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Excellent customer service. Everything is explained up front which I appreciated. No hidden fees. Received funds right away.
When I was facing financial hardship and had no one else to turn to Oasis was there for me and I am forever grateful. Thank you so much Oasis,you're a God send.
Just saying thank you Oasis for that fast help in my need of help good job
Thank you very much for sending me some of the money. I could use more but it sure helped.
It came just when I needed it to ..... Thank you
Very quick and speedy process. Everyone was polite and professional. Only thing is that I wish they told you fees up front that way I could of got all the money I needed. Great place. I would recommend to anybody ready to settle.
I appreciated the fact that I had really disturbing issues with need of a bill paid food and u guys came through even though i am still working on things it was a very big help the Hank u
I received one loan and requested another I can't work I can't even go to CdL training bc they consider that work I'm crazy broke and I asked for additional funds 2 weeks ago and they never called me after the 1st week I called they said it was under review and they would get back with me and the 2nd week I called them and they said that I was denied. I'm upset not only bc of the money but bc she said they were supposed to email or text me their response and I never got any of them. I'm in the process of having some other company buy out this one. A company that will inform me of whats happening
Very fast response. .love it
Oasis is wonderful they was there i my time of need. If you help please go to them..easy and fast...
I was looking for $700 and only got $462
Oasis is definitely here to help & very effective on getting you the assistance you need.
They worked for me at a time i really needed it...JUST AWSOME....
Money was fast and easy to get
Oasis Thank you So very much yes I have been able to fix my vehicle, and the remaining money has been my survival money for necessities. The only Problem I ran in to was the Check took Over 2 weeks to Process other than that everything and everyone at Oasis Was Exceptional!!
It really helps me tremendously
Everyone at Oasis was very helpful. I needes help with getting my Rent and utilities paid, and oasis was there to help.. Thankyou
they were very fast, curtious, and professional. they whole process took only a few hours and i was done .
Yes it was a big help to me and my family. I was able to catch up on bills. Thanks for your help
Thank you oasis
Wasnt happy at all! Was told i could get another loan through you guys then told i couldnt.i never go through you guys ever!!!
Great help, glad they are here and willing to loan me money.
I called on O they were there less than 24 hrs. Thks
I was in a car accident in May, although the 500 dollars helped me with my bills in the beginning of October, my request for 5000 dollars was so I can pay the bills for three or four months in advance. I am going through hard times while i am waiting on my settlement and unable to work due to my injuries. I reapplied for another pre-settlement loan for 5000 dollars and i still have not heard anything for oasis financial.
Needed more money and didn’t get it and about to lose our apartment cause we don’t have money to pay rent
Helped during at hard time! Quick and easy
I would recommend this company to anyone fast easy and Fair
I am eternally grateful to Oasis for helping me in my time of need. I’m a single mother and not working during my time has been difficult but the bills don’t stop. I sincerely appreciate it!
It was a good experience. The process was quick, easy and convenient. I would recommend this company to others.
Amazing! I got approved fast, and got my loan in two days. The only thing I didn’t like was I had to pay to get it direct deposit.
I would NOT recommend them to anyone. Your case can be ongoing for 6 months plus and Oasis will only fund you once and you can't borrow more than $1000...i would highly recommend Nova if you need funds and have a open lawsuit
Thank you Oasis
Thanks so much for the help it helped a lot
Very efficien
Awesome Team
I called Oasis for a settlement loan, after 3 weeks I was frustrated. My attorney said he had heard nothing from them. When I had finally had enough I cancelled, but they continued to call me and several different people were sending me emails. I was kicked out of where I lived, and was about to lose my car. I eventually had no choice but to go with a way less loan, than what I asked for. I had to have money to get another place so I signed the paperwork, but in order to get it quickly, I had to go with Western Union, which they withheld the $149.00 fee from it. If my case is not settled before May the fees will be what they loaned me, but what do you do when your living out of your car and no money to get to all the appointments I have to go to. Feels like no one really cared about me just my money.
I had a pleasant experience with oasis
Xlant service, same day I faxed in simple application I had money next day. Good people who care n does what they say. Tku very much. U can b trusted
Company is excellent responds quickly
Very helpful I could of been without lights and Al so it helps so much
I'm very happy with the service I received and they did make me well aware if there's any further assistance I need that they would be there for me
I really liked the way they handled the whole process
I'm grateful for you thank you
Money was on time but not what i needed and have to pay back triple
Help me with rent being paid while being off work thank you so much.
I appreciate the help and kindness of all involved.
My experience was pleasant, worry-free and hassle-free. I would recommend your services. Thank you.
Would definitely recommend
Will need ya in the future
Fast and courteous...
Thanks for the help ot got me out of a bind.
I just wish I would’ve got my requested amount. What I got still helped a little.
My honest opinion: I am off work completely with $0 income because I cannot work. My average bills per month range under $1700.00. I asked for $4k-10k for two reasons. 1. I have been off work now two months and 2. Because I am also without a vehicle. I was approved for $1140.00. That don’t even help with a part of one month of being off work. Just not satisfied had I know I would get low balled I would never have choose your company.
I would recommend to anyone that is stressed out as I have been. I would have been sol if they hadn't assisted me with my request,fast and professional.very attenative to my needs,concerns. THANK YOU SINCERELY
I never Receive my email confirmation with the wire transfer number I had to call and get it from a representative was waiting for two days for the email
Oasis Financial... Very fast friendly efficient service. Oasis Financial really was there to help when I was in need. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up.
Love it your a blessing from God
It weren't for Oasis I would have lost my house. Other lenders were willing to help but the interest was too high or they could only loan me part of what I needed. Thank you Oasis. I would recommend you to anyone.
They got me the cash in a timely manner.
I had a very positive experience with everyone at Oasis. Every time I had a question or had to contact them for some reason, the associate was very helpful.
The timing and paperwork was off.
They were fast and friendly had my money with in a day after we got everything done.
I dealt with Oasis 2 times before this case,funded me, no problems,The 3rd time denied me!No customer loyalty.took 4Days to be denied,Oasis has no idea How it feels to tell your Family dont worry about Christmas,we're ok.Facing eviction.I am a two job Working single father. Oasis failed me when i was hurt and I had to let my family Down,due to injury. Oasis made alot of money off me in The past.Probably never again
This was the best way for me to get my money and quickly I trust your company so everyone will.
They got me my money fast when I needed it helped out alot.
Fast and easy helped get my car fix it was a blessing
I was having some financial difficulties and oasis really saved the day. It was easy to apply, everything was done right online. Thank you Oasis Financial for a quick and easy process.
Every body was super nice and Polite Patiently and Concerned very helpful
Yes I was very impressed with the service that Oasis gave me, thanks for your help!!!
Great! I applied and received my cash the same day.
They were very nice and even though I chose to get check mailed I received very quickly. They were very helpful and great customer service. Also very easy to work with
It was the easiest and most professional I have ever dealt with honestly.. I really appreciate it
Oasis helped me very quickly, hassle free, and it only took hours. Thank you!
They sent it through
Good company thanks again for your wonderful work.
I had nothing but a horrible experience with trying to get my loan. It is too much to txt. But believe me I had to repeat my story to each person I hot tranfurred to for two days str8.. Most horrible experience ever...
Bounced around reps telling me different things just horrible
Easy to use, friendly, no hassle. Good overall experience.
Very helpful and extremely fast
I needed money for an emergency and have been out of work still waiting on my settlement and they had the money I needed that day within 4-5 hrs. Highly recommend if you are in need of some money.
Thanks for your speedy service & it was very helpful for my needs.
i did not get what ask for and tried to apply another was denied never got a explanation on why it wasnt accepted
The service was wonderful
They where fast and good
The fees are high.. An they only give out small loans.. My money was suppose 2 be direct deposit an i had 2 go 2 western union.. An they over charged me..
I didnt get the cash I needed but the little I did get helped catch up on bills.
excellent customer service and quick process
Nice, friendly, an very helpful.. Ill recommend to family an friends..
I was happy with the very professional way things were handled,and would definitely use Oasis again.
I got my money ASAP. I didn't have to wait long & got approved for more than I had asked for
It was a great experience and would use them again.
Great Program I’m happy that I gotten help from y’all
Oasis is amazing got cash quick and was able to pay rent, bills on time and had extra for misc things. Thank you Oasis.
Thanking God for Oasis PERIOD!
It was effective and efficient as far as
Robert was a great representative for your company. He was very respectful and called me to make sure what was going on. Thank you very much you took a lot of stress off of me.
Thank you for working with me on this advance. Communication was very good. Im grateful because it came at a real hard time in my life.
Grate to company as amount needed was 500 less approved, but this is such a blessing to my life right now. I would refer them to anyone!
For the first time the staff was very informative.
I was on a timeframe and needed my money by a certain time. They did what they said they would do and had my money to me and on time. Awesome customer service. Jessica Sudol was a main player, she made it all happen. Thanks Jessica.