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Easy to work with and reasonable.
I have been talking to National Funding since almost a year ago about funding my equipment purchase for some new taxis for my company... I submitted my initial loan documents 7/13/2016. About 2 weeks later I was approved for over $30,000 and was told to go find vehicles.. My first one, a private seller, was found and all paperwork was submitted as of 8/16/2016. I found the second vehicle at a dealership on 8/31/2016 and all paperwork was submitted by 9/1/2016 from the dealership. I found out the next week (9/5/2016) the reason why funding wasn't moving forward was because the secondary vendors (my signage company) and my taxi meter installer needed to submit paperwork. Okay, why would a secondary vendor hold up the primary from going through? I was initially told that I would be able to add vehicles to the loan after it was initially funded at a minimum of 5k, the vehicle at the dealership meets that qualification by itself so why would anything hold up the purchases of the primary reason for the loan is beyond me. Anyway, I submitted the paperwork to my rep regarding my signage vendor. My installer couldn't be contacted so I called the meter company Centrodyne and got them to send me a invoice for the 2 meters. Installing isn't that big of a deal to pay out of pocket. They were approved as a vendor by the end of the week... I thought everything was moving forward after that. This week started, my first contact with my rep 9/12/2016 was that now the under writers are wanting a voided check. I created a voided check online to submit as I've been a green company since day 1 and don't do anything business wise with paper, except taxes, of course. I didn't hear anything back at all Tuesday the 9/13. I finally got in communication with my rep on Wed. 9/14 after the close of banking business (I'm on east coast)... I was informed that the online created voided check was not being accepted and was told the voided check was still needed or a bank verification letter plus 3 months of statements. I submitted the statements and spent an hour on the phone with Bank of America customer service centers and received a emailed verification letter. I forwarded it directly from their email to my rep. Now Thursday, 9/15, I'm told the verification letter does not have contact info for a bank representative. The bank ceo office was my next call and was told by them they don't have a verification phone number to give for this reason. It is against their policy. I was told they have one for mortgage companies and merchants but not for this need. I then called my National Funding (I'm about to start calling it Not funded) rep and was told to go to a local branch and explain what they need is just someone to call and verify that information on said form they received was correct. I then go to my local branch and they agree to that but won't give any account information out, only verify what they are asked about from the form.. Now 24 hours later, about 4:30pm eastern, 9/16 I'm told that the "100% funding for up to $35,000" was pulled and they were requiring both my VP and myself fill out the application. When they knew from day one I had a VP as it is on my business paperwork. If someone had said, "This is how this company will do business." I would have looked elsewhere for my funding. I wish I could get a call from the CEO apologizing for this gross negligence. So now you know why this was titled "I'm getting funding...I'm not getting funding....Am I getting funded.. I'd have better luck in Vegas!"
Very good very fast
Great job quick funding and very professional so easy
Excellent service. Prompt and respectful! Camron is the best! Thank you.
Bryan, the specialist we worked with, was great. He made the process as easy as possible.
Helped me with what I needed.Stayed on top of the process. Very helpful.
I appreciate the friendly, but persistent nature of the rep I worked with. I appreciate the adaptability in creating various options. Interest rates are less attractive, but I'm hopeful with solid repayment they can be present more attractive options and a solid relationship in the future.
I would recommend National Funding to any business that wants to get their loan approved fast. My Loan Associate was great he worked harder for me than my banker I have had for 26 years. He was true to his word, once they received my documents my loan was funded the next day. I pride myself in being a man of my word, it was a pleasure working with a company who feels the same. Great Job Guys!!!!!!!!!!
Great, easy, and fast! Nick Noriega was very helpful! Good experience!
Rick was great the only thing I didn't like about the company was the interest was a little too high
very easy. always quick responses. money on time !
Unlike other experiences, National Funding understood our needs and uniquely put together a model that we are very satisfied with. Good follow-up all through the process. I highly recommend this company.
Fast service! Received funds ASAP.
Great Quality Service!
Very professional and pleasent to work with...this is my second loan with them
My boy Johnny Snyder is the man. Thanks for being patient with me sir...
I will be glad to share my experience with National Funding.
I get National Funding plastic card advertisements, but my gut says "you can't trust these guys." I almost signed a DocuSign online and then declined it. Hope my social security number is safe, good thing I have good fraud alert and fraud protection!
They were clear on things from the beginning. And quick and efficient in getting it done
Professional and quick to respond
Very helpful and professional!
Molly was very knowledgeable, professional, courteous and helpful. Molly helped me aquire financing during a difficult time. I am very greatful for everything she did. I will definitely contact Molly in the future when I want to secure financing to further the growth of my company. Thank you Tyke Hauling
Easy to do and funds were available quickly
It feels good to have a company that listens and understands the struggles of a small business needing capital funding for daily operations. Shonre Swift went above and beyond. He listened, did some extra digging and went to bat for me, resulting in my approval. Thank you Shonre.
Zac Chaney was awesome to work with! Very professional, prompt in response and made the entire process very easy!
Very upfront with every question , I had . Courteous and very knowledgeable .
Very easy. Very fast.Very reliable
Shonre Swift was very nice and helpful. he was great. thanks for your hard work!
Jeff was extremely helpful and filled me with confidence when it came to deciding how much to borrow. He educated me on how best to apply the funds, so that i could reach my companies future goals. I felt very comfortable referring them as a lender.
This was an easy and stress free process. Michael made everything really easy for me. He was completely transparent and honest with me when I asked all of my questions. I would definitely do business again with national funding, as well as refer them to people I know that needs funding for their business. Thanks again Michael!
very good response time and willing and understanding people
Five Stars about say's it all. Ben C was up front and I felt we built at least some rapport. Ben did a great job of rubbing my head and holding my hand throughout the process. The hold up was me as I had several other funding offers available. I wanted to make the right decision given the situation. He understood and we had some back and forth with negotiations and I feel I got the best deal given the circumstances. After all paperwork was signed I was funded the next day.
Could not have made the process any easier or quicker!
Cameron S. was very helpful, personable, prompt, and professional. I would recommend National Funding to any business based on my positive experience! Thank you Cameron S. and National Funding for helping us at CryoWorld Therapy Phx, AZ to get to the next level successfully! Vanessa S.
It was a pleasure working with Will and the National Funding Team!!!! I will definitely recommend their services to my family and friends!!!!
As a small business it's difficult to find "traditional" ways to finance your growth. National Funding has been a strategic partner of Pop's Kettle Corn and has continued to help us transition from a 2 person business to now a family run business that is supporting 10+ employees. As we continue to grow the partnership with National Funding will continue to grow. Thanks again for the support and we at Pop's continue to look forward to our growth into the future!
I submitted my required documents late one afternoon. Discussed in the morning with my representative and I had the funds the following morning.
Ean Sharp was very helpful and diligent getting a loan done for our business with limited time to spare.
I found that all parties at National Funding that I dealt with were very professional and thorough. The tasks that had to be accomplished were made easier with the "DocuSign" arrangement and the constant help that was given to me by the National Funding personnel. Thank you, David Baird MEDCOM Information Systems
Semone did a great job with the process of the funding
Chuck Chilton with Artisan East Custom Homes. I have done business with National Funding for years with no problems but have to say I am extremely disappointed with them as of today. I e-mailed my representative to get a payoff on my account and got the run around. Never have I seen a company trying so hard to keep someone from pay off their loan early. All I asked for was my payoff and directions on how I could wire them the money, is that so difficult. Not if you are trying to keep someone from closing their account!!! I guess I will have to take legal action just pay someone their money back. I feel like I am being trapped.
Nick was great and listened to needs we had carefully. As a company, National is fast and easy to work with for the most part. Lower rates would be nicer, but relative to the type of loan we're working with, they did a good job for us. Thank you much.
National Funding is honest and up front with every they did for my company.
This place makes you take out the highest amount they give you. The person we dealt with didnt not tell us everything, and this is the third time we went with them and things weren't the same as 6 months ago, horrible communication. We will not recommended or go back.
These guys do it right...will absolutely use them again. easiest approval process.
Great and easy to use!! Jess was amazing! She listened. She listened to our business goals and helped us so much! Highly recommend!
Have used them twice in the past and needed recent funding for payroll due to slow business traffic.
The professionalism exhibited by the people with National Funding made my loan experience easy and concise. My representative was clear on all points and diligent to the end. Thank you Shonre and National Funding for trusting in me to be a reliable risk and for giving me the funds for my business so that i can double my annual totals. TIM WILLIAMS TKEC INC PRES/OWNWER
They were clear about terms. Nothing hidden. Review process was painless. Fast turnaround. No pressure to close a deal.
Without your help, my office doors would be closed. Thank you for a simple and quick process to continuing my dream and helping our community.
Great and fast service. Sean was very helpful!
I personally dealt with Ben Cragoe and i feel that he personally spent a lot of time working the best deal he could for us as we are first time business borrowers and in a professional manor .
Thank you to Kevin and the whole National funding team! You folks kept me in business! Robert ~ Russo's Restaurants
Turns out though that his consistent follow up hit at a time when AR backed up and needs some funds for new fleet delivery vehicle down payment
Exelent customers services! I'm really appreciative everything they did for me. Gavin Boyd is exelent!!!. When another lender said no, National Foundong Find the exact for you!.
Loved it fast and easy
Great and fast services. Get funded within 24h.
After retrieving the 6 months of bank statements, the rest was easy I didn't have do anything else. My agent was kind, courteous, and understanding of my needs. The daily payback seems a little scary but the quick response and the funding quickly wired to your account was enough to over ride the payment schedule. If you are looking to get quick support ~ National Funding is the way to go! thank you!!!
Easier to work with very polite. Thank you. Darlene
Great people. Great Service.
National Funding is a great help!!
Very professional experience
Timely, courteous, Fast response!
Victor Romero help me through his diligence & expertise in wanting to help his clients achieve there business goals & needs to the degree where he goes above & beyond to find solutions for success instead of accepting failure, James is an asset to the company . I am glad that I have had the pleasure of talking to James ,and looking forward to doing more business with him in the future.
This guy could teach customer service at the graduate level. Clear, concise communication. Always followed up. Makes absolutely certain that you understand the program, the process, and where you are in it. Totally a great experience.
Great to deal with but to repay loan daily, not monthly or weekly.
Alan, was outstanding and very helpful for my loan needs. Ty
They are helping me get my business to a solvent status. Mohsin, my contact was extremely helpful and full of information that I needed in order to make a decision.
had a pretty good experience got it done quickly thank you
The process was quick and easy, and Ryan Miller was great to work with. I would recommend to anyone in need of this type of financing.
It was quick, good experience over all.
The process was easy and quick. Thanks for helping with the needed funding.
This company takes advantage of technology to make doing business with them as painless as possible.
Had the pleasure of working with a great loan specialist, Michael Cowles. He made the process of getting a business loan very quick and easy.
Great organisation
National funding was there for me. Tony help me throughout the whole funding process. It was easy to email them what they asked for and they received and responded very quickly. After approval he stayed in contact until I figured out how much I needed to borrow and everything went well.
Zac Chaney was great helping us out with our business.
Of all the companies I have had to deal with, national funding has to be the best. They where very helpful and worked hard to give me the best plan for my business and I will always use them for my companies needs.
Good fast kinda speedy but helps
My experience was excellent with a few phone calls and a few emails My loan was secured and deposited into my business checking account I want to personally thank my loan representative Brennan Behne This is my second experience working with him at national funding I couldn’t be happier Dale Soditus President, DS concrete Inc.
Great company to work with, has the greatest rep Nick Noriega thank you for your excellent service...
Great service. Our rep Christine Baeza was great. Very professional and helped along the way for a victory landing. Thanks again. Steve.
The loan experience was very easy and hassle free. Very quick response and good rates. Will definitely continue working with National funding as our needs require and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a loan!!
we were never told of the "doc fee's" by Johnny until after all the paperwork was completed, and the call was made prior loan with national funding the fee was $1,000 this time $4,000 feel ripped off
Great experience, professional people, honest, easy to work with!
Christine Baeza of National Funding was very helpful with us obtaining funds, she was polite, knowledgeable and got the job done in a timely manner ! Awesome Service...….
Very professional excellent customer service. Difently recommended. Jordan is very nice guy. Professional in convincing undecided people like myself . I will recommend you to my family and friends
Eric Fong was truly helpful throughout the process. Well experienced gentlemen. I will also like to thank the other staff members who took part in the process. Thank you. Take care and God bless.
It was very easy to work with Nowell Calli very efficient and knows his job well. Thanks for your help.
Good follow up.
very helpful and simple to work with
As a small business after 8 years National Funding has more for us than the Big Corporate Banks. Josh & Eric are great to work with they keep it simple and easy to get things done. Great Service!
Experience was awesome and John was extremely helpful on establishing a relationship with you guys thanks.
Allan Laguatan was of great help made the process easy and was in constant communication to get this loan done. I was pleased with the service.
Benjamin Cragoe from National Funding has been excellent in following up to the detail. looked at all options to make the funding happen. Also, never stops looking at other options to continue funding compared to many others who just don't follow up. looking forward to working with Benjamin.
I am so grateful to have found a quick and easy way to get funding support with painless payoff terms.
I called National Funding based on a flyer that I received in the mail just to inquire about the services that they provide. Leslie Walling was my Loan Specialist and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was very knowledgeable and extremely professional. The process was very quick and easy (almost too good to be true). I do hope to have a great and lasting relationship with National Funding for many years to come.
This was a great experience. Powell was especially helpful and attentive throughout the entire process.
From application to funding I have been extremely pleased with how smooth the process went. Adam and Garrett are great and worked very well and personable with us. They worked fast and were clear with what could be expected when going through the funding process. I recommend National Funding to anyone.