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I received a phone call today stating that I owed a payday loan to My Cash Now that I supposedly took out in July of 2010. I did NOT take out any loans of any kind in 2010. I was threatened with being taken to court over this. The woman I was talking to only gave me a 3-digit account number, and said I owed $164.00 but if I could pay it by the end of April, I'd only have to pay $129.00. And when I asked for more details she said, "We'll call you back", and hung up on me. When I called the number back, it said the number had been disconnected or was no longer in service. It's a scam.

I receive numerous loans from MyCashNow and I had got to the level that I receive 15% off my loan and had numerous new customer referrals. When I went back to apply for another loan to help pay for my daughter school, they came back and told me I don't meet their standards. I asked the lady when did that happen because I had received at least 10 loans from your company and had paid them back on time. She replied, "You don't meet the underwriter's guideline."

I got a call from a Ms. **, stated that the legal entity of My Cash Now had placed me with them because I owed them $$ and because I had failed to provide proof of payment that they were turning me to the county. She stated that she had all my information - even the address of the computer used to apply. I'll just wait to see, this people are thieves. I hope God forgives them.

I keep receiving calls from a supposed debit collector about a loan taken from, which I never applied for nor received. Doesnt show on any statements from the past 4 years. I’ve been threatened with warrants and police to come to my home if I don’t make a payment arrangement and honor it. Once I told them I contacted the BBB I received another email assuring me that they aren’t a fraudulent company. The number listed in the email is a ad they call from different numbers or unknown. I asked for the card number or last four. All they gave me was the last four of my SSN and last known address and a email that isn’t mine.

I recently was contacted by an agency saying they were collecting a debt for My Cash Now and if I did not pay I was going to jail. She knew my social and my boyfriend's name and number. She was very mean and called us bums. We are both out of work right now. She said I was too poor to have a lawyer. When I called back to ask for a document to be mailed to me, she said no. When I ask for something sent to my lawyer, she said they only communicate by fax. Have him fax her. This is not normal at all and I am worried she is trying to scam me out of money. She called 3 times today.

I have reported this company to the better business bureau, and that's just the beginning. This company called my friends and family trying to get a hold of me. When I called them they were rude right off the bat. For one I'm not the person to be getting smart with. Second they going to tell me that I took a loan out in 2010. I started laughing. He said "you think this is funny?" I said "yeah, I never took a loan out with this so called company." I filed bankruptcy in 2009 and of course he had all the info as well. I told him they were full of ** and I wanted proof, documentation showing that I sign a contract with this company, and he went on and on about how he didn't have to, blah, blah.. I told him "well I don't have to pay you either, specially for something I didn't get." He went on tell me that he was going to send the paperwork in to have a warrant issued, that it would be a felony count over 500.00 and of course I laughed again and told him he was full of ** again and to do what he thought he could.

So I reversed it on them and I kept calling them back every 5 mins asking for my documentation stating I took this loan out from MyCashNow. They weren't happy. I said "how does it feel? Tomorrow is another day, I talk to you then." For all you that don't know, MyCashNow is not a lending company. They are merely a company that helps you find a loan. They go through many vendors to find one that's right for you or one that says they will give you a loan. If you default on that loan, the company that gave you that loan is the one that's supposed to collect from you. Why their lying and harassing people I don't know, but I won't put up with it, and I don't take well to threats, specially when I know they're false. Besides that I was in Kuwait in 2009 and have been here since then..

I too have received numerous calls from someone who claims to be a lawyer. They say I owe them money for a payday loan. When asked for documentation about this loan, they refused. I checked my bank account for anything during the time that they say I got this loan, but I have nothing in the statement to back up their claim. I have contacted my State Attorney General about this harassment. They don't stop the calls, at home or at work! I hope someone can do something about these people. It's terrible to have to deal with rude people who call to tell you that you're going to jail.

Someone just called me and they are saying that I owe them a money back 2011. And if I don't pay for it they are going to arrest me or call my lawyer. They know my all information and my last 4 digit account number. When I read all of your review I feel relief because it's only a scam. My bank said that "it's okay that they know my all information as long as you don't give your full account number or your debit card number". And then also when I look at my account back 2011, I didn't see that they deposit a money from my account. So this of kind a scam is "BS". I am so mad at them. They think that I am idiot that I can always just give them my account number. This is the number that who called me 6783672878, 4049006959. from Georgia and it's a debt collector it says in my phone. Please free to add comment. Thank you.

Took out loans with this company and the finance charges were more than they advised. Paid triple what I had borrowed.

8/16/2016 Rec'd call from Debt Mediation (904-595-6186) said they had tried to mail papers but they came back and needed to get correct address. Gave 904-930-4167 to call back. Said had taken out a PayDay Loan for $450 dollars and they wanted to make a settlement in the amount of $156.36 before it went to court and a garnishment.

Said the phone number they contacted me on was given 3 years ago. Odd thing is, I just got that phone number a month ago lol. They told me the PayDay Loan was with My Cash Now in my city. There is no such place in my city, then she said well it could have been on-line. Corrected her again that I never did. While I was talking, I Googled number and found this site and that it was a Scam. I asked her for her 'Professional Business License #" (which they have to provide per FCC, if asked for) she said she didn't know what that was, but that I needed to pay or I would be garnished.

I then told her that the number she was calling from or on was listed as a Scam, she laughed and said I was funny and she hung up. When I tried to call back, it went to a voicemail and I tried several times. I have reported it and the numbers to the FCC, FTC, FBI and IRS. All have a File on Debt Mediation and those phone numbers. So, if you get one, just ask for their 'Professional Business Number' and when they don't have or give, tell them you are reporting to FCC, FTC, FBI and IRS. You won't get any more calls from them.

I had been a customer with MyCashNow for over two years. I took out many loans and always paid on time and in full. Each time, they raised the amount that I could receive because I paid in full. All of a sudden, they dropped the amount that I could get by like $500. I still took out the loan and paid it in full. Then they told me I am now a preferred customer and will get extra discounts. When I tried to apply for another loan, I was denied saying I don't meet their requirements for a loan, which, if anything, my income went up and I always paid the loans off. When I called to question why I don't meet the requirements, I was told that I no longer meet the underwriter's guidelines. Seriously, how is that possible? I pay in full and on time. So this is what you get for being loyal to a company, thinking they are good and all of a sudden they turn out to be just like the rest. And now I found out that they are the same company as Discount Advances.

I was contacted today by a gentleman who claimed I never paid back a loan to My Cash Now back on January 6, 2010. I checked my records and I never received any money from them nor had I applied for a loan with them. I was told it was for $300 but they would settle for $550 which is what is owed today to include fees. These people had my personal information and even a cell phone number that I've only had for less than two years. I was told that a bank statement would not prove that I didn't receive the loan. The gentleman claimed I could have gotten the check via mail and I asked for proof that I cashed this particular check. He said that he didn't have any details that My Cash Now dumped all outstanding loans in their laps. I'm reluctant to pursue this because I believe it is fraudulent and filing a police report does nothing (I know from past experiences). I'm not sure what to do at this point.

Received notification that my credit score dropped dramatically. There is a dispute in place now. I have never borrowed from this company and have no idea who Midwest recovery systems is either. I am very thankful in a way to see everyone else with same issues reported recently. I am taking screenshots of all of it. How in the heck they managed to get on my credit report with a scam is just bothering me. I am so sorry this has happened to you as well best of luck!

I received a phone call today from "Premier Processing Service" saying that I took out a loan in 2013 in Missouri for $1867 that I didn't pay back and they were going to proceed with court hearings for wage garnishments. They recited my ssn, employer while residing there, email address, and bank acct info... This is all irrelevant because with the right person/equipment anyone can find this information, but if you don't know how these calls work, I can see how it would sound scary and legit. However, there were several holes in this rep's story: In 2013, I had already moved back to my home state. Even though I was a broke college student in that state, my parents still took care of me so I had no reason to get a payday loan EVER... Didn't really know how they worked anyway.

They said that they were taking money from an old bank acct that I had already closed quite some time before I moved home and I worked a little job on-campus and didn't make nowhere near the amount needed to pay them back for this "loan." So where was this invisible money that they were getting coming from?! They didn't tell me what "court" they were filing proceedings with. Then they said "well somebody must've gotten one in your name, probably online, because we have an electronic signature." Really?! If that were to happen and the account was sent to collections for non-payment, it would've shown up on my credit report as a derogatory collections account.

I laughed so hard while on the phone with these clowns... I think it pissed them off because they said "since you think it's funny, we'll garnish your wages. We'll see you in court" then they hung up on me. If you know for sure that you didn't get a loan ever, don't even bother verifying anything with these fools... Just laugh and keep repeating "que?!"

I am having such a hard time getting a hold of them! I have tried! I owe money but where do I pay? Usually, I get an email saying they are taking my money and I haven't heard from them. What do I do? I don't want to owe them an astronomical amount... Help!

I received a notice from my credit monitoring account that I had received a collection from this company I had never heard of... When I contacted the company that placed it on my credit the bank information they provided as to what was deposited is not my bank nor have I heard of it... The email address they had on file was similar to mine but not mine. I have disputed it with two of the credit bureaus as well as with the company who placed the collection for MyCashNow which I discovered is some bogus Payday Loan scam company...

I have received frequent calls from HFS (404)334-7462 at home and work. She said that my local court would be notified. Immediately called back and was told my SSN was involved in something from 2010. Requested that I fax to HighlandSrvs@gmail the documentation proving I satisfied the loan of $100 (that account is closed). I am an analyst and decided to research further and was amazed to find this site showing similar experiences. Glad I GOOGLED!

I had a gentleman by the name of Bob ** from Wells Fargo Recovery representing MyCashNow and says I owe money for a loan I took out with My CashNow. I have never taken out a loan with this company. I told him if I owed the money I would gladly pay it and to send me information in writing. The caller - who is obnoxious, rude, and downright nasty - tells me they don't have to send anything in writing, it's too late and I need to pay it off now. Again, I said that I have not taken out a loan with MyCashNow and he said I had and I can't prove I hadn't.

He asked me to verify my SSN (which I didn't do - but he did have it). I continued to state that if he provided the information to me in writing I would be able to answer the questions and take of the situation. He informed me that he did not have to provide me anything in writing, and that this phone call would serve as proof of service of default and I had 1 hour to go down to what was my local city hall police department, ask for Detective Roberts and gave me a case number (no phone number) and that if I didn't get down there to make the payment, someone would be at my door to arrest me and then he hung up.

I contacted my local police department, and #1 there was no Detective Roberts, the case number was not one of their case numbers and I filed a report due to the harassing phone calls. My major concern is that they call my office. This is VERY annoying and nerve racking. I wish I knew what to do. I'm not going to pay for something that I didn't get.

I received an alert on my credit report today saying I had a collection account, it was from Accelerated Financial Solutions. I disputed the claim right away with Transunion and then called the collection agency. She told me I owed a payday loan from 2010 with my cash now for $245. I told her I had never dealt with that company before. She said I had made payments to them for months and still owed them a balance. She wanted me to send a proof of payoff. I asked her to send me a debt verification and she said she already had in April. I did not receive anything. Said she was going to send it again. We'll see I guess. But in the mean time, my credit score took a dump.

Yes I have had the same experience. I like others have dealt with My Cash Now for years and never had the first problem. But now I quit receiving the emails and I knew it was time for my payment and I was going to pay them in full, but when I tried to get to the website I could not and like you when I called the number they transferred me to the collection company that was rude. One time the lady hung up on me and I never did figure out why she did that. The 2 times I talked to this company I told them that I would not pay them over the phone because I had no idea who they were. I told them if My Cash Now wanted their money that they needed to send me an email letting me know where to send it.

I understand that they have been shut down for illegal practices and cannot do ACH any longer, but I do not see why they cannot send an email with an address as to where to send the money or a website where you could go to and pay with a credit card. I went on the Better Business Bureau's website and they said they have tried to get a legitimate address on this company and cannot. I'm afraid somewhere down the line they are going to say I owe them some unreal amount of money because I cannot pay them the way that I signed up to pay them.

Plus if you are like me your contract with My Cash Now was that you pay them through the bank account that you gave them. There was no other authorized payment method that I gave them. So legally if they cannot take it out the way that I approved them to take it out, they are the ones that actually broke the contract. But that doesn't stop this collection company from calling my cellphone. I finally had to block them because they were calling nonstop. One time I talked to a lady and gave her my email address and she said she would send me the info. I never received anything. I have contacted the BBB twice and have never gotten any replies back from them. So like you I am at a lost as to what to do.

I used to get weekly updates about the status of my loan but that stopped in August. The website is now unavailable and you get referred to Credit Protection Bureau to pay off the balance of the loan. I have no idea if this is legit or not. I'm quite skeptical because mycashnow has stopped sending email. Has anyone else had similar dealings?

Threats to charge me with a felony, jail and contacting my employer. These are the tactics My Cash Now uses to extort money from me for a loan I never applied for or received. Scary thing is they had all my personal info, address, banking info, etc.

I am here to file a complaint against this company for reasons of putting money into my account without my authorization or me electronically signing anything. Now, these people are pressing charges against me for withdrawing monies from my account and then some. I will not stand for this and will be reporting you to the BBB in connection with the US Fraud Department. I don't want or need an attorney for such frivolous deception because I have two looking into this matter as of now. If I receive anymore contacts from this company about funds, wanting to give me funds, or making false complaints against me, I will take extreme legal action. You have a good day.

These are all payday loans. I'm charged $100 and $140 bi-weekly finance fees on $400 loans. I recently found out these loans are illegal in my state of PA? I can't afford my bills. Twice a month, I have $400 in just finance fees taken directly from my checking account.

I have been a customer of MyCashNow for 4 years. Recently, I had some checks stolen and had to close my bank account and open up a new one. I called MyCashNow and told them what had happened and tried to change my bank account info on the phone. They told me I had to fax it to them, so I did. Today when I checked my account, it had been turned over to a collection agency. I had to make arrangements to pay it off in 5 payments through these people. Not one time was I notified that there was a problem. So be aware these people do not value their customers. And maybe it’s a good thing. Once this is paid off more money for me, less money for them.

I have a received a call from a Marlin & Alter Associates LLC today. The men on the phone said I owed MyCashNow for a loan of $400 and I'm being investigated for fraud and will go to jail if I don't pay. But something tells me this is a scam. Is this a scam?

I applied for a $200 loan back in April and due to unsuspected bills, I became behind on payments. I was only making the minimum payments which increased the finance charges. I called MyCashNow to see if there were any options because I was worried that I would eventually get an overdraft on my bank account. They referred me to Silver River Management to set up up payment arrangements. I contacted Silver River Management to set up payments I could afford but without the finance fees. I was still responsible for the finance fees but it was going to take up to 1-2 more months to pay off a $200 loan at the rate I was going. I went to get breakfast one morning for work and to my horror discovered my bank account was overdrawn the amount of the entire remaining MyCashNow loan.

I called them and they basically told me there was not anything they could do and I needed to call Silver River Management since they could not access my account. I was so angry because Silver River Management was closed on the weekend and I had to wait for Monday. I had to borrow money from my cousin. I called them Monday and demanded to know why my loan was drafted from my account since I made a payment to Silver River Management. They could not give me a definite answer. I decided to let them keep the full amount of the loan but demanded the payment I had submitted. The rep had the nerve to tell me I was only able to get $7 of the $50 I paid. I demanded to speak with a supervisor and was hung up on.

I then called back and I was able to get my $50 back after I had a 3-way conference with my bank and Silver River Management to verify the loan for MyCashNow went through and there would not be return fees. My bank was able to refund only one of the overdraft fees and there were 2. They were still hesitant about giving me my money back!!! About 2 weeks later, I received an email stating I owed a remaining balance. I called Silver River Management in an outrage and was advised I still owed finance fees. I told them that the website did not show a remaining balance. I was basically told I had to pay it. They had no sympathy for the ordeal they put me through. I hope I never have to go through something like this ever again!!!

Received a call from an Anthony ** stating I owed money to My Cash Now. Could not tell me the exact date or amount. Did research. Did received money from them. My bank did the research. FRAUD. Going to turn it over to the proper authorities. Don't deal with these people or give any information out to them. Gave me a fax number to fax info to him.

I have been a My Cash Now user for about 3 years and it has been by far the best payday loan company I have dealt with. They had the lowest fees and you were able to borrow as little as 100.00 while other companies force you to borrow minimum 250.00. The only advise I tell anyone is to know what you are getting yourself into and know the rules. I have had to extend my loans and have been able to do so verbally and online. I was also paid the 100$ referral fee efficiently. Everyone was very nice and understanding. I have and will continue to refer company. I feel those who have bad experiences with this company don't fully understand how the payday loan system works.

I have been contacted by three separate companies beginning in January 2014 in regards to money I "owe" to MyCashNow for a payday loan obtained in May 2011. Unfortunately I paid the 1st company (American Credit Resolution) a settlement amount of $750.00. At this point I feel foolish that I fell for their story but allow me to defend my actions a little. They called me at my office repeatedly until I answered. They were very demanding and rude. At the time I had my Sr. Leadership Team sitting at my conference table. Scared to death and certain of humiliation I stepped out of my office. At that time they told me they were sending out law enforcement to serve me lawsuit documents if debt was not settled immediately. They knew my social, my address (in 2011) and also the names/contact information for my immediate family members and husband. They also referenced the credit union that I have used since high school.

I had used MyCashNow several years back (2009-2011) during rougher times but I had always made payments and did not remember defaulting on a loan. To be honest, May of 2011 was a very stressful time... I ended up unemployed mid-month and was also dealing with the terminal illness of a family member. I was stressed and depressed!! That year is a blur. Is it possible I really owed? I do not know why I did not push harder for answers. I just paid it and moved on. "Closed the book" so I thought. (Can I get that money back if fraudulent? Is there a way to investigate further?)

Then beginning in February 2014 I started getting calls from another firm with the same story. They were attempting to collect a debt on behalf of MyCash Now which was no longer in business. (Can you even collect on behalf of a company that no longer exists?) I tried to tell them that I had settled the debt and even emailed receipts but was told that I must have had "multiple accounts" and that I legitimately owed more money for these old advances. When I asked for dates and amounts which would have supported the loan I seemed to always get the run around. I pulled by bank records for 2011. The amounts and dates obtained did not match up with my bank records. I am not sure how to fight further... I have worked really hard to recover from those tough times.

Then in June 2014 a company called Accelerated Financial Services added a collections account to two (2) of the three (3) major credit bureau in the amount of $717.00. Since I was buying a house at the time this news was especially alarming/disheartening! I disputed the claims. Transunion notified me that they claim was legit. If it is then who did I pay back in January? If it is owed then why can I not get some sort of formal notification stating the date and original amount deposited? At this point I do not trust anyone and am not sure how to resolve. Another agency called me this morning which is what sparked writing this review. I am astonished at how many people have identical stories. I performed a reverse look-up on the number which called this morning (904-351-6939) and it did not tie to a business name and came up in a residential part of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. If anyone call help or offer advice on how to resolve I appreciate it. Thanks!

This company is shady in their dealings. On your first loan, they offer $18.00 per $100.00 you borrow. Then on your second loan, they tell you it's the same deal, yet they somehow get loan papers that show 575% interest. Charging you $1.57 per day for each $100.00 you borrow? That's $48.67 in finance charges alone! Your best bet is to ask family for money than this greedy, money sucking company. I would never refer anyone to their company for their lousy $100.00 referral program. It's a scam, straight up!

Contacted by an Eric **, "PMC" & Michael **, "Compliance Officer" that claim that I had taken out a loan and defaulted in fraud because of a "closed" account and a check that bounced. They had my most recent work history, an old address and my social security number, which I immediately reported to a REAL identity fraud agency. Apparently I owed $551.41 and they were giving me a "courtesy call" regarding allegations that they feel were not accurate. They claimed that I would only have an hour to respond or they will take "legal action".

Got a notice about a new collection added to my credit report. No other information than a payday loan in the amount of $800. Nothing about when this supposedly happened, etc. I have never heard of them nor have I applied for payday loan. After reading the other reviews, it seems to be a very shady company trying to scare people into paying money they never received.

I have been trying to get online to see if I owe anything and I can't. I have not gotten an email since Aug. also and when I call they transfer me to someone else that is not them!! What is going on?? Were they not a legit company???? If people still owed money on their loan and can't get through do they still owe it?? What's the deal?!

I have experienced the same exact occurrence as everyone. I supposedly took out a payday loan July 19, 2010 with an email address that I never had. It was e-signed and the bank account does not belong to me and is not a valid account at all. I am contacting the Credit Bureau right now!

I have been getting phone calls from a company about wanting to serve me papers for court hearings. I have tried to call back and have been told, "The mailbox is full. You have dialed an incorrect number," and then it would hang up. Then my sister and cousin called to say these people called them saying that they were trying to find me and couldn't. I have lived in the same house for 8 years and have been at my same job since 1993. I finally got a hold of someone today who proceeded to tell me that they have 4 cases pending against me and that they have never seen anyone with this many cases. According to them I owe over $2000 for payday loans that I never paid back. The lady was rude and when I proceeded to question her about these cases, she accused me of being rude. I then settled her to give me the court dates and the amounts. She gave me two different companies for the first two but none for the last two.

One of the companies was MyCashNow. I have never heard of them and so I told her to transfer me to the persons who had called me. That is when it took a downhill turn. I asked why they needed my permission to serve the papers. I said that I had never heard of that. Everyone else that is being served is served without their permission. She started getting tangled up and then went back to accuse me of being rude. I told her that I no longer wanted to speak to her but to transfer me to one of the two people who had my case. She told me, that she was in the legal dept and could speak to me. I then told her transfer me or I would hang up. I had to hang up. I then called my best friend who is a manager in the courthouse about checking their docket to see if there were any hearings scheduled for me beginning next week. Of course the answer was no.

I got an alert about an account that went into collections. I have no idea what MyCashNow is or how someone was able to get information to get a loan in my name. I've disputed with Transunion. Now what?

I borrowed funds from the Cash Cow group in 2010. They were paid on time with interest as promised. I paid off the first claim to make it go away in 3-2014. Cheaper than getting an attorney. That is the catch. We lose. Now this month I was suppose to have borrowed again in 7-2010. Another claim I didn't pay. I settled again. This has to quit. I am tired and disgusted at this type of "residual income" made by the company.

I received a call from a company called Mediation processing service claiming that I owe MyCashNow for a loan that was put into collections in 2013. I have been through identity theft before and I am a member of LifeLock. Well, I was told that the total that I owed counting late fees, etc. was almost $1,000. Well there's a problem because I KNOW that I NEVER took out a loan with GetCashNow or any other online payday loan. The rep from the mediation company was actually very nice to me. But she had no phone number for the loan company and she had no idea when the actual loan was taken out. All I know is it wasn't me. Does anyone have a legit number for GetCashNow?

I have been receiving phone calls from (775) 546-5028 for a while. I decided to finally answer it since they never left a message. Like everyone else, the person on the other line was calling from some lawyers office stating that I took a loan out in November of 2010. She told me I owed $347 for a $250 loan. I told her I needed written proof of this. That I did not take the loan out. She had all if my information as far as name. Date of birth and last 4 of my ssn. She told me that she did not have proof to provide me that is going to take me to court if I did not pay. Then she hung up. When I tried to call back the line was busy. I tried again and my service provider had the recording that the number had been disconnected. So you tell this a scam? I say yes!