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Our facility has been working with MWD for a few years now. This has taken the collection piece off of our plate and we have had nothing but great results with MWD, the responsive treatment on our funding are quite a bit higher than we expected. Their staff is always courteous, prompt and knowledgeable in the "funding" arena. From the beginning, we have had great confidence in mwd as our DIRECT funder
You guys did a good job.
I needed capital to purchase materials to fulfill a job. I showed them my contracts and they were able to uses that to get me funds quickly! Thank You MWD! With MWD I was able to start my small business thanks to their Small Business Cash Advance. What's even better is this is NOT a loan, I can finally succeed without interest rates that will haunt me!
I’ve dealt with several funders in the past and know the used car salesman type when I hear one. NOT with MWD, Luciano in particular took care of me and my business in a very professional, consultative manor.
I gotta be honest . I was one of those people who thought they knew everything about the Merchant Cash Advance industry. I've had advances with several companies . On Deck, Can , Rapid & Yellowstone . And have dealt with various others. What I found out was that I didn't know as much as I thought I did. Steve really took his time to explain every question & concern I had. Being the skeptic that I am. I treated MWD the same as all the other companies I had dealt with in the past. I learned that all companies are NOT alike. And I thank Steve for that. He offered No promises. No surprises. Just total transparency. He helped get me what my company needed . Not what I thought it needed. I am on my 6th advance with MWD. I started out with a $12k advance. And in 12 months I am now eligible for $100k. My company has grown immensely . And thanks to Steve , so has my knowledge of this industry . I no longer want or need any other companies. The proof is in the pudding. Money Works is the Real Deal !!
I've had an open line of credit with MWD for close to two years now and I've never had to go anywhere else, nor do I plan to. They really have my and (more importantly) my business' best interests at heart.
If they don't win you over with their rates and customized plans that WILL cater to your business, then they will surely win you over with the customer service. Every question i had was answered and it was never a hassle to get in contact with whoever i needed to speak to.
Great service,multiple offers to choose from even when I may not be the easiest industry to lend to,Real Estate.Joe stayed on top of the lenders and closed the deal when promised,good work!
All too often, we view individuals as account numbers or order numbers or an email address. It is very easy to make this disconnect given the times we live in and cadence of our lives. Anonymity and privacy are a double edged sword. Our information is protected at the cost of human interaction. Joe Montelbano, with Money Works Direct, is an anomaly. While maintaining professionalism and efficiency, Joe never made us feel like just "a number". His help was sincere and prompt, and for this, we are grateful....
In the flower and plant industry it's crucial to have access to capital before Valentines Day and Mothers Day. For the last few years I've been able to rely on Money Works for the capital needed to pad my inventory during these crucial times. It feels great knowing that I have a financial partner I can depend on
As a doctor with a hectic schedule, my time to focus on my business is limited. When a vital medical device stopped working and I needed to repair it immediately, Money Works Direct expedited my funding request. I was able to repair my equipment and have additional funds for new equipment, all without spending more than a few minutes on the phone.
I was hesitant at first but when I talked with our sales rep I immediately changed my mind. He was very knowledgeable and assisted in moving the process right along.Thank you money works for helping to "save the day".
We needed some working capital and our sales representative Sean was extremely helpful and walked us through the whole process. He promised fast service and thats exactly what we got! I 100% recommend them!