Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, LLC Reviews

Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, LLC
Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, LLC

Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, LLC Online Loan Reviews

Nothing is worse than having your phone ring seemingly every day from nasty creditors trying to collect. They are so mean! But NDRS got my back, so I let them handle things. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU GUYS.
I really wasn’t sure what to think when I came across Nationwide. I needed help to get out of debt right away and NDRS came through. My concerns faded fast and I am glad I signed up.
I found myself in a lot of debt and turned to Nationwide for help. Everyone was very nice and easy to work with. I was out of debt in no time.
They help you get your head back above water. They are very nice on the phone and they answer every question I have.
I cannot thank you enough for helping me pay off my bills. The plan was just perfect for me. I encourage anyone in debt, who needs help, to call them for help.
As a retired military veteran, I realized I was in too deep in debt and just couldn't seem to get out. I decided to call Nationwide Debt Reduction Services. I was very well taken care of and had positive results. I completed the program and am debt free and able to take better care of myself.
I found myself in financial hardship and just couldn't keep up with my bills. It was actually my mother that told me about Nationwide Debt Reduction Services. It was such a relief when they accepted me into their debt reduction program. I just made my monthly payments and they took care of the rest. They were very nice and whenever I'd call they would answer all my questions and put my mind at ease. I am in the settlement process on my last credit card and feel so relieved.
I was helped by Kelli S. and she was very helpful and when I was ever leaving a message for her, she was already calling me back on the other line. Awesome customer service.
Linda helped me with the program. She was very knowledgeable, took care of things in a timely manner, and maintains high standards of professionalism.
They need to communicate a bit more clearly sometimes, but all in all, they will help you get out of debt.
I was able to get set up with Nationwide when a representative came to my home and helped me. My payment plan was scheduled for three years. After Nationwide worked with my creditors, I was able to pay off my bills in two. I am now debt free!
I was skeptical at first, but very glad I entered the program. Everyone I have dealt with has been very helpful and accommodating. I just settled one of my accounts which was extremely favorable. My next creditor settlement is pending and very excited about the progress. I have begun to tell my friends about the services offered by Nationwide Debt Reduction Services and the help I have received. They worked with me so that I have a comfortable monthly payment and everything is finally falling into place.
I am thrilled with the service that Nationwide offers its clients - me! I cannot thank them enough for helping me get out of debt.​
This is such a simple way to get your life straightened out.
Fantastic program, they really helped me feel secure again. Highly recommend to others.
Thanks to everyone who helped out on my case. I was tentative to begin this process, but thrilled that I took the chance. Allison was my first contact at the company and she let me know exactly how things would go. She was right! Thank you so much for all of your help.
Nationwide did a great job helping me get out of debt. They contacted my creditors and got my bills down and set me up on a three year repayment plan. The checked in on me each month and let me know that the plan will work, and it did. If I had a question, I was able to call and get an answer. I recommend Nationwide to people who are struggling with debt.
This is a great service. Nationwide kept me in the loop and up to date on my repayment plan, creditors, and settlements. Everything went as explained. They always called to check in to talk about my payment status and wanted to know how I was. They are friendly and professional.