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I love On Deck! I've been using them for over a year now. The best part is my loan advisor Anastasia. She has helped me out tremendously and I can't thank her enough. Anastasia was helpful and very professional and is a big part of my companies growth. I would highly recommend On Deck!
Sarah F. with OnDeck is the greatest! She makes the funding experience go smooth and efficient. I would recommend OnDeck to any business that is looking for quality service and fast and professional results! Mary H
On Deck is always dependable and extremely fast! This is my third loan and Rachel McDowell is always willing to help out in anyway she can. Rachel is quick responding and makes every loan process easy!
Very fast and very easy to work with
OnDeck and Sara Fiden have been an asset to my small business and a pleasure to work with. I’ve done business with OnDeck numerous times and plan on continuing to grow with them. Sara has always treated my company and my needs with professionalism, honesty and informed me of numerous options available to me that best fits our budget and timelines. Thank you OnDeck and special thanks to Sara Fiden.
I have been working with Rachel McDowell at OnDeck for a few years now. She has been wonderful to work with and is very professional. Everything is always completed in a timely manner.
My initial experience with OnDeck was not the best, nor felt it met my business model for financing. They have EVOLVED. Lines of credit that allow for shorter payments without penalty drew us back to OnDeck, and mended a relationship we had not looked to revisit. Applications are easy and payment structures transparent. Our account representative Anastasia Petrovek was readily available and worked diligently to mend our broken relationship and inform us of newly provided services. Happy we were able to find a interdependent relationship with this company.
My advice, consolidate with OnDeck and say goodbye to the "bottom dweller" lenders.
We have always had a great experience with Darcy Lock and On Deck. I highly recommend them for your financing.needs. Darcy makes the process easy and professional.
When you need capital, waiting on lender decisions and never-ending documentation is the last thing you need to add to the list of business uncertainties. It is a great comfort to know that I only need to send a quick email to Darcy with the loan amount and repayment timeline and I will have a funding timeline within a few hours. In our case, renewals have been virtually automatic - we pick from 2 or 3 alternatives that best meet our needs and the funds are wired as soon as we confirm! Time is money – don’t waste it on your 9-5 banker.
My company has used OnDeck for a few years now. With growth comes new needs and OnDeck was able to meet and exceed our needs.Great people to work with. Dana was very helpful and not pushy. Love some of the new programs that OnDeck has come out with. I look forward to a long relationship. Thanks again to Dana.
Dana is a very dedicated and honest person that I have work with. She is completly wonderful . I would refer OnDeck to everyone...
We applied with this company for a small loan to assist in our expansion. They had us jumping though hoops to get qualified. We had plenty of funds in the account to prove we received funding regularly, provided copies of checks, bank verification letter. We also provided a tax return showing adequate funding. The business owner is very conscience of who she provides her financial information to due to severe fraud in the past, she takes serious precautions when it comes to her business. Firsr, Ondeck tried to say the business should have their own tax return. We explained that since the owner is a sole proprietor and the business was an LLC, she filed a schedule C. The underwriter didn't know that. We provided a preview only voided check, that we provide anyone who needs a voided check ( no issues ever before)" they wanted verification from the bank. They wanted the articles of incorporation, we provided that.They did notice that the social on one of the tax returns was off a digit( The IRS didn't even notice that). So, as a result, they didn't feel comfortable giving the loan. What a waste of time and effort. Wished they would have just said no in the first place.
Working with OnDeck is easy. Nathan Mockaitas is the best!
We have worked with Adam ever since we knew about OnDeck. The company knows how to help its customers and Adam knows how to help, as well. We are highly satisfied with both OnDeck and Adam. Of course we would recommend OnDeck foryour business needs.
OnDeck gave me a lot of confidence in making the decision to ask for a loan to buy equipment for my business. The interests are very reasonable, but the most important thing for me was the professionalism of the staff. I refer to Desire who was very patient and explicit in solving my doubts and queries very clearly. The Approval was faster than I thought. It is my first time doing loan work and my experience with OnDeck has been very favorable. So I would not hesitated to recommend them.
This is a company that has its s tuff together and Anastasia is hyper competent. No time wasted - immediate results. Outstanding experience!
Kyle B, I have had a relationship with him for 4 years. never a problem and very proactive.
My experience with OnDeck was seamless, I was provided funding in less than 24 hours after approval and the process could not have been easier to accomplish.
Very quick and smooth loan process. Brian made everything easy and answered all of my questions in a precise and professional manner. Highly recommend doing business with them.
Charlene was awesome and easy to deal with! Made the process simple and quick.
I was very skeptical at first because they called me; but I was quickly assured by Davis and pointed to a website where I could review OnDeck. My account manager worked very quickly and was very professional and helpful. He was able to secure funding in less than 4 days. I am excited to know that I can grow my business with this boost in funding.
Great company, fast easy service
Sean was very professional and great to work with. He was very knowledgeable and prompt when responding.
Ondeck financed my business when others turned me down. The construction business can be difficult to find willing finance partners, Ondeck stepped up to help.
Great company to do business with. Very professional staff.
Darcy is amazing - always takes care of the needs I'm having and is a pleasure to visit with.
Patrick was so helpful and beneficial in the loan process the loan came at just the right time I was at a road block with renovation to my new business location and working capital.I'm forever greatful and thankful.
I am extremely satisfied with the service and help that this company has provided for me. They are efficient, diligent and very professional. Thank you very much for all your help.
I can't say enough good things. We got the initial approval fast! Paul was excellent and got us the funds we needed and then some! Glad to become a member of the OnDeck family.
They were professional and efficient.
I cant thank ANKIT from on deck enough , what a great experience and incredible interest rates. I whole process took about 2 hours. and my line of credit was open, he explained in detail everything to me. I recommend them to anyone looking to expand there business. thanks again ANKIT. Thomas Connor.
I have been working with Dillon Kraus for over 3 years. OnDeck has given me funding when banks wouldn't - only open a year - at a fair interest rate considering these are unsecured loans. Now that I COULD get a line of credit, I've chosen to open a line of credit with OnDeck. Cash when I need it, no hassles, great interest rate - what more could you ask?
Super fast and easy!
I have been working with Rachel for 4 years. She has gone above and beyond to assist me. I highly recommend On Deck for business funding.
Our OnDeck loan experience was as it should have been when a small business apples for a loan...professionally handled, very informative and with awesome customer service all the way to completion. We initially contacted OnDeck almost a year ago, was qualified quickly but really didn't need a loan at that time. However recently with our credit being much better, we were approached by all kinds of loan opportunities in which my advice is to you all is...BE AWARE & ASK MANY QUESTIONS! Well, those questions were directed back to OnDeck where we were already comfortable talking to and we're soooo glad we did and just in time. The other loan company was going to give us a huge amount of money but pretty much lock down our entire lives until it was totally paid off with no other options. In speaking with "Justin" our Rep, he totally explained why they were loaning us that amount and we had to weigh our options and make a choice now that we were fully aware of the scheme behind it all. Well, it didn't take us long although the OnDeck loan amount was much smaller...we can sleep at night knowing that we will be able to go right back to OnDeck for future lending EVEN BEFORE OUR INITIAL LOAN IS PAID-IN-FULL!! WHO DOES THAT NOWADAYS? Well, OnDeck does that! We as small businesses need a safe loan arsenal so that we can focus on keeping what we have built, growing our business and moving ahead in the future. We love OnDeck! Thanks to the OnDeck Team especially "Justin Friedman" as he got to hear our fears in person and I think he handled our stressful situation very rapidly, honestly and with high integrity. That alone carries more value than the loan itself. Trust! With that being said....Don't jump overboard in your loan frustration...get OnDeck with us! You won't regret the decision! The Owner of Bay Seafood South Hill, VA
Anastasia at OnDeck is a fabulous communicator and gets loans approved at a rapid fire pace. OnDeck is the best way to go in terms of very fast working capital for small businesses. This type of loan does not come from a better company.
I've worked with Chris S for several years now, and he is always very helpful and he makes the entire experience so easy.
Working with James was a pleasure, he made the application process smooth and worry free. Highly recommend OnDeck for all your business loans.
Sarah has been the most helpful agent I have ever dealt with. She answered every question and guided me through the application and process. Kudos to her!
A no hassle way for fast efficient finance
I have used OnDeck Capital for several short term loans and they deliver what they say and their process is amazingly simple. They work with you on your specific needs and reward you with better terms as you expand your business. Our rep Anastasia is a true professional who responds quickly to every contact and truly cares about making a loan work for us. Their new line of credit product is the bomb...such a great product that allows you much more flexibility and no penalty for early payback. I highly recommend their services for any growing company needed short term working capital. I am a customer for life.
Sean McW. helped out with my questions, and everything went smoothly.
Jon of ondeck was superior with explaining and processing an initial loan for me. I look forward to continued growth with the company.
Anastasia had managed my account a few times in the past and was awesome with her help and advice again today. I started the process online and she emailed AND called to assist a computer dummy like me. Super easy and funding was readily available. Anastasia is very friendly and helpful and deserves a raise!
Amanda Rodgers was extremely helpful and profoundly patient with us as we negotiated through the term loan process, that was approved and funded within days. We got funded 71% of our request, however we got a better rate with a shorter payback on the lower amount. None of this $$$ is cheap, however, we needed additional funding to take advantage of several time sensitive opportunities along with providing a cash cushion in our business that's been declined by several other online financials - "high risk industry" was the standard decline provided. Didn't faze OnDeck/Amanda Rodgers... looking to fund new industry types. Very positive experience over all.
Dana at On Deck was extremely helpful Throughout the whole process would recommend her and On Deck to any seeking working Capital. Thank You Dana and On Deck
Dana with Ondeck is amazing. We have used Ondeck several times and every time Dana makes the process fast and simple
We have been in business for just over 1 year and with Amanda's help we were able to secure the capital we needed to help our growing business. We are very glad we chose OnDeck!
Amazing customer service and people who genuinely want to help! Thanks Sean for making the process so easy!!! A++
Sarah Friden is the bomb to work with. This is my four year and fifth account with her. Each time, she had me approved and ready to go in less than a day! She's the best! If you're considering a loan or a line of credit through OnDeck, I highly recommend you call and ask for her.
Thanks James! It was a pleasure working with you and your company. I have used Quickbooks for years and your company’s relationship with Intuit was how we learned about your services. We look forward to working with you as our business grows. Regards! Rick
We are a small company that started in business in 2011. Over the last 5 years we have grown faster than the cash flow could keep up with. We started looking for funding about 3 months ago and decided to go with OnDeck after looking at all the rates and programs everyone had. We were funded after a short application process that we very easy. I would recommend Avery and this team for any one looking for funding your short term needs.
I've had a great experience working with Ana, Wesley and Maria from OnDeck since March 2016 on both a Line of Credit and Term Loan. I initially looked at a couple of different funding sources to grow our business. My personal credit was not perfect as I had filed Ch 7 in 2010 due to a divorce that left me with nothing as I restarted my life. Our business revenue was strong and needed some additional funds to grow, but we couldn't get approved at the local bank. Yes, the cost of capital is high with any alternative funding source, but sometimes that is the price you pay. Once I passed the initial interview and provided all the paperwork (which does take some time to gather, but it is not that big of a deal), the process was seamless. Maria explained the difference between the Line of Credit and Term Loan and we decided to go with the Line of Credit. We added the Term Loan in May 2016 with Wesley who was excellent with working with us while we were traveling out of the country. Since then, I've worked with Ana on both the Term Loan and Line of Credit and she is awesome. Always quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and can either answer my questions or point me in the right direction for answers. She lets me know when I'm available for additional funding and walks me through the process to make sure it all goes smoothly. If you are looking for an alternative funding, your personal credit is not perfect and your business revenue is strong, go to OnDeck and ask for Ana!
Professional , great costumer service, easy to get business loan
The process was easy and efficient. The customer service---I had Danny as facilitator---was excellent. The funding was fast.
On deck has the best service for small businesses as well as the loan application process.
Easy, fast and professional service every time. Taylor B listens to your needs and comes up with creative solutions to help your business grow.
When I needed additional funding for inventory I was paired with Emily who was patient and helpful in the process . Thanks for giving my small business a boost when it needed it . Emily is a great member of your team. All 4 $3$2$1
Christopher has been great working with. OnDeck has helped my business grow and I would recommend OnDeck to any small business!!!!
Darcy is extremely professional. She has assisted me in securing the funds needed to expand my successful business. I enjoy working with her because she is very efficient and timely with my requests. She in my opinion is a valuable Account Manager and Team Leader.
Alexander has helped us with several loans and a line of credit, overtime things are handled professionally and we like how fast and easy the process is. We highly recommend Alex.
Katie was exceptional! Would recommend Ondeck to any small business owner with limited time to look for financing! Easy to apply, quick response time to let me know I was eligible for funds , ands funds were dispersed within 24 hours! Thanks again Katie!!!
The application process was a breeze and Carl Papaianni, my contact person, was very helpful and made the whole process go very smoothly. Funding was quick!
great service all around by Adem
Thank you for opportunity to grow my business. The decision was quick and easy .
Easy, convenient and trustworthy!
Running a small business means even though you are profitting you need working capital and most of bank systems take and waste time for business owners.Ondeck was developed to give people like us stress free funding to keep our business going.We have used ondeck more than 3 times already we thank them for giving us a chance.
We are a small business that needed funding fast to handle the growth we are experiencing. It could not have been any faster or easier than On Deck. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing funds to grow or just help with cash flow issues.
The application process was very easy and straight forward. Had to send in a small amount of information and received a decision on my application within about a day. Loan terms were good, and loan was completed immediately. Customer service was great, and user experience with their website is easy to manage. Overall, the customer service reps are friendly, and try to work with you the best they can, great product, and great alternative to big banks for small businesses.
Ankit was was clear and articulate and helped guide me effortlessly through the checkout process!
I called ondeck last week and i was approved the day later and funded 2 days later. My representive was Tyler he w as the best and any questions i had he answered them. He was straight up and did not shoot any curbs. The process wass quick and easy. Please anyone leave those Merchant advances alone it is highway robbery.
Jillian was very professional in her follow ups and never pushy. I feel it gave her great personal satisfaction knowing she truly helped me at a time when my company needed a boost. Never once did I feel pressured nor was i made to feel like i wasnt a good business owner. Ondeck understands businesses go through hard times. The program is very fair and if you use it wisely and follow their advice and programs, you'll get even more funding. This is a GOOD thing for your business. I'm grateful!
Brittany was very informative and gave me great options for my loan. She was always available throughout my process.
tks to OnDeck , our Business got cash flow to hire more people and buy software for engineering, hope near future , Ondeck will see we r reliable Company & will supply our Company with full funding.
Brittany is awesome in her ability to communicate and expedite loans. Thank you Brittany !!!
I have worked with Ana for over a year, and I can truly say her employment with On-Deck is paying dividends to the company and to my company. You could never find one who strives to assure you that there is a light of hope in the world of finance. Truly, her footprints on my company’s ledgers are there because of her can-do enthusiasm. Those that have not given On-Deck and employees as Ana a chance should not be qualified to judge until they have experienced the enlightening pleasures of having a fortune in their bank account from On-Deck, aided through employee as Ana.. … Since I started with Ana and On-Deck, I received many calls and mails (U.S. and emails) from other lenders, almost daily. However, my business belongs to just one company (On-Deck) and the Atta-girl goes Ana. Thanks-you guys.
I cannot express how much I appreciate your company. The timing was perfect. Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!!!
John and his team work with me to get the type on loan I needed for my Business. Great experience
Great person that I spoke to alex, such a nice guy who helps me a lot, I felt confortable talking to him and everything went fast with the system, thanks OnDeck and their group.
I recommend on deck to anyone
This is an easy way to get quick cash or if you are just getting started and need to build credit. Or if your credit isn't so good it's a great way to work on getting it back up. I need to buy some equipment and this was the best way to pay it off quicker and work on getting more equipment as I go.
After shopping around for a credit line with several other providers no one else could match OnDeck's rate. The process was relatively straightforward and Scott worked diligently and as quickly as possible both by phone and email to make sure the underwriters had everything they needed. I would definitely would recommend OnDeck to anyone looking for credit line. James Compass Imports LLC
The title says it all. That's how it is when you do business with On Deck and with loan specialist Rachel M. Rachel treats you like you are important to her, she listens to your needs and helps to fulfill them. I have been doing business with them for many, many years now and I don't ever see my business using any other loan company, ever. I highly recommend On Deck for all of your business funding needs. Bryan Russell Duffy's Auto Service
Honestly I have never dealt with better people than On Deck. It was easy and handled so quickly! They are the BEST!!!!!!
Thanks for everything.
Great service and very helpful!
It's always a pleasure to work with Dana at OnDeck!! My experience, for the most part, has been great.
Hadn't heard back from my e-mail to the company but once I hooked up with Kyle S. through the chat feature - it was smooth sailing. She was communicative and sped us through the process. She was great!
On Deck is wonderful to work with and has been a valuable asset to our small business. The application process is quick and the renewal process quicker! Ana is wonderful to work with and is quick, efficient, and informative. Thank you On Deck and Ana!
The process to enroll was very easy. The staff was very helpful and easy to deal with. The mobile app is super easy to use and the process to get funds and make payments is seamless.
Without On Deck I would probably be closed by now.... It gives me extra cushion when I need it...,It is so fast and easy it just amazes me....It allows me to keep my vendors happy..
I truly appreciate the personal attention I have received and the opportunity to review future options to work with your company
Made a way out of no way!
I’ve never had someone actually want to help me with my business needs, until I met Dane Larsen with ondeck! He walked me through the whole process and the turnaround time was faster than ever. They set me up with my own account and they’re also going to work on helping me with building my business credit. Thanks again, Dane Larsen and I’ll be referring you to as many people as I can. Kelby Michael Miksch
I have been with OnDeck for 6 months because of the funding I received from them my company has seen a lot of growth. My original loan was handled by Charlene, she was great, answered lots of questions I had and made me feel comfortable. Within 3 months of the initial loan my cash flow doubled! I was ready to renew and get access to more capital to really ramp up even more and Chris made the process fast and easy! Chris helped me to understand the process for the second loan, how it would work, and made it super quick and easy! I'm now funded and its less than two days. Because it was my second loan I had better terms than the first time and much more capital to work with. I would definitely recommend OnDeck to any small business owner who need capital to grow their business. The process is fast and easy without a lot of paperwork and hassles like tradition lending institutions. Sincerely, Pierre
Thank you to Anthony M. for your help! He is always a pleasure to work with!
I always have a great and easy experience with Dana. She is there for all of our Business needs and we love Working with her and On Deck.