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Somehow my cell phone number got on their list and I had to suffer through DAILY 3am calls while I was out of the country in Japan for over a week. I NEVER contacted Moneybee, nor have I applied for any kind of loan at all through them or anyone else. When I returned home today, I had to call THREE TIMES to get to someone who would not hang up on me when I asked to be removed from their call list. HORRIBLE, INTRUSIVE and ANNOYING BUSINESS PRACTICES! If they helped you, that's great, but they can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.......
This company are nothing but scam artists. They can't help you get a normal loan like they say. They only do payday advance loans. Then they tell you they need to get your credit score and it only costs a dollar but what they are really doing is signing you up for a credit monitoring service that charges you $29.95 a month unless you cancel within 7 days. But when you try to cancel the people in India pretend that they can't hear you so it takes forever on the phone to cancel. should be shut down so they can stop screwing people.
They won't stop calling you, no one speaks English. Scam!!
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These guys honestly saved me. I did not know where to turn because of my son. I know they don't give you a loan, but they hooked me up with a company that did and I will thank them any way that I can for that. I did not need a lot of money for some people but it was a lot of money for me.
Be sure to. pay back your loan payments. On time an not be late and loan company's will be more willing to loan you money
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Bad news there customer reps don't speak English... DAH!!!
I applied for a loan through Moneybee and they asked me to sign up for Myscore to check what my credit score is. I told them I have good credit but they refused to listen to me. I signed up for the credit report score they told me, I told them what the site said and they told me my score was too low and I couldn't apply for a loan. So they sent me to Lexington Law to help "rebuild" my bad credit. I just wanted a loan, not to be thrown around in a loop. Now I keep getting charged for things I never signed up for at all. I'm getting charged for report my score my credit score lexington law. Be very careful with this company. I've had to call numerous times to get everything taken off my checking account so I can pay bills and not keep getting money taken out for these scam artists. I also got opted into emails about houses for sale and places to live. All I wanted was a loan, I do not recommend this pitiful company. How dare you pray on people with bad credit and send people for a loop around. Disgraceful company I WILL NOT be using them ever again.
So I really needed a loan and I had no idea what to do or go . someone told me about moneybee I was a bit effy. but what did I have to lose? the people there was really helpful and they told me about the 1$ application fee which is understandable like why help without it . So I went ahead and did the process and right after they matched me with some loans and I applied for a few and actually heard back and was able to get my loan. I however did call to cancel my trial, and they were able todo so and just gve me a confirmation and I wasn't charged. I dont get those horrible reviews. to get those loans you have to put heart and effort. To earn or get money you have to spend. grow up and get things done.
They say they help find a lender. They get you to sign up for moneybee account then my for $1 trial fee after 7 days if you don't cancel its 29.95 a month then they ask you a credit score then they supposively match you would lenders. Then you click on those lenders only to be asked to provide banking information and even verify bank by logging into your account to your bank from their site! personal all sell your information and create data bases to get your personal identity. I am reporting them. They are selling your identity and get paid for cheating you out of giving your information. They are scam artists. Also they claim they are in Miami Florida. This Money bee company is a room full of foreign fraudulent schemers. Don't make the mistake of trusting them. You've been warned!
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I applied for a loan with Moneybee because I was desperate, I never got a loan, I was hung up on by their customer service many times, they made unauthorized deductions from my bank account, this is a total scam which should be unacceptable to the American government, somehow I'm not surprised they just don't care about their customers one bit
How I got a loan after being scammed. Hello everyone, my name is Carmen Boykin Jennette from Missouri USA, I have been struggling looking for a means of getting a loan for the past 4 months, I have searched a lot of companies and during that process I got scammed. I needed a loan of $47,000 to set up a business and settle my bills as well as take care of my children. But instead of getting a loan I was scammed by 2 different lenders not until I was referred to one Mr James Richard Dyson of Jennard Investments Limited with Contact number: +1(484)292-4513 by Mrs Renee Craig a member of my church. So I decided to apply and to my surprise I was granted and funded my desired loan amount as I have applied for. I want to use this platform to reach out to everyone out there in need of a loan to contact then via email: jennardinvestmentslimited@outlook. com. They are reliable.
I contacted Moneybee for assistance with a personal loan. Not only did they help me with that but much more. Give them a call. It's simple. I have 4000 bucks in my account too. Doesn't hurt!!
They don't give you money, they just hook you up with people who do. So I gave it a few days and it worked great. I had 5 companies contact me and I got to pick the one that gave me a loan. Nobody made me sign up for anything, but they offered, I just said no, which I thought was pretty easy. Because it did exactly what it said it was going to do I gave it all the stars. But only because it did what it said it was going to do and I got my money. If I don't get my money I would have rated it low, but I did so I rated it high.
They took all of my information and sent me over to a place called Credit Fix where the gentleman told me he needed to get my credit report. I asked if he was going to ask me for credit card information and he hung up on me. I recalled Moneybee and they were just like so what. Took me 20 minutes to get them to take me off of their calling list.
They are in partners with my score. They get your information then charged you unauthorized charges through my score. I was on the phone with my score on 6/23/16 from nine am till 4 pm talking to 14 different agents. I kept getting switched from one person to another. I even got hung up on. I was charged the $1 plus $29.95 which I never authorized. It put my bank account in the red so I have bank fees to. Most of the agents barely spoke English. There was always people talking in the background. One agent even laughed at me when I tried getting my money back. They kept giving me excuses including that they refunded the money to someone else. But they sure charged my account. They also was supposed to email me kept using excuses that they had the wrong email but sure did email me on the 6/27/2016. They keep lieing to you and running you around. One agent even told me I had seven different accounts in my name. I never authorized them. Beware of these two companies. They will scam you out of money and give you the run around. I have reported them to Florida state attorney general office. They need stopped as I have since found out I am not the only person this has happened to. I contacted my bank about fraud. What a frustrating experience and they are supposed to be a company that helps you with fraud but committs it themselves.