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They promise to help you but then scam personal information SS number debit number. They promise help all along the way but then produce nothing, they even took my debit card and ran it even though I did not have the 14.95 on that card. Of course I know I have bad credit LOL why do think I contacted you. You are very low on humanity chain to take advantage of people when they are down.
Yesterday I spoke to Tony re a loan. He was immediately helpful in guiding us through the appropriate channels, and in less than 24 hours,we had our loan application approved and completed. I would not hesitate to use OneLoanPlace in the future, if needed. They took the stress out of the transaction and made it quick and simple to dial in exactly what was needed for our application. I cannot speak highly enough of our experience, and the professional assistance we received. John B Portland Oregon.
The most pleasant conversation with Robin who was extremely helpful and informative. I also teach Etiquette and was pleased to find her character impeccable. Thank you Robin. Helen H Hawk
Very professional, and did what they said they would.very happy big help when I Need it!
Zach went above and beyond to find companies that were will to work with me under my circumstances. As I wait for responses from lenders, I'm grateful for the work and advice. Thanks
they're polite and will get you the help you need and work with you. plus ray is awesome
I was giving up and was done trying untile Vanessa little helped me even got me to use my debit card andi never do that she is a wonderful person and such a great help and I know I'm not getting the loan but she was awesome i am thankfull even not getting the loan please tell heir said thank you.
Every things is great thank you for helping me
I am very pleased with the service I got were help full and were polite . And yes I would recommend this company to my friends. Thank you very much for a good service. Helene potter.
Spoke with Chenyere Frankln and was very satisfied with her friendly attitude and her understanding of what I was looking for. Would definitely recommend this to Chenyere.
love yall guys thanks
Today I visited to inquire about a personal loan. The service representative who assisted me was Myeshia Cooper. To begin, Ms. Cooper represented herself and the company with the highest degree of superior customer service. She was professional, respectful, patient, kind, and sincere. Not only did she clarify my understanding of the scope of this company's dealings and purpose, she was effective in quickly finding me lenders that matched my service request. Ms. Cooper also followed up in a timely manner throughout the entire process, which created a sense of calm and re-assurance in me as a client. I appreciated these quality communicative efforts. Therefore, due to my positive experience with Ms. Cooper and this company, I will be recommending to others who may have similar inquiries regarding various loan lending/lender options.
They did exactly what o asked for no games.
I was working with Tony Conetta and had a wonderful experience. Because of Tony I would recommend your services
My experience was great. All the reps were courteous, kind and ready to help.
good job guys
Couldn't ask for a better way to get help in finding a loan. Christine was very considerate and patience, enjoy working with her.
Fast Service.
it was quick and easy and they assisted me with everything I need it
Filled out the app and did everything and just get passed around. Sends me to fill out another app and once its done i got to another and another. Do think ive actually fill out a sing lender app yet
I had an awesome experience with everyone I spoke to. Very polite and helpful. They know how to treat elderly people.
excellent very help full
I had a wonderful experience working with Miss Allen she is extremely professional and a wonderful person to work with.
They were very professional and helpful in finding an emergency loan for me
i work with Sergio. He was great and helpful. Thank you and I recommend anyone looking for a loan or help to call Sergio.
Zachary did everything in his power to set us up with a lender and was extremely professional and helpful. Thanks, Zachary
Good, Robyn,great
Not a company
everyone was very helpful and professional They helped me through the process and follow-up after Thanks so much
Thank you very much for all of your help Darnell was 2nd to none and very helpful with all my questions, and i will recommend to all my friends and co workers
Was great help
Tristan Huff helped me through the process. He was very knowledgeable and helpful, answering all my questions. Smooth transactions the entire process.
The recommendation from OneLoanPlace was perfect, I did not expect to be approved, not ony that but the loan I got through LendingPoint, was so easy and quick. Thanks again, OneLoanPlace for your help.
Great Company to work with quick an fast reviews.
OneLoanPlace did an excellent job of finding a loan for me. They were very helpful and understanding. I would recommend them to everyone!
One main was extremely helpful is completely working to get the loan results to work in my behalf
Excellent customer services! I recommend them highly! Thanks!
Gary Rawls great response time and very professional
Beatrice was not only knowledgeable and friendly she made my whole day better. She made me feel as if she had my best interest at heart and made it easy to understand. She should be your company's shinning example of how the job should be done and a glowing representation for your company. Thank u
One Loan Place is very easy to work with, and they really come through. Laury is so pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable - she made my application process smooth; and my loan was funded the next day! I would recommend One Loan Place to anyone and everyone who needs a loan fast even if you don't have the best credit. Thank you Laury and One Loan Place!
One Loan was awesome! I got an immediate response and the agent was truly accommodating. I recommend One Loan to any one facing an emergency situation. Thanks One Loan! E.W.
My representative, nicholas howorth, was very thorough, answered all my questions thoroughly, and did all of this efficiently. He answered all of my questions within minutes, which was crucial to me in finding the loan that i needed in the time i needed it.
The service was very good and My rep was very good and was very help full to my need's Miss Whitney Brown, and the rest of your staff was just as good. Thank You 401-475-0269
Representatives were cordial and professional .I called back numerous times , however,they continued to assist me and it appeared to me their attitudes remained the same. It was such a pleasure working for the customers and remaining professional. Thank all of you !!!
One Loan Place was very helpful, fast and knowledgeable. Will use the again.
If you've recently read my review(s) of, then you're well aware of my feelings of contempt and my perception general consumer distrust regarding this organization. I've written many essays regarding, the lost art of customer service and prior to today, I would have simply lumped OneLoanPlace into the group of case studies. Something uniquely different and moreover, uniquely refreshing for a change occurred today. Ray Ciervo, Director of Operations for OneLoanPlace, after reading one of my reviews, initiated contact with me, by placing a phone call to me to first, apologize on behalf of the executive management team and secondly, to personally provide the customer service that was so clearly lacking during my initial communications with the representatives of OneLoanPlace. Upon his introducing himself, initially, I prepared for the onslaught of "you're lying", "the experience you described in your review could not be true, " etc. however, no such words flowed. What did occur was, Mr. Ciervo was accountable and apologetic for the shortcomings of his subordinates. Additionally, he extended his personal assurances that such behaviors as I described in my review, bait and switch and fraudulent inducement, are behaviors that will not be tolerated and once brought to the attention of management, the employee(s) shall be dealt with accordingly, up to and including termination. Service recovery is, the result of a very positive service recovery, causing a level of customer satisfaction and/or customer loyalty even greater than that expected if no service failure had happened. To that end, Mr. Ciervo on behalf of OneLoanPlace seems to have rediscovered the art of service recovery. Kudos to Ray Ciervo, Director of Operations for OneLoanPlace. ~Byron D. Grays, B.S., M.P.A., J.D. President and Principal Officer TheAdvocacyGroup, LLC
Very helpful and honest.
The young lady that contacted me was a very polite individual, however, as far as the business at hand, nit helpful at all in the end..I wasn't looking to make new friends but to accomplish a goal! After an extensive conversation, I was blatenly told that there were 2 lenders available for my loan amount and that I was going to receive an email while I was on the phone with Cherise that would have the specifics of my loan offers possibly higher rates than I would like, but refinance was always a possibility, and that I could go from there unassisted. I was transferred to Lexington Law which I am familiar with, had another extensive conversation with an associate located in their Ok city office, once I was solicited by them I ended the call with full anticipation of reviewing the 2 available loan offers from OneLoanPlace..upon opening the email from Cherise, there were nothing but secured or pre paid credit card offers! And I mean 10 CC offers! Not 1 actual loan offer! I have to admit I feel I was baited! Those Credit card offers are advertised all over the internet! It's not as if they were exclusive to OneLoanPlace specifically...Honesty really is the best policy! If corporate america expects that we as consumers are to be honest and trustworthy to them, I think we deserve the very same in return! Very disappointed! Be honest, your company is viewing credit reports and you claim to be professionals in the lending industry, not exactly acceptable practice to lead potential clients on. And if the calls are indeed recorded, I'm sure someone will find a way to take legal action for some sort of grey area law that is in effect that has derogatorily affected that individual.I guess anything that seems to good to be true, really isn't! Danette Taylor
The employees at One Loan Place are excellent! They were very responsive to my needs and made sure that I had a positive experience. For that I thank them. They were very professional and caring. I appreciate their help and I believe that they can assist others in the same way.
just being understanding and kind goes a long way.
Cyris was very pleasant and understanding. He was very helpful.
A very good experience since I have never done this before! I felt like they pushed their products to strong. It's hard to spend money when you are borrowing money! Although I am thrilled with getting the auto plus plan! It was difficult to make the decision
Good Brandi Bailey
Allison was absolutely wonderful. She was very confident, answered all questions with exceptional expertise.
Great place to work with
The man who helped me was by far very helpful and professional. Wish we had more people like him in customer service that are confident and know what they are going.
No good . Please don’t call me
Very helpful ! Thanks for matching me with the Lending club.! Everyone I spoke with was courteous, friendly, patient and truly happy to help me. Thanks everyone !
Tristan did a wonderful job with reassuring me that he would do his absolute best to get me the loan that I was looking for even though I had some issues on my credit. Very professional but at the same time made it feel very personal that he cared about what was going on with my financial situation and was willing to do whatever he could to help. Extremely impressed.
Easy to work with, Monica answered all my questions. A first rate experience
Sergio was very knowledgable and helpful for getting all of my questions answered. He represents the company well.
This service helped me get what I needed and when I needed it. Jeff B was amazing, he was knowledgeable, very kind and caring, and led me to my very best option. I got what I needed immediately and if removed a huge weight off my shoulders. I would use this service over and over again and I would definitely ask for Jeff B. Your Friend Conrad Stebbins
The ladies and gentleman who have helped me over the last two days have been stone cold profession als, i can not wait to work with them over the next week or two, they know who they are, thank you for trying to restore my credit! From the bottom of my heart, from toby with love!!!!!!
They are honest
Easy process. Professional & courteous people.
Great job very professional and appreciate the help I was given highly recommended
have no found out come results
they listen and were able to help me by providing a source that could actually help me in my financial situation
Which they bad 0 stars totally fraud ,told me on a Monday my loan would be in my account Friday never got anything they signed me up from Lexington law for a week I didn't see them doing squat on my credit then I canceled them ,all of the sudden I didn't qualify for the loan anymore fake fake fake and a waste of time
Quick and honest, friendly services. Didn't very long to do the loan.
Alkevius Smith did what he said he would do. Within 45 minutes I had a loan. Very nice to work with with. If I should ever need this service again I would call Alkevius Smith. Thank You.
I felt with Cristen Hamilton and she was great! She took the time to answer any questions I had and even called me back immediately when I had more! She never got annoyed even when my cat kept changing screens on me :)
The company came through quick and fast right on time. And the people I talked to was very nice I will never look for another loan with any one else but ya. Thanks very much
One loan place helped me a lot to find out a lender
Zachary was very helpful and courteous. He was very through and and diligent, being sure to follow up and made sure I understood everything. Thank you Zachary.
Never have I experienced such professional great fast amazing service. I would reccommend One Loan Place to anyone. Nick and Martin really take your loan personally and go to bat for you with lendors. They secured the capital I needed and all with such heart. EASY BREEZY!! This company is AMAZING and truly an advocate for their clients!!
Andrew was great. He explained detailed information and reassured I understood my future steps and various possibilities. He showed concern and was very professional.
Professional, reliable service
Object is to sign you up for monthly payments of credit monitoring and credit improvement
Its was a very pleasent experience although I'm still having a problem with securing a loan Brett was very professional and knowledgeable. He was very polite and understanding and helpful
"Great service." Would recommend.
They helped me get a loan.
They where very helpful and very professional
Service was alright. I had to continually call them back to get things going even though they said they would call me. They charged me twice for the credit report.
They were helpful and called me back to make sure everything went well.
The Experience. I had was good thank you all and the young man that help me this moring
Andrew answered the telephone very professionally. He explained the procedure clear and exact. I was approved upon the second loan in which I applied. I felt confident and secure in his decisions regarding loan applications. Thank you, Andrew.
Excellent help. Intelligent diligent people who can help you when you need it. 5 stars.
Excellent turn around very fast call back great customer service!
Travis had excellent customer service and was very helpful
I worked with sergio at OneLoanPlace and he is very professional and knowledgeable I have not got a loan yet but am working to raise credit scores so hopefully i can get approved soon. Everyone needs to go to 1 loan place to get help. they are great
I really appreciate the help from One Main Loan very friendly staff very knowledgeable . Definitely will recommend to friends and family.
Staff was very honest and helpful
Monica was the customer service agent that assisted me. She is nothing short of a miracle worker.
Excellent. Courteous and very informative. Provided help beyond my expectation.
When filling out ANYTHING on-line these days, you get a flood of phone calls during and afterwards. I usually cut the person off as soon as they start talking super fast and are obviously reading from a script, to me this says SCAM!! Jerald not only spoke to me as a person, but was patient and actually LISTENED to ME!! I didn't want to hang up immediately and actually got some helpful information. I spoke to Jerald boss, Ray Ciervo, who was nice and also treated me with respect. People don't go on these sites because they want to, we are on them because we need help...thank you to the employees at One Loan Place for not treating me like a number!!
I'm going from my original rating of 1 to 2. The customer service manager did at least call and asked for the details. I still believe they're a waste of time and want you to use their credit repair service. I declined subsequent offers of loans through them.
Came to consolidate credit cards. It was fast and easy. Person I spoke with was very knowledgeable. I was also put in touch with a company to help restore my credit. I wasn't able to proceed with them right now but will definitely be coming back if I ever find myself in this situation again. FINGERS CROSSED! :p
Working with one loan place was a great experience. Very nice people and quick.