two weeks I could have given them their $69.95. Yes, you read that right, they did all that for $69.95 to someone who has done business with them for three years, same location and all of this over a period of two and a half months! What comes around goes around...

Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories. I know how hard it is to brace yourself for the abuse when everything else you had to pay took it all and you're getting by on barely one meal a day. And there is no government assistance or food banks for those who can make enough money for shelter, utilities, and phone, which are necessary to keep the job. For all these past few months of hardships, and I know this could happen to anyone, I've known corporate executives that crashed. I'll just keep getting through and treat people with respect. And someone unexpected did help me out that same day, so I was able to put my rent through and I'm relieved that I won't be letting the property corporation down. They deserve every penny.

As for the human garbage whose behavior does not motivate payment but only adds an additional burden to those under extreme duress, what comes around...

I had a payday loan bounce. I told them to take my government credit that we all got for them over charging us and apply to NSF. They told me they couldn't do this and had to have head office do it. The next day I contacted there head office and they stated the store is able to do this but they just opt out of it because they don't want to fork the cash out the government order them to do.

I agreed to go into a financial arrangement with Money Mart in July 2017. I used to use payday loans years prior when I lived in the city. Everything went smooth except the counter agent did not use the void cheque attached to my loan documents, she used an old inactive account that was in my old records from when I lived in the city. As a result, my first payment was rejected. I noticed immediately and called them and went in to fix the problem. Then a collection agent phoned me threatening me to go pay. Though I explained to him what happened he still barked orders at me then hung up on me. Apparently, you can not make loan payments in person, you HAVE to let the payment return then pay when in arrears along with an additional fee for having gone in arrears.

NEXT, Earlier this year I paid out my entire installment loan at the Money Mart in Terrace BC. The counter agent told me that since I was paying it out close to my next scheduled pre-authorized payment, that payment might be left out of the balance paid. I went back into Money Mart one week and then two weeks after to pay if there was an outstanding amount owing. She said "I guess not, it isn't showing up." Then I was relieved to no longer have to worry about these payment.

Prior to this, I had my bank accounts siezed by CRA, I battled them as they processed my 2009 Tax installment but did not apply it to my account with them. Because they failed to apply it, I was forced to pay a large payment only to have it returned 6 weeks later. But because they froze my account my payments were disrupted. I wanted to pay in person at Money Mart because of this but they said I could not. I had to wait to be in arrears then pay. Not Fair. On top of this nightmare, RBC screwed up my CRA payment and even though CRA cleared my debt account with them, they did not follow procedure to release my bank accounts. RBC paid me back what was charged extra because of their error.

Now, out of nowhere, one of Money Mart's collection agents, phoned me early Saturday morning (June 23, 2018) and spoke to me in a very hostile tone, not letting me say one word, began rambling off numbers, I had no idea what he/she was talking about. (Voice was kind of deep but when he/she YELLED at me to let him/her finish rambling numbers, kind of sounded feminine). I don't appreciate angry people calling and yelling at me without first identifying themselves and clarifying if I am aware of why they are calling. If I have an outstanding amount owing, I have asked them to PLEASE email me the statement now.

They have NOT once reached out to me prior to this incident. So, I agreed to pay them back my loan amount $2000 PLUS their interest amount of approx $650. Wouldn't you think that me paying them this amount of money would warrant some respect? Unless they assume taking high interest loans mean I have crappy credit which, to them, only means I am a loser and should be treated as such. I will never take these high interest loans ever again, I am especially going to avoid Money Mart because of their attitude towards their customers.

My friend went to Money Mart to get taxes filed as usual, guess what? They forgot to file her taxes! She gets grief from the federal gov't and somehow it's her fault!!! I have written to Money Mart requesting the refund due plus the late filing fee and of course the interest on the refund at their own interest rate of 599.86% and surprise surprise they're not interested in paying!

I have now written to the head office, the CEO and CFO requesting same and if no response will file a notice of claim in the court. I fully expect no response and will pay the $300 to have the aforementioned gentlemen served at the corporate offices by the sheriff. I again fully expect no response by which time I will file a default order for balance plus costs, and pecuniary damages. Not looking for millions of dollars just someone at this ridiculous company to be held accountable. I'm pretty sure you guys with grievances against Money Mart will see this on the news sooner or later. Maybe we can all club together and get a class action law suit going for a couple hundred million????

I have been using Money Mart for over a year. They should be happy to have customers like me to pay their loan shark interest. Anyway, I applied for a loan today and they would not accept my form of my bank statement, so still no loan here. I have been sending my bank statement to them that way for over a year. They have just lost a customer. If they do this to others, won't just be me they lose!

I wrote a check to an individual who went to this company to get the check cashed. I got a message from Nichole asking to call regarding the check. In the time it took me to call back, the individual who I wrote the check for had already left and this company no longer needed any information from me. However, Nichole insisted that she needed my PIN for my bank account to verify funds for the cashing of my check which was no longer being processed. I told her I would not give her the information. I called back and asked for a manager and got Debbie who told me she needed the information due to the amount of fraud they have been experiencing. These guys were trying to get my money. They had no legitimate reason to ask for that information. If they are a legitimate check cashing operation, then they have other means to legally verify my funds. Beware!

I have been a client with Instacheque/Money Mart in Montreal, QC for 16 years, which ended today! I went to the Instacheque on Queen Mary/Decarie, the questions I was asked were intrusive to say the least: What is my relation to sender of money, am I a Canadian Citizen/Landed Immigrant, what is the money for that I am receiving, is it a loan or a gift? I swear I halfway expected the woman to hand me a cup for a pee sample or lean through the window and draw some blood from me! Called 1-855-627-8801 # for complaints, nada, crickets chirping, supervisor informs me that it is at the cashier's discretion whether she wants to cash money orders or not!

The one saving grace was that three other people were refused as well, shlepped back to my area where another Instacheque gave me the money owing via Western Union Transfer, and the staff there were fantastic, courteous and understanding (Cote des Neiges branch). Will never use their services again, regardless, it's a Monty Python skit down there for how surreal all this was! I expected the Just for Laughs crew to show up from behind the counter saying it was just a joke, or for John Cleese to start doing his funny dances routine and start goose stepping! Legalized extortion is the only way to describe it, they put Al Capone away for less!

I had a cheque for Money Mart bounce. They called me, and attempted to recover the full amount. I tried to explain to them that I would need to pay back a certain amount per month, as I could not pay the full amount. I was then advised that this was not good enough--that I should just come and pay them back and then get another loan to get by. I could not do this, and my file was sent to collections. I was called by Eric Duchesne on Friday, February 15th. I work until 6 pm and could not return the call. I then received a phone call at my place of work on the following Monday.

I did call back at that time, and after explaining things to him, we had come to an agreement that I would pay back half on my pay of March 19th; and then the balance would be on the next pay after that, which would be on April 2nd. I did not ask for written confirmation of this, my mistake. Imagine then, my surprise when I looked online in my bank account and saw a debt memo collection in the amount of the cheque that had bounced.

My rent check bounced, and I will now not be able to honor other commitments I have made to some of my other creditors for payment of late amounts. Money Mart would not--and said they could not--help me. Funny, that is what the bank told me, also. Money Mart said "Ooops, well it looks like the branch manager re certified the cheque." I asked, "How can they put it through when it has already gone to collections?" The point being: it went to collections, and they were quick to be demand the full amount now. Now they are warning me about not paying the interest!

I have been dealing with this company for over two years now... I have always had such great service, and customer care. Well this new year, I don't know if they completely dropped their standards on how they treat their customers, or just lack knowledge in how to hire the right kind of people but they are nothing but completely unprofessional and rude. First of all, no one in their 'customer care/service' line has a damn clue what they're doing or how to properly treat their customers. Their response is simply "You can file a complaint."

So I took them up on that offer and was told that I would be contacted within 2-3 business days... That was almost a month ago, and I still have not heard anything from them. No apology, NOTHING! I had to take my time again and go back to them to only have a different department solve my issue. It is astonishing and completely mind blowing how unprofessional this company is. How do you even have customers? Many of the employees need to be re-trained and learn how to properly treat their customers. I will NEVER deal with this company again.

I'm going online to look for transaction webpage. Now logs me out of website. I’m trying again for six times. What's going on? Is this a fun and games, goofs, clowns Money Fart? I have to find PayPal code on Welcome to - Canada's #1 Games on my own account. Set up blank page for transactions, not see it online.

I file my taxes with Money Mart pretty much every year with them and I have trusted them all with my heart and last year they screw up my taxes big time. They told me that I should come back later and when I came back the guy who was helping me was very mean and start telling me that I didn't make much so am not going to get anything from my tax returns which I didn't really get. And I told him to give my papers back and I will go somewhere else. He did gave me my papers back and the last I know they start calling me and harassing me and telling me that am owing them yet they didn't file my taxes and the guy return my documents to me.

This year again I went back to them, fool me, and they did file my taxes. And after they told me I have to pay the money I was owing and I told the lady that yet it wasn't my problem, their own representatives screw up and I end up paying. Later I get a letter telling me that am owing them and I tried to get some answers and clarification on what owing and the lady was so mean and rude at me. Seriously I couldn't believe that’s how the service of these guys are. And she start telling me how she went and file her taxes at H&R BLOCK with her husband which I don’t understand what does it have to do with me. And she didn't want to hear me out so really to cut the story short am so much disappointed with them.

I owe them on a loan I couldn't pay on the due date and had made arrangements. Other expenses had popped up so that's why I was short. Anyway they had told me due to Saskatchewan laws they are limited to the number of debit attempts on each loan and that I would have to submit the payment myself. Well yesterday they had taken money out of my account... money that is meant to be used for my kids as it was my child benefits cheque. Very upset about this. Any ideas what I could do?

Unable to get a Western Union transfer - I have already reported this to Western Union. I went in to Money Mart at 4848 E. Kings Canyon, Fresno, CA to pick up a Western Union money transfer. I supplied them with my driver’s license, the money transfer number, name of the person who transferred the money to me and his phone number. The women waiting on me said she had to have my phone number. I told her no because I am tired of being put on lists for scams and people trying to sell me something. She said she had to have my phone number. When I said this is **, she told me to go somewhere else. I realized that using the word ** is wrong, but all that should be needed is the money transfer number and my ID.

I was charged $34 to cash a check at Money Mart. They didn't tell me that the fee was so high and I was under the impression that I couldn't cash it at my bank because it was a tax refund check from H&R Block. When I declined on cashing it because of the fee, the rep said, "It's already sent through and I can't get it back." She hadn't stamp the check as yet. Horrible service and a rip-off.

I received my first call from this company 2 weeks ago. I came home to a message on my home phone (which only 2 people know the # of) telling me that I had business with them at one of their money mart locations and that I had to contact him in 7 business days. I've never used a pay day loan service, much less this specific one. I checked my credit report and rechecked my bank statements and found nothing so I ignored it. Got a second call a week later which I also ignored. Then last night I received yet another call.

I had been stuck in the payday loan loop for a couple of months. Unfortunately due to unfortunate circumstances my cheque bounced. I was contacted by Money Mart a few days later and informed them that I would pay part of the $800+ bill that I owed. I explained that I planned to pay them $100 every two weeks until it was paid off. They accepted in the end and I went on my merry way. On that friday, I went to the bank to withdrawl my rent and $100 for money mart when I suddenly realized there was only $180 dollars in my account. Money Mart had re-deposited the check without my permission. I had made a payment arrangement with them and they broke it by depositing the check.

After I moved out of Surrey and away from my abusive ex a government check came to my old address where my ex was still living. I suspect that he wanted to get back at me for leaving him and taking our son with me by cashing that check so I couldn't have that money for our son. One of the tellers allowed someone other than myself (I suspect my vindictive ex boyfriend or his mother) to cash a check through my money mart account.

When I called the Money Mart that was used all I had to do was give the teller my SIN number and birthdate over the phone and she gave me the store where I opened my account and what checks had been cashed since I registered and when they were cashed.

I only found out about this when I recieved a photocopy of two checks. One was my replacement check that was issued to me when I changed my address through the government and the second was one that was cashed at the money mart in Surrey where my name was forged on the back. I was in Powell River at the time that check was cashed.

Money Mart is an easy target for identity theft. They make it too easy to get peoples information and to cash other peoples checks. There is an investigation pending however the Money Mart they used doesn't have security cameras so it is going to be difficult for the police to find enough evidence to press charges.

Since this was a government issued check the government could possibly seak overpayment charges from me.

I've been a customer for a year, always paying on time. Last Friday May 11, 2007 after an honest mistake I had a cheque bounce. When they called me we agreed I would pay the following pay period May 25th because that was my next pay. The cheque was cashed on Friday May 18th, 2007. I just went on maternity leave and have not yet received my benefits. They have just lost a customer.

Leaving me without rent money. I will now be late on other bills and barely anything for groceries. When I called they told me the damage was already done and the only thing I could do was pay the service charge and reborrow which would not help because my cheque was impossibly low, and they would not have given me near enough to be able to pay my rent. Luckily my fiance and I just joined our accounts so the money they took out was his, otherwise I would have had another cheque bounce and the associated fee.

I unfortunately like several others got a loan through MoneyMart. Due to a medical issues and then getting laid off, I have not been able to pay the loan back as soon as the original arrangements required. I did make 1 payment of my arrangements but I am now 36 days past due and get no rest. They are calling me every day at least 15 times a day but when I pick up the phone and they hang up. When I do get someone, they are insulting and have actually called me names. This is abusive. I am filing a complaint with the state tomorrow.

I have told them my medical and financial situation and they are rude and unwilling to work with me regarding the harassment. I have over $300 in overdraft fees that I have had to pay because they keep redepositing a check that I have told them wont go through and not to deposit. I would like to know if it is legal for them to be calling me this much a day and if it is legal for them to deposit a check for a different amount than the actual collateral check I wrote them. They keep trying it under different names and for different amounts of money.

I have been a client of Money Mart since early 2011. I proved successful and reliable in paying my loan back until November. When November came, I called the Money Mart branch (King St. W at Dufferin St., Toronto) to advise that I was unable to pay the loan and a payment arrangement with them. I broke that arrangement as I have been dealing with a personal matter that has physically relocated me.

I have been getting calls and keep telling the agents that I am able to make partial payments. They decline every time and say that what I am offering is unacceptable. I can make smaller payments on the loan until it is cleared up. I spoke to the Branch Manager last week to try and work something out and he was all okay with it, until today when I received a threatening call from John. He called from a blocked number and asked me if I was ****? I confirmed my name and then he said he had my file on his desk from a company named "Money Mart." Further to this, he said he was going to be coming by my house to collect the money on Friday (tomorrow) if I was unwilling to pay today. I said I am not at home and that I won't be home until January 16, 2012. He said he would speak to my family and collect the money that was owed. I told him that he has no right to threaten me and that I don't appreciate bring harassed considering I have made several attempts to rectify the situation. Before he hung up, he said that I better have the money ready tomorrow and told me to stop calling (whatever that means) and that he would see me tomorrow.

In shock and scared, I telephoned the head office and gave them the information. I am shocked and appealed at how ill managed this is being taken. They were unconvinced that this was possible and that I was making it up. I also called the Money Mart Branch back to speak with "Kevin" the Manager and he was unwilling to cooperate. I asked him if there was a John who worked at the branch and he said no. I asked if he gave the file to someone else, he said it was out of his hands. He also told me to stop calling that branch. I have filed a police report and will be seeking legal council immediately following this incident.

I am a 27 year old female who lives alone. This is a very serious matter and I will not take this lightly. Okay, I owe money to Money Mart, I am 51 days past due, but I am a human being with very serious personal matters and am willing to make a payment! I am not able to pay an entire $900 at one time. I can do several payments of smaller increments.

I am seriously scared for my life.