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NHcash Online Loan Reviews

You were very helpful providing me with funds when I needed it regardless of my credit score I will recommend you to anyone in need thanks
I love how fast they where and the easy application.
NH Cash has helped me out 3 times great customer service the only thing i do not like is the high interest rates and over the top service fees. It is good if you need the cash in a pinch. i wish the interest rates would go down. 1 - 10 customer service =9 interest = 2
NHCash charged 36%. $200 loan + $100 setup fee with $50 monthly payments. After eight months our total account balance was $337. We paid $400 (plus a couple of $40 late fees) and the loan *went up*. And when we went to settle the account out right, we were charged a 10% early payoff fee. I told them over the phone that it was predatory and illegal and the rep said, effectively, so what? We paid, after 8 months, nearly $800 (four times the loan requested). That equates to actually 500% annual added interest. And they did not even bat an eye. Oh, and only 2.5% of the payments went to the principal amount of $200 (or about $1.25 a month)
I never received any funds from this company. I would like to have this account discontinued.
It would be a lot easier and less time consuming if their were more companies like this
I dont know what to say
Great place. Low monthly payments.
Gave me a chance! Quick payment and repayment is affordable!
You were the only one that would give me a loan .I want to Thank you
I got the money literally overnight so that was great because I needed it the very next day.
I was in dire need of a small amount of quick cash and your company came through for me when others did not. I'm looking forward to paying this off fast and hopefully they'll be no issues. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
Very easy application process and quick with depositing funds
They came through when I needed them the most.
Easy process and reasonable payback terms
Great help.....
Trying to make ends meet in this economy we live in can be challenging at times. We have all been at a point were we need help financially, and that's were NHCash steps in. Fast application, instant approval, and funds practily overnight. Their customer service is outstanding, helpful, and never once make you feel embarrassed or ashamed of having to ask for help. I would recommend this service to any and all who need a little extra cash in an instant. Thank you NHCASH!
I would recommend this company to all my friends. When I needed help the most they were there
The process was fast and money was there in a hurry. Thanks
Easy app to complete and very friendly and professional employees. I would highly recommend nhcash to anyone in need of a loan. Thank you NHcash
Very secure and quick Excellent company
I had a difficult time with application, customer service was very helpful. Money deliverd as promised, in a timely fashion. Thankyou!
Applied on June 13th and was told I would hear back shortly for an approval. It took them 8 DAYS to tell me I wasn't approved after several calls, emails, and follow ups. I would've paid back the loan in no time, just needed to pay a medical bill. If you're looking for a fast, efficient, and safe loan company; I would not work with them. Now, that I'm looking at the amount of interest that they charged I'm so thankful I didn't get approved. I just got approved for cashnetusa and I'll be working with them. God is good, and karma will come to this company. 8 LONG DAYS wasted, warning future customers.
To many people involved! It's confusing
They don't answer there emails and they don't give u a very detailed explanation of your loan.
New customers are limited to a certain amount. I reached out to these people because I needed a certain amount funds but I was limited to 250.00 plus a origination fee of more than half of the loan 100.00.
No problem to this day. I received my money when they said I would and payed it off with in 25 days to avoid the interest/finance charge. If you use it responsibly then it is worth it and can help in time of need. Thanks NH cash
good loan system
very simple process.
Although I got approved for the loan I needed . I didn't receive it and was told that I was going to be responsible for the loan. I also had Volunteer to get my bank info and send it with my picture Id and social security card they had denied that information and I'm still stuck in the whole that I was in
Over all it was very easy to do, however when they are reviewing everything in your credit, instead of calling and confirming anything (amount needed, approval etc) they just put it in your account. As well, my account was charged twice when checking to see if it was active. So, good but questionable.
Apply one day and receive the next
The customer service was excellent. My money was in my account early the next business day. Great job!
Right on time.. This is no fraud
They were awesome to work with!
Very nice and efficient
One of the nicest part of my day extremely helpful and put my mind at ease. Great options available. Amazing
Very easy company to do business with
I needed a small loan to take care of a few things and NHcash was there to help.
It was great thanks for your help
They are awesome and I hope to use them more in the future.
It was easy hassle free and the customer service was great
I was pleased to know i didnt have to go thru alot of lenders ,thank you
Best experience I have ever had and simple I highly recommend this company
Application process was easy and was deposited fast!
Great for emergency
Quick fast service and response
It was a process and I didn't get the money I request but I did receive something. I was grateful for what I did get considering my credit score. They took a chance on me when I really need the money.....Thanks again
They did what they said they would do. Great service
It was a quick and easy application process
They were accurate, fast and thorough. So far I have not one complaint. All contact has been positive and speedy. Thank You NHCash. Apleased customer.
I really think this is a good company who will help you get your credit back on track.
This company is truly a blessing and I do recommend them to anyone in need of financial problems should they occur. I know me and my family are very grateful for their services and hospitality.
They were there when I needed help . The process was easy simple and fast.
Easy process no problems
They said there would be a yearly fee which I was assuming was the 100 dollars. No where did I see that an annual fee would be 500 dollars. And they said my payment was 25.25 and the next month it went up to 73 dollars.
Nhcash is great. It's fast and easy. I had money within 2 days of my application process. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Thanks nhcash
I'm having problems with the funds get into my account I've been waiting for the 12 it is the 15th to not have the money in myAccount
Hard to give them a fair rating . I got a 475 dollar loan which was supposed to be funded on 06022017 . I called on that day asking where funding was . I was told it was a computer error and IT was working on it. They were unable to tell me when funding will be. Yet my account says I owe 575 , Good business would be they refund the 100 origination fee.
NHcash has been there for me in the past for recently in an emergency. They always come through and I'm very thankful.
It was really fast
I needed cash fast applied with NHcash and i was approved witin 15mins.
Transaction was fast and money came the next morning. Thank you
When opening up and putting your information out there if you have questions. I think they should be addressed right then and not. If we have any question we will email you.
NHcash done dveruthing they said they would, they were very efficient and consistent.
great experience Get the help you need fast and easy thanks to NHcash
I am happy so far with the service.
It has been good the only thing I have a problem with is that I have asked for help threw emails an on the phone many of t in me to set up my account on line and I have got no where
Money was supposed to be depo in my account on monday 2nd of may and it Wednesday the 4th of may and NO money!! Not happy
It was easy and the money was in the bank the next day as promised
Very fast and communication was great I would them again money was in bank the next day
easy app....fast turnaround
Still trying to access my account
Process was fast they even called me to see if I had any additional questions after they emailed me. Sent my information in the mailbox with my payments got the cash I needed the next day!! Very happy with they business
Only got approved for $200 wen I make more than that
It was quick and easy and I'm going to stay with them.
Very easy to apply and quick
I am very impressed by NH Cash efficiency and promptness. I am very thankful to them for processing my application in such a timely manner. Kudos to them!
Other lender's had turned me down because of my bad credit nh cash made my payments low and i was able to get out of a tight financial jam
Waiting for my first draw-down of funds.
Kinda crappy
They were fast and honest and helped would no one else would!
got my son brad Elliott to take a loan from you
Quick response, great service!!
Great customer service along with great communication I would recommend this company to everyone i know!
Was expecting to get a larger line of credit
Great customer service, they were fast and available to assist with any questions
Easy application, very quick turnaround. Highly recommended!
They have helped me out tremendously.
This was my first time using NHcash now and I was amazed at how easy the transaction went. They were quick to respond and process the loan and were ture to their word when I would receive the funds. Would recommend them to anybody who needs a quick and easy loan!
Great service and they are very fast
Best loan place thus far
Great staff,very helpful
I give NH cash 5 stars cause when i was in a bind they helped
Everything was easy and funding was prompt.
I am very happy with your service and would recommend this company to anyone.
So far so good. Got approved quickly and the money put into my account early in the date they said!
This was a super quick process. I had what I need in less than 24 hours. No hassles!
No problem navigating the site. Quick response to my application. Money deposited on time.