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Big help for the working man. Wish we would have found them sooner
Excellent service thru the whole process
Jessica Williams is amazing!!! Very helpful and quick to answer any questions I had! She made the process very easy and quick!! I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work!!! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to save money!!!
I was able to refinance quickly and with no headaches. The staff really know their profession well. Thanks to the people at open road for making my car more affordable!!
I am truly amazed with how simple and fast the process was. Also am glad to be saving 88 bucks a month.
Very fast and low rate
Great experience I applied online and got a response within 2 hours open road save me 179.00 a month
I've never dealt with more professionals in this type of business. Hands down, they made it stress free and very easy to complete. Thank you so much!
id they would save me money, and they did.
Refinancing my car was so easy and I am saving over $100 a month with Open Road Lending's help. If you are in the market gor refinancing, definitely go through them!
I processed this loan online and by emails. It was the easiest loan ever to process. Minimum paperwork and customer service was great too!!! Quick and easy is all I have to say and they paid off my prior loan just as fast. For any additional car loan I will be going through this company guaranteed.
The Open Road Lending team was extremely helpful in assisting me with the refinance process.
The process was simple, short and meanigfull with staff who were courteous, sincere and professional. My questions were answered the same day. In the beginning, I had my doubts but after experiencing OpenLending, I fully recommend their services to anyone who cares to look for a loan..
Fast and exceptional refinancing saving thousands of dollars! A great experience working with their associates! They work very hard to save you money and get the best deal around!
Applying and getting approved for refinance loan was easy and fast, not a lot of paperwork. Thanks!
Honestly i was not a little, but very skeptical when i first got the offer. so i read between the line the best i could and the more i read the more i realized WOW!! they're really trying to help me. So Yes i'm very happy to be working with OPENROAD LENDING. YEP!! They made my day, weeks, months and YEARS TO COME!!!!.
Slick and simple with no "glitches."
I loved completing most of the disclosures electronically. The amount of paperwork was minimal and over all effortless.
The agent that I dealt with was FANTASTIC!!!
Worked well with staff everyone communicated with me on getting my documents received and processed in a timely manner.
Kristina was the agent that handled my case and she was very helpful. Responded promptly to all my inquiries and was very professional. Was a smooth process. My only criticism would be about being left in the dark during the final days waiting on funding but Wendy updated me on the status when I called and all was good. Other than that it was a pleasant experience.
it was easy and now I'm saving money on my interest rate and my monthly payment will use you guys again In the future thank you guys
Saved a lot of money. !!!
I suggest staying away from doing business with this OpenRoad Lending
The process was quick. The electronic sending and receiving of documents make the process of financing simple and less cumbersome. Great experience
I will like to thank S.Beck for the outstanding service..... My first time refinancing and he made it swift and simple thank you so much!!!!
Except for a few hiccups with the interview process, Open Road Lending gave me a chance that others wouldn't. They were quick and things weren't complicated. For all those who are really trying to maintain their credit accomplishments, I would highly recommend using Open Road Lending!
Very nice people just need to follow thru every day till the end
Great experience. Very efficient. Friendly service. Answers questions quickly.
Hands down the easiest experience ever was quick and my representative was in constant contact with me!
Staff was so helpful and very nice. Made the process simple and easy.
It helped out a little.
Open road helped me save by re-financing my Honda and saving me money every month. No hassles, done thanks
I was a bit hesitant to pursue refinancing my vehicle because I thought I would have to unearth all kinds of documents and working 2 jobs, my time is limited. I had access to all of the paperwork I needed to turn in and had the application completed within a short period of time. The process was so quick, I was truly shocked. The best part was I was able to skip 2 payments because of the way the billing cycle ran on my previous loan. I would recommend this company to anyone.
The only thing I did not like was we were quoted one APR then when it came down to it the Apr went up 1 point. We weren't saving as much as we thought we were. Other than that process was fast and smooth once they got back to us.
Start to finish was a breeze. Great customer service throughout and was able to lower my rate 9% and my payment $117. Will tell all my friends about these guys. If you are having any doubts, it's for real and worth the effort!
Professional and courteous. Communication was clear and concise every step of the way!
Professional all around. It'd good to have a finance company like this.
The lady that helped me with my loan set the wrong material or never set stuff that needed to be signed. I had to talk to the supervisor to get this loan done. Not happy with the customer service. Great rate on my loan!!!
Very quick service and Editte helped me understand things, and answer questions every step of the process!
The service was great, the agent was very courteous and knowledgeable.I saved money what more could I ask for
so fast , the loan done was done in just a few days, great job !!
I would have to say my experience was great,I received lower interest-rate based on my credit. The people I spoke with seemed knowledgeable and now my car payment is $134 less... I would use them again.
Excellent service, would highly recommend!
Put on hold to long finally give up leave number but not called back
Open Road Lending was very quick and diligently refinanced my Loan. I was pleased with their response times and Courteous Service!
I had a great experience with OpenRoad Lending when I applied to refinance my car. I got a great deal. Low interest & low monthly payments. I'd like to thank Ms. Johnson for keeping me informed & answering all of my questions, throughout the process. I highly recommend Open Road Lending to anyone looking to refinance they're auto. I am a satisfied customer.
You have a great person in Rashika Hayes. She is the friendliest person I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with on the phone. She was always quick to respond to phone messages (when we were playing phone tag). She made the process go so smoothly. It was impressive. I worked with the public for a long time and believe me a little smile and kindness in the voice goes a long way and that's what you have in Rashika. I would recommend Open Road Lending to anyone that was looking for a new car loan or a refinance. It has been a much better experience than I expected. Thank you again for having Rashika be a part of your team. Thank you.
Open road saved me money!
Great experience Mona Johnson was the best and help me out through this situation A plus For Mona Johnson
I applied to refinance my vehicle and got a lower interest rate. The customer service was great. They dropped my interest rate by about 4%.
I would recommend this company to anyone. Fast and friendly service. Thank you.
Process was smooth and efficient. I would recommend to my friends.
Had to send documents 3x as faxed copies weren't clear enough? Overall a good experience.
Open Lending help me a great deal with getting my car refinanced at a lower payment which helped me out I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends
So simple and easy. Plus it was quic@
I am very pleased with the quick response that I received on finding me a great savings on refinancing my car loan and lower my interest rate. The employees were also quick on any question I needed to know as well as their quick response to sending me documents that I needed to fill out and return. I was very impressed on the quick turnaround from the finance department to pay off my other leinholder. I highly recommend OpenRoadLoan Lending to to everyone. Thanks to all Theresa Humphrey
Happy to save money!! Frustrating and took forever though. Im still glad I refinanced with openroad.
Amazing customer service, which is refreshing to say as a GM.
honestly, the process was pretty simple. A few phone calls and emails and it was all set. What they failed to mention was my loan was not financed from them, it went through a third-party called regional acceptance corporation, which doesn't sound like a very good company to finance a car through. I tried calling them on two occasions and neither time could I get to a representative. I wish I would've stayed with Honda financial it was more money but I think it would've been worth it
I would strongly recommend this company to my friends. They were easy to work with, they kept in contact with me and help me with the process. Everything went very smoothly. The gentleman that worked with me very professional and nice. It was such an easy and quick process.
Had such a great experience with OpenLending! Thank you so much for all the help!
I can't believe how simple and easy the process was. The customer service attitude should be one displayed by all consumer companies. I am telling everyone about Open Road Lending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super Great and Fast!!!
Applied and was denied. Keep getting denial letters from creditors dropping my score ten points each time. Stop running and ruining my Credit! Apllicant: Rattliff
Total good experience from beginning to end.
I came home from work and got online to complete my application. I had approval the next day, completed my online forms and returned everything to them. Jessica would call me back whenever I left her messages. Everything went smooth and I am saving almost $200.00. I am very happy and pleased with my experience with OpenRoad and would highly recommend them to my family and friends.
I had a good experience with OpendRoad Lending but, my second reqest to refiance again was not successful
Best quick service. I wasnt really thinking about refinancing but when i saw a recommendation on creditkarma and i got a mailer from open road i thought yes it's time to get a lower APR. The service was quick and easy. Get the email send fill out and sign and send back. Within a week i was approved for a much lower rate for the same about of months i had left on my contract so i had nothing to lose.
My experience was very smooth. I especially liked being able to scan and submit my documents via email. It was also very extremely helpful that I was able to communicate via text with any questions that I had.
They do great by their customers.
They was very honest to work with on refiance my loan and the representative I had handled my loan was very knowledgeable of this company and help u out with what ever we needed help on.
I lost a few days on the process due to me not reading the instructions well enough.
The service was quick and friendly
From the start, this is by far the easiest loan process I have ever been involved with. The tools used to get documents and communicate were fantastic. My customer service rep was great. I'd recommend Open Road Lending to anyone.
This was a great opportunity to save money. The loan process was quick and easy. The representative assigned to my loan was constantly in touch with me and provided updates regularly. I highly recommend this for people that have a high interest rate and want to save money.
The entire process was a nightmare. Lie #1: Intrest rate When I initially applied I was told my interest rate would be 7.29% with a 72 month term. I asked the loan care agent if they could do any better than that and she checked and said they could do 6.49%. I asked specifically if lowering the payment term would lower the interest and she said no — this is a lie. I have written documentation from the loan care agent of this that the interest rate was reduced to 6.49%. I said ok and she sent me the loan documents. The documents said 6.7%. I asked about this inaccuracy and was told I wasn’t told that. After referring to the proof she admitted that she misspoke but it is actually 6.7%. MORAL: READ YOUR LOAN DOCUMENTS CAREFULLY AND BEWARE OF BAIT and SWITCH. Ok fine.... on to issue #2 LIE #2 - Identification & Gift Card During our first conversation I was asked to send in various documents, first being my valid drivers license which I submitted to them on 5-18-2018. I was told all documents were approved on 5-21-2018. On 5-31-2018 all of a sudden my VALID Michigan drivers license was no longer acceptable and I was told I had to get a drivers license out of the state of Illinois, where I live part of the year, despite having a valid drivers license from Michigan — mind you I purchased the vehicle in Illinois while having an out of state ID. The loan care agent even went as far to tell me they would raise my interest rate over 12% if I didn’t. My previous rate wasn’t even 12%! So I had to take a day off work. I was told I would receive a $100.00 gift card for the inconvenience. I spent from 8 am to 1:30 pm at the Secretary of State and then provided them with the ID. It would seem as though if this was a requirement It would have been told to me on 5/18/2018 that this was required when they saw my drivers license to begin with — why wait until 5/31/2018. So, when I called to check on my loan status and when gift card was going to be mailed I was told I was never told I would get a 100.00 gift card and I would only be sent a $25.00 which I have of course not received. Another BAIT AND SWITCH tactic. Finally, after exhausting back and forth, my loan was complete with Kinecta Federal Credit Union at a 58 month term at 6.44%. This leads me to ..... Lie #3 - Due Date So, I like to pay my car note early and intended on keeping the same cadence as I normally had been. So I logged into the open road lending website and saw my "truth in lending" statement I opened it and it stated my first payment would be due on 7/20/2018. This was a lie. I immediately contacted Kinecta Federal Credit Union to make a payment and they told me it is due on 7/8/2018. Now— obliviously I paid way early but the point is they have the wrong date so based off of that date I would have been 12 days late on my first payment! All in all I refinanced a 11.5% loan down to a 6.44% and I shaved time off my loan and saved myself thousands of dollars. However, I would recommend for anyone to stay away from this company. Why? You can do you research and go directly through a credit union. This way you won’t have to deal with multiple inquiries and you won’t be paying their middle man mark up on the interest rate. Also, you want to not just research open road lending — you need to research whatever lender they match you with to see what THAT banks reviews are. Another reason to stay away is all the lies. The loan care agents will say anything to get you off the phone or get you to sign the contract. With anything you must read every word on the contract. Another issue with their contract was that it stipulated that I have an insurance company that does business in the state of California which mine doesn’t. They ended up changing the contract for me but if I wouldn’t have paid attention to that they could have but on forced placed insurance which would have cost me thousands, negating all savings and actually costing me more! I have a YouTube channel with only over 12,000 subscribers but I will be doing a detailed video on my experience showing proof of how this was handled from beginning to end. If can save a single person from this horrible experience it will be worth it. If you’re going to deal with them, don’t believe anything they say and read over your loan documents with a fine tooth combo— TWICE!
This company is great with follow through.
Wendy made the process easy and painless. Thanks OpenRoad.
This process was simple and easy - the representative was professional, thorough, patient and very pleasant to talk too. I'm very happy to be a customer!! A million thanks.
I am saving over $100 a month by refinancing my jeep. And open road lending and Stephanie mulligan helped me do this. They were right on top of my loan process from start to finish. I will recommend them to family and friends.
Experience from start to finish was almost 100%. My only wish is that more attention had been paid to my request for a shorter loan term because my desire was a lower interest rate, not the lowest monthly payment. If that had been followed from the beginning would have been a 100% instead of 95%
This was my first time ever hearing about Openroad Lending. The experience was painless, easy and quick.
Was recommended through credit karma. They put a hard hit on your credit and don't even call you. They send you an email and you have to click and find out if you've been accepted. After a heavy hit I was declined with a credit score over 700 and good income. Now I have a hard hit that will be on my credit report for 2 years. Wish I had known ahead
This was a good experience staff was very helpful. I would recommend this company to any of my family members or friends
Everything was so easy and I'm saving a lot of money.
I was turned down by other lenders that would not refinance my auto loan because of loan value over property value which made sense. But ORL was able to make it possible and adjusted my monthly payment to a lower interest which in return helps me payoff my loan sooner.
Smooth tansition
Good company but a lot of paper work
I didn't have one issue with OpenRoad Lending. Any questions that I had were answered quickly by Doug...he's Awesome! I would absolutely recommend OpenRoad to anyone who is looking to refinance their automobile.
The loan officer was very attentive friendly and returned calls quickly
Worst company ever!! Do not waste your time go on to the next place. Horrible experience. Very incompetent people!
I would recommend them to everyone They were wonderful!1 Thank you so much!!!
Found me a loan within a couple days with lower interest and payments.
I throughly enjoyed my experience with open road ,they did for me what I would recommend to anybody looking to refinance their vehicle ...go for it and reduce your payment
Thanks for the quick, hassle free loan.
This was a very simple experience. I was able to do everything electronically and I only had to deal with one representative. The best part? My payment is over $100 lower and not due for 30 days after closing. I don't know about comments about this company but my recommendation is this is a company I will deal with again.
customer service needs to be coordinated.
Great customer services. short loan process
My experience with OpenRoad was a good one and I would recommend them to a friend.