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I already filled one of these out but I do want a lawyer to contact me. I filled out a form to get information online about payday loans. This was on 8/28, after a few places called I decided this was a bad idea. I never talked to anyone from One Click nor had I ever heard of them until they deposited money into my checking account. I never saw nor agreed to any terms. I never signed anything physically or electronically. They accessed my bank account without my knowledge and permission.

I took a $300.00 loan from One Click Cash in February 2012. They began to deduct $90.00 every month from my account. I checked my account and realized that instead of $90.00, they deducted $140.00. I contacted the company and was told that they are going to deduct $125.00 every month until January 3, 2013 which would be a total of $1,215.00 accounting payments. They get a $915.00 profit on a $300.00 loan - that’s **.

I received $200.00 in my checking account from OneClickCash even though I never filled out an application with them or signed any agreement. Never saw any paperwork regarding a payment schedule. They then continued to take money out of my account every two weeks. I have since put a stop payment on them after I added up the payments I had made to them and they were well over $200. Now I have requested to see the documents that they say I signed. We will see if I get them.

Like a lot of others I saw on here, I got a payday loan from them. The documents were very difficult to understand, how this works and the people I talked to explained things incorrectly. I was told I would get the loan and would have the payments deducted from my account monthly. If I wanted to renew I would have to let them know before my monthly payment was due and pay $55.00. I was having $105.00 deducted every month, which I thought was paying back the loan. After 5 payments, which should have paid off the balance, I phoned to verify and was told that I had only been paying the amount to renew and I had not paid anything towards the balance of the loan yet. One Click Cash rips you off and takes advantage of people by being misleading and having documents that are not understandable.

I did ask for a loan of $400, they have taken $ 240 from my account and now they say that I owe them $ 685. I called to ask for a number where I could pay off the amount and they could not provide that number. This company is a scam, they don't provide any number and then they say that they have a law suite against you. This is ridiculous. They are scamming innocent people.

I don't recall even applying for this loan from this company. I did try to get a loan from another company two months ago. Now randomly, this One Click Cash company has deposited $300 into my account. I've never spoken with anyone, no emails and I'm not sure what to do since I can't seem to get a hold of anyone. Money is so tight right now and I'm afraid this is going to screw me over even more.

One Click Cash and other payday loan companies are blocked from ACH withdrawals from your bank accounts. That is why they are attempting to obtain your credit card information. They are attempting to circumvent the laws. In fact many companies have been ordered to pay restitution and barred from collecting on any unpaid loans. Payday loans are now limited to a 16% interest rate.

I applied for a loan, which I was approved for a $400.00 to be paid back bi-weekly in the total sum of $520.00. One Click Cash continued to debit my account after my checking account was debited for all payments due totaling $520.00, which caused my account to be overdrawn numerous times. After calling an 800 number, I spoke to a fella called George, who was not too nice. He then wanted me to give him another debit card number to pay an additional $50.00 and another $620.00 to bring my account up-to-date. This incident has caused me mental stress and sleepless nights being that I have been trying very hard to build up my credit so I can qualify for loans, which has to do with an excellent credit background.

I was also the victm of One Click Cash, Also known as SFS, Inc . I did not apply for a $150.00 but yet they debited close to $300.00 from my account before I had to close the account. I have filed numerous complaints with the Nebraska Attorney General, Nebraska Dept of Banking, Federal Trade Commission , FBI and others. One Click Cash ( AKA SFS, INC) is located on the Santee Sioux Nation Indian Reservation with a company address Niobrara NE 68760. SFS/ONE CLICK has claimed it has been incorporated by the Santee Nation Indian Tribe.

The Nebraska Dept of Banking issued a 'CEASE and DESIST ORDER to SFS in 2007 to cease doing business in Nebraska, but SFS thumber their nose at the order In the State of Colorado a complaint was filed by the Colorado Attorney General. Miami Nations Enterpries ( DBA Cash Advance) and SFS ( DBA Preferred Cash) and now DBA ONECLICK CASH, have claimed that their companies were tribal Entities and thus immune from law under the doctrince of tribal Sovereign immunity, which basically means they are thumbing there noses at US and State laws. The case is still on-going, and the Court has issued arrest warrants. The arrest warrants have been stayed pending appeal by the MNE and SFS.

I tried to email Tribal chairman to assist me in trying to provide info on SFS, and complaining that the actions of this company that is within his jurisdiction and control were illegal and unethical, but of course he refused to answer. I intend to contact news media sources and my members of Congress in an attempt to stop these illegal actions and I encourage all of you who have been victims to do the same. The Bureau of Indian Affairs refused to return my telephone calls.

One Click gave me a loan for $150 last year. Well, they don't tell you that you have to pay double or triple the amount back to them which is what happened and this put me into a financial mess and left me and my children hurting - that's why you take a loan, because of a hardship, but they totally sink you without a care in the world. I had a $300 loan taken back in Nov. and they are still continuing to take money out saying, "It's all in the paperwork you signed and I can tell you which page," and so on and so on. She also said, "You are to contact them online with your login name and password."

Well, I was able to login one time and no more after that saying "wrong password" - I have it emailed over and over. Still, I can't get in and this is where they get people. Then they just extended the loan adding money on because you can't reach them. Then when you do, they say, "I'm sorry you couldn't reach us." Bologna! They will be sent to the Better Business Bureau, and I will join anyone in suing or putting them out of business for good.

Approximately in December 08, I received a loan deposited into my checking account. They were to remove payments each month from there. They are still taking payments from my checking account and I think that they have been overpaid. I have been assessed fees of $35 each for an overdrawn account for several months by Suntrust.

Back at the end of December 2008, I borrowed $200 from One Click Cash. I have paid them back approximately $390 back. I've seen all the complaints that other people have written. I am going through the same things. They keep taking money out of my account just like one of the complaints. When you ask them why the loan wasn't paid back yet, they tell you that all that money in my case was four $75 payments. The other day, they said it was all interest and that I have two $110 payments left. This is highway robbery. My bank thankfully is taking certain steps to help me. The way I look at it, they can only get away with it for so long. People who are greedy and do illegal and unethical things only get away with it for so long. Any help I can get would be appreciated. I am someone who will not take this laying down and will not give up! Thank you.

I totally regret that I applied for a loan with OneClickCash back in June 2013 and as they started debiting from my account which is fine that's what I agreed to when applying for this loan but for some reason, they stopped debiting from the account and then recently, I answered one of those 800 calls. They are saying they are trying to collect $450 from me and asking me for credit number so I go, "I need to get home first so I can check on my computers," and I also go, "Well, don't you guys take them out of my account on my paydays?" And the first guy wouldn't answer me and hung up on me. Then I called back after I checked and I was able to verify that they have been taking $120 from me but then they changed their system so now they don't take them from the bank account anymore and they also told me that the $120 each month they have been taking out of my bank were all going into as finance charge for a $400 and still saying that I still owe $450.

I've never seen any loan company charge this type of interest and I am so hesitant to give them anymore of my personal information because one guy said something like they drained all his money and he has no bank account right now so I just don't know what to do at this moment because I am not able to pay this $450. Not that I agree to pay them this amount but just want to put this behind me and it was stupid of me getting a loan from this company and, oh god, the last person I talked to at customer service was so rude and such a liar too. I already admit that I was stupid that I took the loan from them and she was not only rude but accused me of something that I didn't say. She said that I need to stop saying it's their fault on everything and I said I never said that and I even asked her to play back the conversation on this phone call and she said she is not going to do that. Yeah, I wonder why.

I did not realize I would be paying $1000.00 plus back on a $500.00 loan. I closed my checking account and emailed them. I will make attempt to pay back the $500--but not $1000.00. They will have to send me an address to mail my payments to them. So far I have not received any address. Yes, an attorney can contact me as I am not clear on what to do.

One Click Cash want my credit card number. They didn't take any interest this month and are calling every day wanting everything I owe. They said because of processing issues. WTF does that mean? They already got the principal and $120 interest. WOW! They just called me again!

I borrowed $400 and was going to pay them $120 in interest, and my understanding was that they were going to take out the money in payments till the account was paid off. A representative told me that they were going to give me payments for the next 4 pay checks and that they weren't going to take it out all at once, and they took out $120 from my checking. I had called to get the balance so I could pay them off and they told me that I still owe $520. I was irate and told them that that wasn't what the representative had explained me - I was going to make payments till the balance was paid in full. I have a hardship and I'm unable to keep paying them $120 every two weeks. I just don't know what else to do. My husband was laid off and, with my income, our bills are more than what I make. How can this company be so greedy?

I borrowed $150 from this internet loan. I repaid them back at $45 per month. I made 4 payments for a total of $180, which is the total legal amount of repayment. This month they took out an electronic check for the amount of $255, which they had no authority to do. I put a stop on my bank checking account and it still went through. So now, my bank gave me a temp credit and my checking account is all messed up. I am on social security and besides the $255, the bank is charging me OD payments. According to the terms of the contract, which I reread, it says I can’t take them to court because I agreed to their terms of some kind of meeting. Does anyone know anything about how this works? Now, this has caused other checks in my account to be overdrawn. I had to close out this account and open a new one. I won’t be able to pay my bills next month if they get to keep this money, and it will put me into a hardship.

I borrowed $300 in November of 2012. I paid them $90 every 2 weeks until this month. Today, I received a call saying that I was going to be arrested on federal charges because I closed my checking account and hired an Payday Loan Attorney to pay them off. The man was rude and was yelling at me to enjoy my incarceration. After reading this blog, I see that this happens a lot in Oklahoma. To anyone seeking a payday loan, there are several good companies out there that are not there to simply rip people off. Stay away from One Click Cash; it's not worth the aggravation!

Due to an unforseen emergency I needed to borrow funds as quickly as possible. I was approved immediately for a $300.00 loan through I applied on 8/26/2008 and it took them 2 business days to deposit the funds. Per their agreement I contacted them immediately to setup payments to start paying down the loan balance. It took them 5 months to start processing the pay downs even after repeated phones calls on a bi-weekly basis. They keep telling me that they apologize and they will get it corrected in their system right away. This has yet to happen. It is now the end of November and as of 11/28/2008 I have paid the balance down $175.00 with a total in charges of $450.00. As it stands now I still owe $215.00 and was informed that they would continue to charge me $90.00 every pay period for their charges. This goes way above and beyong the $390.00 that my Loan Agreement shows that I would be repaying.

I, too am a victim of One Click Cash. I read all of your stories, CLOSE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, and write them a letter. Their contracts are not valid no matter what they say. Yes, we did borrow money, but they are not allowed to violate any law. They claim they are held to California law or any other law, but they are not. The more who complain the better.

I am broke.

I never authorized the loan. I just checked out the website, started to fill in the form, and then closed out of it. They never disclosed the information about terms or anything until I closed it out and a pop up window appeared. Thank god I did not go through with it due to the high interest rate. However, it went through.

Now, I get emails and phone calls threatening me that they are going to take further action that will cost us both a lot of time and money. I will not pay for something that I did not authorize. That is wrong. What can I do now?! Can they take my car? Garnish my paycheck? HELP!!! Consequence: Stress, threats, rudeness. They're calling my old work a least 3 to 4 times a day, and they call my home about 5 times a day.

We borrowed $400.00 and are still paying for it. They have been taking $135.00 every two weeks and still not one dime on loan. We called. They were rude. They said that that is how it works. They are thieves, scam artist, and taking people for everything. They have this happened in July and the balance has not moved. What I want to know is where is the money going besides their pockets, if not towards the loan. I thought this was supposed to help people, not take everything they have now. We are in the same boat because they are taking $300.00 a month out of our checking account. Because of this, we will have to sell some of our stuff just to pay bills. I hope they are happy and living very well on the money they are taking from hard working people that barely get by.

They took $480.00 out of my checking on a $400.00 loan. At that time, I called too see if my account was paid off. They informed me that I had not paid anything on the principal. I had to pay them the $400.00 or be charged another $120.00 on this account. I'm a disabled vet. I had to pay them $520.00 for month of May which left me short on money for the month.

I too was a sucker for the "No Hassel" statement on their web site & in the past taken out short term loans such as this. I have never had an experience such as this. I contacted them on multiple occasions to let them know that I had not received my login and password that was needed to access my account. I was told that it had been sent and that I need to contact my internet service provider. I contacted my ISP and I added them to the do not reject as span section on my email.

I emailed oneclickcash customer service on 5/21/08, as directed in my application, to let them know that on my next due date of 5/25/08 I did not want to renew. "Question: My next payment is scheduled for July 25, 2008. At that time I want to pay the loan in full and not renew. Since I am paying the loan in full it should be a total of $300.00, if I am correct. I will not be renewing so I will not have to pay the renewal fee, correct. Their response was as follows : " Dear T, Your current balance is $390.00. Your next due date is 2008-07-25 for $90.00. We have attached a link that will direct you to the Customer Service Website. You can view your account information, request to pay down or pay your loan in full. If you submit a request, please make sure it is done 3 full business days prior to your due date. Thank you, OneClickCash

I failed to realize that they were telling me I had not 1 but 2 attachments (one contained my password & log in) and I thought I still could not access the account. I failed to also realize they were telling me, my request was invalid and that I needed to contact them. I checked my bank account on 7/25/08 to realize they had only debited the $90.00. I phoned customer service (I use this term loosely) and was told that after 1201 AM there was nothing they could do that I had been charged another $90.00 so my pay off is still $390.00. I attempted to pay it in full at that time minus the additional $90.00 and they would not accept it. I was then told that we were not getting any where and they were getting off the phone. I called back and spoke with another woman who acted like I was a total idiot to think that my email was sufficient and that they have no responsibility to call me. I am responsible.

I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said Katrina would call me. I did received a voice mail from Katrina who I promptly called back and she was NO assistance but merely pointed out what an idiot I was to expect assistance from them and that I owe the money so expect to pay it. They would not waive the $90.00 so I could pay in full at the time of the call. I asked to speak to her supervisor, she refused this and after many requests from me finally gave me her name as Summer and said she was the manager, it was her decision to not take the $90.00 off of the account and that Summer had no one above her in the company. Katrina stated that Summer did not own the company but that she had ultimate say and there was no one higher. (I am a VP at my company but still get my checks signed by the President so I know this is not true).

I asked to speak to Summer and Katrina said she would not get on the phone. I also stated that I may be forced to close my checking account and contact arbitration. At this time Katrina said fine she was turning me over to the compliance dept. who would contact me in 72 hours. I told her NO, she stated that she was going to do that, she had been on the call 15 minutes and I would not understand what they situation was. I told her I understood that their company was only out to gouge people for more money and was totally unreasonable and unwilling to work with anyone. I had made the request and I also made the request for them to contact me if there was a problem and they had failed to do that. She said it was not their job to contact me it was my job to call them. I did record many of the calls and I did inform them that the calls were being recorded. They did not care.

I am so fatigued by the situation and hope that this place is shut down so that other people do not become a victim. I realize I did not manage my money well or I would never have applied. I also know that I should not be punished like this and that their claim of "Hassel Fee" is untrue and that you are making an agreement with the devil. I am sick to my stomach, have terrible neck pain and a splitting headache and still owe $390.00. I hope they are shut down

I just received a phone call at my work from a very rude man at One click Cash, threatening me about a loan from back in March 2011. I do remember looking at using a "payday" loan placed on line but never received any information or agreement from them. All of a sudden there was a $400 deposited in my bank account.

I found out what it was and yes, I did use the money. They then started withdrawing on every payday $120 (twice a month). This continued for several months withdrawing well over the pay back amount for the loan. Now I am being harassed by them for over $500.

I no longer have the bank account and they are trying to take money from my prepaid card. I asked to have a number I could call him back on and he said I was avoiding paying it. They withdrew over $500 from my account and I don't owe a thing.

I took out a loan from them and they told me that I can pay every two weeks, so I did. Then I noticed that I had negatives in my account. I called and they said it didn't go through. I said no ** it didn't because I am broke. I got bills and I am the only one working. So yeah, money is tight right now. I asked for an extension and he got an attitude with me, so I hung up. Little did I know they took out $860 out of my account and I owed my bank $1,000. I was pissed. So knowing that they ** up, they put the money back and claim now I am in collection. I owe then $830. Can anybody help me out with a lawyer or something because what they did drove me crazy. I had no food and no means to get to work at that time. I had to ask people for money just to go to work and starve. I hate One Click Cash.

Does anyone have a contact phone number for One Click Cash? They are deducting more from my pay check than the original amount. Do not use them.

I took out a pay day loan and I was confused by the contract so I thought that the 90 dollar charge per month went toward the loan from how I understood it and they used the phrase renew the loan to mean they would extend my loan and charge a finance chrge of 90 for every month the loan wasn't paid in full, but that wasn't what was stated. they used the term re-new which I enterpreted to mean start over. that my initial loan would be started over every month menaing I could receive 300 dollars on top of the initial loan but that isn't and wans't the case so the 90 dollars a month that I have been paying is just finance charges it hasn't went towards the loan at all so I owe more than I originally borrowed. which is definetly unethical and unfair.

I think there contract was written in such a way to confuse a person taken the loan so that they would end up paying more money in the long run. I would really appreciate getting help with this if there is any help available.

Now I owe more than my original loan amount and I will still be forced to pay them back $390 plus what I've already paid out. which would put a financial strain on me.

They started taking money out of my account and i did not apply for the loan. They over drawn my account so now i can not pay my bills or make my house payment. I am a very pissed person i like to have the money back in my account or i will sue them.

I received my loan about a year ago and I am still paying for it. I have a lot of medical problems and I have paid back the money I borrowed plus some. I cannot pay anymore from my S.S. check. What is my recourse?

I applied for a money mutual loan on Sept. 10, 2012. There was no food in my house and I'm on a fixed income. I felt that I had nowhere else to turn. I tried to get a loan through the bank I have been dealing with off and on for 10 years (Regions), but my credit wasn't good enough for a $200 loan. I should have known something wasn't right with One Click when the first payment was due on Sept. 29th. I thought I was paying the loan off a little at a time through these monthly payments, but I was in for a rude awakening. The payments weren't even going towards the loan. I borrowed $350, paying back $455. I'm thinking okay, my last payment will be anywhere from $35-$40.

I looked at my bank statement this morning and they have taken out $155. I called One Click to see why. I was told I still owe $455. I contacted my bank and they won't stop the payments. I don't receive my benefits until the 3rd, which my bank (Regions) will charge me an extra $36 for insufficient funds. If anyone knows of an attorney or anyone who can help me, please email me at **. I live in the state of Mississippi.

I am livid. I took a $300 loan out and now I have paid close to $1,400 back. This makes no sense. I need to find out if there is any way I can get my money back. Please help.

I took out a $250 loan in May, which they deposited in my account right away. They told me I would have to pay $325 back after interest. My wife had it budgeted in our bills that following pay period to pay the entire amount back, because that's what we've done in the past with other loans. Well, they only took a payment of $75, so naturally we figured that's what they would be doing until the $325 was paid off.

Go figure, four pay checks later with a total of $300 already paid in the course of almost 2 months, we get an email saying our next payment of $125 is due on July 31st. Naturally, this did not sit well because I was under the impression we only owed one more payment of $25. So, I gave them a call figuring it was a mistake. Nope, they said that the $75 payments were only renewal fees and nothing has been paid on the loan. They said that if we were wanting to pay it in full, we were supposed to send something in writing stating we wanted to pay in full (which obviously was never mentioned when I first applied for the loan).

When I tried to get a supervisor on the phone to try and clear it up, I was told there wasn't a supervisor available at the time, but they can put me on a call back list and one would return my call in 24 hours. Five days later and still nothing. So before the 31st, to make sure they couldn't take any more money out, we had to close our checking account and re-open a new one. They weren't straight up with me in the beginning and they just want to keep taking money freely, that ain't cool.

I believe I paid back what I borrowed and some interest, minus $25 of it. They don't deserve anymore. I have read in the paperwork, which only consisted of one page talking about arbitration and **, and nowhere in it says anything about these "fees" or "renewal payments" or whatever you want to call them. These people need to be stopped. When someone asks for a loan, it means they are in need of help, not to be ripped off and put in debt even more!

I took a loan in May for $500.00. My bank account so far has been debited $800.00. When I called them, they advised me that I still owe $570.00. Per the person that I spoke with, these are for deferring instead of paying the balance in full, I was not aware of this, if I was, I would never agree to such nonsense.

On account of this, I will have to change all my bank information because, I think, they are crooks and they are debiting my account without contacting me. I refused to have a negative for my real debts.

I took out a loan for Christmas for my kids. One Click Cash offered an installment loan, the loan amount was $800. I'm now realizing that the repayment amount is over $4000!!! This is illegal and aimed at disabled low income consumers. This is loan sharking to say the least and it's outright robbery to expect 4 plus back on a 20 month loan. I'm now taking every step possible to put the word out to consumers and to get this business shut down!!! Do not do any business with this company. You've been warned.

Filed a BBB complaint. I will start calling government officials and anyone else I can to see to it that not only will my loan be removed as paid in full but I want repayment for previous overpayment and something done permanently to stop this illegal loan practice!!! Anyone else out there needs to speak up, and stand up for your legal rights. This company should not be allowed to get away with such practices. I'm going to get it stopped!!!

As you know the state of Pa. does not allow payday loans. However I did have three or four Quick loans in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Prior to Pa putting a stop to them. I never had a problem with my payments. Then on 2015 they phoned me three times offering me a loan. One went through with the wrong checking acct. on it. Therefore I declined it. They wanted my physical signature which I sent them via email. They said they never received it and faxed it twice costing me 22,00 in fees as it's a dollar a page and there were 13 pages to be sent back. Their manager who assisted me put the wrong date on the paperwork. Since then I have never received a loan and one of their managers put my information in compliance.

A woman called me to confirm that I wanted all of my personal information removed from their data base. It is not gone from the data base and now I had someone screaming at the top of the roof stating I would lose my disability and be arrested if I didn't pay back a loan I never received. I told them I would love to catch whomever did use my information. And arrest them. My bank clearly shows no loans were deposited. These people are running a scam for all of our social security numbers and more. BEWARE OF ONE CLICK CASH. PLEASE PUT A SECURITY ALERT ON ALL OF YOUR RECORDS FOR FRAUD....

I took a loan out for $150 and agreed to pay back this loan with $45 as the interest fee. All was well until the automatic withdrawals from my account wouldn't stop and not only that, but they would take out multiple withdrawals of various amounts on the same days. So the problem with all of us is very obvious. So what can we do about it? Is there anything? The only thing I know we can do is close our account and prepare for all the harassing phone calls. Instead of getting all bent out of shape and losing your cool with them (which is what they are trying to get you to do anyway so that you will get so annoyed that you will give in to their demands), try being delightfully sarcastic and just play phone games with them back.

When they call, if you have time, just stay on the phone with them and start ignoring whatever they say and just start talking about something off the wall. Just remember to keep cool. Don't give them the satisfaction of upsetting you or the control over you. Until something can be done, just take it for what it is, learn from the mistake and have fun with them when they call.

Earlier this year I lost my job and at the same time my husband got suspended because of the lack of work where he is. Money was tight and we needed just enough to pay for rent, gas and groceries. With all our savings we still needed some money so we called Money Mutual and they directed us to One Click Cash. We got a loan for $200. I know payday loan places charge high and I mean high interest rates cause I had to use a local one in town before they moved locations. We got the money in the bank and checking the website with our information it said loan amount $200 and payback amount $260. This was close to my other payday loan place and I thought ok, a few payments of $60 each paycheck should cover it. A few went by and doing the math we should have been almost paid off, so I got online and tried to adjust our payment amount and it said that an additional $50 would come out next payday totaling $110 out of one check.

My husband called to say there must have been a mistake and try to cancel the additional payment. The lady said they couldn't cancel it and so 2 payments would come out of 1 paycheck. Keep in mind they automatically take payments out of your bank account. So my husband asked how much we owed total if the site only said $260. The lady informed us that it was a little over $500 total for a $200 loan. Why put on the page to our account that the total was $260 if it really wasn't? Why couldn't they give us the total amount so we knew exactly how much we owed? What was the $260 then? She said she'd email me a copy of the agreement that included the interest rate. I read it the first time, but she never did email it to me or my husband.

We finally closed our account because they wouldn't stop taking out money even though we felt lied to and misinformed. This company is nothing but a scam that tries to trap you into payments you can't stop, only push back another payday and then they take out two payments at once. Payday loan places will tell you exactly how much you have to pay back with interest and all up front but they didn't. You think you're almost done paying them back but really you're not. Do not and I repeat DO NOT go through this company!!!! You will regret it!

I am trying to contact One Click Cash concerning the fact that I had paid them off more than the principal I borrowed ($200). They have already withdrawn $240 total from my bank account and they claim I still owe them money, despite the fact they are not licensed to operate as a payday lender in California. I have sent them an email declaring I prohibit them from further withdrawing anymore money from my account, but I just received emails from them stating, "please allow 3-4 business hours to process your request."

I expected them to answer back within 3 to 4 business hours, but they didn't. Then, I received another email stating "Our processing department is currently closed. Your documents and/or request will be reviewed and processed in the order in which they were received, during normal business hours. Processing hours are 8:00 am CST to 3:30 pm CST. " I believe they are just giving me the runaround so that they can continue to withdraw more money from my account. I paid them more than I borrowed, but they are relentless.

Now, they want to withdraw $110 more this month, which I never agreed to. I filed a complaint with the BBB of Nebraska, and although One Click Cash did respond to my complaint, this is what they said: Thank you for contacting our company and making us aware of a customer issue. At this time we are unable to discuss the account with any unauthorized 3rd party. We would like to help the customer resolve any questions they may have. Please have the customer contact us at the following so we can assist them. Thank You."

Again, they are giving me the runaround, as they said, "at this time we are unable to discuss the account with any unauthorized 3rd party." How is the BBB "any unauthorized 3rd party?" They are operating illegally and deceiving unwary consumers. I just want them to consider my account paid in full and leave me alone. I have already paid more than I borrowed and they are not licensed and, therefore, operating illegally here in California. Please help! I have emailed their Compliance Department as instructed, but I have yet (and doubt) to hear from them.

I took a loan out last December and have been paying almost 3 times of what I borrowed. I finally had to close my bank account down as the funds for the fee kept withdrawing even after I told them to take more out. I got a call at my place of employment demanding payment. I repeatedly advised the representative to not call me at work and give me a contact number and name to call back and discuss. Again, the representative kept demanding payment and a credit card number. I have had no contact with this company in regards to resolving this since April the representative claimed. So insisting payment on demand 4 months after no contact seemed odd to me.

I took out a payday loan on 7/5/09 for $200.00. On 7/24/09, they were supposed to take $60.00 out of my checking account. They called me on 7/29/09, 5 days later, to state that the bank rejected them from taking money out of my account. I called the bank and when they did the research, they stated to me they had the wrong account number. I then told them this. Their people put the wrong account number down. They told me I had to pay a $30.00 return transaction fee.

When I filled out the application, I put the right account number down. All they have to do is pull the application because they have it on file with the correct information. They messed up and want me to pay for their mistake. I don't think so. They also told me to give them a Visa or MasterCard account number as they can no longer do an ACH debit to my account. I asked why not. They cannot give me a legitimate reason, so I will not give them a Visa or MasterCard account number. They must think I am stuck on stupid.

As I am writing you this message, I made 2 phone calls to this company and they have not called me back yet. To date, I have been trying to get this straight so that I can pay them and this Russell keeps telling me that the supervisor will call me back. I will keep you updated on the outcome of this issue. As of right now, I am trying to keep anything from happening. I am trying in good faith to work with them, but I will not give them my credit card numbers. These people have not called me back and I am wondering how legitimate they really are because if a company is owed money and someone is trying to pay them, wouldn't you return the call?

I had applied for a loan with one click cash of 200.00. I got the money but what I didn't do is review this company. I did and what I read about them was terrible. That scared me, so I closed my bank account.

They keep taking money out my checking account when I already told them that I was not receiving anything from that, and they have taken $90 from last month and this month. I don't have their address.

Guessing by the reviews that I'm reading that you guys and gals are in the same predicament with One Click Cash as I am. I borrowed 300, made several payments only to find that I'm going to end up paying $950.00 for borrowing $300.00 so I closed my bank account and reopened a new one. One Click Cash has been calling me to get this matter taken care of...and I've offered to pay the original amount that I borrowed, but I'm NOT paying over $1000.00 to clear this up!! Is anyone interested in getting a class action lawsuit going against One Click Cash? I'm all for it!!

This company is absolutely horrendous. I took a loan out for only $300 and they have been taking money out of my account. Yesterday, they took my entire paycheck and charged me $590 and my bank charged me overdraft fee of $35. I have put in a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and have to go the local bank in my town and get this straightened out. Do not use That is easy. They took my entire paycheck and I am single mother. And they took all my money and now my bills that are due every month are going to be late and I don't have any money until next payday.

This is the most useless excuse for a loan company. I have fought with OneClick since January. I never tried for a loan with them but somehow they got my info and drained my account over and over. I now have no bank and am at risk of getting into trouble because of this. I never heard of them until I went to make a purchase and my account was in the neg. and they explained this place was taking large amounts out. I have turned them in multiple times. It has gone nowhere!!!!!!!

I borrowed $200 from these guys and paid them off immediately after my next paycheck. Lo and behold, a few months later, they are charging me again $125 a paycheck because I did not refinance! These jerks need to be in prison because they're robbers!

I took out a payday loan from One Click Cash on Augusts 6, 2008. The agreement between One Click Cash and myself was for my first initial payment of 90.00 was to come out of my checking account on August 19, 2008. Well on August 12, 2008 I received a letter from my employer stating that they needed to pay us one day later which would be Wednesday, August20, 2008.

So, when I received the letter I immediately called One Click Cash to let them know so they could change the date. The customer Service Rep said well because this is your first pay date you would have to fax over something stating that your paydate has been changed from Tuesday to Wednesday. After hanging up with One Click Cash I immediately went to the check cashing place to fax over the letter to them . They received the fax at 2:53pm on August 12th. Meanwhile, days have gone by and I am under the impression that everything is good because everything went smoothly on my end. I did exactly what they asked me to do.

So on August 19th I checked my banking statement just to make sure that after my arrangements no one tried to come in and get any money. Well, One Click Cash did. I immediately called One Click Cash to ask them why had they gone into my account when I faxed over the paperwork to them stating that I needed for them to change my pay date to August 20, 2008. The same customer service rep as the initial conversation answered the line and asked me for my loan id number and from that she said that they noted the account of our prior conversation on August 12th stating that the payment would need to be drawn out of my account 1day later but that they did not receive the paperwork backing that up. So I explained to her that I faxed it over at 2:53pm eastern time and that I still had the fax sheet showing that it went through ok. Now once the fax sheet shows that the transmittal was connected and everything was ok then one tends to believe that everything is fine and they received the information because I repeated the fax no back to the representative and also double checked it when I wrote it down upon faxing.

So my question to them was, Is that my fault that your company didn't receive it when I did what was told to me to do? The customer service representative answered saying that they didn't receive it and that I didn't call to see if they had received it! Flags went up immediately that because I had not called due to some other obligations that I had that that's the reason why they didn't change my due date. I drew this conclusion because all while I was talking with the customer service representative she kept referring back to the fact that I didn't call to see if they had received it.

I asked for her supervisor to call me. Around 3:30pm eastern time on August 20th a manager named Annette called me still saying the same thing as the customer service rep. making the conversation and the problem my fault although I did what they asked of me. I feel this company is out to get what they can from the consumer therefore I will be letting as many companies and consumers know that they are a rip off.

The consequence from One Click Cash coming into my account on the day I asked them to change was that I assessed a 25.00 NSF charge from my bank and the company, One Click Cash, also tacked on a 30.00 NSF to my account.

I borrowed 450 dollars back in November 2010. One Click Cash has been debiting $135.00 every two weeks from my checking account. I thought this was my monthly payment. I called today to confirm that I was paid in full and was told that I haven’t made one single loan payment. I believe they’re ripping me off. I have since closed the checking account they were using. But I fear that if I don’t pay the amount of $585.00 by the 15th of Feb., my loan amount will double or triple and I will be sued. I spoke to the rep today she said it wasn’t their fault if I didn’t understand or didn’t read the loan documents they sent me. I feel I have been robbed.

I am not sure of the address. I attempted to contact one click cash so that I could make arrangements to pay off thr loan and no one has contacted me since and they continue to withdraw monies from my oaccount.

I needed some extra cash. I applied through Money Mutual, and they matched me to One Click Cash. I borrowed $300 plus interest, that equaled 90 dollars. Just today, I noticed that from the date they deposited the loan, they have debited a total of $750 dollars from my account. The representative named Shury said that, the extra money was because I did not pay the loan in full on the first payment. I asked her, "if you guys automatically debit from my account, why would you not debit the full $390?"

She said, "we need a written consent". I read their emails, and it just indicated the payment due. It did not say if you don't make a full payment, you will pay almost three times the amount of your loan. This is a disgrace, because people who borrow money, are not in the best financial situation, and this company takes twice or three times the amount of the loan from its customers. Montel ** should be ashamed to represent such companies. In addition, the representative had the nerve to tell me I still owe $123.00.

I have lost $350 to this company so far, and they have no shame in admitting it. The representative would not do anything for me at all. Therefore, I paid them almost twice the amount I just to borrowed to hold me until payday.

I received a letter in the mail promising me up to $500.00 if I went online and submitted my request. THis company asked me numerous questions then sent me to the website to apply for a pay day advance loan. I was approved for 300.00. In the application process, they do not list the terms openly and you have to find it on a page prior the applicationg page. After reviewing the information- I saw the terms were 90.00 each payday and it will automatically renew your laon until PIF and this is for 300.00 only. I make over 42K a year and would think that I would have been approved for higher but wasnt. I decided not to go foward with the loan. This was done on 12-17-08

One Click Cash says they deposited $150 in my checking account on Sept. 26, 2011 which I had put in for. Well, guess what? It never made into my account. My bank and I have faxed all documentation form my account since Sept 1, 2011 and there was no deposit of $150, then they tried to take $270 out of my account and were successful, but I never received the $150 to start with. They are scammers and all online payday loans should be banned.

I received a $200 cash advance from OneClickCash in September. I paid $60 and then last week I was told if I pay $260, I'm done free and clear. Now they are calling me saying I still owe $90 to them and if I don't pay, they will sue. I have already lost hundreds due to Montel Williams and his money mutual scams. Any advice? I refuse to pay them $90 more.

I emailed them my attorney's information that a chapter 7 bankruptcy was to be filed. The bankruptcy was filed and they still debited $165.00 from my account. We are now having to chase them to collect the money they just decided to take from my account. They are a scam and a rip off. I would not suggest using them and I am glad they lost $400.00 that I filed chapter 7 on the loan. So this a a great big ** you to One Click Cash.

One Click Cash has put my phone number on a rotating daily call list. When I have called them back they demand my Social Security Number. They have made several of same demands and have asked for person information. I refuse to give them that information, they threaten me with various forms of taking my home, putting me in jail, ruining my credit forever.

For those who are familiar with credit laws in your state, please do not be threatened with this company. They are owned by the Sioux Indian Tribe and do not adhere to Federal Credit Laws and local laws. They cannot ruin your credit, because they cannot turn you over to standard credit bureaus, also they cannot call the police. Police Officials do not handle consumer affairs. These folks are bullies and pray on the innocent.

I like many others went on line and filled out the form then decided not to accept the loan and cancelled out of the program. I then seen an extra amount deposited into my bank acct. There is no ph# for these people and tried several times to get them to take the money back and with no luck. so far they deposited $300.00 dollars into y acct and are withdrawing over $590.00 with in 3 month period. i talked to my bank and the best thing you can do is closeyour acct and file a complaint. and thats what im doing. I can not affordto pay for a loan i did not agree with. If they put the monies in my account the could have taken it out but instead they wont do that. So good luck to everyonethat they have prayed upon to make them selfs money in these hard economic times. There ph# is 1-800-233-6808 or 1-800-230-3266. Put it in wrightin that you want this loan off your acct t the bank nd send it certified mail. Good luck because im still fighting with them and you can have there ph# blocked from your ph and work phone.

It's an absolute ripoff! My personal experience is just like many previous posts by other victims. The money they take out of your account every month goes towards "fees", in my case, $60.00 to extend the "total amount" due which was $260 to my next payday. It is not clear in the contract until it is too late. They call it a "renewal". They are terrible people. As of now, I am stopping the ACH debits and will pay them with a prepaid debit card. This company can kiss my you know what! I learned my lesson and will never get another payday loan ever again in my life. I am glad regulation for these terrible companies are underway.

I applied for a loan with this company. When I called to find out what the hold up was, I was told they were unable to verify employment. I gave the correct # for HR Department. I was told to check me e-mail in 1 hour. When I checked my e-mail there was no response, so I called to find out what the problem was. This time I was told they needed an ext. for the # I provided. I gave Valerie the ext #, and asked if she could give me an estimated time frame for completion. First she stated " that's a whole another department". So I asked if she knew how soon they would contact HR. I could not understand her reply and had to ask her to repeat herself 3 times.

The third time she yelled at me with an attitude. I told her, she there was no need for her to get an attitude with me, I didn't have an attitude with her, I just could not understand what she was saying. I asked her name and ext #, then I asked who her Supervisor was, she replied "Kate". I asked to speak with Kate, Valerie told me I could not speak with Kate. I asked to leave a message for Kate. Valerie informed me I could only speak with Kate regarding my application. So I asked to speak with Kate regarding my application, Valerie asked what did I need to ask Kate about my application. I told Valerie what I need to speak with Kate about was between Kate and I. Valerie put me on hold, when she came back she told me since it was not an emergency I could not even leave a message for Kate to call me back.

Basically, Valerie did not want to allow me to speak to a supervisor. I told Valerie to cancel my application and that I would call back and speak with a supervisor. When I called back, I spoke with Ricky who informed me that my application was cancelled because of failure to verify employment, which is a lie. I cancelled to application. Ricky did allow me to put in a queue for a Supervisor to call me back. It should take 24-48 business hours for someone to contact me. We will see! I strongly discourage anyone from applying for a loan with this company. The customer service was terrible to say the least!

He called regarding an account from 2006. I told him I have sent them a letter and to stop calling me at work. He said he didn't care about the letter. When I told him that I would report him, he said, "Fine." He also said that he will continue to call me at work and have me fired.

I've never experienced anything like this loan co. It should definetly be shut down. A person borrowing $300. will be paying $900 at least. With them the financew charge is 1260%. That should be outlawed.

Around 8/28 I took out a $150.00 loan from One Click Cash after they had sent me repeated E-mails to try them. I was immediately approved, signed the on-line contract, and the money was deposited post haste. According to the loan documents that I read on-line, I would be paying $45.00 per pay period for a total of $195.00 total with the first payment starting on 9/18. They deducted $45 each from my account on 9/18, 10/2, 10/16, and 10/30, for a total of $180.00. According to my records, I should only owe then $15.00 more dollars. NOT ACCORDING TO THEM!!

On 11/13, which was my next and final (SO I THOUGHT) scheduled payment date, my direct deposited payroll check did not post as scheduled. Our HR dept sent out an hospital-wide E-mail informing us all of this. I immediately checked my accounts to find that there had One Click had already attempted withdrawal and now my account was at negative for the NSF fees. In any case, I immediately sent them an E-mail regarding the fact that my check was not direct deposited on the scheduled payday and to retry the following day. (At this point though I proceeded to make a phone call to them, and checked my account status on-line to find out what was happening). To my surprise it showed that I still had a balance of $130.00, which I thought by now should more like $15. In any case they had allready deducted $125.00 from my account, $30 for the check, and a $50 service charge fee, plus the usual $45 servicing fee. A total of $125. I called and spoke to someone who explained everything to me, not to my satisfaction. She informed me that my pay off amount would be $130.00. I paid it. I was so sick of their mess. Afterwards I E-mailed them and asked that that $80.00 at least be returned since it was not my fault that the money was not deposited as scheduled. I have not received word on that yet and I am not holding my breath either. The bottom line is that I am out $435.00 from an original $150.00 loan from 2 1/2 months ago. If there is a class action law suit I would be most happy to be a part of it. Thanks for your time.

I requested a loan through mymoneymutual and one click cash gave me a loan for $400 but they want me to pay back $670. So they keep sending for payment to my bank because of my insufficient funds charges.

I had called them to ask what the payments would be for a $400 loan. They told me that it was going to be a ridiculous payback amount and denied the action to continue. Because I had done the paperwork for the loan, they continued to process it for their own. I, too, would like to join the law suit against them.

I needed a loan of $250.00 I paid $75.00 the 1st payment then $50.00 for the next 2 payments now they are telling me that I owe them $550.00 for fees etc.. this is a scam! a low down dirty scam! they call me 6-10 times at work and even more at home there is no way im paying them another dime!everytime i pay them i owe them more!i have told them to stop calling me at work and they dont i have told them i would like to mail them a letter of the same thing per the F.C.P.A IN CT they are susposed to stop calling your place of work once you tell them to however they dont! i am going to see about getting a lawyer for this harrassment they made me owe my bank over $1000.00 for trying to take out money up to 8 TIMES IN 1 DAY!

I took out a Payday Advance for $350.00 on Aug. 10th. OneClickCash was supposed to collect $455.00 on Aug. 31. They took out $105 on Aug. 31st. Then another $105 on Sept. 4th. They took out another $105 on Sept. 30th and the last $105 on Oct. 9, causing my checking account to be overdrawn by $287.00. I notified OneClickCash to find out why? They said I still owed $455.00 and that the $420 that I paid thus far was for late fees. I informed them that they were supposed to take the whole amount of $455.00 on Aug. 31. OneClickCash told me that I would need to discuss with the compliance dept.

I have tried to reach them without any results. However, I was able to discover that OneClickCash is in violation of financial code section 23005, originating excessive deferred deposits and transactions and failing to provide customers with notice. Also, in violation of financial code section 23035, charging excessive fees; and in violation of financial code 23036, violating the department code of August 6, 2006 to desist and refrain order. Please help me get this resolved with OneClickCash. I would never have agreed to those terms. This company needs to be stopped from further abusing innocent people. They lie to you on the phone. Thank you for taking the time concerning this matter. I’m waiting to hear from you.

This company is a joke and they are liars. No one I have tried to contact yet speaks English and the have ripped me off for four months now. I closed my checking account and they can rot before I pay them another dime.

Suzanne must work for them. Tisk, Tisk. Fact of the matter, Suzanne, is that OneClickCash violates the law to scam people into these B.S. loans. The FTC has already ruled that the practices of OneClickCash are deceiving and fraudulent. A contract is valid in the state it is signed, so despite what all your e-mails have told me about B.S. signing of an agreement with an Independent Indian Nation, that contract has to be binding in the state it was signed. And since OneClickCash violates almost every state lending law, and since a contract can't violate the law, every document that everyone has ever signed for your company is null and void. You have no authority in any state, so despite all your threats of lawsuits, you can't do ** to us. And trust me, nobody is going to attend Indian pow-wow court in the Sioux Nation... the only place you have any legal standing. SO, piss off, Suzanne.

EVERYBODY ELSE - If you have a loan with this company, place an ACH hold with your bank or close the account! You are under no obligation to repay ANY interest or fees on these illegal loans - in some cases you aren't even responsible to repay the principal, but you should... That's just the right thing to do. Do not let them intimidate you! They have no legal power anywhere in the United States... They CAN NOT sue you! Unrelentingly demand your interest money back! They receive two e-mails from me per hour, thanks to my free auto-emailer - a Google App called Boomerang. They receive 2 auto-dialed phone calls an hour, and 6 to 7 faxes a day. Be on the offensive... Attack them just as they would you!!

Additionally, the signatory on the accounts for OneClickCash, USFastCash, Etc., is this ** millionaire white guy named Scott Tucker. He has funneled $40,000,000.00 of interest and fees collected through these companies to fund some half-wit racing company called Level 5 Motorsports. Google his name... the racing companies name, etc... TONS of information available. Blow them and him up with calls, e-mails... Post on their YouTube pages, etc. He's a POS... If he doesn't crash into a wall, I hope someone shoots him on the Sioux Nation... where there are apparently no laws...

This company doesn't explain the way they give you the loan. I asked for a $200 loan and now they are charging me $410. I went to the bank, closed the bank account and opened a new account. I called them to the above mentioned phone number and asked them to send me a bill that I will pay the $200. The lady said they don't send statements. Email: [email protected]

When I applied for the loan, I specified on the application that I wanted to repay the entire balance at my very next payday. Instead, they took a small principle amount and a huge ($75) fee. I called and was informed that I could not change the payment. This has been going on for months. Each payday (every two weeks) another $75 fee on top of the small principle payment...what started as a $300 loan for under two weeks, has become a multi-month nightmare repaying hundreds more than the initial loan amount.

I got a loan for 250 dollars, and they have already taken out over 1000 dollars from my account. I can't find any contact information to this company. They first started taking 75 dollars bi-weekly from my account, and then they took 125 dollars out. Now, they are taking 90 dollars out bi-weekly.

On January 3, 2012, I took out a small loan of $350 with this company. I have since repaid the loan and and interest which was $455. Now, they keep debiting my account and to date I have paid back almost $700. I want my money back, and I want these people, who take advantage of people like me, put out of business. I have paid them back on time. I have kept my end of the deal and now they are jerking me around and being totally dishonest. The people who run this company are crooks and should be prosecuted and restitution paid to people who they paid loans to and were honest enough to pay them back. I have written my Senator, my Congressman and I am prepared to go public if necessary to the world wide media. Thank you.

I think you will be interested to know the following information. I am writing you today in complete and utter frustration in terms of a $400.00 loan via Money Mutual. Money Mutual connected me with My understanding was to receive $400.00 and pay back a total of $500.00 with $120.00 payment installments. I recently went on to find out my last scheduled payment, to see that I owed $400.00. I was confused so I called and thought that there was a misunderstanding. The representative I spoke with first said that a $120.00 fee was being taken out of my checking account each month to extend my loan. The emails I receive from tell me when my next payment is due.

At this time, I have emailed I have called them three times since Monday, June 4, 2012. I was told by the past two representatives that my account is in review. I asked to speak to a manager and each worker tells me that my account is in review. I was told a manager was going to call me back within 24 hours which was up on 6-5-2012 at 1:49PM PST. I have not received a call yet. My checking account is now overdrawn by $120.00 from and an additional $35.00 fee for overdraft charges. I am very upset. I have been taken advantage of through Money Mutual's trusted Montel Williams and I am beyond the understanding of internet and electronic fund transfer laws. I need help. I am on SSDI and do not have enough money to pay off these scammers.

I took out a loan with One Click Cash. Asked to pay it down every month, but after 3 months, they tried to pull $685.00 out at one time. They caused my house note to bounce because they were pulling payments on the wrong day! Now they've called me, threatening to put me in jail if I don't pay them back. My attorney says they are full of ** and cannot threaten you over a debt! House note payment bounced, I lost out on almost $1000.00 from this company that was pulling payments.

I borrowed $400 from one click cash back in August. They never sent me a contract nor did I sign any paperwork. Only after they deposited the money (which I wasn't notified it was coming) did they tell me the terms of my loan. I told them at that point I didn't want the loan, but they said there was nothing I could do. So for 3 months they took out $120 that none of it went to the principal. Then, they took $670 with no notice. When I called them, they said I could do a reloan but they wouldn't do anything about the $670 they took. So basically, I have no choice but to take another loan because they have put me in an even worse position. I thought the consumer laws about pay day loans had changed, but One Click Cash doesn't have to follow the new laws.

i tried f time to to contact one click cash becasue they were take 90.00 out of my chck account every other friday. When I finally got some one on the phone which I had to get their phone from my bank I was told I own 390.00. Even though I was told I would be paying 90.00 every other friday to pay toward my balance.

Now that checking account is in the negative by 850.00 250.00 dollars in NSF charges. No one from one click cash will call me back to refund my money. the customer service I spoke to was rude hung the phone on me twice. I requested to speak to a manager. She told me I she was the manager. I knew it wasn't true becasue her voice was the same with a strong southern drawn. I need help I have paid this company over 800.00 dollars. this is unfair and unethical

I have had a loan with this company for over a year. A check bounced. Fees started coming from everywhere. Half of my check this payday has been paid to One Click Cash, totaling almost $400. I faxed them a copy of my bank account, and attached an explanation. My biggest problem is that, it is very difficult to speak with a manager. They keep telling me that the manager is not in, and to leave a voice mail message. The manager called me back once, and I've left several messages. They are very uncooperative, and I am very frustrated trying to settle this.

I was supposed to receive my $150.00 One Click cash loan today. It hasn't been deposited in my checking account. I asked for the loan on Friday and it said that it was approved and would be in my checking account today. I'm just wondering where it is. I'm not paying something that I didn't receive. Thank you.

I took out a loan of $500 with One Click Cash in Aug. 2012. I went over my account the other day to only find out that they are charging me an extra $500 because I didn't set up a certain type of payment with them. When I reached out to One Click Cash to find out about the APR, I was not told about this hidden payment. Now I'm paying back an extra $500 that I've never borrowed. I want my money back now! I need help!

I did take out a loan with these people but it is paid as of April 25, 2012 (that's what their website says). I am now being threaten with being sent to jail. I got home today and there was a call from the police dept. I am 64 years old. I don't know what to do. IF I still owe them I will gladly pay them, but the people don't want a credit card. They want me to go to Walmart and get a MoneyPak card and send the numbers on the card. If I do this I will have no proof that I paid this. What do I do?

This company says that I owe them $252 on a $150 loan. The trouble is I did not take this loan out. I would never agree to borrow $150 to pay back $375. That would be insane. Already, this company has withdrawn $175 out of my account and wants another $252 from me. The bank has frozen this account, and now I have to pay $125 in bad drafts by this company I never heard of.

I applied for a payday loan from One Click Cash. They deposited $300 into my account on 04/15/2011. I agreed to re-pay $390. I paid the following: $90 (05/10/2011) and $90 (06/14/2011). I received an e-mail stating that my next payment would be $140, which was more than I agreed to re-pay. In addition, I learned that they wanted to resume the $90 payments. I placed a stop payment on One Click Cash in order to pay by money order. One Click Cash created check #** titled "Pre-authorized Debit" for the amount of $519, which is already paid.

I took out a $200.00 payday loan with One Click Cash and ended up paying $730.00. They kept adding money saying I wasn't paying it off, when really I was. They are scamming people. I would never recommend One Click Cash to anyone. They are horrible.

Due to the holidays coming and being low on cash I like a fool applied for a loan. I spoke to James ** who said I was approved for a 5000.00 loan. All I had to do was put 160 on green dot card as proof I could make payments and the money would be refunded to me once I had funds. Well that was a lie. After I put 160 on card plus 4.95 I called to get funds, spoke with James ** the whole time. Once they verified card amount I was transferred to Simon **, a supervisor who informed me I had to pay another $468 to the IRS. I was livid and not only that they kept my 160. I am not letting this go. Do not believe them, if they call hang up! You've been warned. Wish I was.

I applied for a pay day loan through Monte Williams Pay Day Loans. However, once you call them, they have various lending companies who call you back - One Click Cash was one of them. I gave them my personal information so they can wire the money. Since then it has been over a month and they will not give you a contact # to speak with a live party to inform them that you want your loan paid so they can continue to deduct the $90.00. I have paid them over $300.00 in fees because I cannot get in touch with them. Please help me solve this problem. I am panicking; I live alone and I am out of money every pay day. The $90.00 is a lot to me.

My experience with One Click loan is that I got a loan of $300.00. You pay much more than taking the loan - $1,000,00. I had to close my bank account. Then I got an email from them, claiming they could not make the payment. I asked them to send in the statement and balance and I'm still waiting for the information.

All this company wants to do is attack your bank account; they want you to be late for the same reason. They took $510.00 from me on a $300.00 loan which I paid back in 11 days. They claimed that they charged me $210.00 in fees plus what the bank charges because I had one late payment (my first). This company is a big ripoff. Now, I feel like I need to close my account so that they can't get more funds from me. I do not recommend this company. They are stealing your money. There should be a law against this type of business.

1. are using false and misleading statements to consumers in your rip-off internet payday loan company, in that you do not disclose to consumers that you are federally recognized Indian tribe organized under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 (25 U.S.C. 476). And that you can, and will, and have done, and will always claim the doctrine of tribal sovereign Immunity to bypass and thumb your nose at the laws of the state(s), California being one of them. In this economic context, immunity can harm those who are unaware that they are dealing with a tribe, who do not know of tribal immunity, or who have no other choice in the matter, as in the case of tort victims. (Kiowa, supra, 523 U.S. at p. 758: see also Agua Caliente, supra, 40 Cal. 4th at p. 252.)

2. are using false and deceitful means to mislead consumers into believing your claim that you and your company do not have a physical mailing address, because you are a internet payday loan company. When in fact you and your company do have a physical mailing address which is noted above. You also have a physical mailing address of One Click Cash (aka. SFS,Inc.) Santee Sioux Nation Indian Reservation, Niobrara, NE 68760

They completely lied to me about loan took money out. They shouldn’t give information to other company. They pretty much robbed me legally.

One Click Cash is a total scam. There are no other words to explain it. My loan was $250.00 and thought I was paying back the loan--$75.00 for 5 months and $50.00 for one month. Now I'm being told $110.00 for the next payment, and they told me my balance is $260.00. I'm on limited income. They just raked me over the coals. $425.00 and I find I haven't paid the principal. A class action lawsuit needs to be filed.

Rec'd email stating "due to processing issues" they are unable to ACH my payment plan. Does anyone know why? They want me to give them my debit card and post date the payment plan. This sounds fishy and I wanna pay it off but Leery now. Plus if I don't post date it, I will be charged additional finance fee. Please let me know if you can. When I ask they won't tell me why, just avoid the question and straight to making a payment in full which I can't do.

I borrowed $300. They start taking $90 from my account every month but I received an email from them three months later saying that I owed $390. I'm like, what the **? I've been paying $90 each month. I called them and the lady told me the money they're taking is not for the balance, it is just to extend the time. Who said I needed extension? They refunded me $90 so $180 was still not going towards the balance. After that email, I received another email stating that they were going to start deducting $140 now. I called a payday loan support company, closed my account and they are dealing with them now. But it doesn't end there. I received a call to my job and they said that I was being sued and there's a warrant for my arrest.

To make the story short, there's no such thing; they just wanted me to pay because they couldn't take the money from my account this time. I called them back and nobody answered. So, I downloaded an auto-redial to my phone so it keeps calling until they stop ignoring me. An Indian guy answered so I guess they hired a third party company to handle this type of non-payment cases. The guy cursed at me and asked me why I called so many times (133 calls total). This company is a joke! Don't deal with them and don't take their threads!

I borrowed money from OneClickCash and they graciously approved and deposited $300.00 in my account on 8/23/2011. On 9/16/2011, OneClickCash (**) withdrew $390.00 from my account as payment for the loan plus interest. Now, people with Indian accent have been calling my workplace, stating that they are calling from Criminal Investigation Case number ** and that I have not paid this loan, and they are threatening to take me to court.

I am not afraid to go to court with you as long as I have record that this loan was paid, but I want you to know that I will sue your company for giving my information to these Indians to call my workplace, telling the staff that I am under criminal investigation and for threatening to take me to court. I just want you to know this.


I have never even heard of this company and they call me trying to collect a debt from someone I don't know. Reps are rude, lack in customer service and even hung up on me when I asked them not to interrupt me, even went as far as calling me rude. I never even borrowed money from these schmucks.

I signed up through another site for information on payday loans and that's all I did. A few days later, I saw a deposit from Oneclickcash in my account. I never saw any terms, never asked or agreed to the loan; in fact, I had never heard of them until they put money into my account. I then looked up this company and read hundreds of horror stories. I have since closed that account.

I am trying to get them to send me documents through the USPS showing me where they say I agreed to this. I'm at a loss of what to do now.

Rude... Rude customer service. I did sign for loan with fees and charges, but if money is not available to give out, they need to block the loan application that is available online. You complete the application, are told the funds will be there the next day. They never arrive. You then log in to find out where the money is. Only to find out the application has been declined due to processing problems.

This is the biggest scam I have ever seen. I borrowed $400 in Dec. and twice a month, they have been taking out $120. Do the math. I have paid over $1,000 back to them and still owe? My documents said at the end, I will have paid back $520. Why am I still paying? I looked closer and I have never dealt with a loan company that automatically re-enrolls you and that will only let you pay $50 at a time. I want a lawyer before I have a lawsuit.

I borrowed $500.00 in August 2009 and they took out my account every month. It should pay off but they want me to pay more. Someone calls at my job and give information to my employee. It is not their business and my job people were very tired to hear when they disturb and call us almost every week. The customer service knew that I am a deaf and should not give all info them about me. They have my email and should not give them all info. That is why I ignore them every week. I plan going to get an attorney and file to sue them for giving them my SSN. OneClickCash is stealing their money and I don't trust you anymore.

I received a loan into my bank account for $300. I did not authorize or agree to this loan. I contacted them about the mistake but they would not discuss it after I told them that I did not agree to this loan. Now, I am having to get a police report after I told them I would send the money back. They are trying to make me pay $390 now!!! This is wrong for a company to try and steal money from honest hard working citizens!!

One Click Cash did not present the terms of the loan and the amount stated was different. I called to make payment agreements, explained that due to shortage of hours at work, I could and would make pay small payments to pay off the money. The balance is double the amount of the $400.00 loan.