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Jeff truly down to earth 2 thumbs up
Well organizied and knowlegable
The people there were straight forward with u honest and will do what is needed to help you very good people to deal with.
Friendly staff & really helpful.
I had a great experience with this company. Professional and a pleasure to work with.
This was the easiest process I have ever been through the representative was so helpful and pleasant to work with.
Very smooth transaction and staff was extremely helpful.
It was an great experience and everyone was so professional
Everyone was very helpful and the fact that they looked at how I pay my bills and not my score makes me recommend them to everyone
Customer service was great! I had no issues with Patriot Finance. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable and were able to answer my questions.
Extremely helpful, quick and reliable. Great experience.
Very professional. The gentleman I worked with was helpful and looked for creative ways to help. Very pleasant experience so far!!
Exceptional Service--Very Good And Caring People-PLUS They're Very Smart. Jeff Blanton Is An Exceptional Individual And Businessman.
Customer Service was absolutely seemless and excellent! Representative was not only considerate of me as a customer, but was timely and very efficient in responding back to me.
I had a great experience and the application process was a breeze. I wouldn't hesitate to use Patriot Finance in the future.
Great customer service and they are willing to help you in any way they can. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.
The experience was easy breezy
Really prompt and efficient, received funds the next day!
It was a great experience when I received a letter from Patriot stating I was pre-approved for an account with them. When they approved me within two weeks the money had really help me especially for the holiday season. I would definitely recommend Patriot Finance to friends.
My experience with Patriot Finance was amazing. They reached out as soon as I submitted my application. They were willing to work with my less than perfect credit score and was able to get me the amount I asked for in a timely manner.
Jeff Branton is the best! He helped me through the entire loan process.
It was quick, easy had my check next day. Great company to do buisness with.
Very nice, considerate and professional.
Such great sevice. They were concerned about my situation. The approval and deposit of funds exceeded my expectations! Again thanks for your concern and speedy help.
I found that I was very sceptical at first using a online loan service, but after getting some background research and talking to Jeff several times I provided my information and was approved for a very much needed cash infusion. But for anyone reading this post please be prepared to pay a higher interest on this type of loan, so be sure of your future financial situation and it’s ability to pay back your loans.
Fast and proffesional. Couldn't ask for anything else.
Simple, easy process. Quick turn-a-round time.
Jeff was very helpful and made sure I had all the necessary documentation for my loan. Really kind and courteous.
It was a very pleasant and easy transaction to complete the loan process with patriot.
Awesome service. Very honest people to work with. Jeff was so great to work with. Best service ever.
Everything was great! Chris was very helpful from start to finish. The process was really fast and painless. I would recommend doing business with Patriot Finance!
I was contacted by Mr. Branton who assisted me immediately with the instructions for processing my application. I was contacted back the same day with an approval which was just amazing. Upon arrival to their office I was greeted and assisted immediately with the closing of my loan. I was given great advice and assistance from Mr Brandon. I enjoyed the entire experience. Thanks to Mr. Branton I was able to apply and close same day. Awesome!
My experience with Patriot Finance couldn't been better. I was greeted with a very warm welcome that made me feel as if I was apart of a family instead of being a new customer. The process went smoothly and fast.I was in and out within 20 minutes. A very great Company with very professional and caring people there working. I would recommend any and everyone to Patriot.
Jeff is awesome!
I have to say from start to finish the Customer Service was excellent, I highly recommend Patriot to anyone that would like to get extra cash and trust the company that you are doing business with.
This company is so awesome. They help me in a very bad point in my life where I didn't know how I would pay my bills. They approved me for a loan even though my credit is terrible. Even when I have problems making payments they do what they can to assist. I will always be grateful for Patriot.
I called and within 2 days the money was in my account and available to me. I like that although funds was put in one bank I was allowed to have funds come from another account from a different bank.
VERY nice and helpful. well explained and very nice.A pleasure to work with.
Very convenient and fast.
It was a excellent experience I will recommend it!!!
Good service. Very honest and professional. They will inform you of the pros and cons of your qualifications (if applicable) Would do it again in a heartbeat!
Great service . very professional s
I got a letter in the mail that I was approved for a loan up to 15,000 so I thought that would be a good way to get out of under some of my bills and one payment a month so on June 30 I filled the loan application out then I sent in the paperwork they asked for then I keep getting the run around called them emailed them and no answer finally after I emailed them twice this morning they called to tell me that I had to much debt the answer was no all that and a hit to my credit for nothing I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone they're a joke
Very good experience, chris and the whole staff were very friendly, documents were quick and easy and i was in and out!! Very professional and i recommend them to anyone who is looking for an auto repair or other loan.
I applied for a loan, the first day they runs a hard check on my credit, before I can get all the paperwork to him. Everything is going fine according to them and I need to send them a copy of my bank account details, and I do but they do not bother to check with me to see what had happened to my bank account and why I am in the situation i am in. They just never called back or answered my calls anymore. Ty for the lowering of my credit score for the unnecessary hard check if you weren't going to help me, I understand that they are going to Pull a credit report but you would think that they would have waited and got all the paperwork and looked over all it and then done a credit report, my was done a week before they got all my paperwork in and all was seemingly good until they got the rest of paperwork,or at least ask for an explanation as for what happened instead of me having to call you back almost a month later to find out what happened.
I was able to get the loan I applied for. It took under three days and I got the check the very next morning with no trouble at all. I had applied every where else including my credit u ion and was denied so I'm very thankful I found this place!!
OK, so a little history about me i went through identity theft. I needed a surgery to have my breast implants removed - they were causing pain and a bunch of other issues and NOBODY would finance me. Chris the CEO gave me the opportunity and financed me the full amount + medicine costs, and fees. I am able to get my surgery done all because he gave me the chance nobody else would. I will definitely not let him down!
Working with them was simple and easy. I'll likely return to them for big projects like home improvements and business start-up.
Jeff was great to deal with. Very happy I found them.
Applied for a loan on My 30th. 14 Days later and after 3 phone calls to the company with promises someone would return my call, nothing. That is ridiculous.
The COO Jeff was very informative and helped me make the best decision financially for myself and my future. They are a no pressure to commit style company. I would recommend anyone who needs a personal loan for whatever reason to go to Patriot Finance.
Professional & Pleasant
Patriot was very quick in getting me approved for my loan. I would not hesitate to use them again.
Direct, honest, helpful,considerate, and fast........the kind of service I received! Thank you!
Great experience very nice and knowledgeable
I am very satisfied with the response I received. Thank you.
I've never gotten a loan this quick and I never even had to appear everything was electronic and very simple.
always timely and courteous
John was so great at Patriot Finance! He was friendly and professional and he was efficient in helping me to get a loan that suited my needs!
My Lender Jeff was amazing. He was very professional, prompt, and guided me through the entire process with ease and comfort. Thank you for being there for me. Five Million Stars!
The online application was simple and easy to fill out. When I contacted the office I was greeted by Mr. Jeff Branton in a professional manner. I was able to upload and email all the documents needed for this loan. Mr. Branton walked me through the completion of the loan documents so I was clear on where to sign and what sections to enter information. Overall the experience was quite simple, and Mr. Branton provided excellent customer service. Thanks much
Very helpful, was there when I needed them.
Great experience they definitely help. Daughter getting married and they helped take the worry out of securing the wedding venue.
Awesome awesome finance companyy. It was just a few days and every thing was done smoothly. Patriot finance was there when I most needed them. The Almighty had set it up when I most was in need of this loan. Thank u
I just received a loan from Patriot. The experience of approval and funding was very painless. Loan officer Jeff was very nice to deal with, knowledgeable and helpful.
The customer service is poor and they are extremely rude!!! The owner is a great person, with excellent communication. His staff is terrible and need to focus on treating their customers better. I would never recommend this company to anyone. They are pathetic.
Once I submitted the application, a customer service rep called and within a few hours, my loan was approved.
I have been a customer of Patriot Finance for close to three years. The service has always been excellent and I am made to feel valued as a customer.
The application process was super easy, and the staff I met....Chris, Jeff, Lee and Ora were not only professional, but also a joy to spend some time with.
Patriot finance is truly awesome.
I always felt uneasy during the process. I felt that I was providing so much to management and feared a disappointing end. The process, however, ended timely and quite well... ONLY four days. I am content with the results thus far and hopefully will remain so, until terms end.
Patriot Finance helped me when all other personal finance companies turned me away or said my credit score was too low! They were very personable and customer oriented!
The process was very fast. It did not take all that long to get approved for the loan and then the next day it was in my account.
Friendly, quick, simple and straightforward...exactly what you need when you need it!
Very nice experience. Jeff was very helpful and accommodating.
Loan Application is simple to complete. Loan approved in minutes over the phone.No hassle & very friendly customer service.
Jeff was so helpful.
Great experience ! So thankful ! Jess did a great job ! Thankyou!!
Quick and polite. Easy to talk to.
There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about this place!! It was fast, easy and super professional. I read some pretty bad reviews about this company and was leery when I applied for this loan. I had a great experience personally and I think the key is to be upfront and honest and have all your documentation that is requested. I got my loan within 24 hours wired to my bank account!!!
A very simple process with very helpful people. Highly recommend!
Easy and quick Jeff made the experience great thank you
I was approved in a couple of days and I went in and got everything processed in under 30 mins! Jeff and his staff were great to work with! I'd definitely recommend them to anyone!
this was the best loan paper work signing i have ever had. Chris was very helpful.
First let me say, I struggled with deciding whether or not I should take out a personal loan to pay off my debts. However, after praying about this I decided it was the best decision for me and my daughter. I want to be debt free for the latter part of my life and Jeff made the process so easy. He disclosed everything to me, in regards to this loan. The next day business day the funds were in my account and I paid off everything but my car note. Now I can double up on my car payment and have it paid off in 2.5 instead of 5. THANK YOU PATRIOT FINANCE!
Wonder people to work with they made the whole process easy it paperwork was fast and quick could not had ask for better people to work with they believe in second chances
This is the 2nd time using Patriot, and both times have been flawless. Jeff was excellent to work with.
Got a PRE APPROVAL certificate in the mail that was anything but. They strung me along and I gave them everything they asked for and nothing in my credit profile was any different from when I was "selected". the irony is my credit isn't bad, I pay all my bills on time I just wanted to consolidate everything into one payment. But maybe its a blessing in disguise since their interest rates are astronomical, I just hate that I now have an inquiry on my report that amounted to my score taking a hit. these people are misleading people and they need to stop.