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I am just on the beginning of the process of being a Pacific customer and so far the experience is being worth it. Let's wait before rate it as a perfect company.
i am just now getting started with this program but so far it seems fine
I would recommend Pacific Debt to anyone, the staff are very professional and treated me with respect and kindness. They work hard for you to resolve your debt with your creditors.
Great experience! Great company! Amazing staff!
Everyone at Pacific Debt was wonderful to work with and set up my program in one phone call. They were fast, professional and caring. I would recommend them to anyone facing a financial hardship.
So far I am really thrilled with Pacific Debt. Enrolling was easy, the agent was very supportive. I hope it's as smooth from here on out.
Fast and excellent service.
Awesome company! I was stressed to the max when I called and when I finished on the phone I couldn't believe how easy it was! Thank you!
I can’t believe how great the service was and how quickly I had a plan in place to financial freedom.
Just at the beginning of setting everything up with Pacific Debt and so far they have been cooperative, understanding and helpful. Looking forward to getting out of debt with their help.
Great customer service! Very reassuring and they will let you know all the details before you actually sign anything.
Everyone is very nice. But first that we agree was supposed be half payments and they took full amount. Will call first thing Monday. Very dispointed.
Explained everything that I need to know
Quick and very helpful response! I’ve already told a few people who could benefit from this company.
The person I worked with treated me with respect. He seemed very concerned with my position and wanted to help.
This was an easy process with very knowledgeable people.
If you are thinking there is no end insight and seeing half of your monthly payments going in their bank while the only means for daily needs is another swipe digging the hole deeper. Do yourself a favor do your homework than call Pacific Debt. and listen to your wayout. They work with you so you can see an end and in good time so you realize the sooner you start you can count down to the new begining.
Customer service was the best. All my questions and concerns we answered in great detail. By the end of my whole experience I felt confident and trusted that I had picked the right company for the job.
I was really stressed out about everything but Ashley acted very professional and even though I'm a new client I feel confident that I can move forward and take care of my debit priorities! J Rivera
The overall initial setup seemed quick and easy. My representative seemed knowledgeable and helpful. It's still quite early in the process but I'm hopeful.
It was an amazing Debt Free program. The program assisting me in being debt free in less then 4 years. Brad my Pacific Debt representative was very helpful and hands on with all my concern. I highly recommend the program to all my friends family members.
So far so good. I'm really nervous to see how this works.
Wonderful experience so far. Customer service is wonderful. Jeremy could not have been more helpful and caring. I pray that the rest of my experience with Pacific Debt is a great.
Friendly service. Easy to follow instructions. Answered all my questions. Documentation arrived promptly as promised. Very happy.
Brian made the process so easy and stressfree!
It was a great smooth experience. The only thing was that after my very first call, the calls and emails were constantly coming. I could have done ok with one or two a week until we connected not each day
I was skeptical at first. Talked with Robyn M and she explained everything to me answered my questions never once did she belittle me because of my situation. I am so happy that I called and got enrolled. Definitely gives me little more peace of mind right now. I would recommend Pacific Debt.
Nice Company, well I have used the help of a Credit Repair Expert. And I must say, they have displayed being #1 in class, in my opinion. I appreciate the time and effort they provide getting your credit repaired and back on track. Very professional and highly trained and skilled people who are great in credit restoring and rebuilding. ( PATCHCREDIT at GMAIL COM ) 323325 - 5254!!
Great job, couldn't ask for more.
Everything was very informational
Amazing experience! Ashley was very knowledgeable and patiently answered ALL my questions. She was very thorough throughout the whole short process and I would recommend this company to anyone who is struggling with a serious amount of debt.
I'm just getting started in the program. I hope we are successful.
Great presentation and very amicable person. Great job
Very patient with me while I asked questions.
yes...very polite and efficient
Very helpful and explained everything
Very informative and friendly. Made me feel like I was making the right choice and doing the right thing.
I'm a new member but the representative was very nice and patient with me .He kept his word and call me back when he said he would.
I had a great informational service, that gave me a piece of mind and allowed me to start the journey to credit recovery.
If your looking for a debt consolation company this is the company to go to compared to National Debt Relief which was a horror story and not very trustworthy !
It was very easy to enroll and get the process started.
The advisor was very knowledgeable and professional.
Pacific Debt does exactly what they claim to if you do your part. I had two very large balances totaling over $60,000 and was debt free in two years. They settled one for 50 cents on the dollar and the other for 25 cents on the dollar. Sure, they charge a fee, but they know what they are doing and it takes the stress and worry off of you. If you can afford your payments, but aren't making any headway because of the mounting interest this program works!! Be ready, your credit will take a hit, so I suggest getting a low limit credit card before starting the program and keep it in good standing during the years you are paying off your debt, it will help your credit bounce back faster.
It was very easy to speak to personnel and both contacts were enlightening and amazing. Kudos to Heather for making the QA call so pleasant and informative. Ray was wonderful and helped tremendously. I feel we are with the right company and look forward to the experience.
Eva's personality was perfect. She made me feel completely at ease throughout the entire process. She was a true professional, even putting up with my attempts at being funny. I had two issues to fix and she patiently helped me resolve them.
My service was fast and sufficient. Thank you!
EVERYONE WAs very friendly and wonderfully helpful. I really appreciate all Pacific Debt is doing for me.
We've just started the process with Pacific Debt and what I can say so far is the process has been great. Anthony Lemardy was very helpful in answering all of our questions and guiding us through everything
I am a little concerned that you can never reach the person who is supposed to answer all your questions. Not a good beginning. I dont like leaving voice mails if no one is going to return your calls.
Rian was very explanatory of everything and I am so glad that everything will be relieved off my mind. Was swimming in debt and worried I wasn't going to make it. Thank you Rian.
I have had minimal contact with my account rep (which by the way has changed several times over the last year and a half) and often times it is because she made some sort of financial error and wants more money to fix it (miscalculated a settlement offer). That said, the customer service is not the worst. In fact, I feel like they have quite the sales team because man can they pitch their service. Here is my warning about my experience: If you use this company, make sure you fully understand how they operate. Do not let them summarize the contract over the phone, get off the phone and read it word for word. Their services do nothing that you can't do yourself. They will not settle your debts and have you pay them back. They set up an escrow account and will settle debts as your funds become available (after you start accumulating money in the account) and they will only settle with what you have available. So if you put in the minimum amount, they will only work with one or two of your creditors. They charge MASSIVE fees. I am charged almost 1/3 in fees of what I am putting in to the account, have been working this resolution for over a year and have creditors still threatening judgments. I am paying $92.00 a month in settlement fees (they CHARGE A FEE OF TWENTY-TWO PERCENT "22%" of the original debt at the time you enroll in the program- it is not based on the amount they settle it for), I pay a $10 for a monthly service fee, another $10 for a check payment fee and a $3 phone fee (??? No clue what that is). I could have saved that money each month to go towards my debts and paid them down much faster. It’s a shame that I didn’t read the fine print, but I was just so excited by the thought of freeing myself of this debt burden and honestly was worn down and didn’t want to deal with it. I will be closing my account with them to prevent them from settling any other debts and add extra cash to the account to pay of my settlements quicker to save myself those extra monthly fees. I would recommend you just open a separate account that you won’t touch and throw a few hundred in there each month and work with your creditors yourself. They don’t stop the calls, they don’t expedite the recovery, they start by working with collection agencies they have good relationships with and settle the debts at what I would figure are higher rates than you could probably do yourself.
Easy to talk to and found the right program to help me out!
Everyone has been very helpful in explaining this process and navigating through the information.
Very helpful and not pushy.
Great company. So helpful
Very informative. Not messing around. Got me hooked up with the program & on the road to debt resolution.
this company will save us from the brink of banruptcy, ty
Things felt a lot more easier to cope with
Beth Carpenter was very friendly and helpful and always followed up with me concerning appointments and the process.
Jennifer was so kind, and compassionate.
Had a great experience cant wait to do business
Pretty amazing! They definitely handle EVERYTHING from beginning to end. I was drowning and they saved me.
I have used this entity before and was very pleased, decided to use them far so good....they are very friendly and helpful....I'm just in the beginning stages....
I greatly appreciated the work that was put in at Pacific Debt for me. I had 2 accounts to settle and they were able to settle them for me fairly quickly and very easily. They made the process very smooth and didn't ever make me feel less than because of my debt. The only downside was that sometimes I would send several emails to my representative without responses, and it would take sometimes several weeks before hearing back. For the most part they were very prompt and extremely helpful and courteous.
I just recently enrolled, so I do not know how positively it will affect me. Should ask me this in 6month.
So far I'm pleased with what Pacific Debt is doing to get me debt free.
My rep was straight to the point but explained the significance of the program
Very nice and very helpful!!!
I was very nervous about taking such a serious step to get my debt under control, but the stress was getting to me. I called Pacific Debt because they got great reviews. Josh walked me through the process and his professionalism put my mind to rest. When Josh was promoted, I worked with briefly with two other staff members, and then Shonna was assigned to my case. She got me through a very stressful negotiation and her expertise was very comforting.. I would highly recommend Pacific Debt to anyone struggling to get debt under control.
I feel like a weight has been lifted on my shoulders. Everybody that I have talked to have been really friendly.
They were patient and understanding. They helped me all the way through the process answering every question I had. This was a very difficult decision but they really cared that I made the right one.
She was very knowledgeable about the services being offered and Was able to answer all questions
Great experience with Michael. Hope it all goes well in the days to come. thank you.
The only thing I wish would have been changed is being up front about how the process is with the credit cards and not paying them and that it takes 6 months to even start the process with the creditors. That gave us a lot more anxiety and questioned what we were doing.
Due to years of litigation and attorneys fees we were feeling overwhelmed with our finances. We called to get help and the rep put us at ease and helped us to finally take our first breath for the first time in a long time.
I have had a hard time playing phone tag with the Pacific Debt counsellor but that is not her fault. I work in mental health and we are booked pretty solid. Other than that I am pleased with them so far.
My experience. .Was great.
Super informative
The complete process of managing my ever-worrying debt was made painless by Pacific Debt. They were knowledgable in all aspects of the process and insightful regarding the types of concerns that arise for a person living through the despair of making ends meet with too little.
They do a great job at pretending to be caring and helpful until you sign your name on the paperwork. Then the "friendly" salesman (Cedric) won't bother to return calls or emails... even though he said he would be there every step of the way. Cedric was a straight up liar and phony. But he sure did a good job at selling me on the scam. If you are reading this, please save your time and money and STAY AWAY from this company!
So far things are great with Pacific Debt and their staff is super knowledgeable and helpful. Though, I haven't had much experience yet with my debt so it's hard to give a review yet. I'll write another one once I've started my payments and see how the settlement is worked out with my debt.
Just started the program will wait and see.
Michael ......( customer care professional ) was very knowledgeable and informative, very polite and has lots of patience, and allowed me to ask questions during our Quality Assurance introduction meeting. i enjoyed talking to him, he made me very comfortable and assured for me success in this debt relief program. i highly recommend anyone need help/relief to contact Pacific Debt inc.
They have been very helpful!
While enrolling in the program, everyone I have spoken to has been courteous, professional, kind, and patient. All my questions were answered, even if I asked them several times.
I'm just beginning, but it's a fantastic experience thus far!
I was feeling overwhelmed with debt and unsure of the future when I called. Nicholas was great at reassuring me that things would be okay and I was making the right decision. Thank you.
Victor was very helpful and straightforward forward. He didn’t rush me and was very patient. Thank you
I am new to Pacific debt,i am please so far even though i have not made any payment into my program yet.
So far we are impressed. People are courteous, informative, and helpful. Fully anticipate our experience to continue in similar fashion.
I had trusted professionals from the first phone call. Every one of the team explained everything and quickly had the perfect solution to our debt problems.
Pacific Debt has taken away the stressful life we have been living, and opened up a more peaceful lifestyle that is manageable. Thank you Pacific Debt for sending Rian to our rescue!
All personnel have been extremely helpful and polite. My only complaint is the 22% your company charges but will accept that if will clear up this debt for me!
Excellent customer service! Kind compassionate and understanding! Julius is amazing!
good to work with would recommend, to anyone needing help with credit card debt.
Rep was very friendly and thorough.
I had such an incredible experience working with Jeremy! He not only took the time to answer all my questions but he also found a way for us to save over $700 a month in minimum payments on $30000 worth of debt that we could not handle. Now we have a plan that can save us money monthly but also will give us a way to finally kiss our debt goodbye in about 4 years time. I cannot thank Jeremy enough for all his help and great empathy throughout this process!
I just started with Pacific Debt and I was very nervous. However, the staff there are top notch! They are patient, non-judgmental, and truly care about helping you get out of debt.
I was very impressed with trepresentative Rian. He was detailed, kind, patience and respectful in providing me with information on the program. I didn't feel pressured. It was a great experience and I felt so relief and comfortable with the information that I signed up for the program the same day. Thank you!
I gained very little by en rolling in this program . a constance roll over of people aiding you did not help. in the end i could of done just as well for sure not as worse . a waste of time and money . never recomend any one to do .