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i would highly recommend this service to anyone who has been scammed by a binary charge back .com helped me retrieve almost 27000 dollars..iam very happy with what they did for me..give my charge a call! they could help you! rusty hayter
I had a very rough year. I lost a lot money in what I thought was investment In forex. I tried for a long time to get my money out from the company I invested in and they turned out to be a scam. I heard about mychargeback and gave them a call. They were very professional from the first call until I got my money back. They were real people and helped me at every stage with the bank. Thanks again! Lars
Really helpful. The best customer service.
I was hit hard by an online binary options scam and didn't know what to do or to whom to turn. Luckily I came across MyChargeBack and got in touch with them. Excellent service, excellent advice, excellent work, excellent results, and always totally honest. They were able to get me my chargeback, which is something I could never have done on my own because my bank didn't even know I was entitled to one until MyChargeBack's recovery agent got on the phone and explained it to them step-by-step. No one deserves to be scammed, but if you were you owe it to yourself to turn to these guys for help. 5 stars all the way!
Good communications but required input to get extra out of them
I was quite hesitant to use mychargeback service after I was scammed by an online trading company of an amount of 10500 euros. I thought mychargeback was another scam recovery company but I decided to take the risk just to try them out. Immediately after contacting them, I was reached out to by Adam G who was willing to listen to my story and quickly gave me the assurance I was going to get all my money back from these scammers. My case was then passed on to Markus who was my recovery agent. He put together compelling evidence that made these scammers not to even have a representation during the chargeback process and therefore just took 45days for the case to be closed. Initially my bank was reluctant to push through the chargeback process to Mastercard but with persistence from Markus who actually exceeded my expectations worked his way through to get them to initiate the chargeback process. Soon after 45days of initiating the chargeback via my bank I received all my money 100% back into my bank account. Before I thought that was the end and I was going to kiss my money goodbye but with mychargeback they proved to me that it was possible to get it back. I therefore highly recommend anyone who has been scammed by any forex broker, CFDS or binary options to contact mychargeback as soon as possible to get their money retrieved using their expertise.
An excellent company. I have had nothing but understanding and sympathy. Each person I have had dealings with has gone out of their way to help me with courtesy, respect and empathy. I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to get their money back having been scammed by a binary option company.
Was in a flap scammed these people are crooks good at convincing people charge back sorted them out
MyChargeBack gave me excellent service!! They were in contact with me throughout the whole process and I could contact them at any time I needed to - with a fast response each time. They got me $20,000.00 of the $25,000.00 we were going for. I was totally amazed by their dedication to helping me. I would recommend them to anyone and have done so with 2 different people. I can't say enough about how happy I am with this company!!
This is an honest and reliable company who can help you navigate through any financial situation requiring chargeback support. Fantastic people who will always assist you above and beyond.
Beware of the salesman, he was very convincing in telling you, you had a good chance of success, , which in mine it did'n,t and was'nt successful. In my case he did'nt mention the companies success rates with my banks, and I think for what they charged they could have been more honest and upfront, so in my case I was'nt satisfied with the companies efforts.
What more can I say but we were not expecting anything back from the Morton Finance scam and ended up getting $70k out of $100k back. The commission paid to MyChargeBack was well worth it. The whole process was very professionally handled . It was a real blessing to find them online with many other victims of scams and their stories, and to be able to find a real solution to our $$ loss. Thank you MyChargeBack, Greg L.
The process at my chargeback was nice. The bank told me it wasn't possible when i tried to do this myself. Something stupid rule that the transactions where to old. My chargeback actually explained to the bank how too do their job. It took almost 6 months, but my 5200 sterling is now back in my account after it was stolen by a fake dating website. I can not believe this rubbish is in the past. Thank you.
Excellent customer service. I knew that they "had my back" throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend this company.
Thank you for excellent service
Excellent service would recommend this to anyone
When I contacted MyChargeBack, I was really desperate to get back my money. The people of MyChargeBack told me how this would go and everything they told me did happen. Even at one point, when I thought that I couldn't get through to the Banks at all, I told MyChargeBack that I was letting go of everything because nothing worked, they offered me to contact the Banks for me on a conference call and do the talking with them and as soon as they did, the attitude of the Banks, changed for the better. Within a few weeks, I had every dollars back in my bank accounts and although these weren't big amounts as compared to some people, for me, it was everything!!!
A formidable ally for my case thus far. Good movement by MychargeBack and I am happy with the work completed.
The team were helpful throughout. They were informative, friendly showed empathy to my problem and guided me on what to do and say. They were very knowledgeable. I was impressed. Result successful got my money back. Would recommend worth every penny.
MyChargeBack was without a doubt the best customer service experience I have ever had at any level. Their professionalism and dedication is second to none. My representative was engaged, punctual, and his follow up was outstanding. He was fighting for me as if it was his own money he was trying to recover. After two years of consistent contact with the bank, I received 100 % of my investment.
Very pleased with the service this company provided and the result they acheived. I would strongly reccommend them. Thanks again for all of your help.
I would definitely recommend this company to help recover your lost funds. Everybody I spoke to have been extremely helpful and understanding. They are with you through out this difficult emotional time. It is a worry when you are faced with a huge lose of money and debt. But chargeback were fantastic.
Best guys in the world. Alan and Nate are the best. They worked wth me for months and they are so knowledgeable of their work. I can’t say enough good things about MyChargeBack.
Everyone I dealt with from MyChargeBack. either on the phone or via email was professional, knowledgeable & extremely easy to deal with. All expectations of their services were clearly outlined prior to me signing up & all were met or exceeded in terms of performance & timing. I have already recommended MyChargeBack's services to two people in a similar position to myself & I would not hesitate to do so in the future.
its the best service ever, keep the good work guys
I got excellent service from MyChargeBack. They helped me get back 11000 Euro and I am just so happy I turned to them for help. Thank you so much!!!
Five stars all the way. If I could give more I'd do so. I'm so glad to have found them. After realizing I was scammed by a fake forex exchange, I had no idea what to do. My bank told me it couldn't help because they don't reimburse anyone for bad investments and especially after I had authorized the payments on my credit card. But this was a scam, not an investment. Luckily I found My Charge Back and they knew exactly what to do and how to do it. They explained everything step-by-step with my bank and eventually convinced it to raise my dispute. The forex scammer responded but My Charge Back was ready with its own response that won me my case. I recommend My Charge Back 100% and will forever be grateful to them.
MyChargeBack offer excellent customer service. The staff are very helpful, patient, trustworthy and above all know what they are doing in this domain. They supported me to make a successful claim against the vendor and I'm very thankful for their assistance. I couldn't have done it without their help. I highly recommend their services.
I was delighted with the service and integrity of They are a truly a professional organisation. Those who handle your problem understand bank and credit card procedures, likely obstacles put in the way and prepare a Chargeback document with evidence which is concrete and watertight proof. Your case handler has the knowledge to offer and answer verbal questions bankers often find awkward. My experience was one of total trust and confidence. John S NZ
Thank you charge back for helping me, staff are exceptional polite and have passion for what they do. I was emotionally broken and now I have confidence to speak about my story. Thanking you for your help in fighting these cyber scammers . two thumbs up
i would have no reservations in using Mychargeback again. they are there for you when you need them.
The shifty operation that scammed me responded positively to the communications that suggested to me- I got over half my money back!
From all the comments, it appears its worth the try. Please, does anyone know what the charges are? I have been scammed by these online traders and want to get my money back.
I cannot thank this company enough. I had been scammed by a fraudulent investment company which resulted in my being in huge debt.I could not see my way out as I am now on a pension & in my 70s.. Although these transactions were 18 months ago, MyChargeBack prepared a professional case for my bank, in an attempt to retrieve the money I had paid through my Visa account. I simply did not have the confidence to speak to the senior bank staff & my representative, Benjamin Levy, offered to speak on my behalf. Not only did he negotiate with the bank in a knowledgeable & professional manner, he was also was very empathetic in his conversations with me.One cannot underestimate the effect of kindness. All I can say is this company has saved my life, as the money was retrieved & the debt is now payed. I would recommend to anyone who finds them self in this position to contact MyChargeBack.
Big thanks for mychargeback team. They helped me to get back my money from scammers
This company got my money back, but it was quite an expensive process. They were good at keeping in contact but it took a long time and sometimes I didn't understand what was happening in the background. They at least worked to get my money back when the bank refused to investigate. Thanks J
would highly recommend this company.
The most amazing team that all cared so much during this harrowing time in my life. The whole team carefully managed the situation and involved me the whole time. I cannot speak highly enough about this team.This company were instrumental in the successful outcome of my case. Amazing, brilliant and extremely kind and non - judgemental folk. Many thanks for helping me get my life back on track you were all truly amazing!!
Amazing service and an amazing outcome. I got my full $27,000 back. Thanks so much. Richard :)
An excellent company that is very upfront and open as to how they do business. For myself I have absolutely no regrets in seeking there help to retrieve money from a trading company. I can highly recommend MyChageBack they know what needs to be done and help you through it all, tremendous support from them..
My Chargeback team is very professional and with good communications. I will definitely recommend their services based on my own experience. They have the knowledges to tackle the problems. I was like many of you, had been conned by an aggressive and ruthless trading company which sole purpose was to make me transfer money to them while at the same time, making sure I would lose everything (on paper) so that they could persuade me to send more. My Chargeback told me what to say and do which was exactly what I needed. It was like being in the middle of the ocean with a shark circling me, I was feeling absolutely vulnerable and helpless. My Chargeback helped me from the word go and provided me with a first class service. Without them, I would never be able to recover any of my money.
Unfortunately, my experience with MyChargeBack hasn´t been good. When I first contacted them, they were really kind, answered to all the questions I had, but even so, I still had some doubts and had to think about weather investing more money after having been scammed would be worth the effort. When I finally decided to accept their offer, after having talked to them a couple of times, and to pay the upfront fee that they had offered initially, they changed it all of a sudden, adding another 1500$ to the initial cost. I asked how was that possible and how was I supposed to trust them, to which they simply answered that maybe I should reconsider working with them as everything bases on trust. Shameful. REPLY: With all due respect, I cannot agree with your last statement. Initially we did have a couple of conversations in which I gave more and more information about my case until you knew everything. Then the person I talked to consulted with the manager, gave me the price, which I had to think about. After several weeks I contacted you again, did NOT give any new information, and you changed the price for 1500$. After I posted this comment here on Trustpilot you called me many times until I could talk to you. You did confirm that I was right, you did not explain why, and said that in case you had more clients scammed by the same company, you could decrease the price to the initial one, which I said I might be interested in. I understand that your reputation is important and why you are doing this, but I do feel responsible to tell people what REALLY happened and I hope they will read it, so the same thing wouldn´t happen to them.
my name is Gillian, I live in Australia, I was scammed by a company called OTCapital, I was devastated, when I complained on line I was contacted by Rami, from MyChargeBack ,he was honest, straight forward, explain thoroughly what they can do to help me, set out in writing what was required of me to receive their help, in getting part or all of my money back, that I was cheated out of . MyChargeBack constantly spoke to me encouraging me not to loose hope, that I was not alone, I had plenty of help and emails were answered virtually straight away if I had any questions. I was then handed over to Alan, he would contact me by phone and speak to me, 2 am in the morning, so I wouldn't give up hope, and I was rewarded by their vigilant efforts. MyChargeBack delivered to me what they promised. I would recommend them to anyone in trouble, but you have to act fast so they can help you, don't put it off.
I recently received payment back through My charge back. I can thoroughly recommend them. They were very thorough and although the bank did try and put a spoke in the wheels Mycharge back had all the answers. As a result I had a letter from my Bank with a donation of £100 claiming they were in the wrong, and within four weeks of that letter the money was returned to my Bank.
I simply lost money with them. Update 4th January 2018 I must apologize with MyChargeBack. I don't know what happened as I confused their website with another one (that is a real scam). Rereading my emails I discovered that MyChargeBack offered their help to me and asked for an upfront payment (that is normal). I simply declined because of my financial situation. I hope to get their services when will be able to collect the money to pay them. My present review refers only to their availability in considering and evaluating my case as I can't judge the whole service. Please, accept my most sincere apologies. Thank you
Note-I had a really bad experience with spammer’s. Then I found MyChargeBack! I called and they were really good about explaining to me how there prosses works. When they worked my case, they were the best very understanding and very experienced and professional! I can’t thank the people at MyChargeBack enough! They are my life savers! When I was looking and needed help and did not know who to trust. But after my very emotional experience. I can tell you that you can trust MyChargeBack! It was hard to trust anyone now days, very much hard to find people that will fight for you! Everyone has a story and for me. I thought I have lost everything but after what My Chargeback experience has done in my case! I would not even think twice to look anywhere else for help, don’t bother I can’t say enough about MyChargeBack . I never put comments on anything but in this case. I hope this helps someone else that’s in need to retrieve thier money. Thank you MyChargeBack
I was trying to get my money back from a firm, and a knowledgeable representative called me and helped me out greatly. Thank you so much!! I would have lost 20 thousand dollars if not for your help. Thanks again.
I would recommend you to anyone who is needing help .This team is reassuring very confident helpful and so understanding I certainly do not know where we would have started with out their very understanding and professional help. All their help went through like it was a fantastic end to a bad dream. Sincere thanks Kind Regards Sandra Jones
I thought that I'd lost over £10,000 to a scam forex trading company. These guys helped me get all of my money back. They wrote professional letters for me which resulted in my money being deposited in full back into my bank account. These guys provide an excellent and professional service. I couldn't be more thankful (and relieved) to have my money back!
Excellent service from this company, I would recommend them to anyone. Well organized and very thorough in their approach to the problem in hand.
My story started in January and I'm so happy at the end of the year, even though we're not done. Mychargebacks team is professional and fought for my case for the last 4 months when we started. All the work is not finished yet but almost...we rang my banks time after time and made them work on my case and chargebacks. My husband and I suffered enough because of the brokers who still ring sometimes. We can say Mychargeback did the work and I would like to say that when we tried to do it in the beginning, it went nowhere. Then my Mychargeback took our case then we were taken finally with seriousness at out bank. Thank you. We have more to go! Thank you now and later again (hopefully!!!).
MyChargeBack did a really great job! I recovered all my money this scam company Kaya Fx steal from me. We really need guys like those at MyChargeBack who know how to take contact with the bank and others financial needed information. It took 6 months and three letters from MyChargeBack to get my money back from the bank that made the transfer to Kaya Fx. I am so glad that the good guys won at the end!!