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Zack was GREAT with all the information that he provided and quick on the funding for the loan for Park Avenue Bar and Grill I.give him 5.Stars
Start to finish it was a quick and pleasant experience. I would like to especially thank Zach Weinberg for his professionalism and quick response to my every question. Zach guided me every step of the way with lots of patience I will definitely use this company again in the future Sincerely Murat Arslan
My company needed a boost to get some marketing plans executed and I didn't want to wait for my sales pipeline to come in, so I searched a solution that made sense for my company and found Matt Muratore at Next Level Funding. I was very impressed that they offered a make sense loan against deposits that I provided. I received the loan at a very fair rate and term and now we are postioned to really dominate in 2015 earlier rather than later! Next Level Funding was the perfect answer for my company needs! Thank you!
NFL is a very helpful business, there were no hidden info. They were straight forward with everything.
Hello, my name is Dr. Patrick B,when I contacted Sal with Next Level Funding, the experience was certainly NEXT LEVEL. After speaking with Sal, he explained the benefits and the strong partnership we can build that will continue to be a resource for my company BlazinBrook Management. I was excited to hear the great benefits and the easy terms for repayment. Once I agreed and completed process it was less than 24 business hours the funds had been wired in my account. THANKS SAL. I will always use Next Level Funding for all my banking loans
We needed business capital right away. John was wonderful and a pleasure to work with!
Quick Fast Funding and easy process i couldn't be happier with them this i am sure we will look to next level funding for all our working capital needs
John was great from the first call to the time of funding. He even gave me his personal cell number during a snow storm when he was not in the office in case I had any questions. Wish everyone that I had to deal day to day was as helpful as he was it would make running a business much easier. Thanks John
As a business owner I have limited free time to deal with things like this but these guys are on top of their game and make funding quick and easy. Rates are better than other competitors that I have worked with and the online services let you keep accurate track of where your money is going and what your balance is. Sincerely, Happy Business Owner
Next Level Funding! Is exactly that, they take funding to the next level! I worked with a customer service rep named Zach, he was extremely helpful. Very honest, answered all my questions and helped every step of the way. I would definitely work with Next Level Funding again! They are great at what they do and really want to help their customers. THANKS!
Zach was a great post man on this deal and he got it done when promised. Now, due his efforts you took a deal away from NLF and they were not happy with that. So, thanks for all your help and meeting my timeline.
We own 5 business and I need some extra cash for working capital and looking for Merchant Cash Advance And looked online found this company as good Reviews and applied on line I got a call from Them that asking for documents for the loan and I Submitted with in 3 days they finished all the processings and approved my loan Very Good Response in the mean while I applied A loan from another companies my goodness those Are very expensive there are 4 times expensive I am very happy
Chad Cohen was my account manager, wasn't sure if I wanted to try out Next Level Funding because of the high rates but Chad was pretty good about helping my company out and I decided to take his offer into consideration. He helped me finalize my loan quickly and knew his way with following up but not in an annoying way I've encountered in the past.
from start to finish they were great on top of things always returned your call in no time answered any questions just great
We have had an excellent experience with Next Level Funding. We had an advance with another lender and found ourselves presented with an opportunity to grow our business that we needed capital to take advantage of. The company that we had been doing business with for two years turned us down. Matt Muratore made it happen for us! He made the whole process so easy and he made sure we got our funding quickly. I was a little nervous, dealing with a new company, but Matt was always quick to reply and assure me. He was extremely knowledgeable and seemed to really have a grasp on what it takes to grow a business. He was a pleasure to work with. I talked to my contact at the lender that I used in the past, just to see if they would counter offer to keep my business.... He told me I was getting a great deal and I should definitely take it. This kind of loan is a great way to get the working capital you need to help your business grow. We never have to think about the payment or worry that it's going to be late. And we never see the money, so we hardly miss it. I would highly recommend Next Level Funding to other small business owners.
My first experience with John Morales was good. I was then turned over to John Baez. I felt he was very unprofessional and disrespectful. I choose not to do business with your company because of him. He told me if I would sign the contract he would have me funded in two days. Only to find out we were a long way from funding. Since I did sign the contract I was responsible for the application fee, that was taken out of my account without notice. He did not keep me informed of the process at all. He sent a site inspector out without my knowledge whom announced to my employees that I had applied for a loan and they needed to take pictures. At this point I was already in for the application fee, so I requested a new account manager. I was in contact with Marissa. She did handle my account with more professionalism. Weeks later I was funded. I feel I was totally mislead by John Baez. he told me something that was not about to happen. Does he get his commission when the contract is signed. Last thing. I went over and over with everyone that I would not enter into this if it was going to be done by taking the funds by way of my credit card sales. I was assured over and over my funds would be repaid by a daily debit. Yet, the day of funding that evening I went home checked my email and there was an email explaining that my credit card sales would be taken over by a company and how I could access my account etc. I freaked out. It was evening and I would not be able to reach anyone. I was very upset all night. I emailed Marissa and she informed me that this email gets sent out to everyone. Your company should change that and only send this email to those it applies to. I will not do business with your company again nor recommend you. I plan to pay these funds back as soon as possible and move on
Thanks Chad,you did a very good job was fast and smooth no complications at all, everything came on time and the funding was very fast. I will talk about you with my friends in business Luis
It took us only a few business days from application through underwriting to funding. The underwriting process was efficient and relatively painless. We were approved for twice as much as we initially requested, but we chose to borrow the lesser amount. I would recommend Next Level as an excellent source for non traditional borrowing.
With Matt Muratore as our loan officer this process could not have been easier. He literally held our hand for the entire process, not an easy task. When your company is at its peak work performance with ongoing jobs in all directions and your cash flow is tight I would 100% recommend this company. Fast easy service. Oh and if you can ask for Matt. I swear the man has the patience of Job. Thank You
Mr. Otomanelli assisted our company with securing financing (in a market where Banks are very selective about loaning). It was a pleasure working with him - he took the time to work with us every step of the way, explaining (in layman's terms) whenever we had a question about the process, forms and/or terms. We would recommend him if you are looking for loan funding that is outside of the conventional type of loans currently offered by banks. He provided professional service while being easily accessible by phone and email. Kerrie W.
This company was understanding, when it came to my financing needs. They understand that this economy is tough on the small guys, but they level the playing field with great financing opportunities! I look forward to a long lasting relationship with this company.
There aren't many companies that just do what they say they are going to do. Next Level Funding was honest, did what they said they would do at each step of the process and they have earned my business.
I first contacted Kevin with Next Level several months ago on a fact finding endeavor in case our business needed funding. My husband and I do not take debt lightly and prefer to run our business debt free, however an opportunity arose recently where those funds would come in handy. Kevin checked on me periodically throughout the months since our initial conversation. He was neither pushy or hasty to just "make a sale", but rather truly understood our stance in our business and made sure we understood that he was there for further questions. From our application to our funding, Kevin was never hesitant to answer the numerous questions we had, and was always straight forward with any explanations. I appreciate Kevin's service, and he is one of the major reasons we went with Next Level Funding.
Fast easy process and great service.
Scott from Next Level Funding has been friendly, kind and honest during the whole process from start to finish. Funding could be a stressful situation but Scott really made this easy and we could not be more happy with how things went. He was very thorough and prompt, which to me was very important. He really knows customer service and treated us like we were his only client. He always kept in touch with us informing us of what we needed to do next. We would definitely recommend Scott to do another loan.
Next Level was very professional and asked great questions. The transaction people have a lot of experience and understand all levels of funding. Next Level is a good resource for growing Technology companies.
Very helpful with funding , answered all questions I had with process and what to expect, very pleased so far with the treatment receiving,
Overall working with Sal was a great help!, Give him a big raise!
If you are looking for funding for your business, look no further. I worked with Scott Giavarini and Matt Amrod and they both went the extra mile to get the funding I needed for my business. We weren't the typical case for them and they still went to bat for us to get the deal done. They are patient, courteous, quick and the utmost professional people to work with. Highly recommended!
Our Account Executive, Sal Ottomanelli, made this process very easy. He communicated the process clearly and walked us through step-by-step. There were no surprises because our expectations were clearly set from the beginning.
My sister and I have spent two months looking for someone to help connect us to the capital or loan we needed to pay off sale's tax, and I thought we were never going to find the assistance we desperately needed. Most agents or representatives we talked to said it would be no problem and that we would have the funds we needed in a matter of days. Time and again they ended up calling back to say they couldn't get us what we needed, and we were tired of false promises and hearing the same thing from everyone we contacted. At first, I thought we were going to hear the same thing from Nick, but when he said he would do his best to get us a loan, he made good on his word and was truthful about our chances as well as prompt about correspondence and forthright about the terms we could expect in our situation. We came prepared to make steep payments and we expected any capital coming our way to have an agressive repayment plan, but it was refreshing for a capital lending representative to also admit that and still try to do what he could to negotiate in our favor and find us enough capital for the agreement to be worth the trouble. What I appreciated the most was his candid yet professional attitude and his dedication to getting us what we needed when it probably would have been easier to just tell us once again that we didn't quite meet the lending qualifications so that he could pursue an easier customer with better options. Thank you, Nick, for not dropping us for an easier customer with better credit. It made all the difference and it's going to keep our cafe in business. Cait and Add, Columbia Cafe
The whole process of obtaining funding for my business was very professional right from the first contact. Both Steve and Kevin made this experience very smooth and easy.
I own a multimillion dollar business and built my company up alone using our family money to keep it alive but my health problems and chronic disease has kept my personal credit low a sacrifice I made to have a job for my family because I am unemployable in the open market. This last month my company again grew to fast for my cash flow I would have lost everything if it was not for Chad and his kind heart and gentle words and his ability to talk me through the process of getting money with Merchant Cash and Capital, Chad made it so very easy he was available to answer my questions help me fill out the forms help me scan them explain the forms just be their for a kind listening ear when I had second thoughts! Its been 2 weeks since the funds went into my account and I have never been happier its like God sent Chad to help me with my business needs just at the exact time I needed him. Actually I opened a letter at my work that said do you need 100,000 and do you have good business credit but poor personal credit? that was speaking to me! I am so glad I followed through with Chad and Ryan and everyone that came and helped with this process. The company is real it is professional it puts real money into your bank account in a number of days and yes you do pay them back but is sure is a blessing to be able to have the working capital you need fast to grow your business exactly when you need it....Thank you again Chad you saved my business and changed my life! I am so thankful you are a blessing my angle that came at the perfect time.........Good things do happen when you ask....And take action ...I would do this again in a heartbeat this is a great program!
Next Level was very helpful with the entire transaction. Very kind people!!!