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Great rate. Very good service.
My Financing USA gave me an excellent experience for my Travel Trailer purchase. Joe was very helpful and very clear in communicating my responsibilities to expedite the process. Being in different time zones/having different work schedules, Joe was still available often enough to get it done. The DMV sent me my registration at about 2 months after the purchase. In a couple years when we upgrade to a Fifth Wheel, I'll be back with My Financing USA.
Absolutely a great experience. My loan officer was James and he went above and beyond for me. I can get very annoying with all my phone calls but he awnsered all the questions I had with no hesitation. Process only took a couple of days, so overall very impressed
Our loan officer Craig went above and beyond to help us through the process of our loan! We highly recommend My Financing USA!
The process was fast and easy! Im in California and Im so glad I found this company and I will forever recommend them!
Loan has been closed for 7+ weeks. Still haven't gotten registration. Says waiting on some piece of paper from dealer. Why'd you cut him the check if you didn't have required paperwork? Being in TX with the dealer in MA, I have absolutely no leverage. You caused this issue, fix it...NOW! My 2nd payment is due Mar 04. If I can't take this boat out legally by Mar 05, I will be contacting an attorney about any recourse and I'll report to the Better Business Bureau.
all went well
Christopher and his team was responsive, quick and professional. Which was refreshing after the run around we had been getting from the dealers finance department. We applied and were approved in less than 48 business hours.
They where the Easiest to deal with
We had a wonderful experience with this company; the process was so quick and easy. Brent was attentive, professional and very helpful. We would recommend My Financing USA to anyone in need of a boat or RV loan!
From start to finish this company was fantastic!! I applied on a Saturday, got my approval email on Monday and had my papers signed and returned by Thursday! Check in hand on Monday! My brand new toy hauler is parked in front of my house as we speak! So really it was 7 days from start to finish. Really quick to get things rolling. My credit is poor, other lenders quickly turned me down, but MFUSA said YES! Olivia was just great and helped me with every step, always responded right away. I will recommend this company to anyone with good or bad credit!
I bought a 2012 Jayco Eagle 330 RLTS from a private party. Application was very easy. Took less than 3 days to get approved. Signing of documents was handled professionally. Only issue I have is that it has been 3+ months to get my tags. Most of this time delay was due to US Bank not releasing the lien & title. Amelia in the Title & Tag department of RV Financing USA has been great staying on top of the situation but she was hamstrung by US Bank. I highly recommend this financing company for private party RV financing.
Everything was great, the only reason you didn't get 5 stars was that it took too long to get the paperwork processed for the department of motor vehicles
Very good job in getting the financing for me. My only complaint is that it took almost two months to get the state registration which prevented me from using it although I was making payments on it.
great to deal with very accommodating would recommend them highly
Loved how easy the financing was and would definitely work with My Financing USA in the future. Would recommend them to family and friends.
Everyone that helped with our application and financing was so helpful and kind.
Great people to deal with, they got me an excellent rate on my motorhome loan. Rates and monthly payments were lower than anything offered by any of the dealers we worked with. Gap insurance and other insurance through them was less than and provided better coverage than several other insurance plans I had looked at. Start to finish the whole process took less than 10 days. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to finance their next RV. Talk to them before your decide on an RV and dealer and having financing in hand can save you a huge amount when negotiating price of your RV at the dealership.
We had an amazimg experience with My Financing USA. The customer service was excellent. My questions were answered promptly and correct. I am a very happy customer!!!!
I was a little hesitant just finding somebody online that I'd never heard of before, but once things starting moving I was glad we did.
Almost 60 days still no registration for 42000 motorhome.
I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a valuable employee you have in Brent L. He has gone out of his way to be helpful, courteous, prompt, highly efficient, patient and above all a true professional. This process has moved so smoothly and quickly. We have been so excited and can hardly wait to get our new trailer, to the point of us being a nuisance I'm sure. He has been so great and so easy to work with. We had one little glitch come up that will hopefully only delay us a day *FINGERS CROSSED* Keep up the great work My Financing USA Team!! Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed, it just may not be voiced very often, you ROCK!
My representative was very helpful and kind would definitely recommend
Great Experience.
Great to do business with. Good rate good people.
They answered all my questions and concerns in a very timely manner and found us a great loan with great rates.
This was a great company to do business with. Very quick at processing my application, and hassle free. Theses are RV people and are very knowledgeable of what they are doing. And I would recommend them to anyone looking for financing for their purchase. And I myself will use them for my next RV purchase.
Everyone we work with was more than willing to help us
Great people very helpful during the loan process. Easy application and they help you along with every step. Also follow up on any questions is fast so ask away!
Very professional and great to work with
My loan officer was KRISTY CVECHKO. I felt she had my best interest as well as excellent service. She made me feel comfortable and did what she said she would do. I would highly recommend Kristy. She is a wonderful asset to your organization. Thank you so much Kristy. I appreciate you!
If you are looking to get financed in a hurry this probably isn't the way to go but...they were right there all the way. Helpful and quick to answer any questions I had. I would use them again.
Excellent Customer Service and great communication throughout process
Worst experience purchasing a boat! Process started in March 2018 when I found a boat that I wanted to purchase. After they dragged their feet to get things going that original boat was sold so I had to choose another. Luckily I was able to secure this one with a deposit. Although Olivia was very nice she was a little slow to return calls and emails. I turned documents around immediately but they seemed to do things at their pace without a sense of urgency when I kept telling them the owner was threatening to give me back my deposit and sell to someone else. Then comes the title officer Shawna, she has no concern for her customers. She shorted the CA DMV on the payment so after waiting for well over a month to get my registration she EMAILS, not calls, to tell me that they sent it back and that she just sent it to the DMV again with the correct amount. I immediately called to ask that she send the paperwork to me so I can take it to the DMV or AAA myself but all I got was "Sorry, it was already sent out". Now I am paying interest and storage on a boat that I can't take my family out on two months after the process started! I would go to a local credit union or bank if you need a boat loan, this place just doesn't care. It's been well over two months and i'm still waiting.
great help all away around
They were very helpful with us with everything Jordan explained everything along the way. I would and have recommended them to my friends and one of them is actually in the process for and new boat right now
Easy, and straight forward.
Excellent service.very helpful
The best in the business
Working with My Financing USA was easy! I was kept informed every step of the way, and they happily answered all of my questions about RV loans. This was our first RV--so I had a lot of them! Their service was fast, their rates were fair, and their team was helpful.
The process went smoothly. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5, was the fact I had to send 3 or 4 pics of the title. First couldn't see the edges, then it wasn't in color, then they wanted the back side. But other than that slight pain, it was easy
Great experience, good people, no problems. Thank you
thank you John Price for his guidance , support and patience throughout the loan approval. The dealership that we are purchasing our RV from has not be very easy to one get ahold of or return calls, which was very frustrating for us. John was always willing to listen to my frustration along with being very supportive to answer my questions when I called or emailed. He was always going above and beyond to explain and assist and I am most appreciative. It is also very welcoming as this type of service and assistance seems to be an one off any more…… the loan process was quick and easy John walked me through every step.
It was very easy to apply and to buy our RV.We picked it out and they handled all the financing details with our dealer we just had to go in and sign.
Quick and easy from beginning to end!
I agree with some of the previous reviews. Total incompetency. Finally did what they needed to today (maybe, we will see), after I emailed them yesterday. There is no doubt that had I not emailed them yesterday, nothing would have happened today. Already made one payment on the boat, and about to make the second. I have a boat just sitting there with no registration, and the 30 day grace period was up 2 days ago. I followed yesterday's email up with a call this morning, because they haven't figured out how to be professional and return a call. Lots and lots of excuse, but no explanation as to why. They just do not care. They are clueless. The loan officer, Jeff Perkins and I both confirmed what was needed to get the boat and trailer registered at the FL DMV. I delivered those exact documents back to him. He handed those off to Ashleigh Donaldson. This woman will not return a call, and will not reply to an email. She has sat on my paperwork for over a month. She has not done what needed to be done, and decided this morning that today is the day to start. Only after I emailed her last night. Anybody want to guess when she would have started if I had not contacted her? Have family in town this week on holiday, and we cannot use the boat without risking a stop by my old employer, the US Coast Guard, the FL Marine Patrol or the Wildlife and Game Wardens. I am absolutely discussed with this company. They won't even offer an apology for their mishandling of the paperwork and unprofessional work ethic. Well there you go, that's why they didn't apology...THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL!
After search a financial institution for finance my rv purchase, I found financing USA, with excellent customer service, they take me to all loan financial paper work, it was very easy, I am very satisfied with it, I recommend them.
Smooth transaction. Helpful loan rep.
Very streamlined and easy process. Great customer service.
Wonderful customer service. Effortless and fulfilling experience.
The entire process was very quick and our Loan Officer was very friendly and keep us up to date on all the details. If you are looking to get a RV loan This is the ONLY company I would recommend... Suzi Priest Pittsburgh ,Pa
Thank you. Jordan was great
James Mackey Was the best loan Officer I’ve ever worked with. Professional, honest and trustworthy. I would work with him again in a minute.
It was a good experience. A little different but all really good. Worked well for us. Hey I am on the lake fishing again enjoying life. Thanks
Trustworthy, fast and efficient, will definately use My Financing USA again, as well suggest their services to family and friends.
Entire process was a pleasure until we got to the registration. Others commented on this as well, I agree and understand why.
Had ok credit....They were my first online app for financing...they got us into what we wanted and couldnt be happier! They are very good to work with and loan was approved quickly. Refer them to everyone! And BIG THANK YOU to Olivia Bailey, she made it happen. Thank you for all your help.
Easy to work with, smooth transaction! Thank you!
We will definitely be using you again.
Wonderful Service. thank you again.
Great company to work with. James was super helpful and answered my many questions very quickly. I highly recommend My Financing USA to anyone looking to purchase a boat.
Very easy process, loan officer was great to deal with!
When I reached out to My Financing USA they were professional, kind and very helpful. We had a great experience financing our used RV through them and can highly recommend their services. Brent Lewellen was the loan officer who helped me at every turn, answering every little question as quickly as possible. We are very satisfied with their services.
Although I did have some slight issues , I have to say I am overall happy with the results.They need to be a little more clear on restrictions as far as year of boat Being financed. I'm not a huge fan of having to buy a tire plan either . But all and all it was a positive experience. Love my new to me boat !
Contacted them for a loan on a motor they were able to process all my financial paperwork fast work hand-in-hand with my dealer to get all the paperwork back-and-forth it was a good experience
Approval for financing came very quick. Everyone I talked to during the whole process was very pleasant and any questions I had were answered and the answers I was given were spot on true. The only difficult part of the experience is the amount of paperwork they request, both on the sellers side and the buyers. There's nothing requested above normal, just difficult when dealing with a private seller who's always out of town. Entire transaction was very quick and I was kept in the loop as the processing went through. I would use them again for my next purchase. Oh they also had the best rate around!!!
Always responded quickly to my questions...easy to work with. I had one small problem and they handled it professionally to my satisfaction. I would use them again.
It wasn’t as easy as advertised! I went to closing on my boat and didn’t have registration for 3 months! Made 2 payments before I was able to use the boat! Season was over before things got fixed
My Financing USA does exactly what they promise. I was able to get a good loan on a new camper quickly. I don't have great credit but not bad and they were able to get me a loan with good terms with a major lender. Within hours of my approval, a local Notary contacted me and we signed the same night. The loan was funded within 24 hours.I highly recommend My Financing USA.
everything was pretty good except that tire warranty. I never received a binder/policy, requested it cancelled; they took way to long to issue refund and kept a chunk of money out of it.
This has been the worst Financing Company I have ever dealt with. They lost some of the paperwork and when they asked me to get the seller to fill them out again, they said the seller didn't have to get them notarized this time, they would take care of it. That is illegal.
Well lets start out by saying the deal took about as long as it does to close on a home loan. I'm not sure if that because they sent us our paperwork wrong and we had to redo it all or if its just always this slow. I would give your self 2 months to get the deal 100%. Also they provided no temp tag or paperwork of any kind. So that's an issue if you want to use it right away. I was actually paying for the loan before I had the RV in my possession, which at the time was very frustrating. But it got done at a decent rate and term. I will go direct with the Credit Union next time. During this same period I purchased a new pickup to pull they trailer that cost $25k more than the trailer in 1:45 minutes with a trade in and financing. So there is a lot to be desired with the timelines. They didn't have any relationship with my dealer which seemed odd, and the dealer didn't trust them. So that may have taken longer. Just be patient and good luck.
Such wonderful people - don’t treat you any less due to your credit problems and low credit scores. We will definitely deal with My Financing USA again Thank You so much
I will use them ag as in. Looking forward to doing business again
Great company. Got a boat loan with them. Process was simple and easy. They answered all my questions and got it done quickly.
They made a stressful situation very comfortable.
In dealing with your office it was one of the most pleasurable experiences I've ever had in the midst of having to ask for something. Usually when you ask for monies it's very confusing and uncomfortable. But my experience with RV Financing was absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend them to all of my friends.