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Paxful is so wonderful
Paxful is safe and secure
i hereby vouch for this site to be the best site for bitcoin trading with the help of active moderators and agents ...Kudos for the trust so far
The customer service is very responsive.I am overall impressed with them.Good service
Excellent, I am well attended to by the admin
When you trade on Paxful, you feel safe and they are dealing with problems quickly!
Most reliable marketplace with highly experienced and helpful support team Cooldealz
I love paxful coz i have my friends and family coming to paxful to get there coin and the website is well reserve and the admin the moderator are well trained Trust me paxful is the best.
Paxful is very helpful, I really appreciate paxful. Nice work
Perfect site, Just Few things need to improve. Perfect Chat Support, Thanks Dylan for your help all the time.
Thanks very helpful and understanding
Paxful is the best place to buy Bitcoin and I recommend 100% to anyone who needs to buy bitcoin. Great customer care as well.
I highly recommend this site better than exchanges. It's very easy to use and you can get into bitcoin very easily.
The site provides exchange services to bitcoin for cash and gives multiple payment options for e-commerce businesses etc. You may start up a small-scale commerce account as yourself to earn some extra. Easy and reliable!
paxful team comes through by knocking out another scammer in seconds for me, thanks dylan, hank and paxful for protecting are assets!
Best way to buy bitcoin, faster support. No issue for once.
Easy to use , well presented and owned ...
I Mr johnmayer947 are here To tell you guys how good Paxful is try and been use Paxful for immediately bitcoin thanks I love Paxful more than my bank account
Paxful is very good environment for trading.. This is the truth; Paxful is the best. No scams, excellent trades
Thank you , You are the best
Amazing customer support!
approching to excellent . love their service now
Paxful one of the best site for buying and selling of bitcons... I really love this site... They re reliable, effective and trustworthy
paxful it's full of african scammers and paxful support them and never ban them even the moderators are scammers and always try to ban you to get your btc , if you are going to use this platform just be careful of the moderators and black people. even now paxful don't want me to express myself and let people my experience on paxful , now i'm going to tell you the truth , paxful it's scamming site , if your are vendor , they will close your account for sure if you made small mistake and will never close the african accounts if they keep scamming you with used gift cards , and the moderators will ask you to get proof that you didn't used the gift card which is not possible , don't trust this site at all
I opened my paxful account 4 months ago but I didn't trade with it until this month, and I got into the wrong hands (scammer), but with the help of paxful moderator I lost nothing and my account was temporarily suspended with Bitcoin in it, then I contacted the paxful team who help me regain access to my account within 6hours. Thanks you to paxful.
It is a good website to buy and sell bitcoin anytime and any day and I also love the customers response to the clients. Paxful is good and secure for everyone who use Paxful!
I'm giving this website 4 stars, because the customer service is great and responds very quickly. I haven't been using the webiste for too long, but any questions I had were swiftly answered by customer service.
My first transaction went very smoothly. The website is very user-friendly, and the customer service is spot on! Keep it up!
Paxful its a nice platform to trade on...very transparent and kick against coin lockers
Superb and helpful
too many scammers on paxful watch out and the moderator always support the vendor most time i have all evidence to win i was on my full right and the the moderator supported the vendor thats not a good way to treat your clinet and promoting the site you need to fish out the scammers on paxful to help grow paxful thank you.
Paxful is a great marketplace for buying and selling Bitcoin. Moderators usually resolve disputes in a timely manner. Although there are many scammers over there, the platform itself has been trustworthy!
Been on here for 9 months now and i must say it's the best platform of it's kind so far, thanks Paxful.
Paxful is safe for ur transactions, i thought i was having issues but paxful way of operating transactions makes transactions more secure and easy.... right place to trade channel to trade Bitcoins
Paxful is safe and secured
good +++++++++++++++++++
I use Paxful since 2,5 years, it is a unique site with a lot of opportunity and they have the best support in the world! Regards, Paxful User AET
Trusted site to buy and sell bitcoins. I've had some bad experiences in the past with other trading platforms but so far my experience with PaxFul has been perfect and their customer service are very friendly.
After I failed to buy bitcoins at Localbitcoins due to scams, I sought another place where I can buy small amounts. I found Paxful, where the moderators are always there to assist you. With a good collection of articles for me to arm myself with, I became a regular. 1 bitcoin turned into 2 then 3 and now I have 8 bitcoins. Highly recommended for people who want bitcoins fast and safe.
Paxful is a very useful platform for trading bitcoins. Very safe and knowledge base website. I'm happy to have found them.
Dylan, you are the best on Paxful support always and appreciate your support to make Paxful a better trading platform!
the best way to buy and sell gift cards
Great company, very reliable! It gives normal people the chance to connect and buy/sell bitcoins without having to deal with an exchange. Would recommend it to anyone!
The Paxful supporters give you a fast response and they almost could you help you in 3minutes with a problem. If it is a bigger problem then there are supporters like Gian that help you very good and that in a very fast time. Thanks Gian for this amazing support!
I joined paxful last year in October, but I only initiated my first trade today and I am absolutely captivated by the ease of use design of the website and the lovely support staff who reply instantly! I think i have found a new home as i partake in the crypto boom,
very good support
Paxful is the biggest and the best site to buy bitcoin and trade all your gift card for bitcoin. Fast and reliable.
thanks for great work , paxful really deserves our trust
professional and always ready to help. keep the fire burning guys
Paxful is the best place to trade Bitcoin and also b safe from scam.... paxful is the best site to trade... please keep register and have a successful paxful 100 is the best bitcoin network I've ever been to. I wish you also could try this out it'd the best bitcoin trading site I've ever seen. Thanks to the ceo of the company it's the best bitcoin site I recommend for everyone.
I trade here often. lots of good people. but review the profiles carefully, and check for some other sources of reputation since many scammers are on there too.
Paxful is a trusted site to trade
Paxful has made breaking into btc very easy to do. Highly reccomended
I love Paxful! They just offer us a better place to trade. Many Thanks to Jackson from Paxful support. He's a professional, but, they should have more people as Jackson as support to act fast and professional. Other than that, the platform is any OTC Bitcoin-trader dream. Thanks
In my opinion the most trustworthy bitcoin trading site on the internet. The customer service is amazing, the transactions are seamless. The sellers and buyers are strictly monitored and safety is of the utmost importance. I love paxful
Excellent support system ❤️
My account was frozen, I was unable to withdraw or send bitcoin. it was now restored back. Thanks to paxful team
Moderators are great and they are there till end.
Perfect and excellent
i have used for over a year never any issues, mods are awesome and its the quickest easiest way to get etc
Issue solved in just under 2 days. Very helpful!!
Safe and secured
Paxful is simply the best. The customer care service is just great
Paxful makes dreams come true with Buying and selling of bitcoins easily and great service! @CryptoMafia
Everything well okay with them and very reliable customer for you. They are 100% trustworthy to trade with and I'm assure you will never rue for stand with them.
I like it over there, their customer care are so fast and best at what they do. It's save there if instructions are followed...
I got an email telling me someone logged into my account from Ecuador and the reply from the help email that was in the email I received was amazingly quick. I have honestly never seen a quicker reply than I got from Paxful. Team member Payton answered all my concerns and luckily nothing was compromised. I never really used paxful, but now I really know they're there to help when needed.
I love working with this company, and buying bitcoin. The transactions are always smooth, and the customer service is always up and ready to answer all the queries in a timely and good fashion. Thank you, Paxful!
very BEST SUPPORT more trusted bitcoin sourse,your funds it safe,and you will never had any issue if want to get bitcoin very recomonded site if you want to get bitcoin on each payment methode you want!A+++++
Was hesitant at first to get started but Cain helped me understand what I needed to know before getting involved. Glad he was able to knowledgeably assist with my issue. Two thumbs up.
Paxful is the best platform to buy and sell bitcoins, they have great customer care services and also a very good system and interface to trade bitcoin. I love Paxful.
Please stay away from this site 90% of the transactions I tried were scammers and They don't do anything to protect you as a seller. After you report a scam they just send you a list of IP address from the user that you reported which basically show you that they are masking the IP because the list is all over the world. So if it they know they are masking they address why they don't ban these scammers, because they made their commission no matter what. If you want to lose money then go ahead and use this site.
Lovely concept, fast and cool customer service support
Terrific place to buy and sell Bitcoins. I've completed over 800 deals, it's the exchange you MUST be on. Thanks Paxful!
Dan and Hank at have been very responsive & helpful to resolve a difficult matter with ease, I appreciate all their efforts, thanks, your'e great!!!
Why you should never use Paxful. I’ve been a vendor on Paxful for 8 months and today I decided never to use them again. I have always had issues with them that I tried to ignore believing that things will improve with time, but they just keep getting worse. In summary Paxful made 3 things mistakes that makes me believe anyone in their right minds should avoid them. 1. Paxful never paid me or any of its’ users their BCH, BTG or any of the forked coins, in fact I have proof Paxful claimed all of these coins for themselves and made millions out of it, if you have a Paxful wallet just put your wallet number on a BCH explorer or similar and see for yourself 2. Scam networks had been operating on their web page for years and Paxful do support them for reasons I can only speculate. These networks have patterns and behavior that anyone can detect in a minute, why they never take them down is something I don’t get but I believe they are profiting from them 3. It seems that Paxful disregards all the legislations that make sense such as KYC in order to facilitate the use of fraudulent credit cards, hacked PayPal accounts, and stolen gift cards etc. Whoever dares to report such activity to their biased moderators gets a very bad treatment if they are unlucky not to mass a group of vendors before reporting In general this company seems to have no owners and is ran by a staff that have no clue what they are doing. They have a cool interface which I like but it’s nothing but a marketing scam and their new projects are covered by 1/100 of the funds they have stolen from their unsuspecting users. More details and proof will follow.
Been here for months and encountered no problems! As long as you comply with all verification and security measures, trade is fast and simple. I earn 20% markups in less than 10 minutes!
Best website to buy bitcoins of.
I've had a good experience with the moderators. One time they accidentally awarded the wrong person of a dispute. They corrected the situation within a week and gave me back my bitcoin. It was stressful but they have been very responsive and astute in their analysis of a scammer in a trade.
Best BitCoin trade platform!
good simple and easy
Excellent place to buy or sell bitcoins. Safe and secure and reliable!
Best place to buy or sell. Great support team as well.. Rica is the best!
this website it's scam and all the stuff on it are scammers and bad service , the moderators will scam you and take your bitcoins , nad here is my proofs, my username on paxful was RobbinHood , and i have a trade Id number : W8epdjrd6e7 with someone named : Fiscodimex this guy sent for stolen amazon gift card which is reported fraudulent and locked and i have opened a dispute with the guy who sent for me the bad card and i have talked to amazon live support and try to understand what's going on with the card and they confirmed for me the card was reported by the original buyer which is not the guy who sent for me the card because the original buyer is from USA and the guy who want to sell for me that guy is from Nigerian and with all this evidence i get for the moderator he banned me and release the bitcoins to the scammer and toke my 0.1 bitcoin on my wallet , that my stongest proof of paxful are scammers.
Paxful is the greatest
Full of scammers who block your BTCs in escrow, no moderator’s decisions, you can have blocked BTCs in escrow for weeks, or month and I will see, probably for years. No way how to receive BTCs back, only wait for moderators. I offered BTCs, some scammer ordered them, but did not pay and he labeled trade as payed. I did not receive money for BTCs, so started dispute process. Now BTCs are blocked for week. No response, no support nothing from paxful, but fee they ask!!! - for nothing. Sorry, you pay them for helping scammers to stole your btcs.
My account has been created on paxful for almost 1 year. I have 750+ positive feedback and no negative feedbaxk without any fraud activity. They suddenly suspended my account when i have 0.2 btc remaining on my account without any reason and keep holding that , they dont solve my problem for over 1 month. Cery bad reaction from support team
What can I say? I had a problem with a merchant and PAXFUL.COM user service, I solved the problem instantly, this platform is great and I recommend it.
Awe...its awesome great job from the help desk of Paxful ...Payton has accomplished king Solomon's wisdom. Paxful had initiated a trade on a vendor profile disputed the trade on my behalf and penalized the cheater who's username is mlkodisd Thump up 4 no.1 Bitcoin platform
The best site on the world ! I strongly recommend this good and trust site to all good people who work. I am a teacher or tutor and try to work grate as i can.
Got a good explanation from the Care
I was scammed out of $20,000, I unknowingly bought access to website where you can buy stolen credit cards in order to scam paxful sellers. I bought gift cards thinking they were legitimate only to use them later and have them declined. I lost over $4000 on bank wires. I lost $4000 on Go Fund Me because they returned the funds I was paid, back to the buyer because they were questionable. So the buyer got his money and my bitcoin. I followed procedure Everytime. American Express serve closed my account and was going to return the funds untill I convinced them I had done nothing wrong. After complaining I was told my fault for not following procedure, that was not the case. If your able to buy stolen credit cards as a way to scam people it's not legit. They could have banned ip addresses for knows scammers but they allowed them to come back over and over. There are thousands of people just like me with stories that haven't been told. So you keep patting paxful on the back, but when you want proof contact me, I have every bit of it.
The only reason I rated 4⭐ is because there's no such thing as 100% satisfaction anywhere. Else I would have made it 5⭐ Paxful is definitely the best from the 5 wallet I've used so far. I loving it
Very good nice and trustful
Been using Paxful for years now, if you need to sell or buy bitcoin in a hurry this is your place to go! Never had any issues and the customer service is great.